Here’s The New Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Japanese Trailer

This morning’s Japanese Nintendo Direct already gave us a slew of new information on Monster Hunter 4, but it’s also given us another sneak peek into the courtroom drama, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies – known as Ace Attorney 5 in Japan. The above trailer shows us some of the new features to the Nintendo 3DS exclusive, including the heart scope, made to measure human emotions, as well as a return of the Psyche Lock and Bracelet Power from the previous titles. Capcom has confirmed it will available in North America and Europe this fall, but as a digital-only release.


  1. Glad to see Pearl is making a return in this one. Still, where the hell is Gumshoe?

    One hasn’t been this excited for a game release in quite a while…

    For any Ace Attorney fan, this is clearly a MUST own!

  3. bring it to the US, i so want this, and the others that were not released here yet.

  4. does anybody else think it looks like shes about to open up her shirt and flash…. the play button makes it look like that because its covering up her hands.

    1. Honestly, from what I’ve read so far about her, you could be Wright with that one. She’s one crazied assistant (even more than Trudy).

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