Iwata’s Approval Rating Has Dropped


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has seen his approval rating amongst investors drop from 90.60 percent down to 77.26 percent. Iwata is the only executive to have had his approval dip under 90 percent. In the past Satoru Iwata’s approval rating has been as high as 96 percent, but as it stands now Iwata is currently at 77.26 percent.


    1. I don’t know why Iwata gets the shit he doesn’t deserve recently. He has given Nintendo so much since he came. Otherwise, Nintendo wouldn’t be alive right now. At least not in the position Nintendo is at. Iwata tries his hardest, and if he leaves, I’ll just be sad. The replacement probably won’t be even close to as good as him.

      1. Iwata is honestly one of the best things that ever happened to Nintendo, until everyone started giving him shit about the Wii U. I think we should all try to keep Iwata there.

      2. A summary on Iwata,

        -“major droughts that plague GameCube (2002)

        -Iwata says Wii will avoid major droughts that plagued GameCube. (March 2007)

        -Iwata promises that 3DS will avoid major droughts that plagued Wii and DS.

        -Iwata: As we learned a bitter lesson with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, we are trying to take every possible measure so that the Wii U will have a successful launch.”

        – Iwata apologizes for Wii U drought in January and February.
        “I apologize to those supporting Wii U about the lack of titles in January and February.”

        “iwata tries his best” is not enough, he keeps making and breaking promises

        at least now you know why iwata “gets all this shit”, and the reasons people have for saying these things.

        1. Thank god, someone with an opinion based on facts.
          I like Iwata as Nintendo’s ‘face’, but he shouldn’t have to keep apologize for stuff, that should’ve gone right the first time.

        2. @mywiiuhasnogames:(
          Agreed 100% its not so much what he has done, its what he hasn’t done, and the fact of the matter is, after making mistake after mistake, the guy just never learns, and thinks saying “please understand” ” we are sorry” people will forget, yes the Nintendo fan base may be forgiving but the investors are not, i so hope they make his step down, and bring in new blood, Nintendo needs it so bad!

          i love Nintendo, but lately they are just making to many mistakes and retarded decisions, i wish they were the old cor gamer focused Nintendo, and not this casual gamer version of Nintendo! granted yes he has made Nintendo allot of money, but losing the support of the majority of the core gamers, is not good!

          After all Nintendo once held 95% of the games market, compare that to now, and you see how badly they have fallen!
          Just for example look at the lack of 3rd party support problem, hell this problem of third parties not supporting Nintendo consoles has been going on since the n64 days, and Nintendo has to have seen this problem escalating with each generation!
          And yet, what have they done about it to address these problems? yes iwata became boss around the time of the game cube, but since then, the same old problems have plagued Nintendo! and they have done jack bloody shit to fix it!

          Saying sorry all the time just makes you look weak, there’s no point saying sorry, unless you address the problem in the first place and rectify it, and ensure it never happens again! iwata has not done any of this! the sooner he goes the better Nintendo will be! and that will then give us the fans a better company!

      3. While Nintendo needs Iwata and he has overall been good for Nintendo cause lets be honest here. He has more passion for the company then anyone else in any other company in the world. However that being said he has made a few more mistakes then normal. Sure being HD for the 1st time Is a factor. But regardless he has made mistakes he could have easily not made. But he’s human so I forgive him for the most part.

          1. Good to know, i couldn’t care less about her. As for your mom, lend me a shovel; i want to take her on a trip 6 feet under ;)

      1. Census states that the population from 2000 to 2003 increased by 9,387,871 in the United States (including Puerto Rico) alone! That means that there are going to be millions of 10-13 year old kids getting a Wii U this Christmas because parents will be inclined not to purchase their children a $400-$500+ gaming system! I’m probably wrong, but parents think differently than gamers do…unless you are a gamer parent, then you will buy what you want and give your old system to the kids!

  1. You’d probably fix that if you actually PROVED what you said Iwata, rather than not doing it, or not showing us what the WiiU can do. Ugh.

      1. X does, in it’s current state, but it’s still called X, doesn’t have a story, we know nothing of it. It looks great but it’ll all be ruined if the facial and body animations look like shit (because they wont fucking invest in motion capture).
        And Mario Kart just looks like a very glossy Sonic All Stars.

        1. Well, that will be unveiled soon, wont it? We will see stuff that makes the Wii U look great, trust me. I don’t know why you don’t find Mario Kart look good. To me, it looks PERFECT for a Mario Kart.

          Anyways, why do you care so much about phenomenal visuals? Sure, they’re good as ADDITION. It’s not something games should completely focus on. Gamers today care too much about graphics.

          1. Well aside from visuals making the experience more enjoyable, the big deal isn’t about how it looks, its what it can do. You look at Mario Galaxy, then look at the gamepad, and you can think of all sorts of crazy shit, with all its functions. But nope, we got “press button to Cat”. FUCKING GREAT /s

            1. It’s their “easy play” lineup to push the sales. They obviously have more first party titles as said by Iwata numerous times. They just haven’t announced them yet not to ruin the hype for other titles like Smash Bros. The Wii U starts selling, Nintendo will come out with phenomenal games. You will see. Take my word.

              1. Know what’s better than “easy play”? Doing shit that actually matters.

                If they want to make games for mass audience spastics, go to mobile gaming.

                1. So…you’d rather make a game that looks appealing to you, and hope it sells the console with no confirmation or warranty that it would? Instead of a cheap Mario game that will gain you a strong install base, and a lot of profit for the company itself to put out awesometastic games onto the console that would sell because of the install base, you would rather create that awesometastic game that wouldn’t sell without an install base, and put it on your console? You’ll never become a good decision-maker when it comes to a company. Some fans aren’t satisfied, I understand, but it ALL comes down to smart, cheap choices to make a profit. Not to satisfy you and a couple of thousand other people.

                  First, the Wii U has to obtain a good install base, with the help of cheap titles. Then after that, Nintendo will finally start releasing super-cool looking and playing games like Metroid/Kid Icarus and StarFox. Maybe even a couple of new IPs. Even though we did establish quite a few in the past year or two. You will see more, you’re getting too upset.

                  1. No, i want a game that’s actually fucking interesting.

                    The team who made MARIO FUCKING GALAXY, and all they came up with, is a game that already exists, now with 4 multiplayer co-op. it’s NSMB all fucking over again.

                    1. Like I said, surely complaining won’t do a thing. Once the install base boosts, they will reveal such games. ’til that point, you can be mad all you want, it won’t change a thing. I agree with you that I’m not really finding the new Mario game appealing, but it’s what they chose to do. Unless you reverse time and send them multiple e-mails, you won’t change this.

                    2. So what? Super Mario Galaxy is one of the most overrated games ever made.

            2. I’m with you on that. Donkey Kong and 3dworld do nothing to,show off the new console. The virtual console is another fucking joke.

              1. Hey, im all for a new DKC, i loved the shit out Returns, but yeah. “Hey guys, our last Metroid game was fucking terrible, because we gave it to a fucking tecmo m koei company (WHYTYHGYSHSKA) and let the creepy shitbag Sakamoto write and buther the most inportant female character in the history of video games, it’s been 7 years since our last one, what do we do?….DONKEY KONG”

                1. Whs decision is it to release awful shit titles on the VC? Who decided that an HD sequel of a 3ds game should be the first 3d Mario game? Who decided to put a shit CPU in it? Who decided that we need another donkey kong game instead of Metroid? Who made the decision not to market the thing? Who made the decision to make Nintenoland, NSMBU, Pikmin 3, 3D world, offline multiplayer?!?!?!? If these are Iwatas decisions then he needs to go Sorry.

