Nintendo Explains Which New Game Best Takes Advantage Of Wii U GamePad


Nintendo of America senior director of corporate communications Charlie Scibetta says that out of all the games shown at this year’s E3 event The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD took advantage of the Wii U GamePad the best. Scibetta outlined the innovative features that Wind Waker HD brings to the table on the Wii U GamePad, which include taking photographs, writing letters, and posting to Wii U social network, Miiverse.

“I think that one game that we have in the booth here that does a lot of interesting things with the capabilities of Wii U is The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD,” he said, pointing to a port of decade-old game. “You can use the GamePad to take photographs, to write messages, and you can use Miiverse which is our online service, and you can actually put those screenshots in a Tingle bottle and send them out.”


  1. I love Nintendo,
    this isn’t a gameplay feature Nintendo, this is patched on social features that no one is asking for.
    I’m sure it’s fun, I’m sure it’s done well, but it’s not essential for the gameplay.

    1. Agreed. Why did they do the second screen if they have no idea what to do with it. None of those so called “features” are essential for the gameplay, just more gimmicky useless garbage. They completely clueless.

      1. really the the second screen is garbage ????
        1- u can play off TV
        2-some games support nice concept whit 2 screen Like zombi U and monster hunter tri Ultimate .

        dear friend u sound like troll.

        1. Off screen is a luxury, doesn’t change how you actually play the game, only on what screen. Its a great feature no doubt, but if thats the best thing about it, I would rather they have had more power in the system. I’m not giving up on Nintendo and hope they come up with something, but for the first time in history I am actually really worried about Nintendo’s game plan. And don’t call me a troll for speaking with logic.

    2. I fully agree, so far they are just using the gamepad as a luxury device, nothing that really makes the gameplay BETTER or more exciting. I can’t stand how people are defending the BS uses for the gamepad that have been implemented thus far. You took a hit on the power of your system so I can take pictures with my controller? Really? I’m no graphics whore but I would rather have more power if thats all they can come up with. I feel like the 2 years of E3 BEFORE this one showed better uses of the gamepad than anyone has done. Like where is the gun peripheral so I can use my gamepad as a scope in a shooting game or anything like that? I don’t wanna add stupid assist blocks in mario u, thats ridiculous. What serious gamer wants a cheap easy way of playing? Thats like relying on the C stick in smash brothers instead of having the skill to charge your smash attacks and release with good timing. Arrrg!

  2. That’s not enough by a long shot even if I like these features…

    High Command better have great games using the Gamepad in an essential way in the near future…

    Otherwise I suggest that new and younger minds take over the development floor…

    Preferably molded after our Lord Miyamoto…

    1. Man I hope so, the game pad has so much potential. I can think of so many ways to use it, and they just stick to maps or something nobody will most likely use.

      1. You’re gonna be paying 60$ for a game that came out in 2003 with half assed social features! That’s awesome!

          1. You Nintendo fanboys love taking it up the ass! Your body was ready for that iwata cock. Nintendo hasn’t been relevant in years.

              1. Calling someone a faggot when you have some chibi Link as you avatar. Lmao get outta here fanboy. Excited for an HD port acting like Vita fans. So desperate for games you’ll buy anything.

                1. Still a faggot, faggot. You don’t even have the decency to reveal your name, and we aaaalllll know that you’ve been riding Microsoft’s cock since the day you started gaming.
                  Go back to Kinectamles, butt-hurt faggot.:P Two whole responses for a single put down, you’re so mad it’s sad.XD

                  1. LOL weak ass argument. Everyone knows Sony is the best out of the big three. With Kidtendo being a distant second. I’m butthirt? Look at your comments little boy. U mad as shit!! Lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol!!! Umad?Umad?Umad?Umad?

                    1. God, it’s five-year-olds like you that give the world troll a bad name. You’re not even trolling, you’re just giving a purely reaction-based half assed flaming session, and not even a good one at that. Just stop while you’re ahead.

                1. Doesn’t mean i ram my dick up nintendos ass to support them every 2 minutes unlike some people on this site (e.g. the obnoxious nintendo commander)

            1. Riiight, and who sold the most consoles last generation? Which company does everyone want as a 3rd party to play their games? The answer is Nintendo friend

        1. i bet if another gaming dev brought out a HD remake you’ll be all over it like a rash

        2. But Sony and Microsoft fanboys have no problem doing the same… *cough* Metal Gear Solid Collection, Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition *cough*

          So shut up.

          1. MGS>any zekda game after Majoras Mask. And btw MGS hd collection had 3 games. Zela WWHD gives you a half assed hd port for 60$. Great value.

