Former Wii And Wii U Exclusive Dragon Quest X Coming To PC


The latest edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has revealed that the former Wii and Wii U exclusive Dragon Quest X will be coming to Windows-based PC’s. The Dragon Quest X PC Benchmark is available to check out here. You can also sign up for the beta, right here. Square Enix’s latest MMO will be coming to Windows on September 26th.


  1. Am assuming still Japanese only? Well if it sells well hopefully they’ll bother making progress on releasing an english version instead of wasting their time porting a 3 year old game to the console

                1. O_o? If i was going to impersonate you i would at least make an effort and use a proper word press account lol. thats not the way i troll either :/

  2. I think this is an apology game for the people who bough the first version of final fantasy 14.

    1. I have been playing FF XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS3) and it’s pretty decent so far. I was disappointed with the PC version when it first came out, but this one is alright. Kind of reminiscent of White Knight Chronicles.

      Since my PC sucks, I’m going to wait for the PS4 version before I play the full game though.

      Even with all of that, I’m still hoping Dragon Quest X (Wii U) will come West. Would be a nice addition to my Wii U collection.

      1. I bough Wow and the month did not ended when I stoped playing it. Mmo are great but paying monthly forced me to play the game like I was being rushed and I don’t like rushed games.

  3. Well It would be cool if they had said this AFTER bringing it to Western Wii U because it would have increased sells, now , people will just say: I’ll wait for the pc!

    1. I don’t think it would have done any difference. I would still have bough the wiiu version less online hacks for sure.

  4. I don’t think a benchmark is necessary considering the look of the game. Pretty much every somewhat capable PC should be able to handle it.

  5. This is a great move. MMOs are those games that are as I put it, too casual in most regards. They are just bizarre for my taste.

  6. It’s a subscription based Japanese MMO on a console, I could see this coming a mile away (not hating on the quality of the game, the origin or consoles). MMO’s aren’t as big now even the new Star Wars MMO struggled. This shouldn’t have been an MMO in the first place, just to many bad circumstances. I bet Elder Scrolls online will even not meet expectations. I do play Lord of the Rings Online religiously though.

  7. The WiiU version of this came out already?
    How was is it? I’m interested in this game, the bad thing is that -_- you have pay…
    I really want a true Dragon Quest RPG for WiiU with online free mode.

  8. What the heck happen to the Wii U version?? Man Nintendo needs to just make handhelds and 3rd party games…So disappointed with this Wii U crap…

  9. This is actually good for PC gaming in Japan, because IIRC, PC gaming’s in the minority group compared to console gaming (in other words, the majority of gamers there play console games and not PC ones).

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