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Luigi 3DS XL Officially Dated July 18, Plus Other Details

luigi 3ds xlWe were already aware that the special edition Luigi 3DS XL was going to be released alongside Mario and Luigi: Dream Team on July 18, but Nintendo has decided to officially mark it with the launch of a new website, and an official date.

With it being ‘the year of Luigi’ and getting his own timeline from Nintendo UK, it’s high-time Mario turned green with envy at his brother’s spotlight when the Luigi-themed Nintendo 3DS XL hits Japan on July 18. The special edition console will also come with a 4GB card and a pre-installed version of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team for the snazzy price of 22,800 yen – approximately $225 USD. Let’s hope this bundle gets the ‘greenlight’ to come over to the West.


  1. luigi’s mansion is a fun game, even after story to play multiplayer a few times a week. but leavers in multiplayer is the biggest problem..


  2. I’m waiting to buy an Xl, this one looks ok, but im waiting for the new zelda one, if they make one! Or, I would buy that striped one if I had a chance that one is pretty snazzy.


  3. “please be green please be green please be green”
    *picture comes up*
    “Well sheeeiiiiiiiit. That is just butt ugly. Not ugrading to the XL anytime soon”
    Also, if you blur your vision it looks like a camouflage pattern :P


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