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EA Says Frostbite 3 Is Possible On Wii U, But The Console Is Low Priority


EA Games Label Executive Vice President Patrick Söderlund has reiterated the company’s stance on Wii U. Söderlund says that EA will bring its plethora of games where the gamers are, but at this precise moment in time it isn’t on Wii U. Söderlund also stated that they could get Frostbite 3 running on Wii U, but they feel there isn’t the user base at the moment. Here’s what he had to say.

“Electronic Arts released Mass Effect 3 and FIFA 13 for the Wii U, but currently we’re focusing our resources on Xbox One and PS4, so it’s a fact that the priority (of the Wii U) is slightly lower. However making Frostbite 3 work on the Wii U is not impossible. Where there are gamers, we’ll be there as well. This is the true meaning of “omnidirectional”

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236 thoughts on “EA Says Frostbite 3 Is Possible On Wii U, But The Console Is Low Priority”

    1. Uhh hello! i am big fan of ps2. can ps2 run frotbite three? i wud love to get batlefeld 4 for ps2 because it likly les expensive then wat wii u game wud cost because i love it

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      1. Translation: I also love PS2, and think that would be amazing if they could get Frostbite 3 working on it!!

    2. Damn! So many Nintendo fanboys on this site! We need Aeolus and Skadoofus back to even out this shit. By the way, where is Icea when you need him?

      1. Waited for this day to laugh lol. Told AEOLUS that all the engines he thought never possible on the WiiU are a piece of cake. Like I stated before, ” Patience is a great Virtue.”

      2. @Adarazz..Respectfully, anyone who doesn’t like Nintendo, shouldn’t be on this blog. This is a Nintendo blog. While differing opinions are welcome, those individuals usually added nothing to the discussion. They were too busy trolling!

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    3. Look how slowly EA is turning their horses. Next post: EA says Battlefield 4 will come to Wii U but not will DLC or features. And after that EA saya Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Will Come To Wii U DLC Included

      1. EA: Wii U sucks, It’s weaker than the 360, can’t run Frostbite 2, and we have no games in development for it.

        EA: Yeah, we have some Wii U games in development.

        EA: Wii U is able to run Frostbite 3.

    1. I actually think this is an interesting bit of news. If frostbite 3 can run on the Wii U that really shows that it is a powerful machine! Hopefully Nintendo can start selling more units around holiday season and then EA will actually support them and not give them old ports.

      1. not sure what that has to do with anything but if you’re a turtle and still in e3 land then yes.

  1. Translation: We could put Frosbite 3 on Wii U but we wont because the console isnt selling well right now.

    1. Is it wrong? That’s logical business decision. Where there is sugar, there will be ants. And wii u has no sugar, yet.

      1. No it’s a logical buisiness decision. Though saying the Wii U can’t handle Frostbite 2 even while it’s already running on the Wii U isn’t. I bet a lot of people didn’t buy it because of that and because of the name. ‘A Wii with good graphics? Thats impossible.’

  2. I am a gamer, I have been gaming since Odyssey 2 and Atari Breakout system. My first EA games were Pinball Construction Set and Mail Order Monsters, those were EAs golden years. I am playing on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U exclusively this generation, but you don’t seem to be were the gamers are at.

  3. Well well ea , where is your shit talking about the wii u not strong enough to run frostbite 2 ????

    1. EA never said that. Individual employees may have said that but their comments and opinions hardly speak for the whole company; especially when not given in an official statement or manner.

  4. It’s frustrating because they blatantly said months ago it wasn’t possible to run it, so were they lying or what? It doesn’t matter to me, I don’t play ports or 3rd party on my Nintendo hardware, that’s what my PS is for. Based on EA lies and shady decisions though, they won’t get my support with BF4, which is tough cuz it does look great.

  5. This is the meaning of a pathetic video game developer you fucking idiots let alone ”omni directional” Your engine isn’t even the best out there dickheads and you have it running on inferior platforms and keep blowing the IOS phone.

