Super Mario 3D World Still Locked To Eight Way Movement


News has emerged from the Giant Bomb Bombcast that the forthcoming Super Mario 3D World for Wii U will be locked to eight way movement. It’s already clear that Super Mario 3D World is taking quite a bit of inspiration from the fantastic Super Mario 3D Land on the Nintendo 3DS. Like Super Mario 3D Land the game won’t include full analogue control and will instead feature eight way movement.

Update: Apparently Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS features twelve way movement.

Thanks, Glem3


    1. Wow! No surprise there. An old game gets a remake for the Wii U, same old control scheme, same old sound effects, same old Nintendo living in the 90’s. Maybe in 2 years they can try again and add the word “NEW” before the title and make him turn into a cow and everyone will still think it is “new”. LOL!!!!

        1. Well it’s a baby game after all. I think 8 way movement is fine enough so the little babies can play, we don’t want to complicate things too much for them.

            1. Nah, the little babies are excited playing the Mario games. All grown ups got tired of the same Mario games over and over and over and over. Been there, done that. They can’t even bother to update their lame sound effects. Jump-e-doo and collect little cute stars and the new thing now is he turns into a cute little kitty. Aww how cute.The babies love that! Not to mention how original, many years of research must have gone there just to come up with that one. And give them 8 way movement , after all, if it too complicated they won’t be able to play.

              1. Nah, that describes the noob-tubing that you and your little butt buddies pull every friday.
                Mario’s more manly than the majority of your immature bullshit, and he wears a fucking cat suit now.
                That puts you below a fat man in a cat suit, bitch.:P

              2. I think he is insecure about himself and went out to rage on Nintendo games. Butthurt. And before you complain about Nintendo making the same games over and over again, think about it.
                1. People WANT the same games over and over again, and if they don’t they buy new Nintendo series like Olimar and what not.
                2. I don’t see Activison making new crap. And your still paying for the tenth Call of duty rehash they made, atleast Mario games have more variety.

        2. look, it’s not the point. the point here is that this new mario game feels like it was not designed for the wii u. it feels like a game that could easily be adjusted to 3ds. this isn’t the mario game that will light the world on fire. not like the way galaxy or mario 64 did in their time.

          1. look up the numbers…
            2D Marios sell molto better
            no wonder they keep on simplifying the 3D Formula

        1. What happened to the community? Now all any gamers do is rage on games they don’t like.

      1. i actually laughed at your mention of cow mario. seriously, kitty mario is just so stale and dorky.

        1. Well, what about mushroom mario? Or flower mario? Or tanooki mario? Or cloud mario? They are all stale and dorky, but people (including me) love them, try to give cat mario a chance first.

  1. Not really inspiration from 3ds but a quick 3ds game port to Wii U with most popular franchise to desperately try to boost sales during holiday season, will it work ? Stay tuned!

  2. Well I played the game and it felt fine. Now I just need 3 other people to play it with -_-

      1. If you don’t mind living close to him. (This game doesn’t have online multiplayer.)

    1. FINE won’t be enough to save the Wii U. if new super mario bros U didn’t light the wii u on fire, what makes you think this 3ds port look alike will make much of a difference?

      1. I meant it played fine, as in no issues with the controls. The game itself is a bit of a let down. It seems just as easy as 3D Land was which is a big disappointment. Plus i’m sure the game isn’t that fun when playing single player. I wish Nintendo just put this on 3DS and gave the Wii U a REAL 3D Mario with an engaging single player experience.

        1. This is like one of the only comments here I agree with, it seems Nintendo made all the mario games super easy, I remember when I used to play super mario sunshine when I was 5, it was so hard and I loved it. But then super mario galaxy came in and it was pathetically easy… I’m pretty sure I’d like mario more if they made the levels harder.

    2. I was wondering your opinion on it. I remember you weren’t too impressed with it at first when they showed it off at the Nintendo Direct. When I played it at Best Buy I thought that it offers a great single-player experience as well as creates the blueprint for multiplayer co-op in a 3D platformer. I noticed that I could go off and explore a hidden area while other players did there own thing and it did not hinder my experience, it just zoomed the camera out more. This game has potential to be the ultimate Mario game if they change their mind about online co-op and add Yoshi as a ride.

