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Iwata Says Small Number Of Key Third Party Games Coming To Wii U


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has explained to investors that there are a small number of key third-party games headed to Wii U. Iwata admitted that it was too soon to announce them at this precise moment in time. Presumably they will be showcased during future Nintendo Direct presentations.

“Admittedly, there are currently a small number of announcements of new games by third-party software developers for Wii U. I am not in a position to discuss the software to be launched by the third-party developers in detail, but there are more key titles to be announced by them.”

Thanks, Anubis

112 thoughts on “Iwata Says Small Number Of Key Third Party Games Coming To Wii U”

      1. And those key games are…

        Final Fantasia XIV Starring Mickey Mouse!
        50 Card Games You’ve Already Played!
        The Biggest Looser…Wii U Edition!
        The Adventures of Lolo HD Remix!
        Paperboy…40 and Flingin’!
        Parcheesi HD Remix!
        Cruisin’ USA…What a Cruel World!

        Please understand, we need these key games from third parties to help give our Wii U the positive momentum it needs!

        (This list is just for giggles, not a real list! What corny//fake games can you think of?)


    1. Not so sure right now:

      “Activision, also, was a notable launch partner for the Wii U, but like Ubisoft, the results haven’t been strong enough to justify a notable further investment in the system.

      ‘We came to the table with a robust slate,’ says Eric Hirshberg, president and CEO of Activision Publishing, at E3. ‘But we have no announcements now.’ ”

        1. Yeah, I know about that, but I question its accuracy. Those were E3 previews and Ghosts wasn’t revealed for Wii U at E3.

          It could easily be a mistake considering that the Official Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox magazines are all done by the same company… and many times the same editors.

          I’m not saying that the game won’t be on Wii U, but at the moment, we don’t know for sure.

    1. Man, i don’t personally see the value in X1, not enough exclusives im interested in…but Killer Instinct looks hype so far. Plus, Ken Lobb (yes, THAT Ken Lobb) and D. James are working on it. I want it as an arcade machine xD

        1. Panzer Dragon looks shite in my opinion. Another kinect game, moving on.

          Sunset Overdrive looks interesting, but it was just a CG trailer, but it is Insomniac Games, but then again, their last games, Ratchet and Clank All 4 One, Full Frontal Assualt and urgh…Fuse, were all shit, sooooo we’ll see.

    2. LOL
      And then you realize that the game is F2P, and it includes only 1 fucing character. You have to buy the fucking rest. Also, it’s being co-developed by Rare and Double Helix Games. Double Helix Games made Battleship The Game,G.I Rise of Cobra, and Green Lantern:Rise of the Manhunter…. Sounds shit to me.

      1. 1. That’s actually a lie, there’s a full priced game version too with everything.

        2. It may be Double Helix, but they have Ken Lobb, co founder of Rare on the team, and D James who made a bunch of great old school fighting games, he knows his stuff.

        3. Pretty much everyones reaction at E3 who knows a thing about fighting games had positive things to say about it.

        4. The soundtrack is fucking awesome.

        I don’t want an Xbox One, but if a game is shaping up to be good, i’ll say it how it is.

        1. Ken Lobb was actually part of Rare. I was always under the impression that he worked for NOA as a go between guy with Rare being why one of the guns after him in Golden Eye. He has been with Microsoft since the first Xbox.

          Either way Rare was founded by the Stamper brothers, and they have long since left gaming and Rare. Very few people during the Rareware days are still there.

          I think at the odd end of the stick on the new Killer Instinct, it looks bad. But I will have to wait and see cause it could turn out well. I watched the reveal for the Xbox One and I couldn’t even tell it was Killer Instinct until they flashed logo. Also, I logged many hours both on the N64 and the arcade.

      1. No it didnt :/ the arcade games are good and all but I think that double helix is actually fixing this game for modern times.

        1. It’s F2P and made my double Helix.

          If that’s a system seller , then so is a piece of dog shit.

          1. 1. It’s not, that’s just one business model, there’s a full release too.

            2. Ken Lobb and D James. Look them up on Google. They’re working on the game.

            1. That’s fair enough… but still, Nah.

              No interest what so ever. It’l most likely end up bad.

              1. I duno.

                If it was on WiiU or PS4, people would be playing a different tune.
                “Oh, i trust they’ll do a good job with those guys directing the design”.

                It’s not worth £450…but it looks good so far.

                1. I think you’re right. I’m just being pessimistic because I have a PS4 pre ordered and not a shitbox ONE….

                    1. Forced Kinnect 2.0…. That’s the deal breaker for me , I’m playing my 360 right now and I liked the console. I like the controller I like the polished Multiplats.

