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Nintendo Of America Issues Response On Region Locking


A petition is currently doing the rounds on the internet asking Nintendo to remove region locking from its current consoles, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo of America is aware of the petition and has issued a statement saying quite clearly that Nintendo has no plans to remove region locking from their systems. Nintendo says that taking this approach so the company is able to include parental controls and also ensure compliance with regional standards and rating systems. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are region free.

“Nintendo has no plans to remove region locking from our systems. By taking this approach, Nintendo is able to include parental controls and ensure compliance with regional standards and rating systems.”

Thanks, Peterparker877

300 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Issues Response On Region Locking”

    1. Hey, thats nice. Let me be first next time ok?

      On topic: Region lock was not much of an issue for me.

        1. Same. Pretty much everything I want comes to the UK where I live , so I don’t care. I don’t want to play Japanese games either , I can’t understand them. It would only be good if I understood Japanese.

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                  1. We Do have friends. Nintendo forces us to have real friends because they don’t offer a robust online gaming scene, our friends have to be present to play (which is more fun). Although Miiverse is kinda of the beginning of Nintendo gamers becoming just like Xbots and Stationers.

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          1. There are always games that never make it to UK but make it to America and the opposite is true too. They could focus on more localization that prevent that but there will still be millions of games that never get localized and go unseen especially for some genres like JRPGs that will make them even less visible than they are now. And don’t forget Elite Beat Agents on DS would have never come over if no one had imported Ouendan in the first place.

          2. Well there are some games from Asia that support English to let you know.

            But since you are from UK then maybe importing might be a bad idea anyway. I mean you guys have PAL devices when we as North America including Asia have NTSC format.

              1. Nope and I been importing games from Asia for my PS3. I think HDMI might help since I got Europe copy of Prince of Persia Collection for my PS3. (It was cheaper for some unknown reasons.)

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      1. Xbox 360, PS Vita and PS3 have parental controls too dumbass. And the Xbox One and Ps4 will have them too. You’re a terrible troll

        1. And yet, they are region free. How about you actually take the time to learn this stuff before acting like a retarded idiot who gets bullied in school all day.

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  1. No one gives a shit about “parental controls”. Stop buying electronic devices for stupid white kids.

  2. including all rating info on 1 gamecard and letting the region on the system decide which to use for parental control. Thought that up in 1 minute… but Nintendo can’t??

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  3. I don’t really see why people care so much about region locking, if you’re in a different country just wait until you get home or if you’ve moved order it off the internet lol.

      1. Sony is billions of dollars in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy, how can they even come close to buying Nintendo? Nintendo has had like 1 bad year in what the last 30? They made a shit ton off the Wii, so that’s right Sony can’t. Hello mister troll, shall we dance the tango of your idiocy? I’m bored and could use a play mate ^^

    1. Not really. Nintendo offers a more family friendly user experience than that of PS4 or XBox. By allowing them to easily manage controls, it helps out that target audience.

  4. That’s dumb. No kid who needs to have parental controls enabled is going to be importing games!

  5. The issue is that in every nation, every group there’s have to be a “irresponsible” retarded ass that claims that companies are responsible for what they provide to the children, Nintendo did have issues with that in the past so now they are more strict with those, which is unfortunate. I do not know about the ratings systems but after those things, there’s not excuse for not removing region lock. If Nintendo wants the Wii U to sell more, then they must do it. If not, well…

      1. If they had to go third party, that still wouldn’t make them dead as they would still be making games.

      2. What facts? I don’t see any. The Wii and the 3ds have the same start and look how far they have gone. So instead of stating “facts”, why don’t you go do some research?

    1. To be frank, do we really expect the region lock to have any major effect on how the console fairs? As long as the games are brought out that people want, and people aren’t put off by the very existence of the region lock (they don’t seem to if the 3DS is any indication), then I don’t see why.

      I wouldn’t mind if Nintendo removed the region lock, but if I had a choice I’d rather they just focus on giving more games a worldwide release.

