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Here’s The North American Box Art For Mario & Luigi: Dream Team


Canadian retailer Future Shop has posted the North American Mario & Luigi: Dream Team box art, which is practically identical to the game’s Japanese box art – the only noticeable differences are the title and logo of the game. The new box art is strikingly similar to the box art of the last installment in the series – Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story – which also features a white background and the mustachioed brothers standing beside each other, behind the game’s title. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team will be released in North America on August 11th.



      So now there’s OPTIONAL SUBTITLES in a game?
      What a fucking travesty.

      Kill yourself.

        1. About what?
          “Hey, look, options, thats great. Not”

          That’s not a joke, that cynicism. With a dash of ignorance.

          1. Ok, take a chill pill and calm down. Now, answer this for me: when was something like that ever put into a coverart? Answer: never. It was just a joke. I’m sorry if it offended you, but you seriously need to tone it down on the death threats.

              1. Who knows? People on the internet can be pretty weird sometimes. I think it’s pretty funny that about 90% of the internets population wouldn’t hesitate to threaten you because you like the wrong brand of cellphone, but in reality no one talks like that. Actually, is that what people in real life are thinking, but they just don’t say it? “He has got a Samsung phone, now he must die”
                That’s pretty depressing… Bah, I think too much into things.

            1. Actually it’s put on canadian boxier since French is an official language. It won’t be there for American versions.

      1. What a great person you are. Telling someone to kill himself because of a disagreement on something as small as subtitles. My fucking god, just wow.

        1. In what universe, would there ever be a viable disagreement on OPTIONAL subtitles?
          It’s not like in the European versions of Super Metroid, where the intro has french/german sibtitles no matter what, it’s optional, you’ll never see it, so why is that a place to be like “oh subtitles, great. Not” like it fucking effects him. Does it? No. So shut the fuck up.

          1. Okay, first, he was joking. Second, that’s still no reason to tell someone to kill himself, asshole. Calm down.

      2. NOOOOO! It means that, if the 3DS is set to French for the language, it will turn the game in French. If your system is in English, the game will be in English. Stop panicking. This “Jouez en Français” thing is only to satisfy Quebecese French law. I bet that the US version of the cover art won’t have that. I can say because I purchased OoT3D on Amazon.com and have it shipped here in Quebec and it doesn’t have that and I’ve seen the same game here with the little thing. STOP. PANICKING.

          1. Yes, though most people use the term “North America” when they mean the USA, North America is actually the whole north American continent, both the USA and Canada.

              1. Mexico es Centro America. Por cierto, porque solo ingles y frances? Porque no en español tambien? XD

                1. Este es el arte de la caja de la versión al por menor de Canadá de este juego. Idiomas oficiales de Canadá incluyen Inglés y francés, ya que Canadá se originó en las colonias francesas y británica.

                2. México es norteamerica señor McReaturo, espero que salga otra versión que diga “play in english and spanish” o algo del estilo

                  1. Oh las putas bolas! Entonces toda mi vida he vivido en un error!! XD comoquiera ya sabemos que no lo veremos en español latino, de todos modos eso no es impedimento para nosotros los mexicanos, viva mexico!! A huevooooooo putos! XD

    2. Well I kinda like the idea of French subtitles, because I have taken 5 years of French! One great way to learn a language is to put on subtitles during a movie, videogame, etc. 💋

  1. Nice to see that the fact that you can play in french is so important that they put it on the front of the cover. Otherwise a simple cover with a certain charm to it.

  2. The 3DS is milking my wallet. Am ignoring 3DS games, the Wii U needs my undivided attention. 3DS games I shall buy you in the Fall.

  3. Looks cute. I loved Bowser’s Inside Story, so I am sure I’ll love this game too! 💋

  4. This site should really ban or suspend accounts on here. The way people talk to another on here is damn sad and makes me want to stop using this site for Nintenews.

    1. If you think this looks bland compared to bowsers inside story then you need get your eyes checked.

  5. mario in the picture….. he just looks like a sick bastard. whats he thinking of doing to luigi, and in the mario and luigi games when mario is starring at the screen he looks like a sick devious bastard. rape and kill to his own brother. hahahahahahah, shave his mustache “ahhhh shit its that evil convict that got away all those years ago!!!!!!(mario grabs gun , eyes start glowing red) ahhhhaaahhhahahah, you never catch me you sick mother fuckers!!!!!!

  6. I’m supprised to see the game got an E10+ rating when almost everyother Mario game gets the usual E rating. Does this mean the humor will be slightly edgier?

    1. lol, that would be great.
      Edgier humor in a Mario game would catch many people off guard. ;P


    Lol they do that so they dont have to make separate boxart for France lol lazy ninty

  8. My thoughts on the “Now Play in French” speech bubble is because the Canadian retailer may be located near Quebec. Maybe the rest of the USA won’t get that on the box art? Only time will tell. (Still looks cool though, but no snot bubble DAMMIT.)

    1. Almost EVERY game in Canada has that French logo, not just places near Quebec. It’s unfortunate.

  9. this seems to be more the same thing, sure it will probably be fun……but how are you even excited for this…… same with links to the past 2, just looks dull to me. yoshis island 3ds, wish they would just make it on wii u. instead of everything just going to handheld!!!!!!

    1. There’s gonna be a Yoshi game for the Wii U. Most likely next year and their “Ear of Yoshi” (200 coins for whoever gets that).

  10. Most Nintendo games have that “Play in French” logo. Except Fire Emblem Awakening for some reason. I think it’s only on Canadian games though. By the way I’m a French-Canadian.

    1. really? thats exactly why i love this one so much, because I loved M&L:BIS’s Cover.
      The only difference in mario, are his eyes XD i love that.

  11. The japanese title is Dream Adventure while this is Dream Team, wonder why they decided to change it.

    1. Every Mario and Lugi game has had a different name between the Japanese and American versions. They probably thought Dream Team sounded better.

  12. For those of you who still do not understand: This is from a CANADIAN retailer. Canada has two major languages used pretty much alongside one another; french and English. That is why there is a notice at the top right corner.

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