Super Mario 3D World Coming On December 13th?

super mario 3d world

Shacknews is reporting that the charming Super Mario 3D World will be coming to Wii U on December 13th. The publication published the information shortly after E3. It isn’t clear if this is the release date for Japan, or for the United States and Europe. Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe have both previously penciled Super Mario 3D World in with a vague December 2013 release date.

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  1. I hated 3D Land, but I think this looks a lot more fun. Especially since I can play as anyone who’s not Mario from the start, rather than wait halfway through the game. Just make it so I don’t need to get a Gold flagpole with all four fucking characters to access the final-final boss. Fuck 3D Land.

      1. What you could have done was explain why you think 3D Land is good. Instead you opted for the insult card. So just like every other fan of this game, you don’t want to admit it’s a piece of shit.

        1. Maybe the reason everyone doesn’t want to admit is because it is a Good Game after all. Metacritic gave this game a 90%, Destructoid a 8.5/10, IGN a 9.5/10, people like this game, and others, like you sir, seem to think this game is(in a professional way unlike your vocabulary) “Not good”. I don’t care if you like it or not, i care whether i like it or not, see how simple that is? Myself haven’t played this game”Super Mario 3D Land for 3DS” yet but I think I’ll get a copy of Super Mario 3D World for Wii U.

    1. At least I’m not the only one who hated 3D Land. The game was very gimmicky and way to easy! I beat it in 3 and a half hours on my first try and this was in one session. It also really bugs me that Nintendo is making these types of 3D mario games as a pose to collect-a-thons like Sunshine and 64

    2. I beat 3d land in about a day.And didn’t have a whole lot fun doing it ether.I won’t say it was bad. But imo it just was not up to par with the other 3d Mario games.To easy to beat maybe?Again I didn’t hate it I just did not love it.And it’s still better than 99% of none Nintendo brand games.They needed to get more games out quickly to support the failing 3ds and wii u so I get it.The bigger mario games that take much longer to made will likely come a few years from now.And 3d world do look’s to be a step forward from 3d land. Plus I expect more cool stuff they have yet to show us.

  2. Like Pokemon X and Y, High Command should prioritize a worldwide release date for all games…

    That way all our Nintendo Drones can enjoy and play these games at the same time…

    It would be smart not to “delay” the EU or NA releases to 2014…

    1. Wrecking Crew, Yoshi, Mario bros. These are less than powerful bulletts in our arsenal.

      1. Maybe so, but any type of Mario weapon is always 100% guaranted to hit…

        I do however hope that they have begun woring on a Super Mario weapon to aid the Wii U in a new way just like Mario-SM64, Mario-SMS and Mario-SMG did…

  3. This is probably wrong. They probably misheard December ’13. That’s a Friday and Nintendo usually launches software on Sundays.

    1. They have released games on Friday. Star Fox 64 3D, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D released on a Friday.

  4. Why didn’t they push it to be available in November for Black Friday? Seems weird to not have your big game of the year not available for the biggest shopping day, especially when your console is struggling so much for sales.

        1. Except that it was Retro’s choice, not High Command’s…

          And in another way it was expected going by logic…

          Most would always like to do a sequel to their first game to improve and add things they either couldn’t before or because new ideas arose after the first game was completed…

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Retro work on Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze 2 next, they seem to like working on a series for a trilogy.

                  1. DKCR didn’t really feel like a DK game without the Kremlings. I’d pay for a 4-player DKCR game with the DKC playable Kongs and the Kremlings. Fuck the Vikings and Tikis

        2. I thought it was Retro’s decision to do Donkey Kong (a decision I disagree with).

    1. Nintendo has a few big titles coming out prior to Black Friday. Sonic Lost World and Pikmin 3 are two that come to mind immediately (for the Wii U). And then there’s Pokemon X and Y, but the 3DS is hardly struggling for sales. 3D World is going to be under a lot of christmas trees either way.

    2. Here in Sweden, the biggest shopping days are right after the 24th of December. ( Usually huge price drops and sales. ) It’s different depending on where you live. There’s a ton of games coming out in October and November anyway.

    3. Your statement about why not november is right.Now iI’m thinking dec is wrong or they delay sm3dw till next year at the last minute.Or maybe it just is not finished yet and can’t get it out till dec which seem to be cutting it pretty close.

      1. Yo, let me get in on this, Quartz. Broke-ass whiner tears are selling like crazy on eBay.

  5. OMG I can’t wait for this I have never seen a game like this before so much innovation and thought has gone into it its proper next gen “sigh”

  6. During E3 Nintendo confirmed a December 12th release for Super Mario 3D World for Europe and America.

  7. ever notice that mario has the only cat costume that doesnt match the outfit color…thats going to annoy me now :p lol

    1. I kind of like the yellow, but someone gave kind of a silly reason as to why Nintendo chose not to go with red. Perhaps it’s because they didn’t want the suit to look bloody, as if it was from a skinned cat. It sounds farfetched, but who knows nowadays, especially with nutjob organizations like PETA causing a commotion every other week.

  8. Completely off-topic but December 13th is the famous country pop singer Taylor Swift’s Birthday.

    1. And when that day comes up and I see her a million fucks will not be given. This game cant come out soon enough to make millions for nintendo that is.

  9. I’m not as pumped for this Super Mario 3D Land, I know it will be good, but it is derivative of Super Mario 3D Land too much and since all the New Super Mario Bros games are so similar, the franchise is getting stale. I don’t understand how the transparent pipes will improve the platforming or the environment.

  10. Who cares about the exact day? It comes out in december, probably before Christmas, that’s official. Disregard all those leaked dates, the day in the month doesn’t matter at all.

  11. Pikmin, 101, Zelda WW, Splinter Cell, Sonic, DK, Mario… this year will end great! Did I miss anything?

  12. They need to stop making new super mario bros games… I prefer galaxy, sunshine and paper mario (although the last one was pretty bad). The games weren’t TO bad, but for 60$, I was expecting a lot more. Plus I don’t have anyone to play with.

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