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Nintendo Eases Off On Let’s Play Videos?


It looks as though Nintendo may have eased off on Youtube stars making Let’s Play Videos. Zack Scott, the popular YouTuber, has revealed to Kotaku that he has returned to making Let’s Play Videos featuring a number of high-profile Nintendo games. Scott previously vowed that he wouldn’t create another Let’s Play Video as he was no longer able to make money for streaming the clip. Scott says that on 5/14, the ad earnings ceased, but they resumed on 5/23. He says he has made a leap of faith since he saw the revenue return and has had no further claims made on any of his other videos since the news broke.

114 thoughts on “Nintendo Eases Off On Let’s Play Videos?”

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        1. I don’t think you understand how much time it takes to do these videos when it’s your main source of income. You can’t just take someone’s income away and then say “Oh they should keep doing it cause their fans like it” leaving them with nothing.

          1. I know that, but it’s the fans that supports the youtuber. Without the fans, how would they get thousands of views and get partnered?

            Look at Pewdiepie. He almost has 10,000,000 subscribers and that’s mainly because his fans supports him.

            I understand what you’re talking about, but it’s very unlikely that you will make a decent income just from making youtube videos unless you get very lucky.

              1. I think it comes down to the commentary.

                If you’re funny you’ll get views, but like you said if they’re boring nobody is going to watch. lol

                1. PewDiePie isn’t funny though. He’s an annoying cunt. Yet he has millions of subscribers. Cunts are entertained by bigger cunts I suppose. “RAAAAPE” “ABORTION” “PENIS PENIS PENIS”. Yeah. REAL funny this guy.

                  1. I agree. For this same reason, I also find AVGN to be annoying/unfunny & believe most his fanbase consist of minors ages 8-14. All I hear his vids are “FUCK, SHIT, SHITLOAD OF FUCK, COCKADOODY FUCK(really), DIARRHEA SHIT, BUFFALO SHIT, ASSSSSS…

                  2. …SHIT, FUCK, SHIT.”
                    Shit Pickle seems to be his “funniest” original creations & most prefered amongst his fans (again: minors ages 8-14) & oddly enough it reminds me of Mr. Hanky from South Park.

            1. And those people that don’t get lucky don’t get to make videos nearly as often either, because they have to have another job. So you shouldn’t be in the least bit surprised when someone takes their income away and says “Nope sorry, not making videos anymore”

                    1. One of the few rare times I agree with you.
                      Coming from someone who has to clean restrooms in the grocery store where I work, I’d much rather be doing Let’s Plays than dealing with that “shit”.

          2. That is totally not their living. Absolutely not. The ad revenue is basically chump change; it cannot support whatever lifestyle you have.

            Plus, it’s kinda weird that he’s only doing it for the money.

      1. Well, they KNEW some major company would likely take down their videos. (or worse!!! *GASP* Leave the video up letting the fans watch them, but take the revenue, OH NO!!!)

        Relying on such an unstable income that can potentially be taken away is a choice. Some major company pulls the videos after the person basically uploaded the entire game online? They chose that consequence.

      2. I make LP’s and I do get cash from it but it’s not the sole reason I do it, I like reading the comments, interacting with my subscribers and supporters, I do it provide entertainment to those who may be having a bad day :p Which is why my outro is Have A Not So Terrible Day, I’m here to entertain and if I make some cash then great if not then oh well

  1. This whole time I’ve said(not here) that Nintendo was basically saying,”Hey, these are our games, don’t get used to having your free will with how you monetize our content”. I can’t believe no one notice that most people stopped complaining a week later, around the time this guy got his monetisation back

  2. This is good news, I think Nintendo realized about how important those LP are for them. They attract possible new consumers if the Youtuber is good and well known, also, it’s basically free advertisement.

    1. Exactly what I thought. I’ve bought a game because a Let’s Player made videos of it and it looked good.

  3. What I don’t understand is why people think they should get paid to play video games. It’s another thing if the company sends you games and tells you to review them. I mean come on… lol

    1. On one side, I would say that they are lazy, not willing to look for a real job or study…

      On the other hand, considering you and I live in Sweden, our stuation just keeps getting worse each year…

      Specially for young adults who cannot get a job or gets a job but not a secure one…

      This country has been going to hell ever since 2006…

      What to,expect from money hungry corporate capitalists…

      1. I love it when people try to refer to it as “not a real job”. Guess all those people commenting over sports games don’t have “real jobs” either than.