                2. What’s funny is that although a lot of people are pissed about Retro not making Metroid (including me) is that Donkey Kong will still likely be just as great as DKCR was and probably better than Mario 3D World.

          2. agreed! i can’t stand it when i hear people say i like ____ better than _____ because the graphics are better. a game could have no story, no game play(meaning inability to even move) but the best graphics in the world- that does not make it the best game in the world(though someone would say it is)

        2. Mario Kart looks 10 times as good as Sonic all stars lol!! for sure. Infact Sonic all stars is a nasty looking game in Sub HD with an unstable 30FPS….. Some of the elements in the game look like they’ve been pulled from Dreamcast.

          Mario Kart 8 is a very very good looking game and looks better than pretty much everything , cartoon style on 7th gen consoles.

          Pikmin 3 looks stunning also let alone X.

          1. No.

            That’s literally all i have for that.

            You were probably playing it on the gamepad, but it ran fine for me, and it looked great.

            1. Right back at ya , I’m no digital foundry but Mario Kart 8 LITTERALY (not even debatable) is about 3-4 times as impressive as SASRT.

              SASRT is a bad looking game with Sub HD Jaggies all over the place and a pathetic framerate for a Karting.

              Not only does Mario Kart 8 look way better graphically , it’s 60FPS and Native HD. I had SASRT and the presentation of it was worse than MK7 on 3DS…

              1. Well it’ll look better from the 60fps, no doubt, but can’t tell that on youtube, but the game isn’t a big step up.

                SASRT and Mario Kart look similar visually, MK8 applies a simple art style, it has detail in the roads and what not, but SASRT has opposing art styles due to the different franchises, Sonic and Golden Axe dont exactly mesh together.
                But what im saying is from someone who played SASRT until the AI got too cheap to even make the game enjoyable, meaning nearly every race on every difficulty, it looks great. It’s not mindblowing, obviously, but it’s pretty, MK8 is jus prettier, im not mindblown

                1. I’m very impressed by the lighting and clean look of Mario Kart 8!!!! Watch them through the Eshop in the videos section on Wiiu , you can see everything uncompressed at 60FPS!!! You would have no chance at running Mario Kart 8 on PS3 and 360 at 720p 60FPS , not even close. Not to mention the Shading and lighting in MK8 looks way better than what we come to expect from that sort of game on PS360.

                  I honestly don’t know how you’re not impressed, everyone else is!

                  Anyway once Pikmin 3 comes out (in a matter of weeks) and the Wonderfull 101 soon after , everyone will be singing a different tune about Wiiu , me included.

                  1. I don’t really have an issue with WiiU, that’s why i bought one, and im enjoying it. They just need to put their best foot forward, and stop playing the easy cards.

                    1. Agreed!!!! Honestly I was like WTF ? all the way through the direct , even Smash bros I was like ? Cmon maaan…

                      ”Here’s Donkey kong country Tropical Freeze… with no gamepad features !!!!!” Yay ? lol…

                      Super Mario 3D world I was just like FUCK OFF , WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA ?!

                      But once everything settled in , I’m sure it will all turn out amazing. Look at X , Smash , Mario Kart , DKTF , Pikmin 3 , W101 , Bayonetta 2 , Sonic Lost world and more. It’s good.

                      But I agree Nintendo has a complacency issue at the moment. I wish Super Mario 3D world had no multiplayer if they can’t even put it online…

                2. Its a step up in person, felt like playing a Pixar movie at times. And the gravity thing could be cool, it was fun to go all over the place in the game, but felt a little out of control on the Ghost House Stage. I like that its 12 player and it looks like it will have some decent online features like the TV thing. But it was really just an E3 build (only 3 levels) that we got to play and the thing could come out like March or April.

                  Mario was very fun too, so even if you think it looks stale give it a try.
                  It did have it moments it felt fresh, but also felt like with other people we were all just scrambling around. It felt like a game you would expect to see if you went to an arcade and want to through quarters in it.

                  Also Pikmin 3, youtube doesn’t even close to do it justice at all. All of the texture look muddy in Youtube videos, but when I got there to see it at Nintendo World all of them look sharp and crisp.

            2. I sometimes wonder if you’ve even seen gameplay of those games. AT LEAST on YouTube. It’s like your commenting your thoughts on games you haven’t even seen.

              1. Or, because i actually play games, and looked at other consoles without goggles on my eyes, i can actually look at a game objectively and make a fair comparison and say “MK8 looks great, but not mind blowning, Pikmin 3 looks good, but not mind blowing, and X looks good, for alpha build, needs smoothing out, and we need to see if it’s going to be FFXV quality voice acting and animations, or FFX, but im impressed with the scope and ambition”.

                1. So I don’t play games, and don’t fairly compare games in terms of graphics? I’m sorry, but did I even tell you about how I felt about the PS4/Xbox One game graphics? How can you tell me that I’m not fair at comparing games, when I didn’t state a single comparison? And yes, visually we’ve hit the point to where everything looks impressive, for a consumer. That’s why the focus now shouldn’t be on visuals.

                  1. the focus should have never been on visuals. overall, the video game market is corrupt with “good graphics” and fps.

                2. My honest opinion when it comes to critical thinking is; NOTHING at E3 looked outstanding or mindblowing. Mario Kart 8 looked very good for a cartoony game where you can’t really go far with the graphics, because of the art style. X does look good for the stage at where it is. It DOES need a lot of polishing, but where it’s at, it looks very good and neat. Pikmin 3 shouldn’t even be an E3 thing. It should be released by now, I don’t understand why Nintendo still pays so much attention to it. It looks good now, because I’m disgusted at them showing the game off in all of these directs. Bayonetta 2 looks good, but there isn’t much improvement from past installments other than the resolution & smooth framerates. The gameplay I’ve seen of FFXV looks quite good and fun, graphically speaking, again, it’s not anything phenomenal, but it DOES look good.

                  There aren’t games yet showing the Wii U off. Sure. However, that’s why patience exists. Sure, I hate Nintendo for not giving us those cool games now, but it’s just how it is and we have to live with it. I bet any money that next year we will get a game that we will say “wow” to, concerning the graphics on the Wii U.

                  1. Completely missing the entire point of everything i’ve said, just throwing the “ehhh doesn’t matter if WiiU is under powered” crap around.

                    No, it doesn’t, but stop pretending like those games are going to ever stand up to the stuff we’ll see on PS4, not just visually, but in terms of what’s possible with gameplay. We’ll only see that on WiiU when Nintendo pulls their finger out their and stops making the WiiU a HD 3DS.

            3. Wiiu games should look great on the gamepad , but SASRT looks like awful because of its terrible low resolution. I was playing it on my 32” 1080p LED LG 2012 model :P

            4. I strongly disagree. 30 fps on a car racing game is really frustrating. The game is a really bad lazy port and I think they could have used the Wii U’s power to a much better use. Hell, even Multiplayer is still broken, and the game was pretty much unplayable when it got first released. This is why I bought the PC version after I bought the Wii U version. 60 fps in 1080p is pure eyecandy.