      1. I’m still not that impressed. I would’ve preferred Galaxy 3 or something new. The multiplayer is fun but I don’t have anyone that would play with me.

        1. Aww that sucks! I think there is enough content to be satisfied while playing alone but I think Mario in general is best experienced with others.

        2. Nintendo can’t make another Galaxy because they used all the possible ideas for it on Galaxy 1 and 2, I’ve read a forum about it, also, there has already been two versions of it. Why would someone want another version? But then again, theres like 7 super mario bros games…

    1. It might have Nunchuck controlls. It has Pro support…

      Nobody will notice the 8 way movement. Why they chose it is beyond me though. Super mario 3D land controlled fine though…

      1. It didn’t! I was terrible! It’s just a move of lazyness, so please stop damage controlling everything with “it’s fine” ! Mario 3D land was a mediocre game,the entire game was way too easy, it had sluggish controls and lacked the difficulty for replay value.

        About every negative newsstory gets damage controlled by you, no matter if it’s on Wii U daily or on Mynintendonews
        *Wii U has no analog controls……..”it’s fine”
        *Wii U lacks the horsepower to run future games even though Reggie lies Aime promised the opposite……..”it’s fine”
        *Wii U has almost no games until ONE YEAR AFTER ITS LAUNCH………”it’s fine”
        *Wii U has an unfinished operating system for almost 6 months…….”it’s fine”
        *Wii U still has an incomplete online service………..”it’s fine”

        1. Oh shut the fuck up !
          Which troll in disguise are you ?

          I try to be constructive when it comes to Wiiu and I’ve repeatedly expressed negativity towards various aspects of the Wiiu.

          You’re just putting words into my mouth you little fart.
          Most of the points you brought up are completely absurd considering i’ve said the OS was too slow many a time (even said the Wiiu shouldn’t of launched so early because it was that bad)

          I’ve said the lack of online in games such as NSMBU and Nintendo land is ridiculous plenty of times.

          In regards to Wiiu’s power i’ve only ever said it’s more capable than PS3 and 360 which the trolls didn’t seem to think it was

          Wiiu has almost no games ? that’s just bullshit , maybe no games that you like. But i’ve played a wide variety on My wiiu already , so stfu.

            1. I love the fact that your name has the Word Ass in it spelt with two Z’s , becuase you are the very definition of an Ass.

              Nintendo is responsible for some (most , let’s face it) of the best games ever made , so why is it so surprising that I would say something like that?

              It’s not , you’re just a confrontational little shit.

              1. That was the Nintendo of the past. How much of your “highest rated games ever” are games from the old Nintendo and how much of them are from the shell-of-former-self Nintendo?

                1. Listen , i’m tired and bored now. You people stop trying to put me on the spot about Nintendo lol.

                  I fucking love Nintendo today as much as ever . deal with it. Nintendo is a shell ? the 3DS is one of the best things they’ve ever done and is putting out amazing game after amazing game. Wiiu will follow suit.

                2. Mario Galaxy and Mario Galaxy 2, are 2 ot the three best rated games EVER, and i think thats frome the “shell” era of Nintendo, haha, also, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Brawl, Xenoblade Chronicles, so… i don’t know what are you talking about s:

            2. Funny how the activision fanboy who is worried his favorite company will run out of buisness is calling us desperate, were only playing games we enjoy, why would we care what you say?

          1. You’re immediate anger is further proving yoir fanboy live. I remember you saying negative things about the Wii U but you did more damage control than the other two hardcore Nintendo dickriders named Nintemdo commander and N Dub Nation. Also in the “lacks horsepower” example I obviously talked about the Playstation 4 because if the Wii U is supposed to e a next generation console there’s no need to compare it to the older systems. Right now it’s clear that the modified embedded graphics processor in the Wii U is very well inferior to the PS4’s HD7850+ (+ because it has 2 compute units more).