      1. I think it would. Look how big the issue is as to go make a petition for it. I love Nintendo but I can’t support them 100% on everything. There’s also people who travel and wants to play a game but they can’t because is region locked. I understand their reasons but as I said before, aside of parental and ratings, I do not see a reason of why to have region lock.

  6. This has “Nintendoomed” written all over it. GG Nintendo, now get to making your games for the better gaming platforms out there.

  7. big three are overrated

    Yeah well then youre better bring over those fuckin games. End of story, you fucker!!!!


    1. It’s important, I mean look at how few people under 18 play call of du- … Yeah… I don’t think it is used often enough.

      1. Microsoft removed the controversial features involving DRM, sharing your games and the requirement of internet access.

        At least give it a chance.

        And no, I’m not a Xbot. Not planning on getting consoles other than Nintendo anyway, even if it’s popular.

        1. Give it a chance? It had to hear feedback from their consumers to know what they did wrong, and that’s truly sad. Sony and Nintendo know their fans and consumers so they even out what they can do with what we want.

        2. You do know they haven’t removed it, right?
          They have only “Turned it off” meaning in a later update on the Xbox One it could basically turn back into a DRM machine.

  9. Its not the biggest deal to me, I don’t import games or anything. Though it would be nice to play japan exclusives, but seeing how i don’t speak the language….

  10. At the end of the day, this just hurts the consumer. Alot of great games are unavailable to people in the western world because of region locking and people who would actually be interested in them are unable to play them without getting another console as well.

  11. I really couldn’t give a rat-ass if the consoles are region locked or not, but I do see why other people are feeling like they are forced to buy new system just to play a Japanese game. Nintendo, you need to listen to your fans like you did when they’ve been asking for a HD Nintendo Console, you need to see that many people are upset about this because you won’t get off your ass to port games over to the west.

    I like you Nintendo but I won’t let this fly by, same with Sony and Micro$oft. Either fix it now or prepare to lose a lot of support from fans much like what happened to Micros$oft when they fucked up the Xbox One.

    1. Nintendo technically DIDN’T listen to their fans about the HD console part.

      They’ve only implemented it due to the prevalence of said TV format.

  12. I wouldn’t care IF stubborn Nintendo would release its games around the same timeframe! -_-

    This is still a BS excuse.

  13. there goes a Nintendo again playing parents the machine should nt actually be region locked a lot of people agree with unlocking it they also stated that if they unlocked it been they guess they wouldn’t have control over the parental controls um and other issues my thing is its up to the parents to implement parental controls in their home, they’re the ones paying for it also if adults are purchasing this machine for their self I’m quite sure they can control their own device furthermore games or anything like that released in other countries that contain things that they don’t agree with or whatever there laws are about game content then Nintendo should change the games for those countries or patch update, I don’t understand why they’re locking it and keeping it locked unlock the Wii U but keep the 3ds locked

  14. When a company like EA or Microsoft does this, Nintendo fans say it’s stupid. When Nintendo does this, fanboys claim it’s a good idea. What the fuck?

    1. Perhaps you should stop referring to us as if we are a hivemind with the same single thought, we aren’t. I don’t think this is “good”, though I understand Nintendo’s position.

    1. While I would prefer they unlock their systems, it is not that hard to obtain Japanese or European versions of the systems these days. Also, unlike Sony, and particularly Micro$ith, Nintendo and their big name 3rd party developers like Atlus, are very good about spreading their product to a variety of markets. On the other hand, most American retailers are not good at promoting said imports.

      1. Sort of. Take Square Enix (may not be the best example but eh), we could have had Bravely Default here by now but Nintendo is having to pick up their slack. I like that Nintendo is helping out at least, but many studios have problems localizing their games and I don’t think Nintendo can do everything all at once. They’ll only be able to help the high priority titles. That’s where importing comes in too, more imports can show a company that there’s a new game that could be of higher priority than they thought.

      2. Atlus games won’t always get to the every part of europe so people in here wish that our consoles was region free. :(

    2. I like Nintendo, but I think this isn’t a smart move. Considering that both their competitors are doing this, got better 3rd party support (for the moment), and have more powerful consoles, makes Nintendo’s job that much tougher. I enjoy my Wii U, but if the Wii U sells this gen end up poor, I think Nintendo will correct all these things with whatever console they make after Wii U.