            1. IKR! And can you believe I’ve just had to argue that MARIO KART 8 looks better than SASRT ? lol….

              Mario Kart 8 litteraly looks (and peforms) about 4-5 times as good ! lol

                1. You know I respect your opinion on all things gaming! But I thought you just had that one a LITTLE bit wrong.

                  I thought SASRT was an extremely poorly presented game graphically , the graphics are about 4.5/10 by Xbox 360 standards. That’s why it wasn’t even full price because they put no effort into the visuals.

                  Mario Kart 8 is actually an extremely good looking game. I’m not comparing it to something like the TLOU cus they’re different. Let’s say cartoon graphics… Mario Kart 8 is probably one of the best looking games in that category , it looks way WAY better than Knack on PS4….

      2. Where the fuck is this?

        Aside from being the old game to reeeeally impress me from next gen, why can’t Nintendo push something like this out?
        They’ve been in business for so fucking long, why can’t they produce something this good? They certainly should. But all we fucking get is a HD 3DS fucking Mario engine. GREAT.
        How about actually fucking innovating with your games this gen, Nintendo, that would be nice, seeing as you’ve done it every gen so far besides this one.

        1. Dude. Visuals equals NOT innovation. The new Metal Gear Solid game will undoubtedly be the same, if not very similar to its previous releases. What makes you think the new Metal Gear game is super innovative? I like the graphics, yeah, but why do you think graphics = innovation? That’s utter bulshit.

          1. Metal Gear Solid in my opinion, is the first benchmark for every generation. Looks at MGS1, you dumb fuck. There’s innovation, and NEW ideas, that actually UTILISE HARDWARE.

            I’m not saying visuals, im including the entire thing as a whole, scope, level design, game mechanics, enemy AI, everything is improved upon in EVERY MGS game, with each new numbered instalment.

            But the fact is, you wouldn’t know, because you don’t fucking play them.

            1. LMAO. Here we go with the insults. I’m amazed at how this website is full of socially insecure people like you and Ness. One comment later, you would go onto bashing me and insulting me to the very end just because you disagree with me. I’ve played all of the Metal Gear games including the PSP titles since I’m a BIG fan of Metal Gear. I’ve even played the very classic game on the NES. Sure, there was innovation in the titles, but they stayed eventually the same. I doubt MGSV will be much different from MGSIV.

              If you think Mario evolved less than MGS, think again. From Super Mario Bros to Mario Galaxy and such is a HUGE innovation.

              1. And now we have Mario Galaxy to 3D fuckfest.

                One step forward, a million back? “But derr multiplayer”

                And pretty sure MG on the NES didn’t have dtnamic weather, real time lapse, a ridiculously huge open world, oh, and wasn’t in 3 fucking D. MGS is literally THE most important game when it comes to storytelling in games today, its THE game that got it right. I’d say that’s fair innovation. Otherwise, MGS evolves with each one, you’re ignorant to ignore that.

                1. Okay. You seem to be too upset to be discussed with. Might talk to you at some point at which you will be at least somewhat sensible. You seem to be either tired, or you don’t have anyone to talk to. Go outside or something.

                    1. Wow. Insults all over the place. You should go get some fresh air, you stuck-up faggot. Go have a breather, because you aren’t sensible enough to discuss anything. If anyone disagrees with you on ANYTHING, you will start throwing insults all around trying to make yourself look smart. You don’t even know me, so why the fuck are you judging? I just don’t want to start an argument with an obviously disabled and unstable person on the internet. It always gets too annoying.

                2. Why are you judging the innovation in Super Mario 3D World when you haven’t even played it?

                  1. I don’t need to play it, because it’s exactly like 3D Land, but with a fucking suit, and people getting in my fucking way.


                    How about, a REAL 3D Mario game, using the gamepad to interact with the enviroment (more than touching up enemies for noobs), but pulling ropes, levers, stretching land masses, picking up Mario and throwing him across a gap, drawing a path for some shit to do something, a level that you move around with the gyro, SHIT THAT BELONGS IN A MARIO GAME, not a fucking Cat Suit.

                    1. So it’s just like 3D land? So I’m guessing you’ve played it? Yeah, no. You have no idea how many cool ideas that could be in this game.

                    2. The misunderstanding when people hear “The Big innovation IN THIS GAME is a Cat suit” is ridiculous. All he’s saying is that the cat suit is the innovation with the game, he’s not saying it’s innovative overall for gaming. Twisting words is peoples’ profession nowadays.

                    3. Frog, tanookie suit, bee, goomba shoe, p ballon, cloud, penguin, propeller and flying squirrel suiy yeah its a real step down to have a cat suit.

                    4. I played it and can confirm it plays like 3D Land and was VERY easy. Multiplayer was fun though……

                  2. He was probably one of those complainers who loved to spread their blood-soaked piss on Super Mario 3D Land… then shut up about it when it sold millions on the 3DS.

                    The same will happen with 3D World during its time after release, but until then, just bear with his asininity, which he’ll demonstrate towards me in 3…2…1…

                    1. COD sells millions.

                      It’s a piece of shit.

                      I don’t give a fuck how it sells. 3D Land was honestly overrated as fuck, it was just the “Gravity Rush” of Vita games, where fucking nothing was coming out on 3DS, and suddenly you get a game and you just accept it as the best thing ever because it made your $200+ mean something.

            2. U shouldn’t bother arguing with this guy. His head is too far up Nintendo’s ass, he can’t hear anything you’re saying.

              1. I’m getting a lot of positive replies on this site. Seriously, the moderators need to step it up a bit. I’m sensible with my comments and replies, and I do listen to what he says. I do agree with him on some things, however he doesn’t know how to not reply without offending me, so I don’t take his comments seriously.

                How exactly is my head right up Nintendo’s ass? I protect things I believe deserve protecting. If Nintendo does do something truly stupid, I will argue that it’s retarded. This guy tells me that if he was a CEO, he would release a super expensive game that nobody would buy because there wouldn’t be an install base instead of releasing a good, cheap game to boost the install base.

                If you want to argue with me, do it with some sort of sensibility and credibility. Back up your ideas, and do it directly to me. Instead of side-stepping, roaming around me and insulting the shit out of me. Thank You.

            3. Don’t worry about that idiot. Probably one of those fanboy pricks who thinks Metal Gear is just another generic shooting game.

              1. ………..Wow, without reading my posts you tell me that I’m a fanboy prick who thinks Metal Gear is another generic shooter. Well done, fucking idiot. This site is literally filled with dumb-asses.

            4. MG 4 was mostly cutscenes and about 30% gameplay it was great as a story but as a game it was weak. I got the game for like 10$ so i didn’t lose anything

        2. I don’t know that this is the game you should be touting top of the line graphics, in the rain scene Snake looks like he has a bobble head. And at other times in the game peoples teeth looks like have cheshire cat teeth.

          The horse model looked real though, still not sure I am entirely into the graphics.

  2. Not surprised, I hope he gets fired and someone who won’t resist the changes of the industry takes his place. I’m tired of this we’re gonna do our own thing attitude of Nintendo.

  3. Iwata is a terrible president. Sure he is responsible for Nintendo doing well financially but he also responsible for Nintendo’s decline in quality and ruining Nintendo’s reputation by releasing weak and gimmicky hardware. They should sack him and either bring back Yamouchi or let Miyamoto take his place.

