Just Dance 2014 E3 Trailer

Ubisoft has confirmed that the next game in its popular dance video game series is called Just Dance 2014 – not “Just Dance 5,” even though the last Just Dance game was called Just Dance 4. Just Dance 2014 will feature tracks from several artists, including Nicki Minaj, Psy, Olly Murs, David Guetta and One Direction. The game will introduce new modes and will be released on multiple consoles, including Wii U, this October.


  1. Why did you delete my nicki minaj video? that was completely relevant…I love nicki minaj, i love just dance, this track will probably be in the game. You’re mean :(

  2. I’m very excited for this, I love the Just Dance Games and it looks like they have really tried to mix it up :) Day one buy for me on Wii U :D

    1. Why cuz you can’t dance? Just Dance is an AMAZING Dance franchise! I am sooo excited for this! It also has a work out mode to keep in shape on rainydays!❤❤💋

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