Wii U Tour Gives Orlando Residents Hands-On Time With The Hottest Nintendo Games


Nintendo is bringing its Wii U console to Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Fla., as part of a six-city tour to give people a chance to experience second-screen gaming for themselves. The tour is free and open to the public, and will include hands-on time with a wide selection of Wii U games, including Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, LEGO City Undercover, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate from Capcom and Need for Speed Most Wanted U from Electronic Arts. (Playable games may vary by location)

Visitors will be able to play all these Wii U games in a comfortable, living room setting surrounded by backdrops of some of Nintendo’s most beloved characters. Visitors can even pose for pictures with props from various Nintendo franchises and Tweet photos of the event with a unique hashtag to receive a special gift while supplies last. The event takes place June 5-June 23: 10 a.m.-10 p.m. ET at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resort 1490 E Buena Vista Dr. Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830.


      1. If you wanted to look even remotely “scary” then your name should have been “Sony Commander”…


        1. Wow you are such an alpha. Trying to diss someone who is from a larger empire. Just wait till star command here’s about this.

          1. 661 million nintendo units sold… PS units sold 275 million … Whose empire is bigger.

    1. Lolz what gamez you play that are so real COD XD gays of war?? Call of Repetive

  1. Did they ever announce the rest of the six city tour? So far we have Disneyland and Disney World…..

    1. Considering that the total population of Disneyland and Walt Disney World is larger than most city’s urban populations on an almost daily basis, I’d say that this reaches so many people that it’s a brilliant two-stop combo. I might’ve saved it for last to finish strong. I almost think that anywhere else would be a mistake.

      1. You might think all will be well, but I’d would think Downtown Disney gets less than half the foot traffic of the Magic Kingdom. If they are not promoting this at the actual theme parks to generate foot traffic to Downtown Disney, it will be hit or miss.

        1. I C whut u did thar.

          But even in the downtown Disney area, there’s enough foot traffic, public transportation, and motor conveyance traffic that it will garner attention and interest. Add in that next week is the E3 Nintendo Direct, with Best Buy integration, and this is can’t miss time.

  2. Damn! They’re going everywhere to get the Wii U advertized! Good job! Really a splendid job to get their system advertized!

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