    3. As one of the over 15, 000 people who signed the petition, I feel this is a big mistake. I’m sure Nintendo will recognize this and change their pace if not for 3ds and Wii U but at least their next console and handheld.

    4. Region locking doesn’t really bother me. All the games in Japan are random as heck if you can’t translate them. But as long as their gonna work on giving games out for all countries without region lock then it doesn’t bother me.

    5. Well fuck you too Nintendo , guess I have to deal with their stupidity after all . Or should I say iwata and Reggie stupidity , rest of Nintendo is fine

    6. Minty Yoshi = Sad Fuck

      Gah, it doesn’t matter for me either. Seriously, what games will we be missing because of the region lock? Just tell me 10 games that are Japan-Exclusive and ARE worth buying.

      1. Take your pick! Japan, in my opinion produces far better games than any American Game Developer these days. While this list includes some titles that have come state side, you probably have never played them anyway.
        Eureka Seven Psalm of the Planets
        Ni No Kuni
        Star Ocean 1 – 4
        Fire Emblem
        Valkyria Chronicles 1-3 (3 has never left Japan)
        Pokemon (all of them)
        999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors
        Radient Historia

        Shall I continue?

        1. Umm… Eureka Seven is a terrible game. But I do like their anime including movie. (Yes, Eureka Seven movie is not the same as the series.)

        2. Minty Yoshi = Sad Fuck

          You know, i said ”the games that are japan exclusive”, not ”the games that are made by japanese producers”. Pokemon? Ni No Kuni? Earthbound? 999? Fire Emblem? (Maybe some of them)

          I only thought Ex Troopers was cool, and i got kinda sad when i heard it’s japan exclusive, but there won’t be a serious loss, believe me.

          1. Well, here is a news flash my friend. Most games for Nintendo systems don’t stay in one region. I see more games come to the states for Nintendo systems than any other, just go look, and I mean really look. The only ones that I have seen typically get stuck in Japan are the high end adult games, regardless of demand.

    7. Minty Yoshi = Sad Fuck

      Can the people who are complaining about the region lock tell me why they are complaining about it? Which games you wanted to play so much but you can’t because of the region lock?

      1. Well, I can’t say the name of many japanese titles, since I don’t care much about region lock (and I don’t remember all of them), but I think that The Fatal Frame series would be a good example. We had two games that were Japan exclusive (the second was a remake, but still).

    8. They better have plans to localize all of the games that Japan gets because we still didnt get a lot of the core games the Wii in Japan got. Hop to it Nintendo. You dont want to region free the console you have to spend an extra crud ton of cash to localize all of the games we want to play no matter how small the niche. have fun losing money.

    9. Minty Yoshi = Sad Fuck

      God, so many people complain about the region lock, but they don’t even know why they do… At least give a reason why it is so bad if you’re going to complain.

      1. It’s mostly because there have been many games that didn’t make it, like Fatal Frame, Ace Attorney Investigations 2, and Xenoblade took a LOT of convincing.

    10. Wow… I hate to tell you guys but “A Minty Yoshi” is a very successful troll on this article. Just try not to let him have all the fun.

    11. I disagree with the company’s position on this matter. They are already doing enough with the parental control (the reason, according to Nintendo, to why the region lock still exists): they’re giving parents a tool that helps them control what kind of games their children have access to. That’s great. But having the region for that reason is just stupid!

      The parental control prevents some games from running on the console. That “lock” can be done with any title according to it’s rating. That rating varies accordingly to each country in which it has been launched. That’s all. Even if the game is classified as 18+ in Japan, or 16+ in USA, in the end, it’s up to the parents to evaluate the content of the game, with or without the parental control on. Nintendo’s duty ends here. There are many parents that don’t even utilize it.

      The region lock stimulates piracy for many reasons that have been already discussed in many sites out there, but the main being: the lack of availability of certain titles on western territories, moving to a different country, visiting a different continent, the interest in other languages, interest on voice acting of other versions of the same game, , and so on.

