Series Producer Takashi Tezuka Discusses Yoshi’s New Island

yoshi new islandWe’ve had some surprises at this year’s E3 from Nintendo – namely Retro’s new Donkey Kong title as well as Nintendo’s decision not to show Zelda Wii U this year – but Yoshi’s New Island for the Nintendo 3DS has somehow taken a backseat amongst Nintendo’s other bigger and more well-known franchises. So, in an interview with IGN, Yoshi’s Island series producer Takashi Tezuka sat down to talk about why he’s developed the sequel and the ideas behind the unique graphics:

“It’s just been a long time since there’s been a Yoshi game, so I wanted to put another one out there,” Tezuka told IGN. “The first time you see Yoshi is in a Mario game. [I thought] it would have been ideal if there was a Yoshi game first, where you would get to know Yoshi, and then you could see him appear in a Mario game. That’s something I’ve thought about as I look back and reflect on the series. So that’s one reason I really want to put out another Yoshi game, so people will get to know Yoshi as a character again. This new 3DS game is a sequel, basically, to the first Yoshi’s Island. It takes place after that.

“When it comes to the graphics for Yoshi, one thing I’m conscious of is having that kind of handmade feel, a kind of handicraft feel. In the previous one, we had this hand-drawn style, but now we’re moving on to create something new, leaving that behind. There’s still a lot of hand-drawn stuff. Like with the yarn thing, it’s also more like something physical, with the weight of something hand-crafted. We’re trying to create more variations like that.”

Yoshi’s New Island comes with some great new aspects, like the ability to eat giant enemies, which then transform into giant eggs that Yoshi can hurtle across the screen to destroy obstacles in your path – make sure you check out the trailer to see all of the green dinosaur’s escapades. Yoshi’s New Island will be released sometime this holiday season.


  1. you could eat giant enimies, and shoot giant eggs on the first one. obviously nintendo had hoped you had forgotten this.

    On the plus side, this is yoshis 3rd island game, and they don’t make these often. if anything, it’s a bit of fun.

    But I really don’t want a fourth yoshis island game. Yoshi can do more then this, much more.

  2. I always feel a bit sad that the original Yoshi’s Island was considered Super Mario World 2, yet was NOTHING like it. And we never got a REAL Super Mario World 2. That’s one game that REALLY deserves a true, faithful sequel. Although many would say that some of the later Mario games ARE like a sequel. But they’re not. For example, I’ve never seen Yoshi fly in any games since Super Mario World (that I can remember). OR Mario with his cape.

    1. I’m was under the impression that this new 3D Mario “World” Is Nintendo’s attempt at releasing somewhat of that… It won’t be full on sequel but we’ll have to wait to see how many SMW gammeplay elements are included.

      If Yoshi and Baby Yoshi are brought back I will be thrilled. We do need the inclusion of the Cape feather if not that perhaps a new flying powerup related to an animal.

      On topic: Where is Yarn Yoshi?!

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