          1. Lets be real here, he probably does have a below average size set of nards……..

        1. I agree with Ness a little. Iwata is a dumb ass in some areas. Example: Why wait 7 months in order to approve the pro controller to work on NSMBU? Another example: Why didn’t you make Wii U powerful enough to handle 4 gampads back in 2008 when the Wii U was in development? Why would you think that in 2008 Power PC wouldn’t be old 5 years later? Why would you add 2 GB of memory for developers to use? You gotta admit Wii U could have been better if he wasn.’t focused on making it better than the PS3/360 in 2008. The only thing I’m against ness on is Nintendo’s software. I like the upcoming software. Its Nintendo’s decisions that are sorta dumb.

          1. PowerPC is a type of chip and his been around since the 80s. They use them in Apple Computers for decades used the PowerPC. The one in the Xbox360 is not the same one used in the Wii U. And it looks like the ARM chip inside deals with some kind of communication and OS, so this might be why you can’t hook up too many game pads to it. Honestly its a much more powerful machine than both the PS3 and Xbox 360 if its built around it, but still not as Powerful as PS4 or Xbox One (But then the Xbox One has so much tangle up into the multiple OS…it hinder it to a point that its not much more power, but we will have to wait and see until some tears these machines apart.)

            I think the biggest thing that Nintendo messed up on (besides it could use a little more RAM as a marketing bullet point) is that Computers, Xbox, and PS4 is all X86 architecture so it makes the Wii U a little bit like the 3rd man out. Also every machine that has Nintendo has done has been really custom and the industry as a whole is going away from that.

    1. miyamoto should not be president. if he is going to make amazing games, he needs to not be filled with other jobs. it would be weird but, i think reggie would fill in iwata’s role.

    1. This has nothing to do with Xbot diseases. This is about Iwata being a bumbling, clueless leader who has held Nintendo and the entire video game industry back.

      1. Thank you for admitting that without Nintendo, The Sonyan Legion and the Xbots are nothing after all…

        Without Nintendo, those 2 are without purpose or reason to exist…

        Just futile to resist…

      2. ya because microdick and sony made touch, motion control, ture 3d, and multi-screen gaming in the past 10 years. the biggest game play innovations(other than 3d) have come around in iwata’s “reign”

  4. Not surprised, I hope he gets fired and someone who won’t resist the changes of the industry takes his place and actually listens to the fans. I’m tired of Nintendo’s “we’re just gonna do our own thing and ignore everyone else” attitude

    1. Agreed, that is a really bad business move. Them doing their own thing will separate themselves from PS4/ONE and end up making them even more irrelevant than they already are.

    2. In some respect i like that they do their own thing, but there is a sense of “do this shit, please” with Nintendo.

      Why don’t they have games with a deeper story, or motion capture, or NEW IP’s, or mature IP’s (not mature Zelda), why isn’t Metroid the fucking hallmark of their 2 cents in “modern gaming”, Samus is a fucking boss, and she actually has a good backstory, and can have amazing “The Last of Us” quality storytelling, IF they actually fucking did something with it. But they’ll probably just fucking give it to Team Ninja and cuntbag Sakamoto again….

      1. Everything you just said is exactly what’s wrong with the entire western gaming community today…

        A good story makes a good game? No it doesn’t, it just is a great story, nothing else…

        Mature? mature is when people play a game for fun and not to get all philosophical and deep…

        You want that then go watch a movie, documentary or take some classes…

        Story in a game or graphics is only important if the gameplay is fun and engaging…

        I don’t want to pay $60 for game full of CGI, sneaking and mindless shooting, I want a game where you PLAY, not watch…

        And instead of complaining all the time, why not buy a PS4 or Xbox Done?…

        They have your taste, go get it…

        1. …..
          So a Metroid game with a good story means it would have to be a shitty game?

          The Last of Us has an amazing story. Is the game part bad? Fuck no, it’s very much like Naughty Dog’s take on Resident Evil 4, it’s the best modern survival game we’ve has since Resi4.

          Are the Mass Effect games bad? No. Good story, good gameplay.

          There is no sacrifice as long as you’re a good company.

          1. If the gameplay is worse than previous installments that came years before then yes, as a game it would not get my money at full price even though I’m a Metroid Fan…

            Maybe I would buy a used one if I had the money to waste on something…

            What makes TLoU unique compared to other games?…

            I don’t accept story or CGI cinematics as reasons just in case…

            And I don’t think the Mass Effect games are bad, if they released the trilogy for the Wii U, I would probably buy it…

        2. You can have your cake and eat it too.

          I can enjoy a Zelda game, and a Dark Souls game, i don’t have to choose any side, like a fucking moron.

      2. Motion capturing is nothing special it doesn’t add anything new really besides better body motion and games have been fine without it.. New ips have been coming out for a while like Sakurai Samurai, pushmo, nintendo land, and dillion. Deep storys are in nintendo games , like the side story in mario galaxy, Zelda skyward sword, and kid icarus. Mature ips are cool but u don’t need blood, or gore to tell a story, but nintend does own some m rated franchises. And the last of us is a good game but, will it hold up in 10 years those realistic graphics never truly hold up after a while. Samus’s back story is great and retro has stated they do have ideas for game play. But if i were to choose a story writer it would be somebody from xeno saga.

        1. “Deep storys are in nintendo games , like the side story in mario galaxy, Zelda skyward sword, and kid icarus.”

          Oh yeah, give those writers a fucking Oscar. Meanwhile, The Walking Dead made people fucking CRY. Grown ass men, shedding tears.

          You’re out of touch.

        2. And here’s the thing.

          If you care about the story, you can about the gameplay.

          I cared more about saving Zelda in Skyward Sword because she was a likable character, same with the rest of the cast, and the ENTIRE game benefited from that (despite it’s other short comings)

          The more believable, and more relatable, and more likeable the character is, the engage you’ll be in the game, that’s why motion capture is important, and so is great voice acting (although i still think Zelda should have Hylian as it’s voice acting)

          1. Zelda is fine without motion capture and voice acting its sometime thats not really need but would be a cool thing but won’t do much with zelda since trys new art styles within the series lately. Playing majora’s mask is great example you can feel fear of death in the air, everything u do is almost pointless with the ending being the same until u stop the moon, you can feel the pain skull kid had gone through, you can see how much link has grown. But as for voice acting i would object to text what so ever i read during my free time anyway so it doesn’t bother me, you put the tone of voice they use by the way they express themself and tone of the text. But every one else beside link can talk but link needs to stay silent thats the way its always been you are link.

        3. Im a big Nintendo fan but only like 2 of their IPS have good, deep stories. Not even Zelda and I’m a huge fan but Nintendo games are all about gameplay, wich is good but you can have both, XbOne and Ps4 have both, Nintendo doesn’t and it is stupid. SAyind that Zelda, Icarus and Mario Galaxy have deep story is just a lie. It’s a clonic well implemented story if we talk about gameplaystory relationship (wich btw isn’t that brilliant, story in Nintendo games is told using all cliches ever used in gaming).
          Tell one Nintendo game that can compete, face to face, a story level and stroy-gameplay relationship level wiht Alan Wake, The las of Us, Bioshock… even Halo for gods sake.

          1. You’re kidding, right? Zelda, Pikmin, Star Fox, Metroid. I can keep going if you want. Every company has the ability to make an overwhelming story. But the fact that Nintendo has tons of them,not just 2, proves they are the kings of creating stories. Sure those three games have good stories, but Metroid alone has a better story-line than any of those. (I have all 3 bioshock games)

    3. Gamecube listened to the fans. It’s one of the worst selling consoles out there. Well done, Iwata. He then was bashed numerously by fans and the media. Guess what, the Wii was then introduced. Not only super-cheap, but also profitable as fuck. The company became successful. The DS is the most selling gaming device out there. The 3DS is still the fastest selling gaming device ever.