    The only thing stopping you is the fact that you’re a bunch of Nintendo hating assholes.

    They make me sick they really do.. can’t wait for Battlefront though :P

    1. Lmao, it’s EA backing up everything they have said and slowly backtracking. They’re trying to make up for everything because we all know Disney is MAKING them put Star Wars games onto the Wii U. And guess what, those Star Wars games use Frostbite 3. ;) Fuck EA.

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              By the way, Mario Kart 8 could easily run on current gen. Look at MSGV or Destiny. Far more impressive than Mario in his cart and those run on PS3/Xbox360.

              1. Mario Kart 8 wouldn’t easily run on at Current gen. Sure if it was scaled down , yes. But not in it’s current 720p or 1080p (I dont know) 60FPS state with Lighting and textures those consoles can’t even do.

                  1. How many games on PS3 or 360 look as good as Mario Kart 8 at 720p 60FPS ? And look at the lighting and the shading and textures in Mario Kart 8. You don’t see that on PS360 , why ? becuase they have less than Half the usable RAM and Edram and worse GPU’s.

                    1. Most wanted…? I don’t know there are not many if any at all but you’re acting so certain :P Yes i know Wii U is more powerful but mario kart won’t show that.

                  2. honestly, Nintendofan is right. Mario Kart 8 will run on 1080p at 60fps which ps360 cannot do

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              3. 1. It couldn’t run 60fps on PS360.

                2. It looks more impressive because it has realistic graphics. Comparing the graphics of a realistic game to a cartoony game is like comparing a Mario Karts gameplay to The Last of Us’s gameplay.

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  6. big three are overrated

    So they lied all the time. Didnt come as surprice. I never forgive Ea from not supporting Dreamcast and talkin crap about Wii u, those are one of my favorite systems both from REAL GAMIN companies. I dont give a shit about Ea except for battlefront 3. The funny thing is that if Nintendo wanted they could replace these guy just like Sega did. Its not that hard to do.

  7. WTF was so HARD to say this before!? WHY EA? why didn’t said this before all the bitching? you just had to say this and done, even if this is even another excuse people would belive it back in that time, now I can’t even fully trust this.

    The only reason I think this claim is made is because the media or devs or whatever, thinks that the frosbite engine CAN’T run on any system….then jokes on you EA, their shit talking take a reverse. Maybe, I’m just guessing.

  8. They need to just make it work anyways. The reason it isn’t going good is because no one is doing anything for it. What does it take for EA to comprehend this?

    1. But it’s not EA’s job to get gamers on board with Wii U. That’s Nintendo’s job with things like exclusives and launch titles, which the Wii U sorely lacks.

      1. “That’s Nintendo’s job with things like exclusives”
        PS4: 20 exclusives in first year
        Wii U: 18 exclusives in first year
        I guess PS4 lacks exclusives because It’s only getting 2 more exclusives in It’s first year than Wii U did.

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    2. Judging a whole country off one game developer you don’t like. Just shows what an ignorant moron you are. I’m glad EA is not supporting Wii U and I wish ALL third-party devs would do the same. Push Nintendo out of the console market because, let’s be honest, they are no longer necessary

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        You Sonyans and Xbots come here everyday bashing Nintendo just because:

        a. They don’t give you the exact same games available on other consoles.

        b. You only base a game’s worth by its style/graphics.

        Ignorant as always from both sides…

        And to the swedish folks in here, I hate the communists (Vänsterpartiet) just as much…

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        2. Ok, men försäljningen säger fortfarande att PS3 och PC är populärast här.

          Kul att se ett svenskt Nintendo-fan ändå. Vi är ju ingen majoritet…

      2. Little bit harsh, but whatever, your opinion. Microsoft can kick themselves out of the .market for what I care. Their policies are shit, Xbox Live Gold is a rip-off, etc.

          1. ……so why are you bothering trying to comment on a Nintendo News site? You know that you’ll get jumped on (no pun intended). How the hell is Microsoft better? They rip off people with Xbox Live Gold. PS+ is a much better system of an online use subscription? You can’t even use Netflix without using Xbox Live Gold. It boggles my mind how Microsoft would even consider the bullshit DRM. Even if they fixed it, they lost the trust of a crap ton of Xbox fans.