      It was a reliable tool in the past. If a lot of cartridges were stolen from Japan and sent to USA, they wouldn’t be playable on American consoles. But today things are different. With internet, anyone can pirate their games at home, install pirate programs that erase the region lock from the console and download as many titles they want. Without the region lock, you’ll end up helping yourselves get more sales, and find out that the market you believe you know so well isn’t what you believe to be (remember Operation Rainfall?).

    12. Minty Yoshi = Sad Fuck

      Let the sad fuck have his fun. He is just butthurt because he won’t be getting japan exclusive Love Plus.

    13. Proud Nintendo Fanboy

      Well, I guess everyone who wants to play games from other regions will have to buy a console from those regions. All that extra money, when it could have been SO much cheaper and more convenient.

      1. I dont see how they are protecting kids withthis policy. I mean if a kid can order a game online from ANOTHER country than I am pretty sure they aren’t a kid and they are old enough to play a mature game on a Nintendo console. Also, it isn’t Nintendo’s fault if some parent allows their kid to play games tey shouldn’t. 💋

      1. Well “we” kept nagging for a new IP but yet nobody seem to care for the new IP games. I think they are sick of tired listening to fans now.

    14. That’s Nintendo. Their stubbornness has its bad and good sides. Long-time fans should’ve learned this by now and begun to count their blessings.

      1. Minty Yoshi = Sad Fuck

        Count their blessings?… Seriously?…

        Nintendo can’t die when they still have awesome franchises like Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid and Kirby. Will people stop playing because just a few games are japan exclusive?

        Oh damn, we won’t be getting Love Plus!!! I won’t play Nintendo ever again! Derp.

    15. I told you all this was a waste of time. You’re all idiots who have no idea what you’re talking about.

    16. What a horrible excuse. Sony has no problems with rating boards with imports, and it is entirely possible to keep parental controls.

    17. Ah well. I never really cared for region locking (even though in some cases, it’s bullshit what NoA does not release/takes a long time to release, ala Fatal Frame IV and Xenoblade)

    18. If they do not want to remove the region lock, then they must have to release every game in every region that exist an problem solved.

      Which one it is least expensive, Nintendo?

    19. I understand why people want region locking to be a thing of the past, but why are they petitioning to Nintendo for this kind of thing?! Why aren’t they petitioning to them about bringing in games like Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, or Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to the console?! Don’t you think they should care about that more instead of something else that could take a long time to convince the company? I can understand about waiting and bragging for games like Xenoblade and The Last Story to come to the West, but this should not be the pressing issue for Nintendo fans, right now.

      1. Yeah I agree that we should be campaigning more for FFXV, KHIII, and MGSV more than this. The sad thing is we shouldn’t have to campaign at all. Nintendo doesn’t take care of it’s fans very well.

    20. Well then… As I would often say, “don’t give up guys”, can’t wait for the 3DS to get hacked!

      And sad that region locking is based on a stupid reason when yet parents should be the ones of responsible, not Nintendo.

    21. this entire thread, nintendo fanboys.

      If this is how nintendo fanboys act, I’m glad I’m part of the PC master race.


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    23. We can’t give up, guys. I’d say we take it to the next level and organize a boycott of Nintendo games, consoles, and any Nintendo merchandise until they start listening to the fans. I’m beginning starting today! It won’t be easy, but its better than nothing.

      Who’s with me?

    24. If parents can’t take time to make sure their kids aren’t playing games for adults then so be it. Nintendo shouldn’t babysit kids. Many adults play games too and we will play whatever floats our boats.

    25. #NintendoRegionFree#NintendoRegionFree#NintendoRegionFree#NintendoRegionFree#NintendoRegionFree#NintendoRegionFree#NintendoRegionFree

    26. Follow my logic:
      -Nintendo want to use parental control according to regional standards
      -Only the adults opt to use the parental control
      -So I have I idea: if the adult opt out to use the parental control, they need to choose a region
      -According to the region, the system will check if the game respects the “indicative rating agency”(don’t know the right name) of the region chosen; if the game does not exist on your region, it is blocked
      -The system will receive via spotpass frequently a list of the games on the market of each region for the use of parental control
      -For whose don’t opt the parental control, the console is REGION FREE.

