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UK Chart: Animal Crossing Remains In Top 5, Project X Zone Debuts In Top 20

project x zoneThis week’s UK chart details are in, and it’s good news for the life simulation game Animal Crossing: New Leaf as it remains in the all-formats top 5, taking the number 4 hotspot just behind The Last of Us, Minecraft and FIFA 13. Meanwhile Luigi’s Mansion 2 has had an incredible run for the Nintendo 3DS and has remarkable staying power at number 19, just inside the top 20.

Project X Zone by Namco Bandai for the Nintendo 3DS, in its debut week, comes in at number 18 – just above Luigi’s Mansion 2. The crossover tactical RPG was released last week for North America and sold over 85,000 units, so there’s still time for Europe to catch up and creep up the charts.

Other Nintendo 3DS games still hanging around in the top 40 are LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins at 31 and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D placed at 34. But with Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros due out later this week, we’re hoping it joins Animal Crossing: New Leaf in the big leagues. You can see this week’s chart here.

30 thoughts on “UK Chart: Animal Crossing Remains In Top 5, Project X Zone Debuts In Top 20”

    1. and sadly I predict this won’t be the last we hear of Minecraft in the top. Minecraft is getting yet ANOTHER version; Xbox One Edition. So expect it to be at the top again once the One is released. -__- 💋

      1. I’ll be surprised if the Xbox One version does that well. Putting the bad press aside, I’d expect most Xbox One owners to already have a 360, and I don’t think a lot of people will be willing to rebuy it. Then again, I rebuy stuff sometimes, as do my friends, so it’s possible.
        I still think it’s ridiculous that the Xbox One is getting Minecraft before the Wii U (the Gamepad would be great for both a map and inventory management) and Playstation (either 3 or 4). I’ve always meant to get Minecraft (although I do have the pocket edition, but I don’t think that it’s very good), but a Wii U edition would push me over the edge.

        1. the PC version’s still the best due to being able to use mods and being the most up-to-date version. Plus, it has horses now.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Indeed, FIFA 13 what a joke…

      Nintedward, teach your country a lesson buy buying 100.000 copies of this game yourself!

      1. I’m still pretty surprised that Animal Crossing is still selling so well. And also, why the hell isn’t Project Zone selling a lot of copies? It’s a beastly game.

        1. Nintendo Commander

          Agreed, this game deserves more…

          Maybe one of the few reasons is because of the lack of advertising…

          I’m still debating within my advanced brain whether I should buy Animal Crossing or not…

          It seems very appealing in some ways while character customization (excluding clothing), doesn’t seem to be as expanded as everything else…

          Talking about things like Skin Colour and Face Expression…

          I like “Angrier” personalities…

          1. Animal Crossing is a fantastic game whether or not you can change your skin to be black, white, asian or mexicain. Simply fantastic game! 💋

            1. Nintendo Commander

              Well it doesn’t necessarally need to bereal life skin colours only but all colours…

              And, what about an “evil” face?…

              Is there a way to have such character?…

          2. There isn’t as much customization as you might think. It is all within a set of pre-set boundaries. Most of the time you’ll just be doing the exact same things as every other AC; pick fruit, catch fish, bugs, sell and repeat. Not fun IMO.

      2. lol. Played the project X Zone demo. Talk about a lot of things happening on the screen at once hahahaha.

  1. Wonder why Project X Zone is so low on the charts for it’s debut in the UK? It has sooooo many characters! 💋

  2. The game is as shallow as they come only having eye candy from the characters. The fighting system is repetitive after a while with only four attacks (excluding support). The story is just a cluster of “Who’s that?! They will help us!” The game is laughable at best.

      1. I just wished the gameplay was more deeper then what we got. The fanservice was nice, but a nostalgic game should have a mixture of both good gameplay and good series. The music was one of the most I enjoyed, stopping from playing to just listen to the Street Fighter Song when it was Ryu and Ken’s turn.

        1. :D Same here. I occasionally stopped playing just to listen to that tune on the demo too. Yeah, I can see that a few folk would have appreciated a deeper gameplay experience though. I’ll try not to expect too much when I finally buy it.

  3. I had no idea that this game was released. O_o Did My Nintendo News feature a article about it? Anyhow, I think this is the first game I’m interested in that I missed the release of. Maybe they need to rethink how to announce and present their game releases? Not that it really matters, I have too many games on my “to do”-list anyway.

  4. God damn it, I went to Game Stop to buy Animal Crossing New Leaf, but it wasn’t in stock so I bought a download code, and I came home ready to download it, but guess what? The eshop’s undergoing maintenance. Fuck.

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