            I am NOT a troll because Mario 3D land’s conteols were sluggish….or maybe IT WAS THE 3DS’ LACK OF A PROPER ANALOG STICK. Also all points I brought up are validand true FACTS.

            1. What ever… listen , I’m a Nintendo fan and Multiplatform gamer with a PC.

              PS4 and Xbox one is considerably more powerfull than Wiiu , never said they were not. I only ever said the the ridiculous trolls claiming Wiiu is not even as capable as current gen machines that they idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about.

              I have my PS4 pre ordered for day 1 and I cannot wait for it. I also cannot wait for the likes of Pikmin 3 , W101 and even Super Mario 3D world…

              1. If you like it fine but I am pissed to get a system where the only playable game is “Wait until… 2 HD”
                Wii U is failing at all of its purposes. It’s not strong enough to handle future PC/PS4 ports without gimping them, it lacks 3rd party support and it has bigger droughts than both Wii and Gamecube.

                If I’d be Nintendo tyen I’d actually care about my console’s image and I would do something against my system’s role as less important secondary console.

                1. They did kind of mess up the first 6 months. They thought Nintendo Land and NSMBU were bigger and better than they were. And the big games we were waiting for like Rayman , Pikmin , Aliens were delayed or in Aliens case , Awful and canceled…

                  Don’t worry though , I think from here on out , after Pikmin 3 arrives (The first AAA Nintendo exclusive) things will get progressively better and better , if they don’t then I will start to worry.

                  1. Why did they even release it then. It’s slowly getting 360 like launch conditions which is a reason be worried!

                    1. I said in december 2012 when giving my opinions of the Wiiu that I felt like they shouldn’t of released it right away , even though I was having tons of fun with it and could easily see the potential.

                      That’s what pissed me off when people say I’m always Damaging controlling lol. Sure I do point out more positive things about Nintendo , but I have gone as far as saying they shouldn’t even of launched the Wiiu when they did and similar things.

                    2. @stonework- Oh my stfu already! Youre such a whiney lil bitch! You must drive youre parents insane child! I feel bad for them.

        2. mario 3d land was not a mediocre game, it was full of content some of which included a hard mode. however, super mario 3d world on wii U feels like an upgrade, and an upgrade is not going to save the wii u. look at new super mario bros U, did it give the wii U 10 million sales, 15, 20? it didn’t even help it get 5 million.

        3. Look at you, raging like a little 9 year old on a company you don’t like, go back to your First Person Shooters where you belong. But there is one thing I’ll credit you for, Nintendo shouldn’t of made the Wii U, they should of just made more powerful games for the Wii, honestly, this is Nintendo’s 7th console and there behind PS3’s third and Xbox’s 2nd. I worry about Nintendo’s future.

      2. I didnt play mcuh of 3d land but I really felt it had sluggish controls hopefully it’ll be better on wii u

          1. Mario sunshine ran at 30fps too but it controlled much better than 64 and as good as Galaxy……BUT MAYBE BECAUSE IT HAD NO UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT-4 WAY DIAGONAL CONTROLS………

            1. What i remember Sunshine had awful camera and that made jumps to small platforms hard as hell. I really enjoyed the smooth and accurate jumping from enemy to enemy in 3D Land.

    1. Can someone explain what is wrong with 8 way running directions? Also, what is wrong with a “run button?” Doesn’t 8 way cover all directions and isnt a run button better so you don’t walk slowly around all the time? 💋

  3. “It’s already clear that Super Mario 3D World is taking quite a bit of inspiration from the fantastic Super Mario 3D Land…”

    Sorry? Was Super Mario 3D Land fantastic? You must be kidding, Sickr.

    1. I absolutely loved 3D land, definitely one of the best releases on the 3DS so far and by far the best handheld Mario Game (after Mario Land on the Game Boy), not to mention that the additional levels once you beat the game were a fantastic surprise and some were rather challenging. Yep, Loved it.

