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Super Smash Bros Wii U Runs At 1080p


Nintendo has confirmed that the long-awaited Super Smash Bros for Wii U will run at 1080p. Nintendo revealed the first trailer for the game during yesterdays Nintendo Direct presentation. We also found out that a number of new characters will be making an appearance in Super Smash Bros including Mega Man, the Villager from Animal Crossing, and the female sports trainer from Wii Fit. Super Smash Bros will be released on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U next year.

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112 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Wii U Runs At 1080p”

  1. to be expected. Most if not all 1st party games for wiiu will run in 1080p. can’t wait to dominate with Ike in hd.

    1. Not unless I can smash Ike in the face with toon links down aerial. (though based, on the trailer, I have a feeling there will only be one link who will be a combination of adult and toon skill wise, and toon will only appear in the spirit tracks stage)

      1. You know considering that they’re pretty much clones anyway, I think they should have put toon link in the 3ds version and realistic link in the wii U version, seems like it’d be way more fitting considering toon link primarily apears on the ds.

        1. FLUDD is still in the game. There’s a video on youtube of someone going against Sakurai in Smash Bros at E3 where Sakurai plays as Megaman and the challenger plays as Mario. Gamexplain and I think IGN have it up.

      1. I think that the Wii U version will be based on console games, while the 3ds will be based on Handheld games. For example, Chrom could be a character for the 3ds version representing Fire Emblem, while for the Wii U someone from meh, the Fire Emlbem Cross over, or someone from a previous Fire Emlbem game on Wii, if there was one on gamecube. Yup.
        I hope that someone from the professor layton series makes it in somehow. Lol if they can do Trainer, then they can absolutely do Layton, but i would really like to see Descole but the chances for that are slim.

            1. No in the video on YouTube where Sakurai talks about Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS he says both versions will have the same characters. What’s different is the Wii U version will get stages that are from Wii U games. The 3DS version will get stages from 3DS games.

                1. I’d like to just point out, that it actually might be same amount and not same characters. This is supported by the fact that on the new Smash Bros website, there are no screeenshots of the Wii Fit Trainer or the Villager for the 3DS version.

    2. they are being clever or sly depending how you look at it, with their wording, yes the game may run in 1080p, so does assassins creed 3, but it is NOT NATIVE RENDERED IN 1080P, they need to clarify if its rendered in 1080p or if it just runs in 1080p via a upscale from a lower resolution, like most 360 games, and some PS3 games, their is a massive difference between native 1080p and upscale 1080p!

  2. Now just 60 fps and we have a game that will blow everything else away like the Proton Bomb it is…

      1. I guess you’re right…

        Nintendo’s main policies are:

        Creativity over Realism
        Innovation over Power
        Fun over Greed
        Quality over Visuals

        1. Absolutely… Nintendo won’t choose the small leap in 720p to 1080p over the HUGE leap from 30FPS to 60FPS…

      1. Wow look at all these dumbasses that dont understand what a joke is. Getting fucking serious about pieces of plastic. Get a life

  3. And yes , it will be 60FPS DEFINITELY. You think Sakurai would sacrifice 60FPS for a hugher res ? no… He’s doing both.

    Wiiu is a lot more capable than people gave it credit for , like Shinen said ”Nintendo will have an unstoppable advantage graphically” , they have a kick ass little GPU in the Wiiu and you can see what it can do in games like Mario Kart 8 (looks like CGI) and X (stood out more than almost every PS4 or xbox one game shown)

    So what ever it is , Cache memory , Edram , GPU features… the Wiiu is WAY more capable than PS3 and 360.

      1. I never was… but tons of Sony and Xbots all claimed it was… The shading and lighting of Wiiu is on a level more akin to PS4 than Ps3…

        1. I can barely see any difference at all between Wii U’s graphics and PS4s…

          I think the difference will be notable in the open world scale and online…

          But other than that, aslong as the Wii Uis better than the Wii in online, I’m satisfied…

          1. Yeh , PS4 will have bigger worlds more distruction with more things going on. But as for the Wiiu’s open world credentials – just look at X :O

            1. I don’t want to take ot “victory” this soon though but it looks very possible that the Wii U is capable of open worlds as big or almost as big as some games for the PS4…

              But obviously it’s the gameplay that matters, I can’t wait to the day High Command shows us Metroid and Zelda for Wii U…

              That will be the most glorious day yet…

                1. They said they almost revealed Zelda at E3 but they bought they could show it at a later time! So it does need more time but I’m sure Zelda is coming along great!