      …Hmm, yeah. Iwata should definitely get fired since obviously he can’t gain the company any profit. LMAO.

      1. “Gamecube listened to the fans. It’s one of the worst selling consoles out there. Well done, Iwata. He then was bashed numerously by fans and the media. Guess what, the Wii was then introduced. Not only super-cheap, but also profitable as fuck. The company became successful. The DS is the most selling gaming device out there. The 3DS is still the fastest selling gaming device ever.

        …Hmm, yeah. Iwata should definitely get fired since obviously he can’t gain the company any profit. LMAO.”

        Just gona do a bit of editing….

        “New game idea number 2, we listened to the fans. It’s one of the worst selling games of the year. Well done, “Game Company”. They were then was bashed numerously by fans and the media. Guess what, then genric release of established shooter franchise number 6 was then introduced. Not only super-cheap, but also profitable as fuck. The company became successful. The Generic Shooter 6 is the most selling game out there. The Generic Shooter 7 is still the fastest selling gaming device ever.

        …Hmm, yeah. Microsoft should definitely get fired since obviously he can’t gain the company any profit. LMAO.”

      2. Nintendo made more profit in gamecube era than sony. Dont underestimate that little little box.

      3. Let me ask u something are u a gamer or are u an investor? Because investors care about sales, gamers care about quality.

        1. Sales affect quality in the long run. I care about quality right now, but it’s all predetermined by sales in the past. If Nintendo releases some safe games this year to help the sales for the console so that we get excellent titles next year, I’m all up for it. I’m patient, unlike some.

  5. Iwata probably brought billions of dollars to nintendo during Wii and DS. But also brought hardware with no power and nothing but gimmics

    1. motion control is no gimmick. most game consoles have it, tv’s have it, blue ray’s have it, now phones are coming in! motion control did way more than revolutionize gaming, it revolutionized the world.

  6. I know some of his decisions aren’t as good for Nintendo as he thinks they would be, but I don’t think there’s anyone better to this job than him. I believe he’s trying his hardest to make Nintendo the best gaming company, and he’s doing a good job at it!

    1. As far as impact and momentum goes…….

      Nintendo is in that department at the bottom end right now.

  7. There are a lot of dumb things I never understood about Iwanta’s dumb decisions.
    Like if Pikmin is already completed, why does each region have to wait weeks after another region in order to play it? Why is dumb Iwanta holding on to region lock? Best of all, if a 2D plat former can handle online such as Tribe 2, why can’t NSMBU have it? And lastly, why on earth would he think that SSB should have been on 3DS only? And why did his dumb ass put Dark Moon on 3DS?

    1. Why does everyone want online multiplayer in all their games!?!

      It’s not required in order to enjoy it, even if it has local multiplayer.

      Region lock, you don’t know how complicated NOT to implement it.

      I think they would’ve released their consoles without it nowadays if it wasn’t for the complications.

      Part of it is the rating systems. Another is local laws.

      Pikmin not being released in the same region? You don’t know how long it takes to translate a game, do you?

      True, they could do it concurrently with the original language, but in truth, it actually depends on how you develop the game (as proven when they announced they’re doing things differently to release Pokemon X and Y on the same day everywhere in the world).

      SSB on 3DS only, where did you hear that? It’s going to be released for both the Wii U AND the 3DS, so get your facts straight before you post that here.

      Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon on 3DS? The developers made that decision, not Iwata. He doesn’t represent the developers on the game, and Mayamoto only guided the game developers.

      1. And why is the Playstation 3 not region locked?

        Because it’s a different system to what the Wii U and the 3DS is using, and thus, they’ve managed to figure out how to get around the complications related to making their consoles region free.

        They had to do that, as pressure made them do so. That means they were originally planning to require region lock. In end, they made it optional, and since then, only 1 game was region locked.

        Nintendo doesn’t seemed to be affected by pressure to force them to do so.

        Yes, I’m sure they want to make their consoles region free, but as I said, there’s complications when it comes to do so.

        Complications is also the reason why the 3DS is region locked as well.

        1. Karjamp You do realize with the lack of online, I never played every game on Nintendo Land. I also never played every multi option on NSMBU. So I can assume the same for 3D Mario World. Iwata may not be over development. But he’s their boss and should have forced the developers for more online.

    2. You act like Iwata is the only person working at Nintendo. There is more people working at Nintendo than just Iwata. Sure he’s the president and has tons of responsibilities, but he doesn’t do EVERYTHING. I agree with your frustration, but it isn’t just Iwata that is to blame.

      1. Will whose the dumb ass that decided that Nintendo Land shouldn’t be on line and 1 player can’t access every game unless someone else plays with you? Iwata is a dumb ass. We need someone who thinks 5 years ahead.

  8. Over sharing his frustration of misinterpretation? If not, then what? WHAT DO YOU WANT INVESTORS?

  9. That’s probably because Investors only care about money, and Wii U’s not making a whole lot of that right now…

    -_- -_- -_- -_- -_- -_- -_-

    1. You’re incompetence is laughable. He’s taking all the blame when there are other’s working at Nintendo. He’s not the only one in charge of these things. Don’t you see Obama taking the blame for everything too? He’s the president you moron, it’s his job to do these things.

  11. “2014 will be the year of the 3DS, more Wii U software coming in 2015 and onwards… Please understand.” -Shitoru Iwata

    1. As I said, it’s time for Iwata to retire. Reggie should take full command of the company instead.

      1. If Iwata that 5 years ahead, then their wouldn’t be any problems with Wii U sales. Didn’t dumb, stupid retarted Iwata take Strategic Managment in college?

    1. I love making sweet love to your mother in the moor. Tu es la femme de mes rêves! So romantic…so muddy……She’s quite a disgusting little pig isn’t she?

  12. Iwata sucks from the gamers side great for the company , still wondering why he is still in his place now ??

    1. You all are a bunch of stubborn imbeciles aren’t you? Do I need to say this to everyone for them to understand? He’s not the only one working at Nintendo……… There are other’s to blame as well. Do you see him designing the system? Do you see him creating games? He’s the president, not the entire company itself. He has people working for him. You should give him credit, he has such a burden on his hands, and people like you keep giving him shit.

      1. Its funny but when EA’s CEO took the blame of EA being the worst company you didn’t say nothing about he’s not the only one working at EA. Iwata is the boss and if his dumb ass thought like a CEO he would have told those Wii U developers this: “Don’t focus on making Project Cafe more powerful than PS3 because Sony will have a PS4. Estimate how powerful it needs to stay competitive against next generation” But his dumb ass didn’t do that!!!

        1. Funny how EA IS the worst company. Why should I stick up for EA when nobody does? It’s the truth. I give you credit, his decisions aren’t always the best, but do you really think they are as bad as EA? Nope, not even close. We’ll see what happens leading up to 2014.

  13. Iwata is living in the past, the WiiU OS is 2 gens behind. The games themselves lack most, if not all of the great features found in 7th gen games. He chose free online instead of charging for it, to build thier online infrastructure also resulting in the VC being extremely overpriced.

      1. It’s not 2 generations behind, but he has a point. Wii U’s OS is pathetic. There are not even on-screen notifications for god sake! Nintendo wasted most of the RAM on that stupid Miiverse garabage. What a mistake

        At this point Nintendo needs a complete overhaul if they want to say relevant. Fire Iwata, get a new board of directors, and as much as I hate to say it Miyamoto has to go too.

