Here’s The Wonderful 101 E3 Trailer

Nintendo’s E3 Direct may be over, but they’ve got a bunch of new trailers kicking out, and The Wonderful 101 is a big part of the action. The E3 trailer shows us some epic gameplay battles with Wonder-Red taking the lead with his mighty band of heroes. You can choose to play as Wonder-Red solo, or battle in co-op and multiplayer mode for up to five players. As a team, you’ll be given the chance to transform your group into a fist or blade to unleash massive attacks on the enemy. The Wonderful 101 will be available in North America from September 15 and Europe from August 23.


    1. This game looks last gen? Name ONE last gen game with these grfx! Are you nearsided?

  1. Japanese conspiracy. Nintendo letting Sony survive as the destroy Microsoft. Is it not just convinient that the let sony keep Final fanatsy XV? The allow the 3DS to be beast and hold off titles that would shatter the PS 4? think about it.

    1. Why would they hold off titles at E3? That really doesn’t make sense. What titles would “shatter PS4”? I didn’t see much in that Direct that would make me write home! It was sloppy and underwhelming and it made me long for something more innovative and new! They showed so little, in terms of new offerings. Super MArio 3D World, MK 8, and what else? Anything, besides those 2, that really wasn’t shown at last E3? I didn’t think so. they didn’t even bother to give more in depth info on “X”, just the “Yes, you can ride the robots that look like humans in this game.” Really?! That’s supposed to get us excited? I think the radiation from Fukushima has gotten to Iwata. For anyone, in a high position at Nintendo, to not be superbly ashamed by that presentation of last year’s E3 offerings for Wii U’s launch as “New and Exciting!” for this year’s E3… well if those Higher ups aren’t embarrassed then they should be! That presentation was abysmal!

  2. Was I the only one that thought of Pikmin when watching this ? I thought it looks like influenced by Pikmin..

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