Last month, Nintendo announced that it had struck a deal with SEGA to bring three upcoming Sonic games, including Sonic Lost World, exclusively to Nintendo platforms. Although it was rumored earlier this week that all three games would be launching this year, SEGA has confirmed to IGN Executive Editor Rich George that this isn’t the case. According to the publisher, the third Nintendo-exclusive Sonic game will not arrive in 2013.



  1. I honestly don’t care when it comes out I would just like to know what it is. Hopefully Sonic Heroes 2! That would make me so happy.


  2. You know, I thought that and the Olympic Games exclusives would be on hold until 2014. Still, makes sense especially if it’s a Mario-Sonic racing crossover.


  3. Why does everyone want Sonic Adventure 3 so bad? They’re obviously done with the Sonic Adventure series! The Sonic Adventure series is the first 3D Sonic games so why would they step all the back in terms of gameplay just to continue that? Seriously! If they were to make a Sonic Adventure 3 they would have done that along time ago! It’s over guys! Just move on! The only games that were like the Sonic Adventure 1 was Sonic 06 and Sonic Unleashed!(since you had an world you can explore just like Sonic Adventure 1)


    • They were ‘done’ with 2D Sonic too… until Sonic Generations.
      Recently Sega’s seen success by going back to what sold. The Sonic Adventures sold pretty well… dream killer.

      (That last part was for lols XD)


  4. It’s probably better not to clog up the market with numerous Sonic games. Too much of one thing can just turn people off from a game. I’m sure we’ll hear something about the third game sooner than later though, I can’t imagine they’d keep it all under wraps all that long since they already said there were three titles coming.


  5. I hate the Adventure series, but I hope it’s SA3. Just to piss off all the kids whining about “noh seguh dont make ess ay 3”.


  6. I find it ironic.
    People complain that the Wii U isn’t getting games fast enough.
    Then games are announced, and just because two of them are coming from the same company and IP, suddenly it’s “WHOA, SLOW DOWN, TOO MUCH TOO SOON!”

    Gamers these days don’t know WHAT they want, nor do they take into account how long such games have probably been in development prior to being announced.


    • To be fair, I think that’s more the Sonic fanbase than anything else. The Sonic fanbase is practically famous for complaining about everything, and looking stupid in the process.


    • You should realize that it’s probably different people, who are saying that they want games as fast as possible, than the ones saying they should slow down on the games ^^


      • Not all, is what I’m thinking.
        In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s just a healthy dose of people within those ranks who are actively grasping at any straw they can use to condemn Nintendo further for any small issue they can find.


  7. I have a theory the 1st game is Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2nd Sonic Lost World 3rd will not be mario kart and sonic racing crossover I think it will be Super Smash Bros. for WiiU and 3ds because the game will be in 2014 and seems to make more sence than Mario Kart and Sonic Racing crossover since Sonic would have made a cameo in the first trailer if he where to be in the game so I beileve SEGA and Nintendo are planning to bring sonic bak to smash


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