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Additional Content For StreetPass Mii Plaza Surpasses Over 200,000 Downloads

nintendo_3DS_colorsStreetPass Mii Plaza has recently came back into our lives with a bang on the 3DS. During E3, Nintendo sent out a series of special Mii’s to users across the world – President Satoru Iwata and Mario Kart designer Hideki Konno to name a couple. But the company also released new content for StreetPass Mii Plaza, which has included a series of mini-games as paid downloadable content. In a recent question and answer session during an investors meeting, Iwata revealed that the expansion of StreetPass Mii Plaza was the product of a year-long preparation. But even though the mini-games have only been available for just over two weeks, Iwata says they have surpassed over 200,000 downloads.

“As you pointed out, we only started distributing those new games a week ago, but already more than two hundred thousand consumers had purchased at least one out of those four games by last Sunday. We employed no mass-media advertising so we think we are off to a good start. I think that products like these ones will provide new business opportunities for Nintendo in the future. I take it that you are very satisfied with our new games, and we feel that if our consumers determine that the price of a particular game that we offer matches the content that it offers, then there will be more people who try our new propositions. We would certainly like to consider new possibilities for our future endeavors.” – Satoru Iwata

79 thoughts on “Additional Content For StreetPass Mii Plaza Surpasses Over 200,000 Downloads”

            1. Who cares what others say half the people here are trolls or idiots I personally liked the pikachu xD

              1. Yeah I know I only did it because I thought it was funny, but I will start doing it again don’t worry.

    1. I’d love to have it now, but I’ll be content if they release it with the new Starbucks / McDonald’s relay functionality in the fall.

      1. Each and every game is brilliant, when they release for you I highly recommend an insta-buy, no regrets for me. >:D

    1. Jeez, where you living at? I’d consider my place an out-of-the-way town in an out-of-the-way country, but I still get at least three hits a week.

      1. Really? I definitly don’t get 3 a week… then again I don’t walk around with my 3DS or anything. I only use it at home. I should start bringing it with me when I go for a drive. 💋

  1. I can’t believe retards are actually wasting money on that shit. that should be free. nintendo sure got them hahaha.

    1. Let’s pay our employs to make free games for all to play because we did it before as a gift and because Croxynd says so.

    2. You mean just like Xbox live? or Hdmis for xbox360 and ps3? or the ps plus’s system auto download function, that the wiiu has for free? Good argument. You’re so full of shit…

                    1. I’m done talking to you pervert, all you do is follow teens and talk about putting your penis up someone’s butt pedo, so bye… -_-

    3. Says the one who probably wastes his/her wallet on rehashed COD and its overpriced map packs. Keep talking fandork because I know you like to throw money on more dumb shit than cheap mini games on a popular handheld which makes more than you could in 25 years.

  2. The 3DS is on auto sell. Everything on it sells. Now Nintendo concentrate on the WiiU. Great that you are advertising at the Tour de france. We need TV ads. On espn, kids networks, disney; ABC, NBC and CBS would be a plus. especially thursdays.

    1. Ive seen Wii U ads on Disney! Not on Nick though… They should definitly jump on Nockelodean! 💋

      1. MammaJynx you are a genius hun. Thanks for the Disney Nintendo WiiU advert heads up. Reason why I know StarWars is coming to a Wii near you in the future.

  3. MonolithSoft makers of :

    1) Disaster Day of Crysis
    2) Xenoblade chronicles
    3) X

    they also helped in the making of Animal Crossing new leaf plus Skyward Sword IIRC.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      That’s what Wikipedia says, yes. They also helped with a Final Fantasy, Project X Zone, and SSBBrawl.

  4. Ye see NINTENDO arent out of touch, out of NOWHERE they just sprang a whole new franchise on the gaming world with no prior warning and more importantly NO ADVERTISING :O and opened up a whole new revenue stream for themselves it shows 1. traditional advertisements are overrated and 2. man can NINTENDO keep a secret god knows what there making in the bowls of EAD right now :D

  5. total crap – Nintendo should concentrate on expanding the Virtual Console library and making their classic games available at reasonable prices instead of fobbing us off with these useless bits of software. I don’t even think they count as games.

    1. You obviously know nothing about them if you think they don’t count as games.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if you started quoting descriptions of them from other articles as your evidence to the contrary, though.

      1. This games are actually incredible, worth every penny. Even after 2 weeks and over 100 streetpasses, I’m nowhere NEAR done with them!

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  7. We still don’t have this content in Canada/North America yet, right? At least I couldn’t find it…

  8. That’s nothing at all, to be honest, considering the facts that
    1. there are millions and millions of 3DS owners
    2. we are speaking of -four- different games
    I don’t think there is anything impressive about this, not at all.

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