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Sakurai Confirms Smash Bros Trailer For E3 Nintendo Direct


Masahiro Sakurai, the designer of the Kirby and the Super Smash Bros series, has announced via Twitter that the team will be showing a Smash Bros trailer during the Nintendo Direct which takes place on June 11th.  Nintendo president Satoru Iwata previously said that only screenshots of the game will be shown at E3, so it’s good news that we are finally going to get a good look at the highly anticipated game.

“I have an announcement. During the Nintendo Direct to be broadcast from 11PM on the night of June 11th, the first trailer of the new entry in the Super Smash Bros. series will be broadcast. For the first time, simultaneously across the world! Do not miss it.”

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

207 thoughts on “Sakurai Confirms Smash Bros Trailer For E3 Nintendo Direct”

          1. yes please. i have never owned a smash bros title, but this would make me buy it. (and yes i have played the games, but only at my friends place. ah memories)

          2. Princess Daisy, Pikachu & Yoshi fan

            Honsetly what can Toad do? Its almost like putting pichu back & we know how bad pichu was in Melee. I mean I really loved pichu but honsetly the poor thing didn’t stand a chance. Melee was the most balance out of all SSB series!

          1. I was talking to a buddy of mine about the new Smash, and he suggested putting in Captain Olimar. What a stupid idea! He’s literally the height of a quarter, and that’s including his helmet. You’d have to resize him, and that’s just not gonna fly. It’d be like scaling Bowser down to make him playable. It was already pushing it when they brought Kirby up from eight inches to the height he is in Smash, but I let it slide then. Resizing characters just makes no sense and has absolutely no precedent.

            1. Olimar and Bowser were already in Smash Brothers, so either you are being sarcastic or you don’t know what you’re talking about.

              1. I really didn’t think I was being subtle enough for this to be a question. Just to clarify: sarcasm.


                they SHOULD take out Jiggypuff replace it with Meowth & add more female characters. Like Krysital form fox & Princess Daisy, or a pokemon gym leader like Misty or Brock. Please more female characters & please let their moves sets be fair & not weak like what they did to Samus (who was WAY better when she had her suit on).

            2. It doesn’t really matter whether or not the characters are resized because in the end, the game is all happening within the mind of a child and he’s just playing with figurines. They can be any size that the creators want them to be simply because of the fact that they are all just toys in a child’s bedroom.

        1. Sakurai said dont expect the roster to be much bigger then Brawls was. Most likely some will be removed so they can be replace.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        And neither has Smash Bros yet. Smash Bros won’t come out til at earliest quarter 2 next year. Bayonetta should be before it.

        1. IDK, if it’s taking Platinum this long to make TW101, it might take them longer to make Bayonetta 2. Hopefully I’m wrong on this because I want that game badly.

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            Well they must’ve been working on Bayonetta for a while. They showed a video of them designing the game a while back and they released that teaser trailer. Hopefully she comes out quarter one next year.

        2. FALSE. Smash Bros 3DS will be holiday this year. A Nintendo PR told investors and the public “Smash Bros 3DS, coming soon”

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            Honestly, I wasn’t even giving the 3DS version a thought. I was referring to the console version.

            And they should release side-by-side IMO. Coming Soon doesn’t mean ANYTHING to Nintendo. Look at what happened to Pikmin 3 and W101. Look at how far back they pushed SSBBrawl. Coming Soon is like saying, “It’s being developed.”

    1. Characters from the Tales series are not gonna make it. Those titles more dedicated to Sony. Unless the creater pulls a “Solid Snake” on Sakurai. They just won’t be in the game. 💋

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          In a sense it’d kinda of break the game’s fourth wall. In a universe where Nintendo characters are all together fighting some evil, a stupid, silly Mii would wreck the atmosphere and make the game look childish. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Miis, but they’re just avatars. They won’t have much detail and won’t look that great in HD standing next to Link or Samus. Especially when people make stupid Miis like ones with no face or three eyes or whatever. It’d look silly and ruin the atmosphere and tension of the game.

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            And by fourth wall, I mean it kind of puts the player himself into the game. It wouldn’t be very immersive for all the reasons above and would be much like Wii Sports Resort.

          2. Princess Daisy, Pikachu & Yoshi fan

            indeed Miis just bring foolishness. This is game will be better then mugen if they have more crossovers!

    1. They should put Mii masks from Animal Crossing. It’d be like if all the characters heads were made to be your Mii’s head.

