Japanese Top Five Consists Of Nintendo 3DS Games

donkey kong country returns 3ds

This week’s Media Create software and hardware figures are in from Japan. It looks as though the Nintendo 3DS has had yet another good week as the entire top five consists of Nintendo 3DS games. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is the best-selling game this week closely followed by Tomodachi Collection: New Life. The Nintendo 3DS continues to sell well in Japan, but unfortunately Wii U sales are down again. Here’s the Japanese software and hardware charts.

  1. [3DS] Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
  2. [3DS] Tomodachi Collection: New Life
  3. [3DS] Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter: Albatross no Tsubasa
  4. [3DS] Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
  5. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  6. [PS3] Resident Evil: Revelations
  7. [3DS] Shin Megami Tensei IV
  8. [PS3] Terraria
  9. [PS3] Kamen Rider: Battride War
  10. [3DS] Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission
  1. Nintendo 3DS XL – 29,533 (27,172)
  2. Nintendo 3DS – 17,602 (12,700)
  3. PlayStation 3 – 10,872 (10,394)
  4. PlayStation Vita – 10,664 (9,733)
  5. Wii U – 5,983 (6,330)
  6. PSP – 5,651 (5,076)
  7. Wii – 1,461 (1,060)
  8. Xbox 360 – 397 (432)


  1. Nintendo needs new ips to get more wider audience somethin edgy and tough for older players they are makin games for everyone right? who am i kiddin im too tired for this shit i want Dreamcast2 to come true. FUCK YOU ALL!

      1. Its not made made by Nintendo, so technically no. But don’t worry, 2014 will be a good year for Nintendo.

        1. And when it isnt Iwata just says “im sorry, i hope you understand, its my fault” etc. Man SEGA needs to make new console to show how its done.

        2. By that logic, sony’s never “made” anything, man. 101 is as exclusive and proprietary yo nintendo as zelda. No, its not fully home grown, but its a nintendo owned game in every way that matters.

          1. No it’s not, if platinum wants to they could put W101 in other platforms. Nintendo doesn’t own it at all

            1. Yes they do. They paid for it. Platinium games absolutely cannot put The Wonderful 101 or Bayonetta 2 on other platforms unless Nintendo allows them to, which obviously they won’t.

          2. And what do mean Sony never made anything? Almost all of sony’s ips are made by Sony’s 1st party studios

  2. The 3DS will be the beacon of success…

    The Wi U will also have a decent future…

    You don’t really think that our Empire only have the games shown at E3 do you?…

    More new games will be announced later this year…

    1. I dont give a shit about how successful consoles they are and yes there are good games comin like x,bayonetta2,sonic lost world etc. but they need more, they need to get rid of that casual label they have, they need more edgy and tough content not the same “its happy day sun is shinin” Nintendo needs to show some balls and not just sit back and be like “we dont compete we are friends its our fault” etc. FUCK YOU i want SEGA to comeback with new console and put your kinds back to their cages.

  3. Love lego. I’m so happy they found so much success with the gaming industry. They have now took one step further and made a movie. Lego City is great and everyone loves them. I remember back in kindergarden that was the only thing kids wanted to play with during playtime, and we got really upset when our teacher would put them away whenever we misbehaved. Pretty strict punishing I would have rather been spanked then have my toys taken away. lol

  4. The 3DS is a nintendo console. The 3DS is selling millions in hardware and software combined. The Wii U is selling in all regions, unlike the 360 that mostly until now dominated the US. Meaning nintendo is really not hurting. Come August nintendo shall be swimming in more money. Need I explain and point out that Donkey Kong 3D 3DS is on top :). A Donkey Kong Wii U is coming too :).

  5. I’m so excited for Tropical Freeze! So cool to see that DKC isn’t a western-only thing like hipsters make it out to be.

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