Pokemon X & Y Official Guide On Amazon Says Super Training Is Confirmed

pokemon x y vivillion

Popular online retailer Amazon has just put a listing for the official Pokemon X & Y official guide which will be released when the game goes on sale in October. The official guide confirms the return of TMs, HMs and the Hall of Fame. It also mentions that Super Training will feature in the game. The Pokemon X & Y official guide will be released on October 12th to coincide with the release of the highly anticipated game.


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    1. Translation: why is a video containing two of my favorite characters creepy and scary as heck?

    1. Probably the Horde Battle. Think about it. Your 1 Pokemon takes out 5. That’s a lot more EXP then normal therefore super training…

  1. super training? whats this some kind of way to make pokeman even more gay. pokeman lost its spark after gen iii gen iv and gen v suk so much i threw them at moving cars. i honestly hope pokeman x and y get flamed so much nintendo goes outta business. long live CoD

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  2. Guess we’ll have to wait to know what Super Training is. Idk, some way of training faster?

      1. False. You can do that in the last several installments. I know some Pokemon breeders who have bred Incredible Pokemon..

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  5. I think Super Training is going to be just like training except now it is super! :D

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