      1. The fact you loved it doesn’t make that game “fantastic”. “Fantastic” should be an adjective reserved for titles like Zelda ALTTP, OoT, Super Mario World, Metroid Prime, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, DKCR – talking about Ninty IPs. But never, ever, for Super Mario 3D Land.

        1. The fact that 9 million people have bought it and it has a metacritic of 90/100 means its fantastic. Nuff said.

          It’s the ultimate portable 3D mario game with masterfull stereoscopic 3D. Only problem is it’s to easy for the first half and too difficult for the last few levels lol..

          1. Any Mario game will sell well on any Nintendo platform.

            Nuff said.

            Actually, that’s why Ninty has been putting so little effort to improve Mario games.

            See what Ubi did with Rayman. Even Sega has been doing better with Sonic.

            Finally, I am one of those 9 million people who have purchased SM 3D Land, but definitely I am not satisfied with that freaking joke game.

            1. Rayman? Ha! Rayman origins was a terrible game and so will Legends, just an overrated piece of garbage. Don’t even compare it to Super Mario 3D Land, a MUCH better game.

              1. “God of War? Ha! God of War 3 was a terrible game and so was Ascension, just an overrated piece of garbage. Don’t even compare it to Mario Party 9, a MUCH better game”

            2. 3D land was an amazing Mario game. Especially within the limitations of the 3DS.

              Nuff said.

              1. You, Sir, you’re also kidding so hard.

                3DS limitations? What are you talking about? You’re the very first here in this blog to say “__________ is, by far, the best software/hardware ever made by Nintendo!”.

                1. Stop twisting words you prick.

                  I’ve said the 3DS is shaping up to be favorite Handheld by Nintendo , I remember saying that.
                  And best software by Nintendo ? Metroid Prime and Ocarina of time.

                  3D land is an amazing 3DS game , one which you’re in no position to talk about , because you don’t have it , Meg.

                  1. Got peeved, sir?

                    Go for your tea with milk alongside Tunnock’s cakes.

                    But before that, try to read again what I said at 8:36 pm.

                    1. I’m actually drinking Stella Artois (5% Lager) . Your demented view of English people is way off….

                    2. Demented? You’re pushing all too far, Nintedward.

                      You don’t even know where I am from.

                      That being said, a blend of tea and milk alongside Tunnock’s cakes is a piece of heaven for me.

                  2. God damn, you are obnoxious.

                    You call nearly every Nintendo game you play “one of the best games ever created” or a “masterpiece”. Nobody should take your opinion seriously.

                    1. Quote me on saying that then if you can , bellend.

                      I’ve probably said it a millions times in regards to the likes of : Mario Galaxy , Skyward sword , Ocarina , Metroid prime , etc etc. Because they are Masterpieces and some of the best games ever created you tit.

                1. Honestly, I wanted to give it a chance when it’s launch day. However based on the news so far I think I will pass.

                  Another thing, yeah I agree this game shouldn’t be on the Wii U. Like I said in a previous post 3D land was made specifically made for the 3DS, not Wii U. The level design was made perfectly for a portable handheld.

                  I hope they will reveal something about the 3D world that will make it a day one purchase for me.

                  If Nintendo had made this game for the 3DS, it would’ve been a different story.

                  1. I thought like you at first Anubis but actually playing the game made me fall in love with the game. Everyone who played it had a blast. It’s a great single player experience as well as a great first step into implementing multiplayer co-op in a 3D platformer. I HIGHLY recommend checking it out.

                    1. I still have faith in this game. Although from the looks of it, it didn’t surprise me (maybe because I was expecting it). Either way I’m going to get it.

                      P.S: I am interested on how this game will play on the Wii U

                      Thanks for the recommendation :)

                    2. Come to think of it, I still don’t know about 3D world. This was the only game I was disappointed in. We’ll just have to see what’s in store in the future.

                    3. You were disappointed because you expected a game on the same scale as or even bigger than Super Mario Galaxy. Most people did.