            1. Sugarcoat that any way you want, but they’re still older games like you’re ripping Zelda for being, troll. I wasn’t saying MGS is bad, either. Great games. But if you’re gonna trash an HD port of Wind Waker, be prepared to take some shit for it.

              1. I was trashing the fact that they didn’t add shit. Not that they were old games. So shut up. Nintendo fanboys are so delusional. Its getting sad really.

                1. I hope you realize how much Wind Waker is going for on the internet now of days. About 40 or so bucks to get it for the GameCube. I might as well spend 20 bucks more with HD capabilities, and plus the other stuff this article mentioned. Unless you didn’t read it and just bitched about it.

        3. Why do I want to play again a game I played 10 years ago. It looks the same as it did back then other than it supposed to be in “HD”. Same audio, same water effects, same everything. And those Gamepad features they added aren’t anything essential for the gameplay. And this is supposed to be the game that uses the “Wii U GamePad the best”? Zero innovation whatsoever.

          1. It’s not for people who played Wind Waker 10 years ago. The Gamecube sold very little, and they’re just re-releasing it for people who didn’t have a Gamecube. If you have the original, then why the heck would you get this?

          2. Maybe not be uber excited to play a game from 10 years ago, but honestly ANY game worth ANY money should be enjoyed 10 years after release. Thats the problem with many games today, you play them once and never again. Again though I am not saying you should be jumping for joy for wind waker if you aren’t into replaying games.

        4. Well he has got a point there, I mean look at all the other hd remakes.. nintendo should learn something from them; like the GoW HD collection in which sony added more levels, new gameplay mechanics, new characters, top notch visuals … etc.

          And then there is nintendo which JUST makes sailing around better, really good visuals, changing the last levels, new miiverse features , new control options.. I mean geesh… no wonder nintendo is doomed… :P

          1. What are you talking about?! The God of War HD collections didn’t add ANYTHING from the original games! Granted, it’s a terrific series of HD ports, but they didn’t add anything to the original games other than improved visuals.

          2. And by the way… at least Wind Waker HD will be in full 1080p–something that none of the God of War HD upgrades will never be in.

            1. Yes i know its a remake , I dont know what people expected from an hd remake but this looks really nice and I will be buying it for sure they did add a few neat features and it looks sweet to me.:)

        5. Price hasn’t been revealed yet. Halo CE Anniversary was $40 so its possible Windwaker HD could be $40 or $50. Howe er I would spend $100 on Windwaker HD would still be a better deal then $60 on COD.

      1. They are. No one said I liked CoD geez you Nintendo Fanboys love to assume anyone who criticizes Nintendo likes CoD lol. Fucking faggot

        1. I am getting wind waker because I enjoyed the original and they have supposedly fixed the sailing aspect plus added much improved graphics. I no longer have my gamecube or wind waker sadly so I am fine with getting this. I hope its not $60 of course. I have the MSG collection and still need to get through it, but its great and $40 was a great price. I agree that an HD remake is nothing amazing, its more of a tide over til the real Wii U Zelda, so people shouldn’t be going so crazy about it if they are gonna knock other companies. I agree with you it shouldn’t be $60 but I am sure it will be. Nintendo certainly isn’t perfect, and I recognize them. I support them, but I know that they are making a lot of mistakes, and saying that taking photographs and writing letters and adding miiverse stuff are the best gamepad features of all the E3 games is just a sad joke. THATS what I spent money on? So I can take pics of stuff? Thats lame. I expect far more from the gamepad and anyone saying it has been used in amazing ways so far is kind of full of it. I support Nintendo through a lot but I ain’t afraid to say they are fucking up royally. Anyway its time to smoke some weed, so peace out Troll.

  3. I still want confirmation on whether we can use the Pro Controller or not. Blood will be shed if not.

      1. Get used to it? I use the game pad all the time, I don’t dislike it or anything. I just think it should at least be supported.

        1. Me too. What’s the point of manufacturing a controller if it’ll hardly ever get used outside of VC titles and Mario games?

          1. Because the GamePad does everything the Pro does and more. The difference is not like the Wiimote to the classic controller.

            1. Some folks prefer using a regular controller to one with a giant screen in the middle though–and I love my Wii U.

        1. Umad? Paying 60$ for a port. Sad little child. Why don’t you ask for something worthwhile for Christmas?

          1. Some people (like me, who haven’t played the original and don’t want to spend $45+ on a USED copy) don’t mind paying $60 for a “port,” you sad man.