        1. If we are going to be completely honest now, the majority of these people earning money via LP videos are mostly because they chose and wanted to do it…

          It’s nothing they were forced to do or had any responsabillity for it…

          So in that regard it’s not a real job…

          The only reason to why they earn money is because humans in general tends to listen to people who have big mouths and that are very social and thus can earn money because of the support they get…

          Much like politicians who earns alot of money because they always have been good speakers whether they have a good knowledge of things or not, or whether they even care at all…

          1. It’s not a real job because they weren’t forced to do it? By that logic since I’ve chosen to do a particular degree it won’t ever get me a “real job” cause that’s a choice I made and not something I was forced into. And, uch like any job the responsibility is you don’t do it you don’t get paid and you don’t get to live comfortably.

            1. You don’t need a degree to be good at video games though, most games LPers play aren’t really that hard to begin with. I mean a lot of times they can’t even play the games properly and only play them for comedy. They are having too much “fun”. I guess.

              1. In the end it was still a choice for me to get a degree though and take the career path, if the choice I chose didn’t require a degree it should not be any different. And only playing the games for comedy? Oh no, soon people might start to think this was an entertainment medium or something!

                And now we’re actually bringing fun into the equation? I can’t even comprehend how enjoyment should change whether or not something is a valid job.

      2. True, but making these videos isn’t secure either. As we’ve seen. It’s kinda their own fault if they didn’t have a plan B. ( As in another job. ) =s It’s not up to me to decide though. If companies are fine with them making money from playing their games then great. If not, well whatcha gonna do.

        Video games are after all meant to be your entertainment. If you want money you could always make your own video game. Now that’s a job I’d like to have. =P

      3. It could be choice but more likely it is just a way to earn money. I have been looking for a job here in the US for 6 months and nobody is hiring. If I had the money I would be doing the same thing as they are. The World Economy sucks.

        1. I don’t know but we get a pretty solid education…

          Although most learn it by social interaction online like games, social networks or the tv which is not dubbed at all unless it is movies or shows for children…

          The only thing I really learned in school was the grammar part…

          Everything else you learn more by listening or talking to people/media…

    2. Doing anything that requires time and effort consistently should equal money. Because someone is charasmatic and entertains people he should get payed. Its no different then being in a band. Your entertaining people. Not like the people who made your instruments should get your money cause your using their instruments.

  4. A fair balance would be only claiming revenue from games of the last one or two years. It makes sense cause that way they loose control over their marketing campaigns by having people use their product. To claim ad revenue from a let’s play of Yoshi’s Island (or even more recent games like Kirby’s Epic Yarn) for example is ridiculous though. It’s free publicity and it isn’t interfering with their marketing since the game’s cycle is over.

  5. I don’t get why he stopped at all. Even if Nintendo does it he still gets some money. And if he stops and never continues he won’t get any money.

    1. I do Nintendo Let’s Plays of old games and I don’t even get much views but I still do them. Why? It’s not because I want to get money. Money should only be a bonus. I do them because I like to do them like it’s a hobby, and when I build a fanbase off of them I do it to please the fans.

    2. He comes across as an entitled sod so I’m glad I never watched any of his videos. LPer’s I used to watch years ago NEVER brought up their need to make money because it wasn’t a factor back then and they did it for fun and not for profit. At least one upside to this experience is it’s revealed the true colours of many who were clearly only in this for the money and obviously not for the fun of playing and sharing experiences.

    1. I wish it were that easy. I’m about to join the LP community because I cannot find a job. Nobody is hiring or willing to hire me.

    2. Sounds like someones jealous that they have no charisma and are stuck with a desk job having to put up with a boss who bends you over and rapes you every day. That’s your “real job” any thing you can do because you have the skills and time to put effort into that gets you money is a fucking job.

  6. Proud Nintendo Fanboy

    It always annoys me when people calls them “Let’s Plays”. I call them “Play-throughs”. Because that’s what they are, playing through the game.

    1. For me a Let’s Play is a catch-all term for commentated videogame play-throughs. That’s because a play-through doesn’t necessarily have to contain commentary, but a Let’s Play really should in order to be called that. Using such a specific term also helps in finding specific videos you want to watch.

      1. Proud Nintendo Fanboy

        But even a “let’s play” could still not have commentary. The commentary is all up to the individual.

      2. Proud Nintendo Fanboy

        Most of the time I hate watching other people’s “let’s play” videos, because they always seem to use foul language. I get SO sick of that. That’s one thing I myself never do when I make my own Play-through videos. Except mild words like ass and damn.

  7. Proud Nintendo Fanboy

    I used to make Play-through videos on YouTube. But I NEVER made money off of them. I only did it for fun.