  1. I expect the following: A new Battlefield and a few new stages, 5 newcomers (Palutena, Takamaru, Lil Mac, Mega Man, and Ridley), a few new items or assist, 1080p HD graphics with more detail than Brawl, more Final Smashes), 5 veterans (Mario, Kirby, Pikachu, Pit, and Link), actual improved gameplay, and physics, and a show even better than Melee and Brawl’s trailer.

    1. No way will it be 1080p and 60fps. Or if it is, the graphics will look like ass anyway. He’ll prioritise 60fps, so it’ll more than likely be 720p. Of course, I hope I get to eat my own words, but I doubt it.

      1. The game won’t be very graphically intense so they should be able to pull off 1080p 60fps with ease.

        1. Brawl was pretty much the peak of what the Wii could do, barring Metroid Other M, Galaxy 2, Xenoblade, and a couple of others. Uprising is still one of the best looking 3DS games, and even with its early release, Melee looked pretty good for the GameCube. The common factor is Sakurai. Either he knows how to make the most of the hardware, or Nintendo like his games, big sellers as they are, to be successes, so more effort/manpower/money is put into them.
          It looks to me like SSB4 will follow the same track and look pretty damn good, which is why 720p seems more likely.

      2. It was said before Wii U came out it easily handles 1080p and 60fps. No launch games really do that but by the time they optimize all their big hitters Metroid, Zelda, Smash Bros, Retros game, Bayonetta 2, they will all be 1080p 60fps.

      1. I’m honestly surprised that the “too big” arguement/meme still existed up to this day. Maybe it’s because Smash World Forums is more positive about his inclusion, knows that Sakurai is aware of how highly requested he is since Brawl, and bought up certain characters in terms of inconsistent size (Bowser, olimar, ect). It is your opinion, though I’d rather have a new Metroid boss like Nightmare from Fusion/Other M. IF he does get confirmed, a certain someone will owe me $30. If I fail, then my afro has to go.

    2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      My problems with Ridley are his size and his character. In the games, Ridley is always huge and Samus has a tough time fighting him. They could scale him down like Bowser but then 1 on 1, Samus vs Ridley, it would look ridiculous.

      Also, the characters on the roster need to have a sort of personality. To my knowledge, Ridley seems kind of primitive; destroy destroy destroy. No emotions there. And Ridley has always been a boss in Metroid and was a good boss in Brawl.

      That’s why I think Ridley won’t be a character, but I could be wrong and Sakurai could make him awesome and make him work. But I don’t think it’ll happen.

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  3. I have literally taken haf the day off to watch this Nintendo Direct. That’s how I won’t miss it.

  4. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :3

    Let the soeculation begin! (Again)

    My guess, Little Mac, maybe some Zelda and Metroid character, Shulk posssibly, Chrom, then similar to Snake at the end of the Brawl trailer, Bayonetta confirmed.

      1. Eh, same position as Shulk, depends if the fanbase is large enough, i imagine they’d have a larger chance as showing up as assit trophies.
        But it’s a better idea than the idiots saying Toad, Waluigi, and all the other stuff requests

        1. Or Magnus.
          Yeah that guy that was in Kid Icarus Uprising for 10 minutes? Yeah, fat chance.
          ”but you play as him!”…yeah for about 3 minutes. That is such a legitimate reason.

          1. I mean, if they’re looking for more representatives from Kid Icarus, I think their first choice would be Palutena, but then a third choice is really a choice between Magnus, Hades, Medusa, and Pittoo. Obviously, Pittoo would recieve backlash for looking exactly the same, but you could have him use a variety of new weapons from Kid Icarus Uprising to make him play differently, while Pit keeps his original moveset.

  5. SHUT UP!!!!!! its just fucking smash bros!!!!!! thats like my least hyped game because it will be rushed and the levels all will suck like in brawl compared to melee, also the fighting will be worse like in brawl. buzz fucking kill guys. its just another smash bros that will be overhyped!!!!!! BUZZZ im A FUCKING bee BUZZZ!!!!!!!

      1. hahhahhahhha its funny how hes trying not to laugh when they start cheering. still though guys!!!! BBBBZZZZZ BBBZZZZZ im a fucking bee and im BBBZZZZ, going to bee hahahahah, a BUZZ KILL!!!!!!! hahahahahahahah BBUUZZZZ YOU!!!!!! perhaps BUZZ LIGHTYEAR BBBZZZZZZ!!!!!!!

