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UK Chart: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Rolls In At Number 5

donkey_kong_country_returns_3dAnother successful week for the Nintendo 3DS as Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D hits the UK chart at number 5. In fact, the popular franchise has rolled in at a much higher position than its Wii counterpart – back in 2010, the title debuted at number 13, and just crept into the top 10 to sit pretty at number 7 two weeks after its initial launch. And with the adverts coming in thick and fast for DK and Diddy, we might see history repeating itself and find the title climbing up the charts once again.

Taking the lead at the top of the chart this week is none other than newly released Resident Evil: Revelations. Though it’s not a Wii U exclusive, it sees the previous Nintendo 3DS title make headway onto the Wii U, which can only be a good thing. Last week’s number four Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity slips down the list to number 13, while Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins continue to rival each other in number 9 and 10.

Did you pick up Donkey Kong’s new 3DS adventure or Resident Evil: Revelations for the Wii U over the weekend? Let us know what you think of the titles in the comments below. Meanwhile, you can browse the UK charts here.


  1. That’s pretty good considering this is a port of a Wii game. 3DS is at the top of its game right now.

  2. I got Revelations Wiiu and Raid mode just feels amazing when Playing in HD on your TV. Great game. I notcied though Normal mode seems much , much harder now than it did on 3DS…

  3. Haha! What an immature game. Give Donkey Kong a huge hog leg between his knees and a stable of concubines and change the name to Donkey Schlong and we might be getting close to having a good game. He should also be armed to the teeth with the most advanced arsenal of weapons in gaming. Can he even shoot anything? Are there boobs? Didnt think so. Just another kiddie game for kids to play casual poopinator. Sony is .00034 times better than Nintendo for sure. Beyond!!!!

    1. Wow that number you put there would make them less than one thousandth as good as Nintendo you clearly passed maths.

    2. Wow. Bieber fanboyism much troll? Sony can only wish and try hard to repeat Nintendo’s success. (PS Move: Wii Remote ripoff that looks like a Black dildo with glowing balls and All-Star Battle (Super Smash Bros. ripoff with the most dumbest generic title name ever next to XBox One) Now tell me troll, how is Sony getting any better when they’re trying to ride on Nintendo’s dick since 2006. The Wii, a technically “inferior” machine, outclassed the PS3’s sales and popularity for god’s sake and same is gonna happen with Wii U when Sony, once again, rips off the Wii U Gamepad with DS4’s touchpad (pathetic ripoff attempt) Keep wishing that Sony will always better and original over Nintendo because they’re clearly they’re not. They haven’t been original since after the PS2 died.

      1. *Aaccidentally wrote “they’re” twice near the same place in the second last sentence* ^^;

      2. Damn it. I hate my iPad keyboard’s auto correct making errors. >X(

      3. The Sony Units already have a Wii U Gamepad copy failure…

        It’s call the Playstation Vita…

      4. which, in a way, is a real scam
        with the WiiU, the gamepad is already there
        but Sony plans to add a MUST USE of the Vita on some gamepads, making ppl obligated to buy it, which is a really bad and greedy way to improve their sales
        afaik, the X-Bone will use a gamepad accessory, but knowing MS, they will probably do the same and make it a MUST BUY TO PLAY accessory

    3. Yes you’re right this is a kiddy game but it’s also a real game and not movie games and stuff like that. This is a simple Attack button and Jump button game that’s how games started off and that’s all we need in a video game to have fun. I wish everyone was like a gamer of 80s and 90s where people played games for fun and not based off their age.

      1. fail game stereotypes always: movie games and sport games
        fail game stereotypes in gfx whores: sidescrollers, low gfx games, non-CoD fps

  4. Why are these storys always UK? Is Mynintendonews a UK site? If it is then wow how have I never noticed. Why is it never Canada charts or USA or hell Germany lol?

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