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      4. I would disagree with you. Without Nintendo releasing “lateral” types of consoles that deviate from the console “norm”, you would have little to no innovation from the other two. I’m not saying they are the best or worst, but they certainly are needed in this market. Would MS have even tried the “smart glass” thing without the announcement of the Wii U? Doubt it. Would Sony or MS have even tried to innovate with motion controls without the Wii? Doubt it. And while you and others that consider themselves “core/hardcore” gamers don’t like these types of tech, that doesn’t mean that you are what should define the forward momentum of an industry. These companies play off of the ideas of the others and through this type of “battle”, we as the consumers benefit from the tech being more and more refined to do more specialized things on different platforms. It seems pointless to say that Nintendo/Sony/MS should drop out of the console market place, just because you like a specific type of game and hate one company or another. All of these companies “need” each other and while not all consumers will purchase more than one console, alot will; if only to have different experiences in different ways. Aside from graphics, which will always fall flat compared to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One are bringing nothing truly new and “next gen” to the table. It’s the same thing as last gen, sit in front of the tv with the same controller and play the same type of games over and over, each one will have a different name, but essentially will be the same. Innovation comes from the places you would least expect and Nintendo is not done innovating in the Home console market just yet. So please, go troll really hard somewhere else, because you aren’t fully aware of the ramifications that such a situation as Nintendo going the way of the DoDo would have on the gaming industry. If they aren’t important then why is Ouya touting their, soon to be illegal, ability to play NES roms on the console? Just some food for thought there fella.

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  10. So now they are saying the Wii U can use it… Why do I smell EA talking shit again?

    Seriously, well to make up for all this bullshit… release Mirror’s Edge 2 on Wii U as well as PS4 and Xbox Done…

  11. Too bad we won’t be able to have online passes in Wii U games.

    There’s always everyone else.

  12. We are going where the gamers are, so we are going to prioritise unreleased consoles over consoles with low install base!

    Amount of gamers @ Wii U: low
    Amount of gamers @ PS4/Xbone: none

    1. They’re going to come crawling back to the Wii U when they realize that no console ever flies off the shelves and achieves mega millions in install base in the first year.

    1. Translation: EA, make up you’re gosh darn mind!! Are going to support WiiU or not? WELL WHICH IS IT?!

      1. Alt Translation: What do you mean, “Where the gamers are.” We’re right in front of you gaming on a WiiU console!

        (Hey, translating this frog isn’t as easy as it looks. :p )

  13. “We go where the gamers are. That’s why we’re developing games for the PS4 and Xbox1 and not the Wii U.” Because, you know, there are more gamers playing both those consoles than Wii U right now. OH WAIT. EA is so silly; do they honestly think the One is going to do better than the Wii U?

  14. More BS coming from EA and any other developer/publisher who try and find reasons why their games won’t be coming to Wii U. I guarantee you that these complaints and excuses they are making are only becoming even more legendary, asinine, ridiculous, discriminatory, false, and just utter crap altogether. They really need to swallow their pride and realize that in order for a user base to grow is for both first and third party companies to release software that is of top quality. This whole thing where they are playing it way too safe will only bite them in the ass in the long run. Honestly, I really don’t know why they always give Sony and Microsoft the red carpet treatment when they always find a ridiculous excuse to brush Nintendo aside when they actually care about saving the industry while companies like Capcom, Square-Enix, and especially EA are blowing away so much money to see if they can obtain the profits like how Activision does with Call of Duty, every year. It’s sickening as that constant thinking is only going to lead the industry into another video game crash. Have they not learned anything about why THQ went under? It’s because of those exact same reasons! Too much money is being blown toward Triple-A titles, no innovation in the gameplay is being placed as companies only care about visuals first and gameplay second, and the over-saturation of shooters, sports, MMOs, RTS, and party games have flooded the market like there is no end. They shouldn’t lean toward mobile or social gaming as they need to go back to basics and learn what makes a game fun and enjoyable. If they did that while learning from indie developers, maybe this industry could be saved. However, EA and Square-Enix are only going to learn that Xbox One will not have a huge install base as the damage of what Microsoft has done is already in place, they are treating the system more as a TV-Box, PC, and Entertainment device, and Microsoft’s console philosophy isn’t akin to Japanese gamers. Honestly, no install base exists for both systems as of yet, and the fact that games like Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III are coming to those systems where those games would be a perfect fit for the Wii U is only going to hurt Square-Enix in the long run. Haven’t they learned why Final Fantasy XIII sold so poorly on the Xbox 360 over the PlayStation 3? Publishers and their mismanagement… I seriously don’t know why the industry and trolls believe what EA is doing is the way of the future. I really don’t.

