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Aonuma On The Legend Of Zelda: ‘Link Really Is My Other Child’

the_legend_of_zelda_ocarina_of_time_hyrule_fieldLegendary Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has admitted that although he loves working on Zelda and cares for the character like his own children, he would love to take a six-month break to work on a new Nintendo game. Speaking in the latest issue of Edge, Aonuma shares his passion for Zelda and what he’d love to do in the years to come:

“I’m 50 now, so I only have about ten more years to make games at Nintendo. I want to try all sorts of new things before it’s too late — I don’t want to get to the end of my career and only have worked on Zelda. But every time I come up with some good new ideas, they end up being used in a Zelda game! I need a six-month break to get away from the Zelda cycle and focus on something new [laughs]. But I’d probably end up making a game that is similar to Zelda; after all, A Link to the Past was my biggest influence.

“When I first started making Zelda games, I was more interested in the enemy characters than in Link himself. But while I was making Twilight Princess, I was listening to the theme on an iPod while walking hand in hand with my child, and I suddenly burst into tears. I was thinking about all the awful trials Link would have to go through in the new game. I realised that Link really is my other child. I don’t inhabit the character so much as watch him from somewhere very close.”

While sharing his passion for the franchise, Aonuma was also willing to give the fans a few details about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS A Link to the Past successor. He revealed how the title would be presented in 60FPS instead of the normal 30FPS like in other 3DS games, and also confessed that there would be a big surprise for fans:

“This new title will feature lots of things that are new to the series; right at the start of the game, there’s a big surprise that will shock players. We started out with the new play mechanics, such as Link being able to become a painting and walk along the walls, and then figured out from there how to build a story around them. Rather than forcing elements of the original story into this one, we’ve instead focused on bringing back the characters, so you can see what happened to them after the events of the first game.”

Aonuma would clearly love to continue working on the franchise, but would you like to see him work on another IP altogether? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and if you’d like to read the full interview, you can do so in issue 255 of Edge Magazine.



      1. Seeing how he stated something in the begining of the game that happens, and the fans will love it???? Twin Nova or Aganhim?? Gannon?? Im asuming something turns link into the wall link???

        And i just read a bunch of comments and no one is talking about this??? Fans? Pffshh please


    1. Wow, he burst into tears? Now thats a dedicated Game Maker! I have NEVER heard of ANYONE speak of their franchises this way… I am completely convinced there is truly NO other company like Nintendo. My respect for them just grew 10fold.


      1. Well, Retro IS sort of Nintendo. I don’t see what you’re trying to say. You want Iwata himself to make the new Zelda or something?


      2. I have to admit to liking Skyward Sword as well. Even if it wasn’t as good as other Zelda games, it was still better than about 90% of other games out there!


      1. Me too. I’ve played a lot of games, but I’ve never played a game so intensely. By far, Skyward Sword is one of my favorite games. Plus, I thought the motion controls were brilliant!


      2. Skyward sword was amazing I think a lot of people didn’t even give it a chance and the hate comes form that.


      3. Yeah, Skyward Sword was really amazing. And great to look at! I thought the combat took on a whole new life with the motion controls, suddenly I had to think about my approach to enemies, it was awesome!


    1. Curious what the big surprise is…
      I like that they’ve really fine tuned the mechanics, assuming the demo shown was how the full game will run, the idea of your items using a magic/stamina bar is way more interesting, because it’s not like you ever run out of arrows, or bombs, and if you do it’s always just an inconvenience, so i like the new system, it means you’ll have to think about your battles more, especially if different enemies require different tactics and items.

      With the 3D Zelda, i hope they’ve taken note of what was actually good about Skyward Swords combat, which was the feel of it playing like a 1 on 1 battle, kinda Dark Souls combat. Plus Metal Gear Rising proved you dont need a Wii remote to have accurate sword slashes. Honestly, if the combat was mix of those thing, that’s it, hands down the best sword combat in any game, only way they could make it better is if they took a leaf from Shadow of the Colossus and let you jump and grab onto enemies, and bosses, which is another thing, Zelda should have more frequent mini bosses, the idea that every enemy is a grunt, then there’s just this big ass boss is silly, id love larger, more difficult enemies thrown into regular situations


      1. Agreed, or at least make enemies different enough to force the player to change their strategy. Plenty of things can be done to make Zelda an even better game.


  1. admins or what ever..contacted you, video footage is old but i’m sure not many have seen or heard from that game


  2. I have so many game ideas, that I could give to this man, example, so there was this planet that was A half cat human hybrid specie that is under seige, and destruction, because of a special sword, that place the only heir to the throne and the sword in a capsule and sent it into space, where it will land on earth in the year 2158, the last known thriving civilisation is left, capsulated in a dome, 20 years pass the main character, socio, lived his life in the out skirts of the area away from the city, above the city is a spaceship sphere, it has come here for the earths life energy, but the only to get in and do there mission, is to marry the princess ruby… Yeah its kinda rough but I’d love to make it into a game maybe an rpg?


  3. Aonuma is the Arkenstone to Zelda as we know it today. He has made us laugh and cry with his world brought to life. THANK YOU!! I love no game m


  4. Aonuma is the Arkenstone to Zelda as we know it today. He has made us laugh and cry with his world brought to life. THANK YOU!! I love no game more than Zelda. I’ve dreamt of a Zelda World if you will. A place my friends meet online. WOZ


  5. This ladies and gentlemen is what separated Nintendo, nintendo’s EAD, retro studios, level 5, monolith studios, game freak, brownie brown studios and other nintendo studios from the rest of the developers world over. Yeah :).


  6. I grew up on zelda, and I’d love to see many more zelda games made in the future. If he makes new games I wouldn’t mind, but I’d still like to see a new zelda game every once in a while


  7. So he will retire at 60? Look at Miyamoto he is what 60? and he has no intention of retiring lol. Come on Anouma you know once you become the calibur you and others like Sakurai and Miyamoto are you have to work at Nintendo till you pass on lol.


  8. I cannot see him retiring at 60. Even if he does he can pass on his knowledge to new developers. That’s what Miyamoto is doing – legend that he is.

    I cannot imagine that the company will be like without Miyamoto, Iwata, Aonuma, Tajiri and others. They’ve all given us something we have enjoyed for many years. They’re the only developers that really show what they can do.


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