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Kamiya From Platinum Games Still Wants To Work On Star Fox


Renowned Platinum Games developer Hideki Kamiya has revealed that he still wants to work on the Star Fox franchise. Kamiya says that he grew up on Nintendo franchises, and said that if Nintendo called and asked him if he would work on a new entry to the Star Fox series, he would genuinely jump at the chance.

“Of course I’d like to work together with Nintendo to make original games going forward.”

“But as far as Nintendo franchises, the reality is that these are big franchises that have lots of fans and lots of history and it’d be really hard in my position to say ‘Oh, let me make one of these games.’

“But tomorrow, if suddenly somebody came to me and said ‘We want you to make Star Fox,’ of course I would be pleased.”

“So Star Fox is one, another series, Murasame Jō. I grew up on Nintendo games so there’s a whole lot of respect for those.”

84 thoughts on “Kamiya From Platinum Games Still Wants To Work On Star Fox”

      1. if you have the wiiu you can collect a bunch of fans from the miverse its proven by nintendo that they are watching the miiverse comunity. just request that platinum game would be a great idea for star fox

  1. A match made in heaven.

    I hope Nintendo isn’t being afraid of using IP’s like Starfox and Fzero on Wiiu and 3DS. They would easily clear a Million units. DO IT NINTENDO.

    1. Infact Starfox 64 3D cleared a Million when there was like 7 million 3DS’s worldwide and I bet its still selling on the Eshop…

        1. Thanks again for the pic help, I chose to go old school. I’m still trying to get enough coins to buy F-Zero X off of Club Nintendo. I’ve only played the original F-Zero for the SNES, in which, I have the original cart.

  2. Come on Nintendo, please listen to this!!! Star Fox please please please!!

    And buy Platinum games!! Make Bayonette as Nintendo exclusive forever.

    1. While that would be nice. i wouldn’t be surprised if bayonetta 2 ended up on the other hd consoles after a year or so, maybe platinum or sega will make a deal with Nintendo, that if they allow bayonetta 2 to be ported to the PlayStation and xbox then Sega and platinum will give them other games, like platinum could get kojima to give wii u a port of metal gear rising, and maybe Sega will port vanquish, and virtua fighter 5, i for one wouldn’t mind if they made such a deal.

      Its possible remember people, just look at mass effect 1, which was published by Microsoft and was a exclusive for Xbox 360, and eventually mass effect 2 came out, and it was ported to PS3, and then so was mass effect 3, ported to wii u and PS3, and then the Microsoft published mass effect 1 also got ported to PS3, so never say never people, if its third party their is ALWAYS A CHANCE! its all about the £££$$$ for 3rd parties, and with the right deal and enough cash ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE!

      1. But Nintendo is funding and publishing Bayonetta 2. Microsoft and Sony didn’t want to back PG for Bayonetta 2. This was cleared up a year ago.

  3. I hope the Global President gives the go-ahead to Kamiya and make a StarFox game for the U. Imagine piloting an Arwing in full HD… Instant “TAKE MY MONEY!” moment.

    1. Yep, using the gamepad to fly around, add a bit of the Wii U Panorama style ability to look to your left and right to see who is flanking you and we could have some superb space combat happening.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        That panorama idea is absolutely brilliant. But it can’t be gimmicky. It’s gotta be fluid and not shoved down our throats. I want to feel like I’m Fox Freaking McCloud piloting an Arwing in freaking space. I want to turn my head (gamepad) and see my enemies.

    1. I haven’t played a game from Platinum games, but the wonderful 101 looks pretty good. But seeing what they have done so far, I’d think it would have a good chance at success. If not Nintendo, I want Platinum Games to do it!

  4. Retro, you know that expensive fur you talked about for the new Wii U Donkey Kong? Can you please loan a bit of that tech to Platinum so that they can make Fox Mcloud look ace? Thanks guys.

  5. Metroid from Retro and Star Fox from Platinum is a win-win however you look at it. Let them do it Nintendo!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think it’s very likely that they will be working on a new project since The Wonderful 101 will be released on August. I just hope Nintendo continues its partnership with Platinum Games.

  7. Nintendo might as well let PlatinumGames develop a new Star Fox game. No one else is making one at the moment unless they are keeping it a secret for now. PlatinumGames are great developers, I think Nintendo should/would trust them with Star Fox.

  8. thats exactly what i was talking about!!!!! platinum would be the perfect fit!!!!! platinum wouldnt be a good fit like retro with dk but with starfox….. its the perfect game!!!!!

    1. Agreed, but the only problem I see is story. Hopefully they make a better story than Assault had. Such a horrible story.

      1. I agree with you and everything but compared to the somewhat of a story Command had, Assault’s story was golden…

  9. thenintendoreviewer

    Do it! Make it an improved version or sequel of Star Fox Assault with more levels and bots in multiplayer. That would AWESOME!

    1. Yes! I loved Star Fox Assualt, and yeah the multiplayer needed bots. I still play it with friends even today

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  11. I’ve always thought platinum are the perfect devs to make a star fox or f-zero game, hell in my opinion ninty should just buy them and let them develop mature i.p’s for the console. As much as I love nintendo’s i.p’s they do need a developer to make good quality mature exclusives for them and I think platinum is the perfect one to do it.

  12. Platinum’s perfect. Nintendo should have already allowed Kamiya to begin developing a Star Fox game if one isn’t already in development.

  13. How has there not been a prequel to Star Fox yet starring James, Peppy, and Pigma? An epic story driven game focusing on the mission where Pigma betrays the Star Fox team and James “dies” would be amazing.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, would be AMAZING. Then at the end they would show Fox training or something!

  14. for the love of god make the most epic open universe Star fox game with online multi player capability.

  15. Good. Let Platinum do Starfox. Retro had their chance and they royally fucked up. Retro Studios is now no better then Rareware under Microsoft’s grip.

    1. They didn’t fuck up. They decided to make another donkey kong game…which isn’t screwing up at all. I would have liked to see a new Starfox as well, but they did what they thought was best.

  16. FUUUUCCCKKKING DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEAAASSSSSEEE NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. ah come on Nintendo!!!

    we are asking for star fox for centuries and someone WANTS to develop, not anyone, but Kamiya-san!!! Do ittttt!

  18. Make it happen Nintendo. At this point, besides Retro or Next Level Games, you couldn’t possibly ask for anyone better to work on a brand spanking new Star Fox title. It’s even THEM approaching YOU, Nintendo. Don’t let such a golden opportunity go to waste.

  19. We need a new Star Fox title, Nintendo! Personally, I would love a mix of ground and space battles, such as in Star Fox: Assault for GameCube. I still play Assault multiplayer with my friends!

  20. It makes me sad because I used to love Star Fox. But now I have little to no care for it. Star Fox Assault was the last game I played in the Star Fox series. And I doubt I’ll ever play another. I lost interest.

  21. i think team ninja went to retro and nintendo and asked if they can make a metroid game. unlike anyone who says otherwise i like the game, short, few pickups and is graphic heavy which is why its almost 8gb (yes i “pirated” the game but ended up buying the game and deleting it, it was $9 at ‘sh*tstop, power to the company’)

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