        1. They can patch in that stuff.

          I’ve said it before, but it’s a rushed system, it’s blatantly obvious. WiiU should be coming out this month, not back last year.

        2. Why does Miyamotto have to go? He isn’t responsible for anything other than Pikmin. The man is 60 years old anyways so he will retire eventually.

          1. Miyamotto is very arrogant, he believes in a time that no longer exists. Talks about innovations and creativity, yet no new ips and no online in his games. He shouldn’t be fired but he needs a kick in the pants. Reggie needs to go though, fucking Vegas Stakes, what a Dbag.

            1. While we’re at, hell let’s just fire everyone in the company and have the microsoft and nintendo employees switch places. Cuz I’m sure they can do a better job. I’d say Sony, but who would they copy then? You know what. Screw it. The whole damn market needs to crash again. Last company standing wins.

      2. Very observant, the GUI is different.

        WiiU = No, Xbox = No, Xbox360 = Yes
        Cross Game Chat.
        WiiU = No, Xbox = No , Xbox 360 = Yes

        No point in continuing, I just remembered most of you are fanboys.

        Ummm, Buh Bye, Iwata & Reggie, you guys should open up a Pizza shop!

        1. ….so 2 features suddenly mean PS2 OS of “put in the game, it plays, and memory card options”

          1. That basically sums up the WiiU if it did not have Miiverse….but

            I have a secret for ya I have been able to text message my friends for quite some time now.

            Ps you could install a HDD into the PS2 and it even played DVDs.

  14. i think his problem with investors is that he thinks as a gamer and gamedesigner first and not as a cash hungry investor.
    his passion for games is his greatest strength and biggest hindrance. he wants to create value in fun and pure enjoyment, not in soulless money producing cashcows. that’s not what investors want. they want money not passion. if you can bring the cash with passion it’s ok, but bringing more cash with less passion is even better.

  15. Nobody likes a liar, and a cheat. Iwata is both. Mario 3D world, and smash bros are both cheap 3DS ports. Pikmin 3 should have been released 5 years ago on the wii. The wii u is a terrible console with no games, wind waker, and donkey kong don’t count, as one is a gamecube game, and the other is a snes game. Mario kart 8 should have been avalible this christmas.

    They have lost it with this console, there is no wii u, and the name “wii u” is a terrible name for their next gen console. It sounds more like “wii plus”. And nobody knows about, or wants this console. they don’t even know if it is a new console. Just an ipad for the wii, lol that really does sum it up.


    1. He’ll be sacked in April if Nintendo doesn’t make a profit of $1 billion by then.

    2. there is so much you are missing with the console. yeah, it has its problems but name one console that has not! i love my wii u and i do realize that it needs more games but the fact they are coming later means they had more time to develop meaning they SHOULD be better quality.

  16. As much as I love Iwata he does make some pretty dumb decisions that literally make me sit there with my mouth wide open just wondering what made him think it was a good idea. (no E3 press conference, flagging videos, focusing on 3DS)

  17. Time for him to leave. What a colossal fail the launch of the Wii U has been. What did they do with all the money they got from the Wii? They should have started investing before the launch of the Wii U in new studios in the west to create new IP’s (or work on existing ones). The Wii U wouldn’t have this drought of games it has now.(Lack of 3rd party support wouldn’t matter as much if they had more studios to create more games).

    The only studio in the West they have now is Retro (and they put them to work on another kiddie game, what a waste!). They should had never sold Rare. How I miss all those awesome 2nd party studios they used to have, games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, Jet Force Gemini, Eternal Darkness, Wave Race, 1080°, Excitebike64, etc. All those games had a more mature appeal to them. Mario games have never interested me. They showed absolutely nothing that appeals to me at E3.(and they haven’t in years).

    All Nintendo does now is kiddie games that don’t interest me one bit. It took “Operation Rainfall” to try to convince Nintendo to release a few more mature games in the West on the Wii (Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower). They never bothered to release Fatal Frame 2 in the West either. So out of touch that they are.

    I am more interested in Ubisoft’s “The Division” and “The Crew” than in anything NIntendo showed. They lost me as a consumer. I’m not going to alter the type of games that I enjoy just because of the loyalty I used to have for Nintendo.

    1. I stopped reading after you said Nintendo made Retro create another Donkey Kong game… Retro CHOSE to make another Donkey Kong game. There were a lot of ideas that they couldn’t use for DKCR, so they’re using them in this next game.

      1. Incorrect. Nintendo told them to make DK. If you think they didn’t, you’re delusional.

  18. I bet the wii u will have its time next year. Also I think nintendo needs to release the specs of the console.

  19. The problem isnt the system, i mean Wii u has so much more potential than other consoles on the market. But the problem is that Iwata and Nintendo couldnt deliver enough system sellers in time for Wii u, they launched it in time because Wii was dead but that came for a price. Many games were delayed because this is Nintendos first hd system and learning to develop hd games taked more time from them than they thought, this is why for example smash bros is develop with namco because they have experience and it speeds the process. Iwata gets too much hate imo he has tried his best to fix everythin that yamauchi did for Nintendos and 3rd parties relationship, he also tried to get all the games in time but they werent just READY, you cant just release half assed product like Sonic 06 just for the sake to get in it on launch. Iwata has made some mistakes but overrall he has done so much more good for Nintendo. I think Iwatas biggest problem is that he tries to please and everyone happy.

    1. The Wii U DOES NOT have the most potential out of the three consoles. Let me guess, you’re one of the ones still clinging to the hope that the GamePad can be innovative. If I were a developer the PS4’s 7GB of RAM (which contray to many Nintendo fanboys beliefs is for much more than just graphics) and friendly environment would interest much more than the stupid, gimmicky pad.

      1. I agree with you on some of your posts but not this one. The Gamepad is simply amazing and calling it merely a gimmick is foolish.

        1. No it fucking isn’t , its just a gimmick nintendo shoved in the box so that Mobile gamers can jump on board the Wii U. Nintendo clearly have no idea on how to utilize this thing, it’s as if they gave up on it. The gamepad is also cheaply made and just a annoyance to play with. Having to look Up and down most of the time just ruins the gameplay experience. The gamepad clearly wasn’t a well thought out idea.

          1. You should try one before you comment. Also it is very capable of doing everything a standard controller can do + much more. It is very comfortable, Durable and has a latency free touch screen. Looking down at the controller screen and at the TV is not that difficult…

          2. The GamePad’s performance keeps me away from my acer tablet. It’s comfortable,lite and great with never any lag. It’s a lot better than the dumb Wiimote turned sideways.

      2. Gamepad has much more potential than touchpad, just like Vmu had more potential than dvd player. Sorry to break your heart. And no i havent been fanboy after SEGA went out from console business. Mr.Fatareass

      3. Depends on the game im making, but PS4 certainly has the bigger canvas and more colours to choose from.
        There are somethings id want to do that are only do-able on WiiU (funnily enough with more innovation than any
        first party game they showed, and actually uses the gamepad

  20. Iwata did not make the Wii powerful enough and now the Wii U is not powerful enough. Nintendo is struggling to make HD games let alone open world experiences like Red Dead Redemption or cinematic video games like Last Of Us or online multiplayer competition like Halo or Black Ops. Nintendo can not make these games because the leadership has to prepared Nintendo to compete with the competition. Iwata has left Nintendo poorly prepared for this next generation, Nintendo is behind last generation in quality. Also, the 3DS should be able to do everything the iPod touch can do.

