Future Zelda Titles May Feature DLC?

zelda_hd_wii_uDownloadable content has become a big part of the games industry, and can often set a title apart from its competitors if its add-on content is just as good quality as the game itself. We’ve seen DLC in such Nintendo exclusives as Fire Emblem: Awakening and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, but could we now be looking at additional content for The Legend of Zelda, and more importantly Zelda Wii U? In an exclusive interview with Nintendo Life, Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has said that it’s certainly a possibility, but the content would have to be “worth it for the user”:

“We’re certainly looking at different ways to add on content that would enhance the experience for the user – maybe more places to explore or just to enrich the experience beyond what is on the disc. But we also have to take into consideration that if we charge for this content then it needs to be worth it for the user.
So it’s certainly a balancing an act, but I can’t say that it is something we’re not considering.” – Eiji Aonuma


  1. Of course they will consider it. It could be amazing if it is done well too. Imagine purchasing the Master Quest DLC. Sure the main game would have Hero Mode, but the Master Quest is Hero Mode with all new Dungeons.
    I wouldn’t want it if it detracted from the main game however.

  2. If they are going to use DLC it has to be because they after release and some time feels it actually will enrich game play. But if they in fore hand makes plans to release DLC, why not have that on the disc right away? Can’t see a series like Zelda earn anything on DLC by definition…

    1. Exactly. I don’t see an RPG of this scale and popularity using DLC and CHARGING for it. I don’t want any DLC for this >.>

    2. Exactly. I don’t see the point of DLC other than to further exploit our innocent wallets. Include it in the original and save your ‘DLC’ content for the next full game.

    1. dlc is perfectly fine. as long as they don’t like, take things crucial to the games out (e.g game endings) and sell them back to you. moreover, the dlc has to be worthwhile, and lengthy and worth your time, like GTA: ballad of gay tony

  3. That could be nice actually. Wouldn’t mind new dungeons or areas to explore. It’d be nice to extend the game a but with some new stuff

  4. I wouldn’t mind costume DLC but I probably wouldn’t want to pay for it. If anything the way fallout/elder scrolls handled DLC expansions what be good.

  5. as ever i’ll take the free ones (did the same with FE)… but i prefare a complete Zelda without em…

  6. i don’t mind that hope they ant to big a download not had any problem with mario bros 2 DLC that was done quite well. i also liked the fact it was done through a game menu that was very simple and did not have to search through the eshop for them

  7. He never said this would be in the new WiiU Zelda, maybe it could be in the new 3ds one, or windwaker.

  8. That would be the end for Zelda, because the franchise loses it’s master-experience… somehow. The game can be great but it loses some atmosphere for me with that shit.

    1. Same, it shouldn’t but somehow to me it makes me feel like it is a bad thing. Imagine, you know you will never have the “full” and complete game if you don’t buy the DLC. And the DLC won’t be stored in your disc, meaning that if you want to lend it to someone they won’t get the full experience.

      Zelda has always been a magic game because you get the most of it with a single purchase, they squeeze every single bit of content they can and make your purchase valuable, now? They might let some stuff pass or be lazy, knowing that int he future they can “fix” it with DLC.

      But I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

  9. yeah, let me guess…… its so they can scam these stupid nintenerds into buying watered down shit of a dull copy and paste game!! never will learn you stupid inferior beings.

      1. now they are going to do the same for zelda and ruin the series even more, everything nintendo is falling apart mooaawawawawa!!!!!!! mmoooaaaawawawawawa!!!!!!!!!

        1. PUTA POR FAVOR, didn’t you see the LUIGI U DLC?, that’s so big, that they even make it stand alone game, this is Nintendo, if they release Zelda DLC, it would be like 10 hours more of gameplay, not 3 Multiplayer map… so shut the fuck up

  10. It would be interesting. But I still have my reservations about the whole DLC thing (I’m just one of those people who believes that we should be able to buy the complete game on disc right off the bat instead of paying for more content of the same game later).

    1. But you are playing everything on the disc. There’s a difference between disc-locked content and downloadable content. Disc locked content is content that’s already on the disc and requires you to pay more to access it. Downloadable content is exactly that. Content that is downloadable. If Nintendo are considering DLC for Zelda, then they’ll develop the DLC post launch, meaning it’s more content, not content that’s inaccessible.

      1. I know the difference and I wasn’t to content being inaccessible. I simply have reservations about paying for more content of the same game when I already paid full price for said game.

  11. I’m really want a few screenshots and an official title and if were lucky, we’ll get a trailer next year. If it’s “The Legend of Zelda Wii U” or “The Legend of Zelda U”, then I hope that they change it. But, I don’t think they’ll ruin the series like that.

  12. DLC for many Wii U games would be welcome if done right. MH3U for example. 8-10 bucks for 1-2 new areas and 3-6 new monsters, even if a couple are from past games.

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