UK Charts: Animal Crossing And The Last Of Us Battle For Number One


This week’s UK individual format charts are now in via Chart Track. Animal Crossing: New Leaf and The Last of Us are both battling for the number one spot, but The Last of Us remained victorious for a second week. Interestingly, sales for Animal Crossing: New Leaf have dipped fifty-five percent compared to the previous week. In total there are three Nintendo 3DS games in the top ten. You can view the entire top forty, right here.


          1. All lies. The game play is amazing. Stealth is great, so many options on how to approach situations. The item crafting is awesome, the gunplay is a breath of fresh air, the melee is fantastic and the story is tits. Don’t believe the haters. They’re just trying to find any reason, no matter how dumb to tear it down because it got so many 10/10’s.

            1. The only reason it got 10’s is because this gen we are at a Everybody shit on Nintendo campaign. I have the game and honestly it’s not a dam 10! Its an UNCH with new paint. I am so sick of games that almost play themselves! Quick time events and cutscenes galore. Im sick of it really. People just get all crazy because of cutscenes its ridiculous. Honestly the shit wears off after 1 playthrough just like UNCH.

              Whats funny is that at one time or another I have either traded in my ps3 games to get something else, while NONE of my Nintendo games have EVER been sold, not even my games from other Nintendo systems. Speaks a great deal on value retention. I am getting other consoles sooner or later, but my 1st love will remain Nintendo, because it has proven to me that over the years it still holds my interest more than these overhyped n overglorified CGI games.

    1. This Might be a stupid question but is animal crossing a good game? Never played it. Please dont say its a good game and buy it. i wish to know what it is that makes the game good

      1. If you like to live in a virtual town with talking animals, then it’s the perfect place for you!

  1. I finally got ACNL last friday.

    Very much addicted already.

    Paid off my first loan, about 70% of the second one paid too.

    Today will be the first day I get to go to the island!

    1. Animal Crossing teaches you more about how to live in the real world than a lot of schooling

    2. The island is great for making money! Go early in the morning and late at night so you can catch all the huge beetles on the palm trees. And sell them at the Re-Tail store for more money than the Nookling’s. Also, change your town’s ordinance to “Bell Boom” so you get even MORE money when you sell stuff. Ive paid off like 4 loans now and Ive finished 6 Public Works projects! :D 💋

      1. I haven’t got the ability to change anything about the town yet. My permit should be ready today or tomorrow.

        But I was under the impression, that the “Bell Boom” ordinance, (which I assume is the one that forces the shops to give you more bells for stuff) also increases the cost of stuff. So while, you get more bells when you sell, things also cost more bells to buy. Making it rather pointless.

        What I really need to implement as soon as possible, is an ordinance to keep the shops open as late as possible.

        I also need about 5 more bridges in my town. It’s so irritating walking around 2/3rds of the town to get anywhere.

        1. You sell way more things than buy things, the Bell Boom ordinance is certainly profitable. I probably only spend a maximum of 20,000 in the shops everyday, and I can make that back extremely easily on the Island.

          There is a ordinance for keeping shops open later by 3 hours.

          You can only have 3 bridges built at a time, sorry.

          1. Damn, with the way my town is laid out, I’d really want more than 3 bridges. I guess I can live with 3. Once I’ve built a second one, can I move the original default bridge? That’d make things easier.

            The Bell Boom ordinance + the island sounds like a goldmine.

            1. Yeah you can move the original bridge so long as you have at least one other bridge present.

      2. This is exactly what I do! You should also cut down the trees in the middle of the island, so you can just walk around and get it from the outside trees. I make like 400,000 each trip to the island!

  2. Only people with no life play animal crossing because they need a virtual world to escape to because their real ones shit!

    1. and what if there life is shit because they are depressed or something like that , those people have lifes as well also , its a good game that is addictive thats why people spend hours on it

        1. Also, how can you classify an entire genre of video games, let alone any other art form as “shitty”? It’s all subjective. You strike me as quite the elitist bastard with only logical fallacies and vacuous insults to back up your claims. A true gamer is eclectic and knows there is some good and some bad to be found within all types of games, as the definition of an individual genre itself can be very vague. RPGs can be fun, FPSs can be fun, Platformers can be fun, Racing and sports games can be fun, as can life, or any other breed of simulators and most any genre under the sun – ‘Seems to me like you’re the one with the dull, depressing life, as you’re the one trying to instigate contention over the internet.

    2. It is a relaxing game , and in this stressful world we live in , I find it very logical that people plays this game that much

      1. shut fagit. i just smoked a joint with my bros nawn im gonna go skip school and paly cod need to git 10th prestige bro.

