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Aonuma Says Zelda A Link Between Worlds Is Inspired By Super Mario 3D Land


Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma says that the forthcoming sequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past has been inspired by the critically acclaimed Super Mario 3D Land. Wired said to Aonuma, I think people are ready for this because of that one level in Super Mario 3D Land where it looked like a top-down Zelda-style game, but in 3-D. It looked pretty cool, that type of top-down gameplay with a 3-D display. Aonuma replied with the following.

“That was all Mr. Miyamoto (laughs). Those are Miyamoto’s ideas; he came up with the top-down 3-D in Super Mario 3D Land, and he actually gave me a mission: To work on a 3-D Link to the Past. But I didn’t want to make a remake. I wanted to make a new title but I wasn’t exactly sure how I could incorporate this world into my new project. One of my designers was working on this concept of having Link go into the walls, and being able to access places that he couldn’t get past. If you think about this idea of top down, walking around on the ground and all of a sudden merging with the wall and then the camera angle kind of shifts into this 3-D perspective — if you think about it, maybe Mario Kart is doing something kind of similar to that — but the 3-D representation really matches when you think about shifting between those two perspectives. So that’s when it kind of clicked. And when I looked at how Super Mario 3D Land was also doing the same thing, and the positive reaction it was getting from the users, it did, it reinforced what I was doing and it told me I was on the right track.”

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50 thoughts on “Aonuma Says Zelda A Link Between Worlds Is Inspired By Super Mario 3D Land”

      1. While we’re at it…
        said to Aonuma, I think people are ready for this because of that one level in Super Mario 3D Land where it looked like a top-down Zelda-style game, but in 3-D. It looked pretty cool, that type of top-down gameplay with a 3-D display. Aonuma replied with the following.

        This requires quotation marks.

  1. So A Link between Worlds is gonna be like Super Mario 3D land if I got that right?
    …that doesn’t sound good.

      1. You are the only one who understood this, kudos to you!

        Can people read or even understand what it is written or do they just post a comment out of pure hate, ignorance or just pathetic trolling?…

        It amazes me (Not really) that people are so childish and twists the meaning of the outspoken statements…

        1. What if said that said perspective is one of the many things that didn’t appeal to me with 3D land?
          No need to get so condescending.and jump to assumptions and insults like that.

    1. no. the one level that has a top down view inspired them to do this game. they realized how cool a top down classic zelda looked but the going into walls is what really clicked it and made it happen.

    2. I doubt it. It’s going to be similar to LoZ Four Swords’-like game play, but using some new 3D elements. It would be ridiculous for them to make a Zelda game like Mario. The 3D and camera angle expired them, that’s all.

    3. I think they are refuring to the zelda inspired level in Super Mario 3D land, the game will look a lot like that level.

  2. I never would have thought. Seems like alot of games are being inspired by super mario 3D land.

  3. I guessing they talking about the puzzle or mystery boxes in Super Mario 3D Land. You pretty much need 3D for like two or three of them.

  4. So a link between world is going to be a gimmick with bad voice acting from charles martinet and a 2 hour long campaign?

      1. So basically they are inspired by Zelda to make this level then they are inspired by this level to make a new Zelda game? XD

  5. who cares if it inspired by 3D land, it looks absoulutely flipping cool! :D

    Look at the snes version, then look at this version, they did the right thing. It’s a true sequal, and it looks fresh and modern. I’ve been wanting this kind of zelda game for the past 20 years! :D <3 <3

  6. Proud Nintendo Fanboy

    Oh no! I sure hope that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be really easy like Super Mario 3D Land was. If it is, it’s going to SUCK!

  7. big three are overrated


  8. I’m happy to hear we didn’t get another remake, especially from the Zelda franchise. I was a little hesitant when I first saw the trailer for A Link Between Worlds, but it’s really grown on me. It’s now about time we got a brand new top-down Zelda game.

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  10. Proud Nintendo Fanboy

    My brother hates the birds-eye view Zelda games. I could never get him interested in A Link To The Past. Man, what an AWESOME game he missed out on. I don’t understand what his problem is?

  11. Hmm, so a the level was inspired by Zelda at first I think, then a Zelda game got inspired from that inspired Zelda level. xD

    And I like how Nintendo takes inspiration from a very small part of a game. :)

  12. I knew it, Miyamoto wanted them to do another fucking remake so they added a few things and are branding it “new”.

    Fuck. The 3DS deserved more, and it’s capable of much more than just that. I hope it gets a true zelda game one day.

  13. This is so strange!! I just played SM3DL for the first time in a LONG time (more than a year). And Jumping on the mushrooms and stuff reminded me of Link between worlds. And then I come here and see this…so strange!

  14. Hate Super Mario 3D Land more than ET on Atari so NOT FUCKING BUYING THIS ZELDA GAME!
    Holy fucking SHIT I just want to go kill everyone at Nintendo and destroy everything Nintendo in the world, THAT’S how fucking pissed I am to hear this, FUCK EVERYTHING!
    *Smashes Wii U into Computer screen*

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