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Grab Hideki Konno’s Mii Via SpotPass On Your 3DS

nintendo_3ds_xl_blackSatoru Iwata’s Mii appeared on our 3DS screens last week to remind us about E3, but since then SpotPass has seen a number of special Nintendo Mii’s join the hype train. Yesterday, legendary Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma appeared, and today he’s followed by Super Mario and Mario Kart designer Hideki Konno. But if he’s anything like Aonuma, he’ll only stick around for one day, so grab him while you have the chance.

To obtain Konno’s Mii, just follow the steps below, and once done you can venture forth on a quest with him and gather another puzzle piece.

  • Turn on your 3DS and make sure the wireless connection is switched on
  • Visit StreetPass Mii Plaza and go to the entrance to meet Konno
  • If the special Mii does not appear straight away, exit StreetPass Mii Plaza and enter again, this time he should appear.

29 thoughts on “Grab Hideki Konno’s Mii Via SpotPass On Your 3DS”

      1. i got eiji aonuma the same time i got Hideki Konno… more like a couple of hours before Hideki Konno appeared.

  1. I’m loving all these spotpass miis. Being able to get all these pink puzzleswap pieces is a godsend

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  3. This never entirely works for me. I got both Konno and Aonuma on my two European 3DSs, only Konno on my North American 3DS and non of both on my Japanese 3DS.

  4. That is odd.. I have lunched and exited the StreetPlaza pogram 5 times already and he did not appear? The only characters that appeared this week or for around E3 days was Iwata(gold) and Aonuma(gold) and he appeared 17 hours ago. This is on a US version 3DS and yes internet/wi-fi is working on it.

      1. I just did so and nothing. Though I figured what was wrong. I have my 3DS set to Spanish language and thus this somehow prevents some spotpass features to not get through, like the Luigi stationary letter from a while back. I guess it was the same thing for this spotpass as well. Kinda tired to switch to English just to receive some features. Though thanks for your input. He arrived safely in the Plaza =)

  5. :( :( it’s not working on my 3ds…. i don’t see him…. I exited and enter and restart and everything……. but none for me. :( :(

  6. No way… thank you so much @RingoSan. I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t get Tezuka Mii the other day when my other 2 friends did. Well, I have my console set in French. I tried setting the console back in English… and strangely enough he showed up right away… today…Must be a bug in the system. But I still haven’t gotten the Special Mii for today!

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