Nintendo Displays Poster Featuring Reworked Toon Link To Promote Wind Waker HD For Wii U


In an attempt to advertize the Wii U, Nintendo is hosting a Wii U Summer Tour. On its stop at Disneyland, which is located in Anaheim, Calif., Nintendo displayed a number of posters featuring artwork for several Wii U games, including New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Game & Wario and LEGO City Undercover. Arguably, the poster that stood out the most is of a reworked Toon Link holding the Wind Waker. You can view more pictures of the posters from the tour here.


  1. I think the new HD link looks beter than the one in meleee bcause he looks more hd and toonish and i love it.

          1. Link, just Link, has been in SSB since the N64 one.
            This version, called TOON Link was only in Brawl, yes.

    1. *Brawl. And he looked a bit more like a clay model with gold hair in that game.

      1. ? What kind of a date is that?
        You can’t just pull an exact date and say “this is it”

        1. Wouldn’t it be awesome if it were true, though?
          I mean, that’s really damned soon, and I’ve had a Zelda itch that needs scratching for a real long damned time now.XD

          1. I never stop scratching my Zelda itch. I’m pretty much alway slowly playing through a Zelda game. Right now I’m on Oracle of Seasons (GBC cartridge version , oh yeah!)

            I rotate playthroughs of the old zelda games permanently. They’re even more fun when you know what your doing , like you’re speed running through the game!

            Ocarina of time 3D – 127 Hours. Finished normal and Master quest , then finished them both again 100% all skulltulas and stuff!

            They are quite simply the best games out there!!!

            And yes Windwaker Remake is going to be fantastic. Not played Windwaker in a good while.

  2. I’ve got a feeling that this is comming out in summer.I think that because all the other posters in there are games that came out or will come out soon…

    1. eeeeww naked woman as picture, i cant look. my mum will see and i get punishment.

    2. This is what Im looking for, hardcore. Boobs!!!!!! No this site is becoming mature. Keep it up?

  3. Nintendo always has the best poster bright colors I want that toon link on my wall!!!!

  4. Ah the obelisk of a great returns to cleave our enemy’s in twain. Let the wind wake a gust of demonstrable destruction that shall leave our opponent’s crying like the shrews they are.

  5. They need to release this game on summer, because there isnt good games comin to u in summer and the U game library is kinda dry atm. All the good games like Sonic etc. they are comin in fall and thats lot of waitin, so it would make sense if this game comes in summer to keep people interested and playin with this system.

  6. If this manages a August release date looks like it and Pikmin 3 will rule that month.

  7. Finally some WW HD stuff. Theres being left in the cold about a game, and then there’s whats happened with Wind Waker HD

  8. why does link have to look like such a bitch in this picture. it looks like hes taunting a dog with a dog treat. “you want it huh, ohhhhh hu,you want it, bark boak wowowowowo!!!” to bad bitch this is my treat.. SHIT THE DOG IS OF HIS LEASH!!!!!! (runs away then falls over and gets brutally attacked by dog) ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! (cries, everybody is laughing) that will teach link to stop being such a bitch.

  9. So fucking nice… I love the almost watercolour-like shading.
    Can’t wait to see this game in action!

    1. Look. We all have our times. You had your times to enjoy the 90’s, now let us enjoy the 10’s. The 90’s are gone, as awesome as they seem to you. Plus, the 90’s thing is an opinion. The 10’s get to play all the 90’s games and more!
      Thank you for your understanding.

      1. No dude , some of the points are right , the hardcore vs casual thing thing , microtransitions , a none good looking game sucks , playing together in one room , good times , I am glad I still have my cousins to play with that way . Gaming have been ruined since Microsoft got into it .

      2. no not really i started playing games in 1998, thats when i first played anything. im from the 2000s so not really had any times, from the look of it im in the same times as you.

  10. Disney and Nintendo need to team up more often. together they can dominate the market and even make a Nintendo Land experience in Disneyland. OMG I’m getting a boner on just thinking about it. could be huge…Disney/Nintendo not my boner

  11. I hate the fact that there will be no E3 demos in the Best Buys of Chicago. *sigh*

  12. Well, I was going to build a pc, but now I’ll just have to get a Wii U instead. I can’t watch a remake of WW go by.

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