            1. What do you do with yourself when you’re all alone? Do you invent new “catchphrases” or something? Nintendo will most likely take over this E3. You’re just too stupid to realize this.

    1. I know, it’s the same old smash bros with HD graphics and more characters and stages WOOPDIEFUCKENDOO! What’s so darn exciting?

      1. exactly its hard to get hyped about this now. nintenderps will have fun because that will be the only game they will probably play anyway. since nintendo always has huge droughts of nothing to play but to them thats ok, because the got there smash bros!!!!!

        1. There you go again, in denial of what Nintendo’s plan is. This fall that “drought” will be over, while I’m playing Pikmin 3, you can play the next edition of COD that uses the same guns and everything over and over. Have fun you idiotic tool.

      2. U mad because you won’t be able to play it unless you buy a WiiU. Those shooting games you like to play are the same old but with HD graphics and inferior to PC versions of the games lol. In other words, there’s nothing special about the games you play and that’s why U mad.

        1. Agreed, lol! Morons that play COD don’t seem to realize how similar they all are. While we sit down with our FUN and innovative games. At least Nintendo takes care to show they truly do love making games.

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      1. This. He better have his swim shorts as a costume because that ought to make the fangilrs (including my sister) go wild.

    1. Considering Fire Emblem Awakening saved the Fire Emblem franchise, I’m pretty sure he’ll be in, and replace Ike.
      Now, I love Ike…but he’s very unpopular in Japan, so I don’t see any reason for keeping him at this point.

  8. What is that we the faithful hear… ah yes the sound of victory clothed in a thousand anguished screams a deafening dinn of sorrow flowing from the house’s of the many who sought to claim that the Mighty Kyoto giant would lay dormant this June. We the faithful shall be rid of petty condemnation replaced with spirit’s strengthened further as steel, so rejoice for this is the end of the beginning and the start of the end…

    a new challenger has appeared
    let us play with our enemys fear

  9. I live in Nebraska so does any1 know if that would be 11pm my time or is it 11pm japan time or what? Thanks in advance

    1. To further add to the post below, the Nintendo Direct starts at 10AM est, I’m guessing that’s 11 PM in Japan. I’m guessing Nebraska is 2 hours behind EST so you got to wake up at 8 or 9.

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  12. Sakurai…
    I know you wish this game to be accessible to everyone and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that; kids need that bit of entertainment and it would be unfair to block their access to this game. But remember one thing: those who played the original Smash Bros or Melee are now in their twenties, and I hope I’m not alone in wishing this game has more depth than just ”nintendo characters fighting each other”.

    Now I don’t mean ”add some blood or swearing and maybe some tits too” because putting ”mature” stuff like this just for the sake of putting them is even more childish. What I mean is: add an actual story with intelligent writing. You were definitely capable to do that with Kid Icarus Uprising so I doubt you would struggle much here.

    In my opinion, an opportunity that A LOT of crossovers miss is having the characters from different universe interact with each other; in subspace emmisary, the characters just met, then fought and that’s it. Because of that, 90% of the cast seemed very blank.

    Another example: Marvel vs Capcom 3 has no plot whatsoever, and aside from a few win quotes here and there, no interaction. Not to mention how awkward it is to have, say, Wesker and Chris on the same team with no explanation.

    I know the best way to be disappointed is to set your expectations too high, but I don’t want this game to be Melee 2.0 or Brawl 2.0. I want to find out that there was a good reason to make another installment in the Smash Series. Sakurai warned people to not expect a lot of newcomers and I’m happy with that. I don’t want the same old stuff, only with more characters and more stages. I’d rather have 3 balanced and unique newcomers and a story that had a lot of effort put into it than 50 characters, mediocre single player content and unbalanced cast.

    That’s my two cents about Smash Bros Wii U. I’ll just hope that, at the very least, the trailer will make the game LOOK impressive.

    1. Oh, and good voice acting. That’s another Nintendo proved they were able to provide with Fire Emblem Awakening and, again, Kid Icarus Uprising.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        Voice acting for a roster size of 35+, including bosses in story mode? Most likely no.
        Also, some of the characters won’t be allowed a voice or are incapable of actually speaking lol. Link will only get voice acting if he gets it first in his own game. Also doubt that Yoshi can speak.
        I think they should include voice acting for the characters that can. Samus, Fox, Chrom, Sonic (if he’s in it), Snake (if he’s in it), Pit, and the cool-lookin’ Pokémon (Mewtwo, Lucario, and possibly now, Zoroark).
        Then they should have the others speak their normal sounds and give them good body language.