    3. @Rukayro… Thats the stupidist shit Ive heard. You can apply that same dumb ass logic to any game for any person. For example, you might play FPS because you have no life and need a virtual wotld to vent your own frustrations in life, and lets you kill the oppresor. Same shit douchbag.

      1. Its also funny as hell that one can read ANY person and tell what kind of gamer they are by the words and attitude they use LMAO. Real gamers thatplay for fun, and in turn play many types of games, ar usually very laid back, confident, and generally nice people. FPS gamers (NOT TRUE GAMERS) are always douchbags, bad attitudes, trolls, fanboys, hypocrits, assholes, unsure of themselves so they love to attack those that are different, You all get the picture lol… All these trolls are FPS fanatics, and their idea of an adventure game is CGI games like UNCH LOL! Linear games, linear brains, shallow linear views on life LOL!

        Their vocabularies consist of= Homosexuality bashing(Im staright as the Linear Path these dummies games point you in, but I am not a homophobe, and respect everyone’s choices even if they arent mine). These idiots cant even respect their own mothers by the looks of it.

        They call anything that they dont play, SHIT. Dumb fucks that troll fiercfully, because of the very reason they call out others for-“Not having a life” for their preferance in games. They are the ones with no life, living on the web trolling so much, on pages of the companies they “Hate”. EXPOSED 4 LIFE Idiots! LOL! Frame this shit so its the 1st thing these sad people read when they enter hear LMAO! NINTENDO- The intelligent being’s favorite company for gaming!

  3. jk this games great, i’ve had it since release and been addicted to it ever since ^_^ just paid off my 3rd loan and upgraded the nookling junction.

                1. Titanfall is most likely to be released on PC and KI is just a SF4 mod for longer combos
                  IF KI was something similar to the original, it would be great but the games is almost the same as SF4

    1. Oh! A Wii U game of prominence released this month? Thought August the games come raining in.

      1. not all the game on the top 40 released this month, hell, GTA: Episodes of Liberty City is in the 28th place and that game came out April of 2010. by the way, its just DLC but its still up there.

  4. hahaha. the last of us is competing with that fucking game. wtf do y’all see in that damn animatronic looking game anyway.

  5. The Last of Us is really good but not 10/10.
    It has some AI issues, which are really dumb, and gameplay is too simplified, in gun combat its fine, but stealth is just boring, and the whole “listening mode” ability makes no sense.
    It’s not a 10, like Mario Galaxy, Shadow of the Colossus or Chrono Trigger but it’s easily GOTY, and one of the best this gen

    1. imo, Last of Us is a 8.5/10 game
      i always think that a perfect score from all the reviews is very suspicious and after seeing the game, it was not as cool as I expected
      it almost makes me think money influenced the score cuz it was not as good as I thought

      1. No, money didn’t influence people, the reviewers each, A. mostly likely, have a differen opinion to you, B. Are shite, or C. Pretentious, and are just constantly jerking off to ideas of ludinarritive dissonance, which is basically the corolation between the narrative of a games gameplay and narrative, which The Last of Us, in the ideas defense is a perfect match of the gameplay and it’s violence and “care free about killing” attitude that is in almost every action game matches the themes in the story, TLoU achieves that perfectly, and it does make the game better, but i feel some reviewers are giving it a 10 because of that reason.

        To be fair, these reviewers are the same that game Bioshock Infinite a 10/10, which….yeah, it doesn’t deserve at all, watch a review by youtuber matthewmatosis, basically sums up that game perfectly.

        1. I thought you were praising BioShock Infinite to the high heavens when it first came out?

        2. and some of these reviewers also gave Super Mario Galaxy a perfect 10.

          reviews are and will always be based on opinions, and opinions are like assholes…. im pretty sure your smart enough to figure that one out.

    2. So the Story makes it one of the best? I would then say to you in the GOTG (gen) awards whould it beat out a game like Hmmm Bioshock, Or Skyward Sword, or MGS4? I keep hearing “the ai is garbage” the “stealth is boring” but the story saves it. Since when do we as gamers accept shoddy gameplay in favor of a movie? They could have made a movie, gave us a riveting tale and be done with it. Oh wait World War Z is out in theatres. They are cross marketing with this like crazy!

      1. The stealth and AI are mediocre but not game breaking, or frustrating.

        MGS4 was a fucking mess, and Skyward Sword? LOL no.

        Bioshock is the only contender.

        But The Last of Us does story telling so well and it FITS the gameplay, visaversa, and neither negatively effect the gameplay, and it’s attention to detail is insane, but not only that, it’s the most Resident Evil 4 game we’ve had since RE4, it’s proved you can make combat in a game challenging, and about ammo conservation, and yet have it accessible to anyone. It’s potentially saved the survival horror franchise.

