Reggie’s Home Now Available In The HH Area Of Animal Crossing


Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime’s luxurious home is now available to view in the Happy Homes Showcase in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  His apartment which is filled with numerous pieces of Nintendo memorabilia was sent via SpotPass. You can purchase items from his home, but not the Nintendo Items that were purchased with Play Coins. This is live in the US, but I’m not sure about Europe.

Thanks, Juelz345


  1. UGH! GameFly is taking its sweet damn time to send me Animal Crossing, and I keep reading all these cool things about New Leaf, it’s not fair! It’s not fair!

      1. Maybe you should give me money so I can afford it..

        Or pay for a doctor to un disable me, so I can get a job.

    1. Nah, it should arrive via spot pass (Internet). Just go to the HH Showcase (North on the Main Street with all the shops) and Reggie will be there. Talk to him then go to his house.

    1. He does have a lot of cool things in there that you can buy. Like showcases, a flat screen TV and some other items. It only allows you to buy 5 items a day, so pick carefully.

      1. lol i thought the same thing! i love his japanese inspired room! buy those items some of them you can only get in japan and Europe so get them now !

  2. This is perfect! My wife wanted like half the items from Reggie’s video. Guess she’ll be going to the island a lot, which means I can’t play as much :/

    1. How do you know? The game is really fun, I am sure he is “actually” playing it. 💋

    2. Well he actually did say he played it all himself. So unless you’re calling Reggie Fils Aime a liar…

    1. I brought my 3DS to the home screen and shut it like I was doing Street Pass and waited for a little bit. When I opened it back up after an hour or so, I saw a little blue dot next to my Animal Crossing game so I knew it downloaded something!! 💋

  3. I bought his glass showcase and normal showcase, his modern stool (for my ebony piano) his paper lantern and his cute little tea set! :D 💋

  4. Just thought I may as well post this here but if you want to get bestbuy exclusive animal crossing items without going to bestbuy, even if you live in europe, you can.

    Just change your router name (SSID) to bestbuy if you are in america, and _The Cloud
    if you live in Europe. Remove encryption and don’t have a password on the wireless. Then just go into the post office in animal crossing and ask for a present.

    IMPORTANT – It’s fine for such a short amount of time but please remember to change your internet back the way it was as it isn’t secure like that.

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