Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Gameplay Complete With David Wise Music

GameSpot has posted some glorious direct feed footage of Retro Studios latest project, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. The latest Donkey Kong Country game sees the return of the revered David Wise who composed the music on the original Donkey Kong Country games on the Super Nintendo. Tropical Freeze is due out in November.


    1. I do NOT like DK anymore. Since I can NOT switch betwen the kongs. Like the REAL DK games in the snes.

  1. I did hope retro game was metriod but donkey kong is just as good it was great on wii and it will be greater on wii u. Its a day one for me

    1. Plus the cramra looks great in game with the barrel launchers, the atmosphere is beautiful, and Dixie is back Yea!

      1. There is also another character they brought back that you can play as, but they haven’t gave any information yet. I think its probably Kiddy.

      1. ehhh. For some maybe. the newer Metroids are in 3D while DK is 2D. Thats a big difference to try and compare. Overall I think Metroid has the better experience. It has basically all DK Country has, but a more in depth story(which is a big deal..) 💋

  2. The only failing for the one on the Wii was the bad controls. I had a friend that was a long time DKC fan and wouldn’t play with me because he didn’t want to shake something the wiimote to roll. I can hardly blame him.

    1. its minor to me its really, really minor its not the biggest issue they might let u use the pro controller or game pad

      1. Well, the rest of the game was good, so in a sense, the motion controls were the biggest issue.

        1. I never thought I would be let down to see a new Donkey Kong game, but seriously, we haven’t seen Starfox and F-Zero in forever, and the most recent Metroid was a letdown at best.

          I’m sure this game will be great, just like Super Mario 3D World will be, but Nintendo did not reward the hopes of most of their fans with these games.

          1. Starfox, F-Zero or Metroid with online multiplayer would work SO WELL! We will see what happens as I’m sure we will see more entries to these series. Platinum wants to make Starfox and Platinum and Nintendo are on great terms. Retro’s next game could be Metroid and a while ago Nintendo conducted a survey in France(I think) to see what were their favourite franchises and the majority said F Zero so obviously Nintendo knows that the fans want a new game in the series.

  3. The problem is that the music for DKC3 for the gameboy advance, which was also composed by David Wise, was crappified way beyond belief. It was like freakin Sesame Street music on an otherwise hardcore game. I still believe David Wise can do no wrong, and yet, there’s that one game…

  4. I was falling asleep watching, and listening to this, not because I felt enchanted… and yes, they ruined the flipping bonus stage music…

  5. I’m really excited about this game. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong look, graphically, really well. As far as everything else though, not so much. Besides the fact that it’s in HD, the environment, shadows and lighting look like they could have been rendered on the Wii. It doesn’t look that much better than Donkey Kong Country Returns like I know it could. I’m sure the gameplay will be fun though.

  6. I couldn’t be more excited about this game. This is one game I wont trade in…At first I was upset that the only innovation is the extra camera angles.But It really makes the game that more expansive.The music is always the same/good..

  7. This is Mario 3d world are just the fun enjoyable ok money makers that these studios are making before tackling a bigger and more important project. Kinda lime how wind waker he is there to help us wait for the next Zelda, or like the rayman challenge app, to give us something to play till legends comes out. This and Mario world will both be great and fun experiences that are just there as inbetweens before the next big games.

    1. I also believe that Retro is doing DK Country for Wii U to get ysed to the console. They will probably start working on Metroid right after this if they aren’t already secretly working on it right now. 💋

  8. This makes me love Nintendo. I wrote them after donkey kong country returns was released telling them that the music was the biggest let down and that they needed David wise to compose. I’m glad they listen to their fans and this is why this will be a day one purchase for me.

  9. I wonder if Dixie Kong will be on Smash Bros? Nice game btw.
    I hope they bring back the original Aquatic water stage. I loved that song.

  10. This is easily the worst music i’ve ever heard in a nintendo game. I’m either going to turn it off, or turn it all the way down, and im hoping the game gives me that option before it starts playing any. It’s complete garbage. Who the f is david wise and why is no one stopping him?

    1. The guy that did like the ORIOGIONAL DK Country music on the SNES… He isn’t a nobody. 💋

      1. Ignore him, people do not understand GOOD music in games. I agree with you, he has great talent.

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  11. Played this at Best Buy today. It was pretty fun :) They only let me play one level though.

      1. The GamePad wasn’t available for the demo, only Wii remote controls. But the Nintendo rep that was there told me the final game will support all controllers.

  12. Gotta admit… never really liked Donkey Kong. I was hoping Retros project was Metroid or Star Fox. I probably won’t get this game, because I didn’t really enjoy Donkey Kong Country Returns. DK is my least favorite Nintendo character.Also, I probably would have liked a 3D DK game better than a side scroller. Oh well! Retro is talented so I am sure all the DK fans out their are very happy!💋

    1. yes, Metroid will be very cool :) You hopefully can use the pad as view through samus helmet, and that would be cool for things like the x-ray scanner! ^_^

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