Wii U Sponsors ITV 4′s Tour de France 2013 Coverage


Nintendo has taken its marketing to the next level by sponsoring this year’s  Tour de France event. The company has positioned that Wii U as the official sponsor of the Tour de France 2013 on British television channel, ITV 4. The event is said to draw an audience of 3.5 billion people at its peak. There are two channels providing converge of the event, ITV 4 and EuroSport, which runs from Saturday 29th June – Sunday 21st July 2013.

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    1. Pikachu Pika Pi Pikachu
      (It’s good that they’re sponsoring something maybe that’ll help sales then again it might not)

  1. Whoa there! And here I thought their talk about overhauling their marketing was all hot air. Genius move! The only issue I could think of is the audience that’s going to watch it.

    1. I tune in from time to time. A lot of people watch it, and many of them probably have kids. It’s a good way to make the console well-known.

      1. Indeed, even I who is no sport loving entity in any way can tune in sometimes to see the “Tour”…

        No I’m not fat because I don’t like sports, however I do bodybuilding…

        1. I’m the opposite (not fat though), I enjoy sports and athletics, but don’t really like working out at the gym xP

            1. Lol, yeah I do some weight lifting as well. Let’s hope this tour does some good for the Wii U. August starts the goods, though! One month left!

        2. Body building ? Pftttt , try the manly sport I play : Golf xD!!!

          I play Football , Golf and the odd other sport…

            1. It’s okay. Toadstool tour was alright… and I’m looking forward to the new 3DS one.

              Real Golf is an epic sport when you can play.

                1. Yep , you have to first become good and consistent. And then be calm and have faith in your swing. Once you learn that it becomes easier.

      2. Here’s hoping they’ll make it clear that it’s a NEW CONSOLE this time. Man, riding on the success of the Wii name sure can be tough when your audience is illiterate at tech.

    2. A lot of Respectable families will be watching it amongst others. 3.5 Billion people…. Surely a good few million will think ”A new Wii!!!!”

    1. High Command waited for the official statement from Lance Armstrong that he was indeed a bloody cheater for years…

      Now we are free to enjoy this wonderful race again…

        1. If the Xbots can have 76.7 million Xbox360s sold so far thanks to their stupid slaves where around 60% rebought that console 3-4 times each…

          So can we “Rewatch” and gain 3.5 billion new potential customers…

        2. His apology was fake aswell…

          That’s how retarded and a liar he really is…

          If I was his son I would be so Ashamed…

                1. Or, in Top Gear’s words;
                  “To those of you watching in America, Rugby is like American Football; only it’s played by men.”

    1. The Super bowl isn’t THAT highly watched…. But it would have a immense impact in the states.

      1. Exactly why they need to do it. Get the word out in America. Then they can probably do the Soccer championship for the rest of the world.

        1. Sony have got the Champions league on lockdown. I think that’s responsible for some of their success in Europe. All and I mean ALL professional footballers in Europe play Fifa on PS3. Because they subliminaly see Playstation banners by the side of the pitch, so they associate it…

      2. But without EA and their sports games why advertise Wii U on the Super Bowl? Those people would want Madden…Wii U wont have it. Useless lol.

  2. Amazing, actual advertisement. Well done Nintendo, your catching up with something Sony and Microsoft have been doing for years…

    1. I know your porn company havent done good, but like i told you earlier no one dont wanna watch you masturbating. You are only to blame for that. You better start doing somethin else. You dont understand this Business.

    1. It’s definitely a ploy to catch the casuals… Shame, since there’s really no games on the Wii U for them.

    1. Everyone in the civilized world watches it at the same time xD.

      I swear that must be a mistake.

      1. Having 3.5 bil at the same time was never mentioned. They only said it can theoretically get 3.5 bil people to tune in at some point. Who hasn’t zapped through the channels and whizzed past a Tour de France stream?

        1. It’s still unbelievable that like everybody in EU , NA and Asia could be watching the Tour de france at the same time.

          Bradley Wiggins for the win!

  3. 3.5 billion? Don’t think so. ITV4 would kill for 3.5 viewers, let alone 3.5 billion.

    1. Next thing we know we’ll have the game Mario and Sonic at the Tour De France :P 💋

  4. I damn hope this means they are going to advertise the Wii U better from now!

  5. Hmm… not really the right place to be advertising it imo. As I’ve said before, the non-gamer has moved on and kids are into smartphones/tabs now, so chasing that demographic is a waste of time and money.

      1. I hope otherwise. If the Wii U takes of solely due to the casual market, then they’ll just make their next console casual-centred as well. We all hated that last time.

  6. Well, that must be one expensive bill.. But now, it all comes down to the ads. I’d expect my parents to recognize that it’s 1:a new console and 2: I’s Nintendo

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