                2. I don’t know man. I was skeptical at first but playing the game at the Best Buy event made me a believer in the game. I think it has potential to be the ultimate Mario game if they change their mind about online co-op and add Yoshi as a ride.

  4. That’s kind of disappointing. The somewhat clunky controls of 3D land detracted from the experience a bit imo, and that will most likely be the case for this game…

    1. It means you can only move up, down, left, right, up-left, up-right, down-left, down-right, but no where in between. It provides for less desired movement and even more linear gameplay.

  5. Why do I feel that this is actually NOT what Tokyo EAD is focusing on right now? I feel like they are pumping this out quickly so that they can make a true successor to Galaxy. This feel like a 5 star appetizer, not a 5 star main course.

    1. This game should use the wiipad pro controller and knuchuk with wiimote not a nes sidesways wiimote

          1. The game will work better with this settings. I though the same thing about the 3ds version and it is better for world that are like 2d designed.

  6. and nintendo expect me to pay good money for this, even at half price, I’d still feel robbed.

    1. You can only go North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest direction. Pretty much you are limited to 45 degree differences out of 360 degree. Some games let you move like any degree out of 360 degree. Like going 30 degree instead of 45 degree.

        1. I would not know if there will be changes. You have to ask the developers. 8 ways movements may or may not affect the game as much compared to 360 movement.

          1. Having less directions to move helps you aim longer jumps for smaller platforms or enemies when stages are consructed for those controls.

    2. 1. Up
      2. Down
      3. Left
      4. Right
      5. Up-left
      6. Up-right
      7. Down-left
      8. Down-right
      And no where in between.
      EIGHT WAY. EIGHT. Not that hard of a concept.

    3. Its kind of like a compass. The 4 directions (N,S,E,W) and the in-bewteen (?) directions (like Southwest and Northeast) are the only directions for movement, unlike controlling Mario in the Galaxy games where you can precisely move however you want… its an unnecessary downgrade.

  7. gameplay seems fine from all the footage I’ve seen. retards will complain, but in the end it’s not going to be a game breaker or hinder the experience whatsoever.

    1. I don’t know if you are serious or not but look above at my post or search for “Super Gravy” using the “find” feature. (I don’t want to double post.)

      1. ok thanks, why is this a big problem? maybe it’s because I’m not a hardcore gamer that i appreciate most games as they are but wasn’t mario 64/ds like this?

        1. To some gamers it is while to other it is not. To be honest I think we need a sample of both 8-ways and 360 movements of the same game to find out the difference. It may or may not affect the game. I don’t mind the 8-way in Super Mario 3D World assuming this Super Mario 3D World is built upon on Super Mario 3D Land.

          1. i see a lot of different elements in this game (from gameplay) that is similar to both galaxy, world (Chargin’ Chuck is back :) ) and 64 . i think that the stages somewhat reminds me of 3d land but thats it. i do hope that getting lives wont be as easy as Super Mario 3D Land that was a big bummer, it was so hard to die on that game to).

            1. I play both easy and hard games. Most people tend to forget that games are meant for fun (and business). As long this game is fun for me then it is my purchase is worth it. Making the game hard or easy may or may not make the game fun.

              1. True, a good game will always be a good game. i just wished that that it wouldn’t be so easy to get so many lives i mean just losing 10 lives is hard in that game.

  8. Nintendo… that’s lazy. I hope you don’t think any low quality port of a beloved (not by me, but its still good) IP will sell just cuz its Mario. If you start cutting corners with your iconic characters, people will notice. New Super Mario Bros is cheap enough, don’t go making all Mario games shallow. :/

    1. You know there’s no point in telling them that, let them continue selling mario in that way, sooner or later it will be there undoing

    1. I mean come oooooon, Galaxy’s gameplay and control were flawless.

      Why not just make a fucking NES game? Fuck sake, Nintendo.