    1. EA is a cancer in the gaming world. The harbinger of any developer’s destruction. When EA buys a new smaller developer, you can be sure that the said developer will go down hill from there on.

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    1. Expected install base. The same thing everyone expected Wii U to have, and promptly stopped supporting it when it failed to sell within expectations.

  16. EA put alot of effort into trashtalking WiiU, but even they realize that the system might start to sell when first party titles comes.

    And if Nintendo start to sell units, EA will be there with their bad ports and stripped content.

        1. LOL… it sure seems that way with the Wii U, except that Nintendo actually showed some of what they are releasing next year, so I will wait til next year while I play Pikmin 3, SC: Blacklist, W101, Watch Dogs, AC4, DKCRTF, SM3DW, and all the other indie games that seem to be blazing a trail onto the Wii U. And the indie lineup for the Wii U well into next year is astonishing. Armikrog, Soul Saga, and a whole slew of others, while this drought has been terrible for the Wii U, by no means is it a statement that the Wii U is dead. I like and play most all of the other consoles as well, but have yet to see anything on offer from the other 2, that has truly piqued my interest in laying down the better part of $1k for a gaming console and a game and and online subscription, unless I decided to go PC.

  17. They’re just a lazy nonsensical company.

    I loved Mass Effect 3, but what was the excuse for not releasing the entire trilogy as a set on the Wii U? I’m sure a lot of people are reluctant to even pick up the game on Wii U simply because it’s not always fun or easy to jump in during the middle of something.

    1. or at the end… since it was ME 3 on the Wii U. Still a great game that gives a minimal synopsis of the first 2 games to bring the player up to speed. Just beat ME 3 last weekend on the Wii U and I think the game is great, but EA still need to fix their positions on things and to not let their peons make statements that they have to retract later.

  18. Translation: We really just want a lot of money, and making games for people that like games is not our priority. But if the money shows up on the Wii U, then we will probably cash in on that console as well. Oh yeah, we are liars and Frostbite 3 is scalable.

  19. wait a moment. Didn’t ea say FB3 doesn’t work for WiiU. Now they say it’s possible it odes. i’m going to speculate that disney is the reason why eA retracts previous statement. after all Disney’s infinity is on wiiu, wii, 3ds and ds. EA is making Star wars and disney knows starwars.

    1. owns* star wars.. and that gives them quite a bit of leverage

      yeah i think disney might have something to do with EA backpedaling on most of their statements regarding wii U

      1. I witnessed the battle from supporting Ranks Nintendo commander. You and Nintedward dispatched of the threat with ease. It’s the Sonyans fearing the WiiU’s 3DS prowess. It is to be expected. Nintendo runs in all events sprint, decathlon to marathon. That fanboys do not perceive, now EA has realized their xboxone partnership is about done thus they now crawl back turtle wise. Disney won’t let their n and be tarnished by mere amateurs. Thus the push for starwars to grace were gamers want it. If we nintendo fans refuse it it shall not grace the consoles from Kyoto. Smart business by Disney.