  13. My Prediction List:
    King K. Rool
    Little Mac
    Tom Nook
    Mona or Jimmy from Wario Ware
    A Gen 6 Pokemon or Mewtwo’s new forme
    Krystal from Star Fox
    Professor Layton
    Lloyd Irving

    Honorable Mentions:
    Toon Zelda / Tetra
    Skull Kid
    Issac from Golden Sun

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  17. To be frank, Iwata said “screens.” That was pretty ambiguous and certainly could have meant a trailer (I had thought so). Then again, maybe it was looking more likely that screenshots would be all they’d have to show off at that stage in development.

    Point standing, though, it was the game press that translated that as “screenshots” and got all up in arms about it.

  18. Can’t wait to see Smash 4 at APEX (SSB National Tournament). Going to seperate the speculators from the players, & the bad players from the good.

  19. Man people want some of the most unlogical characters in this game. How does Professor Layton fight?
    Smash Bros, fueling insane hype and complete nonsense for many years and years to come.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Layton fought in the cutscenes and movie a couple of times but mainly just with a sword and only for self-defense. They should make him as an assist trophy or NPC with his own stage, similar to the Wario Ware stage. Every minute he gives a new puzzle and whoever solves it gets some sort of bonus. Maybe the stage is intricate and includes MANY puzzles with no obvious existence.

      1. Yeah only the Warioware stage was the worst one in the history of Smash Bros. stages… So I’d rather not have one similar dedicated to Prof. Layton. 💋

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          I thought it was fun. Obviously not a good one to have a skill-based tournament on, but it added some variety and interaction. You had to be flexible to play on that stage.

  20. People need to quit naming random, off the wall characters. Either first party or loyal second/third party characters that a majority of Nintendo gamers know

    1. They would also require a descent set of moves (that make sense)… And they would just need to make sense in general.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        I know, it’s annoying. But most of the lunatics don’t know which characters make sense or could work. They can’t just include characters no one’s heard of. Especially when you realize they will probably add only a handful of new characters (like 3) and are taking away multiple.

    1. Chell could use Portals and Punches. GLaDOS could take control of the level and Gordon could be weak but has craploads of defense

    2. That’s stupid. The heavy from TF2 would be a much better choice
      B- fires his minigun
      Side B- Fires his minigun while walking
      Down B- Eats a sandvich
      Up B- Fires his minigun downward to fly.

  21. Hype train officially has gone off the rails. Some of my brain cells have died during this overload

  22. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Here are some reasonable NEW selections, in my opinion, for the roster, assist trophies, or bosses:
    Demise-replace Ganon or a boss (both?)
    Professor Layton-assist trophy
    Shulk & possibly one of his enemies as a boss
    Palutena-rostered or still his Final Smash but with a role in Story Mode
    Chrom-sadly replaces Ike
    Megaman-goes without saying
    Ghirahim-character. Definitely.

    1. well there is such thing as updates and dlc so those that do not make it in the final release will be available via update and/or dlc (dlc can be free and/or paid) so im hoping that that is the case and its probably the only way to expand smash bros and well they cant be worth $10 for one character unless its a pack with stages and music

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        IMO the game should just be delayed instead of geting dlc. DLC in my mind should be extra content that isn’t needed. Extra stages and characters are a must-have for every player. It would ruin the franchise if certain players couldn’t play as certain characters. If for some reason we DO get DLC, they’d better not charge for it. They’ll get bashed so much lol.

  23. which means either i’ll be home from working the nite shift or i’ll pass the time till the if i work the day shift, or i’ll have the day off so i’ll check my schedule either way.

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  25. Lets hope they don’t keep “cough” the annoying “cough” tripping in the next SSB cause that would put me in a OMG WHY?!? mood

  26. And afterwards, the video will be on YouTube. And people will be posting comments every day, week and month about who should or shouldn’t be in the game. Clear until it’s release.

    Before Smash Bros. Brawl came out, I kept going back to the same Brawl video (revealing Sonic as a playable character) just to read the latest comments and reply to the ones I wanted to reply to. It kept me going during the several months before Brawl’s release.

  27. 新スマブラキャラ: little mac! wii fit trainer! rockman! pacman! animal crossing villager! your mii! shulk! rhythm heaven chorusman! +dlc chars!

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