      1. Chill. It seems silly , but nobody will notice it. Try 3D land , it controlls perfectly fine.

        1. It’s jus annoying looking at Galaxy and thinking “they made that on the Wii…and best the came up with for WiiU is a 3DS game”

          1. That was my initial reaction , but i’m prepared to give them a chance. It needs to have more than twice as big levels as 3D land to stand any chance of being an amazing game.

            Yeah , Mario Kart 8 looks beyond my wildest dreams of Mario Kart whilst 3D mario looks like a step backwards. Would of prefered that to be the other way round…

            But oh well. I’m sure once we play it we will like it.

            1. Wow you are a drone.

              Anytime Nintendo makes a mistake, you damage control by saying “Oh I’m sure it will be okay!”.

              Fanboys like you are the reason Nintendo has been so mediocre for the last decade.

              1. What the fuck are you talking about ? did my comment suggest that I am excited for this game or I think it’s going to be awesome ? no , read it again . Here’s a quote ”whilst 3D mario looks like a step backwards.”

                Exactly. God dammit I don’t know why I bother replying to trolls and people like you , Adar Asshole on this site.

                There’s about 13 interesting, clever Nintendo fans on this site at best , lol/

                1. You need some to learn some respect, kid.

                  Seriously “Adar Asshole” is that the best you can think of?

                  Every time there is negative news about Nintendo I see you hopping around damge controlling like a programmed robot.

                  1. No you don’t.

                    Well , I am a hardcore Nintendo fan so as opposed to say, a Nintendo hater my opinions towards Nintendo may seem too positive for your liking. Guess what ? I dont care….

                    Nintendo is far from perfect and I quite often pick out problems with them. But Nintendo has always been my favorite game company as far back as I can remember and I doubt that will change , especially when you look at things like what Microsoft is doing with the Xbox one. Pathetic….

      2. Yeah, there’s no excuse for this. That combined with the fact that almost every other game looked (graphically) better, and there’s no reason to buy this lackluster turd.
        (^Wow. Strong opinions today lol)

  9. in 3d land for 3ds was the same but anyone argue about that so!?
    the important thing is the game is fun, no matter what!

  10. Nintendo you piece of shit, you are full of lies and properganda!

    You make poor children wait fucking years for a game. And what the fuck do you expect them to do in the mean time? 2014 this, 2015 that. Get your fucking act together. Your company has had some good times in the past. but you remain in the past, dead and buried. I spit on your grave. Stop selling the Wii excUse!

    Iwata, you let us down man, I got more shit out of my N64’s ass then this sorry excUse for a game console. If you fucking wanted a 3D mario game on a console, then buy a 3D TV, shove it up your ass, and shit out a proper 3D mario game.

    1. Many of the games announced fox Xbox One and PS4 are coming out next year. Wii U has a lot more first party content coming out this year than the other consoles. The game I’m looking forward to the most on PS4 will probably not even make it for a 2014 release: Kingdom Hearts 3! :(

      1. I feel sorry for you man/lady! I really do, 2015 sucks ass!

        It will be worth the wait :)

      2. Ye but what you fail to realize is that the PS4 and XBONE when released later this year will have been on the market what? a month or two for this year, and still they are going to have allot of games at launch, where as the wii u has been out a hell of a lot longer then the aforementioned consoles, and it doesn’t matter how you sugar coat it, there has not been enough software released since launch, that is fact, sorry but i can pretty much guarantee that the PS4 will have more exclusives by the end of its first year compared to wii u, and so will the xbone, Nintendo has been lazy, and now to just fill the release calendar up they are releasing rehashed cheap lazy 2d cash cows!

        we should have been given a proper 3d mario, ala galaxies or mario 64, not this, anyone with a braincell can see that this is just a 3ds sequel ported onto wii u with higher res graphics, and throw away multi player which is not even online, its only local LMAO!
        God i hate the nintendrones, its because of them that Nintendo has become so lazy, and is just milking it, where are the revolutionary games we all so loved?
        skyward sword without the motion control’s, was garbage and lazy, the dungeon recycling was terrible, also the over world was one poxy little island surrounded by clouds, and tiny dots where you could fly to, and then you could drop down to the different zones.