  21. This is just cause he didn’t handle the HD transition well, even though they had an extra 6 years to make it after the competition. A lot of the games early on have been delayed and the company has lost 3 exclusive deals, Rayman Legends, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors cut. Sure only 1 of these was a new game, but the other 2 were 2 hardcore exclusives which Nintendo needs a few more of. They have Sonic and they have Bayonetta 2 which are great, but they needed to hold onto those other ones, losing them costs the company some credibility as well as games that were supposed to fill in their drought period. Not to mention Pikmin being released another 8+ months after it was supposed to, Wii fit U being pushed back, Wii Party U being pushed back, they haven’t been getting their work done on time and it’s costing them. Iwata’s a decent CEO, I like him, but the company has fallen behind and lost a bit of credit under his watch, so he gets blamed for it, that’s just the way it works. Once the games start hitting and things pick up it’ll definitely get better again. Just get those games out and sales up, Iwata will be fine if he can

    1. It’s more than that, Nintendo can not make a game that can compete with the cinematic interactive experience of Last Of Us. Nintendo can not make a game with a large engrossing open world like Grand Theft Auto V, Nintendo can not make an online competitive games like Halo. Nintendo is way behind, Nintendo doesn’t have the technical savy to pull on open world Donkey Kong Planet or an online multiplayer Super Smash Bros Paintball or a cinematic Legend of Zelda.

    1. Maybe some of the investers were following the E3 Miiverse community and Im thinking that he showed the summer update plans to them and they seen it was just a bunch of shit nobody cares about, and addressed nothing the community have been asking for, just a theory.

  22. Could somebody give me an unbiased, neutral answer as to why some don’t like Iwata? I don’t get it.

    And please no fanboy responses. I’ll know.

    1. 1. Not trying hard enough to convince 3rd parties to support the Wii U.
      2. Not taking risks with 1st party content on the Wii U.

    2. Also, Nintendo Network is incomplete. Some features, such as achievements and cloud need to be implemented.

      1. I don’t know about cloud, but I really don’t think we need an achievements/trophies feature. I have a ps3 as well, but they’re nearly impossible for me to get a platinum so I don’t waste time getting the trophies.

          1. No they’re not. Not in the form they are on other systems anyway.
            Why should I care about some meaningless score or the number of trophies? Do you really need to show the world how good of a gamer you are these days? Have we really fallen so low?

              1. Oh I adapt all right. I adapt to forms of innovation, which Nintendo present with each new console. I refuse, however, to ‘adapt’ to something as shallow as trophy/achievement whoring

                1. Achievements are just challanges you can compare with friends. Don’t be so dramatic.

                  1. O rly?…and how exactly are achievements like ‘watch x cinematic’ or ‘spend x amount of hours in-game/online’ comparable? And don’t act like they don’t exist or that they haven’t become the norm.
                    And why exactly do you need to compare trophies or achievement points with friends? For competition’s sake, aren’t the in-game leader boards enough?

                    1. You base all achievements on “cinematic blah blah”? Achievements are usually fun and challenging. Comparing with friends is fun, bragging rights etc. It is a highly upgraded/detailed leaderboard I guess. Adds replayability, difficulty, friendly competion and a personal reward system.

                    2. The only downside to having an achievement system in place is giving people like you something else to shoot down because Nintendo doesn’t have one. I’m sure if Nintendo came out with the system first it would be the most innovative thing in gaming history.

                    3. Nintendo already has some form of achievement systems. For example, in the new streetpass plaza games, you get tickets that you can exchange to customise Miis. Now this is, ofc a very limited system so far, but it gives you an incentive to complete the tasks beyond just showing off. If this is implemented in fully fledged games, with more interesting rewards, then it might be an interesting system (I’m talking about the industry in general not just Nintendo)
                      But anyway, here you are implying that I dislike anything the competition does and implying that I believe everything Nintendo does is good. Oooooh, I’m such a fanboy! So much so, that I believe that Nintendo is right in sticking to region lock and had the right to content ID Let’s Plays (and in case you haven’t notice, that was sarcasm. So don’t make judgements without knowing a person better next time, ok? Good day)

                    4. Funny how you say Nintendo’s tiny form of achievement system is so great and that everyone in the industry should copy it.

                      You’re not a fanboy….Riiiiiiiight.

                      Thanks for playing though.

                    5. Funny how you say Nintendo’s tiny form of achievement system IS SO GREAT and that everyone in the industry should copy it.

                      Now this is, ofc A VERY LIMITED SYSTEM so far…

                      You know what is so great? Your level of reading comprehension apparently

                    6. Riiiiight.

                      My reading comprehension exists on a level so great that I can’t even begin to explain it to you. A single word in the description of said level would render you catatonic.

                      Oh, and here is some of what you said..

                      “Nintendo already has some form of achievement systems.”
                      “a very limited system”
                      “If this is implemented in fully fledged games”
                      “I’m talking about the industry in general not just Nintendo”


                      Oh, and that lesson was free.

                      You’re Welcome.

                    7. Please calm down. Each gaming system or game has it’s own way of scoring, ect. Gathering 200 rupees, or 200 gun types is all the same; not real. The trophies are there for a reason, and if people use them to boast, it is out of your control. However, you can show the world YOU are a civilized person by relaxing your beliefs in awarding systems and trying to understand that really: in the end, people choose what they do because they understand and are familiar with it. Like you and Nintendo’s innovations, other people have similar feelings about different games, systems, ect. Achievements are set by the developer, and are to their discretion as to what the awards are. If watching “X amount of hours in a cinematic” is an award, by all means; someone is bound to have nothing ELSE to do. Let others do whatever they want. You don’t have to do it with them.

                    8. My whole argument was to show that achievement on a Nintendo machine are NOT a must, and that they’ve not really achieved anything of significance on other gaming platforms. Yet here we are with people trying to use fancy words they’ve probably looked up to make themselves look smarter and defend their otherwise decidedly average IQ

  23. Ever since Iwata took the reigns, Nintendo’s reputation with devs has diminished. Then, we got the Wii. And then we got a console with shaky support because he fucked off the devs already. He seriously has no idea what he is doing half the time.

  24. I hope half of you retards calling Iwata’s head over this realize that Kaz Hirai currently has the same approval rating as him (79%), despite you Sony cock suckers praising the PS4 up the ass. I guess he should get fired too for ruining Sony with the PS Vita, eh?

    1. Kazuo Hirai left Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. to become President and CEO of Sony Corporation…

      your comparison doesnt make sense

  25. nintendo just keeps pushing out the same games, they need a fresh new mind in the company and I think this might happen in a few months

    1. I agree. I also wish they would take fan ideas. It would be much easier to make a game someone wants than one everyone has already played before (like Super Mario 3D Land… with Catsuits… is going to convince me to buy that!).

  26. Sad thing is many people still think good graphics is only because of cinematics. People should realize that a more powerful console can do more than nice graphics. What if Nintendo made the Wii U more powerful and can support up to 4 gamepads and games with ultra HD- would that have been better? Good gameplay and good graphics can co-exist you know. And a more powerful console would have yielded better 3rd party support. Better online network, more creativity, less limitations, etc. Yes it would be more expensive, but not as expensive as XBox One. Most the gamers should have just gotten a Wii U and not look elsewhere. A Game Console that caters to all. Some commenters here need to take their blindfolds off. when somebody criticizes Nintendo, they defend them like they own stock/shares or something. Its clear that gamers are expecting more out of Nintendo as they are the veterans in the industry. But so far, they arte not delivering. Hence, the results. Let’s be real.