  4. if this is the best you can do with the gamepad in (nearing in on) a year…=/
    (not even counting the 2 years before wiiu the wii support was miserable as well, wtf have they been doing)

    NoA seems so clueless and delusional

  5. The truth is that the gamepad adds slight little touches to “enhance” gameplay for such games ; like a map, off tv , gyro ..etc
    But if you look at other games like wii u party, game and wario , nintendoland .. the gamepad is really “innovative” .
    I mean cmon there are those games ,if you want goofy fun and then they are trying not 2 force all those features in games like zelda,mario, smash bros. cause really – no one wants motion controls in smash bros.

    1. If they change the formulae too much like motion controls in sky ward sword half of you guys complain about how the “old school” way was better. If they don’t change the mechanics too much you complain that its the same game AGAIN…

      you mind telling me what you actually want but first please mke up your mind

      1. I agree with you there. It’s like no matter what Nintendo do, it’s always wrong. They can’t win with their fans.
        If they do a re-hash of Wind Waker, people complain that it should have been Majora’s Mask. What I find funny, on that train of thought, is that no one complained when Ocarina of Time was ported and re-hashed.

        I’m quite excited to see what Nintendo are planning to do with the Gamepad. For all we know, they haven’t told us all the information. There could be a few surprises in store for us. Have a little faith.

  6. fuck the gamepad and those stupid ass gimmicks. I want to use the pro controller or else.

      1. I 100% beat Lego City and although it was a great game, the gamepad features were interesting, but nothing amazing. It showed potential, but still was nothing mind blowing. Not sure about zombi u having not played it, but as for Lego City, if thats the best the gamepad can do, then it was a waste of time making it. I’m not saying it IS the best it can do, and I just hope Nintendo comes up with much better ideas that truly change the game.

  7. If Nintendo could’ve keep EA on board, then they pry would’ve had more games correlating the Gamepad (like PGA Golf for putting, selecting a golf club and tallying your totals. Heck, if they would’ve came out with a battle strategy game, it would’ve been useful as a “backpack” feature and showed the players the ammunition, weaponry, equipment, energy sources (Food, drinks, potions, elixirs, etc.) or they could’ve even correlated more features to it rather than WiiU game play (it’s was a clever gesture, but they would’ve been better off creating a system update on the 3DS where you can transfer you game data to the 3DS and play your WiiU game on the 3DS while someone else is hogging the TV) or using it for social purposes (this was sadly where the PS4 got it right and where the WiiU went wrong.)

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve gotten use to holding the old WiiU and Gamecube controllers, but the Gamepad would had my attention if not for the misuse of it’s potential usefulness on WiiU games.

    As for the LoZ:Windwaker HD update, I had a feeling they were eventually going to update the game, tweak the controls for the original game to be a tad bit more tolerable and include social and photographic capabilities.

    1. I’d be able to confirm this if the game were actually released, but until then I like to think ZombiU and Lego City Undercover both win for the most clever use of the GamePad yet.

  8. thanks nintendo for gimmicking your last good zelda game. wii u got gimmicks….. please understand. yeah FUCK YOU NINTENDO YOU WORTHLESS PATHETIC BITCH!!!!! im sick of their bull shit, will their even be pro support, WW didnt even need the remake either!!!!

    1. I stated before that the original Wind Waker is like 40+. Why spend that much for the original when you can spend just 20 bucks more on this new one?

      1. thats because i already have it. the new one just looks like a gimmicked hd version, unless they add the pro controller. like i said the old one looks just as good as it did 10 ago!!!! now if they hd remaster OOt and MM, oh then that would be awesome!!!!!

        1. I don’t have WW and also never beaten it, so it’s basically like getting a new game for me. I have both for N64 and agree! I think MM has the better chance to get on the Wii U.

          1. yeah. MM would be so awesome in ha and OOT would be also. im telling you if they decided to remaster both of those instead, wii u’s would be flying of the shelves. those games are still awesome in n64 form but they look so dated. unlike WW. so its your first time playing WW, its a good game and i think it might rise as one of your more favorite.

            1. Yeah agreed, and yeah as much WW I played I loved it. Something new for Zelda, and yet people hate it, lol. Then they bitch about games being the same way, it confuses me. My favorite Zelda so far is A Link to the Past.(Which I also have for SNES)

  9. I think Wind Walker HD will be awesome. I’m buying it. 7 games I’m want in 2013. And that’s one of them

  10. Is it only me because I see a lot of NINTENDO HATERS on this site. If y’all don’t like it stay off the site because I am tired reading y’all BS. THAT’S ALL

  11. So… instead of pulling inspiration from the games that make the best use of the gamepad, Nintendo Land and ZombiU, you devs pull this?

    Very “smart”

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