        LOL it was lazy, the over world was NOTHING compared to ocarina of time, or twilight princes, or a link to the pass!! Nintendo has don’t nothing significant since skyward sword released, in 2011, that was ages ago, WTF have they been doing since? WAKE THE HELL UP! DEMAND MORE YOU SHEEPLE! we all know how great Nintendo once were, lets push them to that level once more, for the love of god!!!!!!!!

  11. Still looking very forward to this, and I do think this game will be very difficult as the levels progress, plus the multiplayer will force my friends and I to have a great time, but this is disappointing news. They’ll make a Mario “star collecting” game before the wii u expires I hope, the thing is, you can’t do multiplayer for a game like 64 or galaxy, the camera doesn’t allow it to really work, this is the only way.

  12. Ok let’s begin with my expectation. The next Mario or Zelda should have motion capture actors. (cough) zelda… Blood and guts. Lets bash a koopa shell and see some koopa meat on the highway!! Strip a Stalfo of a rib and drive into the chest cavity of a Moblin. Make a M rated Zelda and let the plumber boys stick a few boots where they shit from! Fuck the childhood memories… Hardcore Nintendo

    1. I think very few Nintendo gamers want this lol If they want to create M-rated games, it should be new IP, not Mario and Zelda which have established histories and reputations.

      1. It would rock the game world. I have been with Nintendo for 30+ years. I know all about Nintendo and games like Mad World. Show the world what a legendary bad motherfucker Link has become. Join the Dark side!

  13. Not a bad thing for a game like this, makes control easier so you don’t miss fireballs so often etc

    1. That is the things nobody really know what works until we try both control methods. I think the developers (I talking about all developers not just this game) in generally have a very good idea. Perhaps it is a good idea to put in 8-ways instead of 360 movements for this game. I guess it is really is depend on the game.

  14. there will be another 3d mario just watch. a true 3d mario game like 64. this is just a sales boost game and focus on multiplayer so it draws in the average family.

  15. I would prefer 360º movement, but I don’t think that 8-way movement will affect much anyway

  16. If you played the demo of the game, you should realize that full analogue control doesn’t matter for this title. Kelly is right; the way the levels are designed makes the control scheme perfect. It’s an upgrade, a sequel, to Super Mario 3D Land. And like that game, it feels like a nice blend of 2D and 3D Mario. 3D World won’t be like Sunshine or the Galaxy games. Analogue controls aren’t a big deal with this. Controls on par with your standard 2D Mario work best here.

  17. Four-way, Eight-way, Sixteen-way. WHATEVER. I just hope this game is super fun, and not too much on the easy side like Super Mario 3D Land was.

  18. gotta say i’m pretty disappointed with how the 3D mario turned out so far…
    was expecting a full fledged 3D title like mario galaxy and not just new super mario bros in 3rd dimension
    the control scheme makes it all the more obvious that this is really not much more than a ported 3DS game.. i really hope they’ve got another mario title in the works

    1. Same here. I’m tired of expecting hardcore experiences, and getting games that are just….meh.

  19. People need to realize that 3D platformers overall suffer from a depth perception issue that can lead to more failed jumps than intended. This game may be 3D but you dont have all that full control of the view nor much freedom to explore or anything, specially with 4 players moving with you. So what seems like a limitation seems to me like it will help to control with more precision.

    1. never had any issues with depth perception in mario galaxy
      nintendo are pretty skilled at circumventing that issue

  20. Super Mario 3D Land has 16 way movement, not 8… and as someone who played 3D world, it is not locked to 8, it is locked to 16, like 3D Land…

  21. Can we stop calling this a remake? learn the difference between remake, port, and sequel. This, is a sequel… i played this at the best buy event and it was incredibly smooth, fun and the controls were great.

    1. I going port this game “Super Mario 3D Land” to the Wii U. I going remake it and change some things. Whoa, this doesn’t look like “Super Mario 3D Land” and what happens there? Okay guys, let call this game “Super Mario 3D World” since it look so similar to “Super Mario 3D Land.”