        2. If Smash Bros runs at 1080p / 60fps then that will be an amazing achievement, it’s certainly not a graphically ‘light’ game, so nobody would be able to say “Ah yes, but it’s mostly 2D sprites with super low polygon counts.’ – I’d be impressed with 1080p / 30fps myself.

          1. It will be 60 trust me. I can’t understand why they would remove 60FPS in favour of resolution , Nintendo is not like that…

            1. I agree, they would rather keep 60fps 720p than go for 30fps 1080p, especially for a fighting game. Yep, they really love 60fps, so many games made by Nintendo on the Wii hit 60fps, and my eyes loved it so much.

    1. well maybe not constant 60 fps.. that is quite demanding of a system
      most PCs don’t manage 60 fps in 1080p (with high level of detail that is)

      1. Yeh…. but 60FPS that flicker to 50 once every 10 seconds and to 55 every 2 seconds , is just what we call 60FPS…

        It’s very hard to lock a framerate to 60 on consoles… Nintendo often has framerates that don’t move at all , locked 60 or 30.

  4. Thats 2 games Nintendo have announced will be running in 1080p. Good news.

    I wonder if Mario Kart 8 will manage it too. It looks gorgeous.

    1. They said mario kart 8 will be 1080 with 60 fps. They also said matchmaking may run at 60 fps as well!!! :D 💋

  5. Just wooow, the wii u is powerrrrrr…Just look at X,Mariokart and Bayonetta 2……Nintendo please get a bigger team on the games, cause we need games, then you can take over…

      1. I for one actually think 3D world is going to kick ass…. and the Coop will be awesome for when friends and family are around , but I will want to finish the game on my own , numerous times!

        3D land was good , this needs to be harder , longer and bigger…

    1. Well yeah but it wasn’t a “come play this and leave” type of thing like they did with the four games.(Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, etc) Only one person was able to play and that person fought against Sakurai and there was audience.(no I wasn’t at E3)


    1. XBOX ONE will not have KH3 it’s a playstation 4 exclusive, and XBOX ONE sucks in every way but graphics. Microsoft screwed up big time, XBOX ONE WILL FAIL. If Microsoft doesn’t drop out of the consoles, by luck, XBOX ONE will be the least favorite or the most hated console this generation.

    2. Why are you here? There are PLENTY of blogs where people like yourself can salivate about the Xbox 1. You don’t like Nintendo, fine! But why waste your time bashing a multi billion dollar company? Regardless of what we think, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are going to do what they want. And guess what, they are still going be successful. For example, how long have people been leveling complaints against Nintendo? Never the less, Nintendo still is making money, even with the Wii U in its weaken state. Another example, Microsoft creating a console that blocks used games, and a hold host of horrible stuff. Do you think that’ll stop people like yourself from buying it? No! Why? Because at the end of the day, you love gaming.

  7. So psyched for this game!!! Super Smash is the only franchise I would give my soul away to own if I had to. 💋

  8. Game boys,Game boys!!!
    What you gonna do?
    What you gonna do?

    Xbox is Done!
    Xbox is Done!

    Bill gates,Bill gates!
    Bill gates dates hates!
    Bill gates dates hates!

    Woo yeah im so happy that xbox is finally going to fail !!!!!!!!!!

  9. History is about to repeat itself…

    Back in the Ancient War when the obnoxious Atarians were one of the biggest at the time…

    With the “help” of Steven Spielberg, they gave birth to the worst game in history, E.T…

    Which basically destroyed most of the gaming universe until our Empire saved it…

    Now the Xbots are hated by most and once again Steven Spielberg colaborates with the doomed Realm…

    But unlike last time, both Nintendo and the entire Sony Dominion saved the industry this time by confronting the Xbots on their own game…

    The Xbots might be stronger than the Atarians but their fall will be even sweeter for us and the Sonyans…

  10. Yes! Can’t wait to play. I spent countless hours playing brawl with local multiplayer. Image the new smash not only looking beautiful, but with a great online. I hope this comes out early next year, but I got a feeling we may not see it until 2014 holiday season. I hope I’m wrong!

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