A Look At Chapter 2 Of A Hat In Time

Jonas, one of the developers of the Banjo Kazooie and Wind Waker inspired A Hat In Time, has posted an early look at the second chapter of the game. The level shown is titled Subcon Forest and gives us an early glimpse at how the game mechanics work as well as the interface. We already heard earlier this week that former Rare composer Grant Kirkhope will be producing a track for the game, which is due for release next year.


    1. I like how it rips off elements of old games because the developers are so unoriginal and depend on GOOD old games to make SHITTY new ones

      1. I like how you have no idea how every game has used similar elements already, basically how you make genres. And think that anything that is similar somehow makes it a “rip off”.

        To make a real rip off, you would have to not only have similar game play, you would need to make it the same story, designs, etc.. All at once. Sort of like that mole kart game.

        1. Yeah going to shovelware? Right after all them shitty ps3 games like Ratchet n clank all 4 1 and sony allstars LMAO… um, shut up =)

                1. Don’t’ support WiiU BuzzShow. His spam is ruining this site. He really is an asshole.

                  1. N-Dub really needs to step back and take a look at what’s he doing to this site. Like you’ve said, he’s worse than any troll. And don’t even get me started on BuzzShow… That man is far beyond anyone’s help.

                    1. He doesn’t even realize Nintendo fans are even getting fed up with his and Buzzshow’s crap. It’s absolutely pathetic that those two are in there 30’s and act like this.

                  2. Exactly. It really is unsettling that grown men can act like such bigoted morons over something as trivial as video games.

                    Anyway… I’ve contacted Sickr about BuzzShow. Hopefully he gets a ban for everyone’s sake.

      1. They reached their specific stretch goal that would let them put it on Wii U. Sounds confirmed to me.

    1. The team is currently working with a publisher to get the game on Wii U although they said the way things are going it will most likely happen so YAY!

    2. Nope, the developers are talking with a publisher, but that’s it. it doesn’t mean anything

  1. THIS NEEDS TO BE FOR WII U. I think Nintendo should aquire them as a second party studio!

    1. Ho there, let’s not jump the gun. Although, I would be excited for the news. I just don’t think they’re established enough yet to make that a very noticeable move. Let them really prove themselves and become a headstrong studio first.

    2. No, they should be acquiring dev teams like platinum games not some random indie studio.

    1. If you have seen any gameplay you would know that this game is no rip off and could easily stand on it’s own without the title of being inspired by N64 platformers. However saying that I’m really exited for that very reason! Also the game is only in early develepmont and it looks absolutely stunning both gameplay wise and in terms of the art style. VERY EXITED!

  2. Finally a game that seems like it fits back in the late 90’s….Colorful Adventure, Unique characters, Not playing it safe, Creative soundtrack….Mos/def a game that i have been asking for since my days with rare…..

    Been gaming since 1979 and I fucking hate Ultra Realistic AAA games

  3. What if it didn’t come to Wii U? Would you buy it for Steam? (Just a question.) I know I would.

    1. no because its a RIP OFFFFFF 0/10 worst game of the year. Money stealing unoriginal cuuuntttsssss

    2. I’d buy it for any system in a heartbeat(not xbox, don’t have one) although they said that the process to bring the game to Wii U is going well. Right now they are trying to get a Wii U dev kit license from a publisher.

      1. I’d buy it for n64/GC but this is fucking 2013 and it’s too late for that now. Stop depending on old franchises. Nobody wants to buy this piece of shit. i wish they would stop using ‘inspired’ as a good thing. They’ve reffered to so many different games on their videos/kickstarter page. NOSTALGIA DOESN’T SELL IT’S PATHETIC. stupid scammers. They’re even using the banjo kazooie logos on their kickstarter page to promote theirselfs

        1. Actually yeah it does. You must not realize the number of fans screaming for a game like this. You have no taste in video games………

          1. i do have taste in video games i like
            Mario Franchises
            Kingdom Hearts
            Call of Duty
            Counter Strike
            Team Fortress 2
            Dark Cloud
            Final Fantasy
            Banjo Kazooie
            Smash Bros
            Animal Crossing
            Wii Sports
            Wii Play
            Several Indie Games
            Little Big Planet
            Assassins Creed
            Little Big Adventure
            Golden Eye
            Grand Theft Auto

        2. It’s never too late we can use it for any console in the future, if we don’t continue to support games like this, then every game will be boring.. Nothing but phone games, and call of duty. And all games you listed has used “inspired”.

        3. LOOOOOOOL. Yeah, nobody wants to buy it. That’s why it raised over $180,000. I think your hatred for the Wii U just equates to you not being able to actually afford a Wii U. I doubt you even have, or have ever had, a real job.

            1. Nobody cares, your opinion is still bad. I’ve played most of those series and plenty others. You’re still saying dumb shit though so…

  4. There is a game that has had it’s kickstarer marker reduced to 80 000 dollars to make it possible for the Wii U to get it. Nintendo life is reporting it.

  5. In DK64 or BK, when first entering a new area, the camera would hover over and give us a glimpse of dozens of possible ways to follow and hundreds of collectibles to gather. In these cases, my first thought used to be: “oh my god, where do I start from? will I remember to look after everything that I have seen here?”. This feeling is one that I miss the most in more recent games. Nevertheless, this game renewed my hopes in this aspect. I wish they manage to get it on WiiU and, better still, to confirm it in less than four days, so I can help funding the project.

  6. “Jonas, one of the developers of the Banjo Kazooie and Wind Waker” ?

    He worked in WW?

    1. no it’s just structured very misleadingly. He is one of the Developers of hat in time which is INSPIRED by windwaker and banjo kazooie. He’s not actually a developer of those two games

  7. looks better then expected, but hatkid looks like a character that has been made up within 10 minutes.

    I’m a huge rare fan, but unfortunately this doesn’t do much for me. (love some of the assets they used though)

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