        1. Indeed, once the Wii U starts selling like frostbites the Sonyans will lose the war to us again…

          Hopefully if Battlefront does come to our machine, let’s hope it’s not another half-arsed port…

          But soon the wait is over and the N-Monsoon will pour down on us faster than the Sonyans can say Riiiiddggeee Raaaaccceeeeeerrrrr!

  20. These engines can work on the Wii U. But as usual, EA won’t make games on it because they’re still upset that Origins is not on the console.

  21. Sony fans, really? You guys come to a nintendo centric site to attack nintendo and the WiiU. You know the 3DS has grown into a mega console, great ruler of the eighth generation. Now that you have seen EA backtracking you are fearing what is coming when Pikmin 3 releases. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate already gave you a taste of what games do. Sale consoles, great games that is.

  22. mywiiuhasnogames:(

    even if it would come,who’d wanna play the gimped version with probably 32 players max instead of 64,no dlc etc =/

  23. But it’s funny, when PS4 or Xbox One not supported the policy states that EA DRM they confirm that Frostbite3 works on Wii U….

  24. This is so funny! EA has lost all credibly. Every one knew, trolls excluded, that if they could make frostbite 3 work on Xbox 360, PS3, and mobile phones, the they sure as heck could get it to work on the Wii U. Also, I find it laughable that they say they go where the gamers go, that’s why they are creating games for the Xbox 1 and PS4. Hello? There are no gamers for those consoles, because they aren’t out yet. However, there are close to 4 million Wii U owners looking for games to play, and half hearted ports like Mass Effect and Madden 13 don’t count. If EA gave Nintendo the same unbiased support as they are for MS/Sony that would help Wii U sells. Also, before anyone say anything about it’s Nintendo’s responsibly to increase the user base, that’s mostly true. Let’s be honest, 3rd parties help sell consoles too. Many gamers favorite games tend to be 3rd party games. We know Nintendo is gonna support the Wii U, and so do 3rd party developers. Plus, the big 1st party games that’ll release along side the Xbox 1 and PS4 aren’t that appealing to me. I’m more excited for their 3rd party titles as I’m sure many of you are as well!

  25. oh so suddenly it’s possible.. funny.. how people knew EA was lying all along.. and now they’re acting like they never even claimed it wouldn’t run^^

  26. You can’t blame them. People will only buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo exclusives. That’s what I hear nowadays, anyway.

    1. The only ones who say that are fanboys who blindly follow Nintendo and justify anything they do.

      The truth is that people buy consoles for games. Period.
      Only reason I’m going for a PlayStation 4 is because the third-party support on Nintendo has been very thin, but the Wii U will be my primary console because I love Nintendo. Much like how the Wii was before and my PS3 was a side console for Sony games and third-party games I couldn’t play on Wii.

      Now, the reason EA jumped ship on the Wii U is because of the install base. When the Wii U didn’t sell like the Wii, they ditched Nintendo. Which I think is a BS reason because no console sells by the millions at the beginning and it is almost impossible to emulate the success of the Wii almost immediately. So it’s Nintendo’s responsibility to build an install base, sure, but games in general sell consoles.

  27. On a related note, EA is clearing out their Wii U stock, 14.99 for FIFA 13 and 29.99 for NFS:MW and ME:3.

  28. fun fact ea… noone will purchase forstdick 4 the wii u, theyre 2 busy takig it up the ass with their wiidildos 2 play good games. keep it on ps4

        1. at least nintendo actually make quality games

          none of them are shit.. metacritic regularly confirms that

          only thing that’s shit here is your grammar/spelling

          1. the only thing that is sht is merio. merio is like nintndo cod its sickening to watch nintndo force feed merio’s dik into every1s mouths





    1. where did they admit to lying? i mean it’s of course obvious that they were lying.. always was… but they’ll never admit they did

  30. look into gddr5 latency and poor cpu performance then look into ps4s memory bus set up and complete lack of fat ram

    things start to fall apart no wonder little wiiu kicked ass at e3

    EA your full of it wiiu is next gen IN SO MANY WAYS get onnnnn with it

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