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Producer Of Super Mario 3D Land May Be Announcing A New Game Soon


Koichi Hayashida and Yoshiaki Koizumi have told Spanish publication El Pais that they can’t disclose their next project, but they should make an announcement soon. Koichi Hayashida said that the team is currently wrapped up in Super Mario 3D World and was asked whether or not they were planning to release downloadable content for the forthcoming Wii U game. Hayashida said quite clearly that it’s not something they are looking to do at the moment. Here’s what they both had to say.

Q. Some believe that the downloadable content is back to pay for something, is this title, as the current Wii U, will have this option?

KH. For now we have no plans in that direction.

Q. What is your next job?

KH: At the moment, Super Mario 3D World, 100%.

YK: I can not disclose now, but soon we will make an announcement.

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    1. It helps others to follow your train of thought, if you write in complete and coherent sentences. And since Super Mario 3D “World” has not come out yet… you rpoint is moot.


      1. lol moot, this game is moot. You fanboys will take anything nintendon’t shoves down your throat even a ported 3ds game.


      2. Really? I’m not joining your little troll game. I play “games” for fun and give less than two shits about what the game looks like. Go somewhere else to troll. If you don’t like the games or aren’t interested, then don’t buy them, but it is juvenile and arrogant for you to come here to a Nintendo based site and berate people for their gaming choices. So, run along and suckle on your mommies titties about how nobody cares what you think, because I have a good feeling those are the only tities you will ever get to touch!


      3. Why are you wasting your time a site devoted to a company you obviously hate? What’s the reasoning behind that?


      4. land and world 2 different words YOUR AS U HAVE BEEN TOLD POINT IS MOOT




      5. If this game is anything like 3D Land, it’s going to be a blast. You probably never even played it, hahah. Or are there just not enough quicktime events for you? :(((((((

        Some people swear like this is the last Mario game Nintendo is bringing to the wii u… The console isn’t even a year old


    1. Ignoring that Halo is on it’s 6 franchise. When will it be really different. After all Galaxy is more different than SM64 than Halo 3 and 5.


      1. These drone Bumbs talkin shit about Mario is funny as hell… obviously Mario strikes quite the nerve with you drones LOL. Why is that? Because you kids are trying to emulate the “Hardcore Gamer” Stereotype. Youre nothing but soft asses playing Casual shit lol lol. Oh youre real bad asses lol. Do you guys say no to candy also? Or the Circus, or the Zoo? Library? LMAO you all are not HC you represent the exact opposite, you are not HC you are nothing but the Softest of the soft, unable to be a true gamer, you troll obsessively your fellow gamers for their different preferances.

        This is bullshit lol. Why cant yall grow up? Fucking Scum ass coward internet tough guys trolling fucking Nintendo lol. Do you all go trolling the Retro gaming console’s fans because they prefer the era of Bits to the new ways? You aint over there telling them its 2013? Then why do you care so much about Nintendo? You see to the trained eye, you are exposed naked and pittiful as fuck lol. Its painfully obvious what you troll’s problem is… and here it is- You fucking love Nintendo, but you mind raped little terd snots feel uncomfortable playing something that is not a FPS or 3PS. Sad little Tumor Babies.

        Nintendo represents Gaming as awhole, and always have, and always will. They are a Game company unlike these other hateful wannabes who dared cross the Big N. You drones will have to continue dealing with Nintendo’s existance and dominance in their respective Market. Deal with it you will lol. One day if you ever grow up, or miraculously avoid giving your parents a heart attack with all your bitching and whining. Get a life already.


  1. I figure we will get another Nintendo Direct in the next Month or so to announce and show other games that weren’t ready to be shown at E3. Hopefully a Metroid reveal that we can all get behind. That will move consoles!


    1. NOOOOO!!!!!!!! If a new Metroid is announced right now it would mean Retro isn’t making it and that is something I don’t want happening. Cause if Retro isn’t making, it can only mean “he who must not be named” is making it.


      1. ?

        You want Retro to make it? They’re obviously not making one right now if they’re focusing on Donkey Kong Country, and have already stated they don’t work on several major projects at once.


      2. I know they’re not doing more than one major project at a time. Which is why I said I don’t want a new Metroid announced now, because it would mean Retro isn’t doing it.


      3. I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing Nintendo EAD finally make a Metroid game by themselves. They haven’t done that since Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion I believe.


    1. They already announced Mario party 3ds, they’re is already Mario tennis and golf, there is already Super mario 3d world,
      Hoping for a Galaxy, Sunshine


      1. Hell yeah this needs online too. I would’nt mind if Nintendo delayed it to 2014 just to get that. Its “Wii” right?


    1. This is Nintendo we’re talking about. The only games that require online multiplayer according to Nintendo’s radar is Smash Bros and Mario Kart.


  2. I guess Nintendo read all the feedback and decided to put EAD Tokyo Studio to work know the next Mario Galaxy game since all major public news sites like IGN, Nintendo life, Nintendo World Report, Nintendo Magazine UK, have asked them and told them that fans expected an experience like the Galaxy series and the 64 game. They decided that they should start work on a new Mario game to please fans, but I won’t expect this game to come out until 2015/16 since Mario Galaxy 2 started development only 2 months after #1 and lasted 3 years. I hope my predictions are true.


  3. Could this mean two teams were making two different 3D Mario games for Wii U?!?!?!?! I SURE FUCKING HOPE SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Donkey Kong and Rayman would be enough to hold me over platforming wise until the REAL 3D Mario I was expecting comes.


  4. I don’t get it. Pikmin 3 really needs online. Really good Pikmin players aren’t around every corner! And if Nintendo is going to make their first 4 player 3D Mario, it also needed online. If they make another Mario Sports title(s) online HELLO!! I don’t get that!! I can’t even play every Nintendo Land game. NSMBU would have sold better if it had online.


  5. I’m already dissapointed with this anouncement, sounds like they are going to roll another game out just to please people. everyone will love it, but it will be another cheaply made cash in :(


    1. Super mario galaxy 3d it makes a ton of sends and I have some stuff to back up my argument
      1.if you remember they made a donkey Kong course for MK 7, but now this year, dk returns is on 3ds, I think the course, rosalinas ice world is a hint galaxy is coming.
      2. Nintendo promised a full 3d mario for 3ds we still haven’t got that.
      3. There’s no big game for 2014 on the 3ds, since zelda and pokemon are this year mario galaxy 3ds and hopfully majoras masks will come next year .


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