    1. I agree as well. Something about Nintendo is becoming different; they claimed the Wii U was for everyone, but it doesn’t successfully appeal to gamers because they are already wrapped up in the “Next Gen” (that the Wii U apparently didn’t even start, to most people) race of XBOX and PS4. I feel like Nintendo; instead of going their own way, is purposefully being more stubborn than necessary.

  27. Damn. Here’s what you do Iwata. Stop making a Mario game so damn often and make games the fans want even if it wont have the sales of Mario. News flash Iwata nothing sells as much as Mario which is why you should stop Mario for a big and bring other franchises up to the level Mario is at
    Meaning Starfox and F-Zero and Metroid.

  28. Investors like money. WiiU makes very little. Iwata’s the reason. The games we’re getting this year shouldve been launch titles. The wii had nothing but a zelda its last couple years outside of rainfall which we wouldnt have got at all unless we threw the fit we did.

    It raises two questions. The first is what the hell has nintendo been doing all this time. The second is what the hell is the problem with software coming out when its supposed to.

    The only person that can answer these questions is iwata and his non answers suck. He deserves a lower rating.

    1. As Nintendo loses money, they consequently lose money to hire staff. A huge problem with Nintendo is that Japanese game developing companies have very small staff and budgets compared to US game developers. This losing money not only shortens amount of staff more, but hinders release time. Nintendo will quickly fall into a pit if Iwata does not make sure that they begin to sell quality 1st Party titles; not Super Mario 3D Land for the Wii U, or a Mario Kart with only 1 new feature.

  29. down with the person killing nintndo. he wont let miyamoto work zelda he killed rare and metroid… maybe hell kill himself in shame liek all asians do an the next prisdent will sell nintndo to sony so it can b better

  30. What’s up with all of the Iwata bashing lately? Maybe I don’t understand business talk, but I think Iwata has done just fine. The only bad thing I’ve noticed on Nintendo’s part is the poor advertising for the Wii U (and they STILL don’t seem to be promoting it very much). But I don’t know if Iwata has anything to do with THAT?

    1. He doesn’t, really. Not in America. Wii U ads and posters are so rare that sometimes I’ll go 2 months with even hearing the two “words” together (except when a firetruck goes by :) ) Nintendo is doing poorly… and it might be Iwata’s fault, but who even cares. If you see a game you like, buy it.

  31. The gamepad is a gimmick even though I have one and it is fun to play on. The fact that it takes around $75 that could be used to make huge improvements on the hardware is a big mistake imo. It should have had a DX11 supported GPU and ram is cheap it could have had so much more. Graphics do matter not to gamers, but to the majority and certainly to 3rd party developers. There should have been a decent game coming out once a month and that’s only possible with 3rd party support the high quality that Iwata keeps going on about would be so much easier if they had the support to back up their long delays. It sucks having to own more than one console because of poor management.

  32. Honestly my opinion of him has dropped as well. I mean I still think he is a good CEO it’s just that my opinion has lowered of him since he tried to appeal more to the casual gamers rather than me who has been by Nintendo’s side since I was a little kid. I have every Nintendo console and have bought most of them day one. I play practically every single one of their franchises and am pretty close to owning all of their software. Why doesn’t Iwata care about people like me? I know the money was there in 2006 with the casual market but times have changed. Those people left Nintendo for games on their mobile devices and facebook because they only want a quick gaming fix and don’t care about who delivers it to them. Me on the other hand, cares deeply for Nintendo and wishes that they didn’t abandon me to try and appeal to someone that has already abandon them.

    1. If you wanted to start your own car manufacturer, and you estimate the first car would debut in 5 years would you focus on making your first car just a little more powerful the 2013 Camry or 2019 Camry?

      1. Also as a CEO, why isn’t Iwata putting more online on their games? Obviously Wii U has a niche and dumb Iwata isn’t using that as an advantage. If Sony knew to annouce that PS4 is DRM free, why isn’t Nintendo forcing more online. Especially since Wii U is least powerful consle. He’s stupid.

    2. Watch Nintendo crumble if they fire him. Would you rather them turning into Microsoft or stay like this?

      1. So if you owned our own manufacter and it would take 5 years to bring your first product to the market, you saying its better to think current generation. Then when the product debuts, its outdated. That’s stupid!!!

        1. Nintendo doesn’t care about graphics, and I don’t either. Why are graphics so important? I like the graphics the way they are. Not saying I don’t disagree, though.

          1. If Nintendo doesn’t care about graphics then why did Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 get delayed and now looks better than they did 2 years ago. Hell Wonderful 101’s graphics looks better than Knack’s.

  33. Someone should have told dumb Iwata tha technolog gets outdated rapidly, cars, electronics and video game consoles. When Ford worked on the 2013 Focus 2 years ago, they was not focused on the 2011 Civic, Mazda 3, Cruze or Elantra. When Roku worked on Roku 3 they weren’t concerned about the current Apple TV at that time. When Bose worked on better quality for next generation, Sony products back then was their least focus. You focus on the future generation not current.

  34. Wii U does deserve crap for being unsuccessful and whatnot so far, but what about the 3DS? I love my 3DS, and it has good games (Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Mario Land, Animal Crossing, etc.) and we know that good games are still coming (Pokemon X and Y, Super Smash Bros). It seems like Nintendo’s paying more attention to the 3DS.

    1. I agree. If people knew about it. The people who aren’t that interested in spending so much money on game systems will be flocking for the Wii U. Unless those people don’t even know what it is.

  35. Iwata is a wonderful guy, except I feel that ever since the Nintendo 3DS has been released, Nintendo has been stumbling over it’s feet a little. The two systems launched prematurely, and both had limited features on day one. The launch line was promising for Wii U, but… I expected Pikimin 3 to be out last year. The first thing announced in E3 2012 was Pikmin 3. It has been an entire year, and the game is ALMOST here.

    Nintendo’s new console feels less like a new thing than Super Mario 3D World does. I’ve played Wii U before, and although the gameplay was interesting, I’ve seen it all on the DS and I’ve seen HD games long before. I think Nintendo is trying to produce more than it really can.

    E3 was like murder. “Hey, you want Wii Fit U, yeah, the one we announced a year ago? Yeah. Wait another 6 months.” “Hey. We are releasing an HD version of Wind Waker. Oh, and A Link to the Past. Also pretty much a remake. Oh. And there is a new Zelda game. Eventually.”

    Nintendo needs the gamers, but no one is interested because the Wii U just isn’t quite as “newbie” friendly as the Wii, and “serious gamers” already have moved past the Wii U and onto the PS4 and XBOX 1. Unless Iwata can save his company from the immanent doom that is quickly approaching, I’m afraid Mario might run out of lives.

  36. In two minds.
    1) What I want as a fan and what he wants Nintendo to make are very different things so I’ve never been his no.1 fan
    2) It’s the Wii U’s first year of life, it’s not the time to judge him. Almost ALL games systems have a slow first year, and plenty made the mistake of releasing loads of games in the first for very few to ever sell well, so the Wii U situation might actually be a smart move, if annoying.

  37. Mr Iwata should be fired and Reggie for bad management and Nintendo should higher some one that knows that hardcore is what’s in today

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