  8. So people stopped playing nintendo games because they couldnt get paid? Thats dumb because they make fun games.

  9. That guy sounds like a real asshole. What a shameless tool. “I won’t upload cause I can’t make money from it”

    1. Maybe harsh but its his source of income so why would he upload games he gets nothing from? He still plays the Nintendo games he just doesn’t upload them.

  10. I never saw the issue during this spat, and still can’t see the issue now. It’s just a bunch of people overreacting to something Nintendo was legally entitled to do. It may not be moral, but it was certainly legal. Now they’re seemingly taking a step back given the backlash.

    Problem people don’t see is that it’s not free advertising if the parent company isn’t taking the ad revenue from it. Therein lies the legal issue. Still, seemingly, a victory to the LP’ers. At least Nintendo never enforced any copyright strikes or any further action to take videos down in this latest web folly. Long may that continue.

  11. Not sure if I support this. I don’t like the idea of people making money off of Nintendo’s products. 💋

    1. Nintendo already made the money they normally should have from us buying their games in the first place. Nintendo makes games and systems and sells them that’s their source of money NOTHING ELSE. Anymore is just greedy.

  12. This is stupid “hey everybody i buy a game, then i make lets play videos out of it and make some money out of another ones product, whatever i do whatever i want, i cant go to real job i just wanna play games and make videos out of them thats the way i wanna make money just recordin a video about game and talkin some shite on it, whatever i do what i want”!!! God i hate those people who just sit on their homes all day long expectin to make some easy money while others work!!!

    1. Everyone’s different. You do whatever you have to in life to survive. Just cause someone doesn’t have a desk job or something typical it equals an insult. If everyone on the planet had a normal job then things would be quite different. And not in a good way.

      1. Does that justify the man that scammed his viewers by pretending he was wheelchair-bound?
        He did what he had to survive, or did he exploit the internet for cheap profit?
        Can you please explain me what is Pewdiepie’s disability?

        1. That was on not youtube. Playing LIVE is okay, but that guy fooling everyone was a scumbag. That wasnt doing what he had to do to survive. He blatantly chose to trick people.

    2. “Just recordin a video game and talkin some shite on it” Yeah because we totally don’t Edit, Render, Have technical issues, Have to keep our fingers on the pulse of the communities, monitor or fanbases and what they like, reply to comments, messages etc… deal with major networks like FullScreen (the one I’m with), Machnima etc, we don’t have to keep an eye out for what companies have embargo’s placed on certain games Capcom and RE: Revelations at least the final two chapters were unrecordable as you’d get a strike on your channel.


  13. Zack is really making himself looks greedy. That time he stopped because of the Nintendo taking some money thing that happened is just because he’s not making as much money as before. I know a lot of Let’s Players that I watch that didn’t stop making videos on Youtube.

    1. What I love is how his card castle crumbles under the weight of his actions.
      He goes on to say that his only intent is to provide his audience with, and I quote, “unique audiovisual experiences” yet he denies them of this when his revenue is cut short.
      And now we find out that the matter was solved in a few days, and yet he fed the mill for over a month, and even did a video, which he obviously monetized, about it, he basically kept milking the issue after it was solved for over a month.
      As an artist I feel insulted that this man would use the “I do it for the art” banter so cynically even though his “art” stopped being made when it stopped being profitable. And as a consumer I feel insulted that this man kept up the controversy for over a month just so he could benefit economically from it too.

  14. I sure wish I could make money by playing video games.

    These self entitled jerks have nothing to complain about.

    1. I know, right?
      I mean 99% of the people who play videogames actually PAY to do it, and these people think they deserve to be funded for it?
      And when I went to YouTube, boy did they get bitchy, they actually believe they’re entitled to our respect because they put so many hours into playing and editing, you know, like it was a job, like society somehow benefited from it.
      I have played videogames, and edited videos, and I can tell you two things: It doesn’t take any real ability or effort and it certainly does not further the quality of anyone’s life.
      It is really sickening how these people think they’re entitled to money and respect for talking irrelevancies into a mic while the central focus of their videos is someone else’s copyrighted material, because in the end, the game can be enjoyed without commentary, but the commentary is useless without the game.

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  16. Ok, so it’s been a month since that happened and he’s just saying it?
    Talk about milking the cow, and for that I mean his constant bitching, he even made a video on the matter that has enjoyed a month of fake relevance.

  17. What I don’t understand is why Nintendo haven’t made a statement about this. This story has been terrible for their PR, and if they were going to make a u-turn they ought to have been vocal about it. I’m still not entirely convinced that they’ve actually made that u-turn, but hopefully so.

  18. Lazy, Nintendo. It’s your copyright. No need to let these no-name, unfunny LP douchebags make a name of of your intellectual property.

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