Sakurai Says He Is Still In A Lot Of Pain


Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of both Kirby and the Smash Bros series, has revealed that he is still suffering an immense amount of pain from his right arm and hand. Sakurai told Kotaku that he still can’t use a mouse at this moment in time and is relying on using a trackball. Sakurai says due to his workload with the next Smash Bros game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, it has become a really critical issue. But, he says that he is still 100 percent committed to finishing the next Smash Bros which is due for release next year.

“The reality, and very unfortunate reality of the situation is that it’s still a considerable problem. I’m in a lot of pain. I’m in a position where I can’t use the mouse at this point, so I’m using the trackball, and as the creative director behind an action game, that’s a real critical issue, unfortunately. But still, all things being said, I’m still 100% committed to the creation of Smash Bros.”


      1. Indeed. It’s sad how some people complain to him, yet he puts so much work and love to his games.

    1. #YoucandoitSakurai

      show your love and leave him an encouraging message. he reads the hastag everyday on Twitter.

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  1. Awww man… this explains why he is eager to cut certain characters , because he doesn’t want to test so many. Heroic effort. let’s hope it’s the best SSB yet

  2. Take care, don’t feel bad to take a small break once in a while. If nessesary, prospone the release date for a few weeks or mabye a (few) month(s).

    1. I agree. I think he feels as if he must work on the game, because of how naggy some fans can be. We wish you the best Sakurai. *Salute*

      1. Partially, but Sakurai is like Miyamoto, a workaholic perfectionist. They just dont like having time off they are driven by passion. If they have an hour lunchbreak they will still work. They love what they do. Its kinda like how if I get carpal tunnel syndrome and my wrist is sore, I still game, I suck it up, and be like whatever it’ll go away eventually lol.

        1. Haha that’s true. I remember one time I sprained my wrist. It didn’t stop me from playing Mojara’s Mask, despite how it hurt to do so.

  3. Sakurai, for the love of god, You can take time with the game but rest first! You must take care of yourself above all things. I can wait for Smash bros as long as needed.

  4. He can take as long as he wants in Smash Bros. I can wait until 2015 if i have too.

  5. I would much rather have the game in 2015 than know Sakurai is in a lot of pain because of the development.

  6. I think he should put the game on hold and take time to recover from this massive amount of pain.
    It would be awful if he caused permanent damage to his hands because he was making a video game.

  7. is he wearing a brace? that helps my hand when it hurts, or did something happen that i dont know of? anyways, i hope he heals, i have having game making downtime

  8. is he wearing a brace? that helps my hand when it hurts, or did something happen that i dont know of? anyways, i hope he heals, i hate having game making downtime

  9. Who thinks that we should wait longer so Sakurai can recover a bit and his team have more time with the game?

    1. Nintendo would never let that happen. They want the game ASSP! I bet if Sakurai asks for time off they would simply replace him. Which is why he continues on with the pain :( 💋

  10. Poor baby :( Do your best, hun. We know you’ll make us proud with the best SSB game yet! 💋

  11. I wouldn’t mind if Sakurai delayed the game in favor of him getting better. Get well soon Mr. Sakurai, delay the game if you have to.

    1. yep i bet all the investors would agree with you…….this business is about money ..and the wiiu isn’t making any..

      There will be no delay if nintendo can help it. and the idea of delaying this on purpose is ludicrous.

      1. Yes it may be true that it’s about money, but it’s not worth it if it costs you your health.

  12. I will no matter what, be satisfied with the game.
    No matter how bad the outcome is.
    I don’t think it will even be bad at all just seeing the gameplay for it.

  13. I wonder if this will affect the game in any way. Think about it, if you had to make a game and your hand was in such immense pain. Would you focus on a game, or on your hand that is in massive pain? Hopefully though this won’t affect the game too much, as it’d be very tragic.

  14. I almost would prefer that someone else work on the next smash bros. games in the future. Apparently for Sakurai, it’s just too hard on him. I appreciate his hard work and great games he produces but I don’t want his life to be miserable. Every update we get about him its “Oh, this is so stressful. So stressful that I’m on the verge of death.” or “I’m in a considerable amount of pain. It’s really difficult to do my job.”
    Make this your last Smash game, Sakurai. I adore your work but this is it. No more.

    -A fan who cares about you (but is also tired of constantly hearing how this job is a burden for you…a selfless man wouldn’t put this worry on those that support him and his products)

  15. Quit with the bitching and take a proper break to relax your wanking hand Sakurai! We can wait, what’s another few months?

  16. I bet his injury happened because of the painfully horrible controls of Kid Icarus on 3DS, stupid, horrible control scheme.


  18. First, I’m a huge fan :) Nintendo is like the best gaming company in my opinion. Second, my favorite fran. is Smash Brothers and news had been release that they are going to cut some players off… The Rooster of Smash is a very important detail of the game, lets say everything. Invited characters are one of the most important ones. You already annoucced Mega Man… Sonic should return and Snake if not it could be an assist trophy. Dont cut anyone out and just add. The more characters from different fran. you have, the more fans will come and will even get sells bigger and not fewer because angry fans din’t decide to buy the game because his/her favorite character is not on smash any more.I recommend you to post a different date for the release of the game like on June or July of 2015. The fans will understand the situation of why they change the date and they will agree with it. For example me and some other people I had talk about it will. The total of character in all should be between 55 and 60 including all the characters from other fran. and the 3 newcomers. Another thing is that if not you can reduce some character as they are the same for example: Dr. Mario can be take out and you can make an option to change Mario on his Dr. costume and the same way with Link( Young Link and Toon Link) and Pikachu ( with Pichu) the same thing you kinda did with Wario.If the 3ds cant have too many characters because limitations then the wii u should have more then. Sakurai I hope you take this as an advice as I speak for all fans who daily like I do enjoy games of the Nintendo systems and I hope that everything goes alright and I wish you all a nice day and life. Sakurai hope you think of this :) get better soon please.

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