          1. I’ll let the story pass because it was convoluting to being with.

            So firstly, the game is like 4 hours long. That’s a joke.

            The stealth element has had upgrades but ultimately dumbed down to be more like a shooter, the whole drebin thing just breaks the game idea of being a stealth game. The bosses are almost as dull as MGS3’s bosses (excluding The End and The Boss, and in MGS4 Liquid Ocelot and the Rex vs Ray fight) the entire chapter in France isn’t even worth playing, the last chapter is literally on small area.

            And Shadow Moses highlights the games biggest flaw. It was designed for the whiney mother fuckers who kept say “durrr Solid Snake”, MGS4 was Kojima saying “Fuck you, here’s your stupud references, and your fan pandering, im killing Snake”, and he did that PERFECTLY, which is what the game entirely is, him being old was the perfect symbolism to the fans not moving the fuck on, and thats exactly what Kojima wanted.
            MGS4 was disappointing not being the team is shit, but because that’s how it was supoosed to be, now Kojima can make the game he fucking wants to make in MGSV like he did in Peace Walker.

    3. You made my day naming Chrono Trigger. Feels like every one that played that game abandoned it or died.

      1. It’s the best JRPG ever.

        Just everything in that game is perfect, the story, the characters, the design, the game length, difficulty, batle system, music, party size, just everything

        1. Somebody’s a little high on themselves. I don’t think Chrono Trigger is the best JRPG by any means, not even in my top 25.

            1. Jeez, talk about full of yourself. Stop acting like a hipster prophet and your opinion is fact.

                1. Xenogears
                  Darkcloud 2
                  Tales of Symphonia
                  Secret of Mana
                  Dark Souls
                  Super Mario RPG
                  Radiant Historisia
                  Golden Sun
                  Golden Sun: The New Age
                  Ni No Kuni
                  Xenosaga Episode 1
                  Xenosaga Episode 2
                  Xenosaga Episode 3
                  Dragon Quest 8
                  Baldur’s Gate
                  Phantasy Star
                  Phantasy Star 2
                  Phantasy Star 4
                  Persona 3
                  Persona 4
                  Kingdom Hearts 2

                    1. Most of those games are infinitely times better than Chrono Trigger.

        2. I wished that they made a true remake just new design (not 3d world) and new music (the same just newer i think) like (
          Art style and redone music

          Or put Crono in smash bros

          Or make a Chrono trigger 2 that looks the same (pixely)

          If any of this is wishes comes true my gaming career would be complete and I would be able to leave gaming with a awesome smile

    4. Never played the last of us, but it seems to be a great game, and I might buy a ps3 because of the naughty Dog exclusives. However, I don’t think I’ll like anything more than Fire Emblem in 2013.

  6. Wait why is a game about collecting things and a game about zombie-like things competing for No.1 when they completely opposite games.

    1. Sales my friend, sales. It has nothing to do with the style of game they are. Its about who sells more, which is not indicitive of how good a game actually is.

  7. Just looking at the top 10, but its a bit weird that Max Payne 3 suddenly shot up from nowhere, was there a sale or something?

    Anyway, good week for the 3DS yet again.

  8. All you Nintendo fanboys need to get over yourselves and buy the Last Of Us. It’s one of a kind and quite possibly the best action game of the generation.

  9. Do we think this includes eshop sales? I’d be surprised if it did, and New Leaf is particularly strong in that regard.

    The Last of Us looks to be to be an excellent game – sadly I don’t have the disposable income to buy the console it’s on which I’d use as little other than a paperweight besides that.

  10. Nintendo shouldn’t support the UK market anymore, it’s clear they aren’t really welcomed by the consumers there as not only Wii U sales have taken a massive hit, but their games don’t really sell well either. Just stick to Japan and the US.

  11. tbh I’m still not sure what The Last of Us is about. Ever since IGN started hyping this game up I didn’t took any interest on it. It seems like a good game, but I wanted a review from a less impartial website.

    And, yeah, TLOU success is most thanks to IGN who hyped this game up ever since the beginning. Even now, when Ellen Paige officially said that she’s quite unhappy with her unauthorized image, IGN quickly made a “let’s defend the game until the day we die” video. Weird…

  12. You noticed that too lol? Its sad. Gaming has become political, with cash swaying reviewers, and devz alike. What happened to the love for the craft. These fuckers get money n get more greedy lol. These reviewers get all kinds of goodies from sony n ms for their ”loyalty”.

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