      You can copy my idea and publish it, sorry about the bad english, I’m a foreigner

    27. Follow my logic:
      -Nintendo want to use parental control according to regional standards
      -Only the adults opt to use the parental control
      -So I have I idea: if the adult opt out to use the parental control, they need to choose a region
      -According to the region, the system will check if the game respects the “indicative rating agency”(don’t know the right name) of the region chosen; if the game does not exist on your region, it is blocked
      -The system will receive via spotpass frequently a list of the games on the market of each region for the use of parental control
      -For whose don’t opt the parental control, the console is REGION FREE.

      You can copy my idea and publish it, sorry about the bad english, I’m a foreigner

    28. wow and you guys call yourselves nintendo fans…you guys are the reason why nintendo isnt doing good right now you guys want them to be like sony and microsoft and that will never happen. look at the xbox one if it wasnt for it being a goverment box no one would have bought it but now it changed. nintendo will learn not to do these kinds of things just have patience.

      1. Most of the people here are the owners of Nintendo consoles, but are not necessarily fans. And the reason Nintendo isn’t “doing good right now” is due to their own poor business decisions.

      2. we all paid good money for wiiu, so first of all we have all rights to complain.

        2nd of all, its nintendo’s fault… dno why you shift the blame on the fans (lmfao??)

        -nintendo uses old hardware
        -nintendo has bad marketing
        -nintendo came up with the shitname wiiu
        -nintendo decided 3 games in a year is enough
        -nintendo decided to lauch with no games
        -nintendo decided to bring zelda to wiiu, but its just a port.. an old game..a lot of people have finished already
        -nintendo steps of the mario64/sunshine/galaxy wagon and releases another mario with the “new” flavour in it.

        once again we have all the rights to complain, stop whining about xbone just cause our wiiu’s suck now.
        On top of that xbone policies are reversed, so why u whining about another box nothing to do with out wiiu?

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    30. i dont mind parental lock, i just want the 3ds to be region free because so i can buy game when i travel around, isnt that what portable gaming is? i’m a student studying oversea and it suck that i cant buy game back at home because of this stupid region lock.

    31. That statement makes no sense Nintendo. The PS3 is region free and has parental controls. Same goes for PS4, X1, even the original DS, your own handheld, was region free and was still able to include parental controls. I smell bullshit.

      And this isn’t just about importing games. What about our military in arms over the seas, who like to take their game consoles with them, and enjoy some Zelda or Mario when they’re not busy risking their lives for us? You’re basically giving them the finger, and telling them they need to buy another console. Real smooth Nintendo.

      As for your concerns with keeping to rating standards per region, I’m sure everyone who wants to import is in their early 20’s at least, I doubt you need to worry if they see violent and sexual content, in fact that’s what most of them like. Do you honestly think a soccer mom is going to know about a game not released here, and want to go through the import process to het it for her kid? Use common sense Nintendo, I don’t think so.

      Stop worrying about things like this! Region locking serves no purpose! Either get rid of it, or get busy giving free consoles to our troops, and releasing every single last game you make in every major region, INCLUDING THE USA!!! We should not have to campaign against you, or start pirating, to be able to play games we want to play!! That is ridiculous!! It wastes your time, as well as my time, and loses you profits!!

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    34. “Nintendo has no plans to remove region locking from our systems. By taking this approach, Nintendo is able to include parental controls and ensure compliance with regional standards and rating systems.”

      So… let me try to understand. I know Nintendo has more parental controls than Microsoft and Sony, BUT i don’t think those companies will let something fishy go to a game; so.. If Microsoft and Sony do well in this regard in every region, why Nintendo can’t do the same? Why Nintendo keep saying they need to have control over everything?

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    36. Nintendo makes many mistakes this generation. Firm on the Region Lockout yet at the same time giving Americans the middle finger every time we see something great from another region, Always releasing games to America on the last thing, and more and more. Soon, Nintendo is going to be forced to go third party to Sony. Shame, shame, shame, Iwata.

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