      Sir! This game doesn’t look like “Super Mario 3D Land” and it is completely different game.

      Hey! You are right! This is a sequel to “Super Mario 3D Land” and I think it is a job well done!

  22. You people talk too much. Wait for it, play, then talk, and in the meantime, get a life instead of growing your anger on a Nintendo site.

    When was the last time Nintendo games disappointed me? Let me check…never

    1. I am sure a lot of people disagree with you. Last time I was disappointed with the Nintendo game is Paper Mario Sticker Star.

      1. Didn’t play that one. Anyway, play the game first, give the guys some credit. All you guys do is speculate and speculate…I was skeptical with NintendoLand and it’s great

        1. I agree that you should play the game before you can say anything. But I hate to tell you but I did have Paper Mario Sticker Star and play it too. I just didn’t like that game at all.

          1. They surely did bad things, I don’t know them. I think we should be patient and positive, ‘cos we’re not getting a lot of it lately

      1. He found my comment in icyrithm channel and has been stalking me in YouTube I had to block almost everything.

  23. Even on the 3DS the movement IS NOT locked to just 8 directions! There are at least 24 movement directions!

  24. I really didn’t care for Mario 3D land. It sucks that this game doesn’t have analogue movement. But please, PLEASE tell me you don’t have to press a button down to run. That’s one of the things that downright broke 3D Land for me. It’s ok for a 2D game without an analogue stick, but horrendously frustrating for a 3D game.




  26. I played the demo at best buy and I had a blast. I was skeptical at first as I also wanted a galaxy like experience but they gave us this. I changed my mind, multiplayer is really fun. Plus, Nintendo is guiding Sega with Sonic Lost Worlds which seems that it took inspiration from galaxy so their decision to sell these during holidays is a better idea. Enjoy this Mario 3d and Sonic lost world (for your galxy fix) when it comes out and let’s wait and hope for a Mario 3D that will blow our minds sooner than later…

  27. I have no idea what “8 way movement” is, but this game looks really fun! I can’t wait to play as Peach for like the first time in a 3D Mario game!!! 💋

    1. you can move 45 degrees instead of 360


  28. Alright, this is fine. I wouldn’t go making a big deal out of this. Seriously, this is… this isn’t really anything to get up in a tizzy about.

  29. Wow, what a headline. Whoopide DOO DA! Seriously, people. No one is gonna give a peanut about this after 1-2 weeks. V-V

    Now if you excuse me, I’ll be getting back to saving money for the game flood.

  30. I did get to go to the Best Buy Nintendo event and I got to say it made me a believer in Nintendo again. I can confirm that multiplayer works well in Super Mario 3D World so far and the game looks amazing. I also can confirm the fire flower, tanooki suit, frog suit, and cat suit as power-ups. The only thing that could use some tweaking was the controls on the Gamepad but I’m sure that it will be perfected in time. Mario Kart 8 was amazing and the graphics blew me away. I don’t know why it’s taking until Spring 2014 to release because that game was one of the most crisp games there. Donkey Kong Country Returns Tropical Freeze was amazing and playing it really helped relieve of the burden that it wasn’t a new core IP. The game is a ton of fun to play and looks beautiful. Wind Waker HD looked great and was a lot of fun to play. I’ll definitely buy Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country Returns Tropical Freeze, and Mario Kart 8 day one.

  31. So Mario Land has 12-way movement and this game has 8-way movement.. Wow!
    Not only that but I even think that 3D World won’t have level designs that makes the camera turn like how some levels in 3D Land was designed for different camera movements like 3-1. If we won’t get that at least, then I’m very disappointed. :/

  32. Eh… Everyone likes to hate on the new entry of everything until it is replaced by the next. After that they tend to magically adore what used to be hated. Same old internet whining about nothing.

  33. What’s the point of even having an analog stick if it doesn’t have any purpose? Jeez, if they’re not even paying attention to the fucking analog stick, I doubt they’ll even mess with the gamepad’s screen.

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