Bayonetta 2 Coming To Wii U In 2014

Get ready to hack and slash your way through Bayonetta 2 when it lands onto your Wii U in 2014. The new trailer, shown off in the recent Nintendo Direct, is action-packed and complete with new hairstyles, costumes, as well as abilities. And if you’re looking to hear more from this sequel, Nintendo has got you covered, as they are revealing more of the inner workings as E3 continues.


    1. You’re not first until you remove my Self-Replication Tool from your Waste Disposal Unit.

    1. It looked very messy and unrefined which means it is still very early in development. A lot like how Wonderful 101 looked when it was first shown.

  1. Why is she wearing glasses? God, she looks so goofy…like a stereotypical babe plucked from hentai

    1. Ask Nintendo. Too bad that the answer is no and Microsoft had already rejected the offer to PlatinumGames in making a sequel. Only Nintendo does and have already funded and published Sega’s trademarked title.

    2. “Where it belongs?”
      Why don’t you ask the developers who are making the game why it isn’t on the Xbox.

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