                      But…. the PS4 is A- More powerfull , B- BS camera isn’t forced , C- Much better Exclusives , D- Will gett 99% of the third party multiplats the ONE does…

                      I see no reason to be interested in the One. Ryse ? lol no…

    3. Did you not hear that you only get 1 character in that game? Every other character you have to buy separately.

  1. That’s nice…. I guess. I’m not really waiting on any third-party games for Wii U unless it’s an exclusive third-party game, or one best played on the system.

    1. It’s good to know that you are one to fully support Nintendo’s first party, but a system gets lonely when it doesn’t have 3rd party. It brings variety.

      1. Nobody has really given me any reason to play multiplatform games on the Wii U over other platforms for now.

        The only one I can think of at the moment is Rayman Legends, which I’ll be getting on the Wii U and Vita.

        1. Yeah I feel the same way. Its a shame too.. I like my wii u and all but theres just nothing there, ya know?

          1. Same. I really want someone to come out with a game that puts the gamepad to awesome use.

            I mean, the system is still in its first year, so we have a ton of time ahead of us for that to happen, but it would still be nice to see soon.

            Until then, I’ll just wait on some of the Wii U exclusive titles that are coming out later this year and through next year.

            1. Well in the UK we get Pikmin 3 in 2 weeks, then it’s a nice 2-3 games a month for the system. Along with GTAV and Castlevania for my PS3, and 3DS games. Don’t think i’ll be getting my PS4 till mid 2014 xD

              Also in March 2014, DARK SOULS 2, best birthday present ever

              1. This^ Pikmin 3 is the start of a fucking Mudslide of games. We even Have Dream team 3DS on Friday!!!

                So so so so many games that are must buys coming on all platforms.

                      1. It’s been dryer than Ghandi’s flip flops so far for Wiiu… but after Pikmin 3 it’s gunna be nice and consistent!

                1. What they have done already is not awesome….. It’s basically maps, menus, and tinkering here and there. The gamepad has a lot of potential that hasn’t been explored yet.

      1. Believe me, Nintendo has plenty of quality, they just need quantity to compliment their quality more. You get what I’m saying?

      2. That’s what key third parties means. Quality and great number over quantity and low value i.e Crysis 3 and Dead space 3. Quality is games like X, dragons Dogma 3 and Monster Hunter 4.

        1. This. Nintendo reaches for artistic value. Actually I’m thinking about doing a doctorship about the importance of music in videogames

    2. I see Reggie has finally went to 3rd party companies with his ass cheeks spread. I approve if it gets us games. Go to Rockstar and Square Enix next!

      1. Square Enix sucks. They are a shell of what they used to be. KH3 is really all they got that has any quality to it. FF 15 is useless. It needs to die.

    3. Investors want third-party support. Nintendo say they have it, but naturally can’t comment on the progress of these projects because Nintendo themselves do not know. Nintendo aren’t working on them, but they know the Wii U’s getting a slice.

      I’m sure it’ll be spun as “Nintendo’s third-party support dries up amidst more powerful competition” by the mainstream media. See? I just did that. I’d make a fine journalist for the filth of the industry. *shudders*

    4. Big 3 are overrated

      I hope they are good titles. Good thing about Nintendo is that no matter how pissed off i would be they always at the end manage to get me surprised.

    5. GTA V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’m sorry but the gameplay demo made it look like a Gamepad would be perfect

    6. GTA V better be it man. I will buy a ps3 just for that game alone I really hope I don’t have to but I will….

      1. Better late than never? Way better games to get that GTAV though if you get a PS3, just saying.

    7. Okay, so if Iwata can’t show it now, i assume that means it’s still under embargo, so it’s a new game, which is good….

      But come on Iwata, you need to step it up. E3 was…fine, but didn’t get me hyped. Sure 2014 looks great so far, but just tease some upcoming stuff, show SMT X FE, new Zelda tease, new stuff and people will see it as a good investment.

      And lower the damn price, PS4 is only $50 more in the US….come on.

        1. In what way?

          Being cheap as hell? Having a very good launch line up? Carrying over my PS+ account, and getting free games and discounts still?

          I love Nintendo, but Sony is boss.

          1. A good launch line up? Knack/Killzone and I can’t even remember the third game? Infamous won’t be out until the Spring, maybe. PS4’s Launch line up looks awful, it’s mainly third party games that will all be going to the 360/ps3/PC as well.

            Uh, PS+ doesn’t give free games, don’t get why gamers don’t understand this. You`re paying $50 for those games a year and the only reason Sony puts those games on there is because they no longer sell enough to not justify utilizing them in PS+ to convince people to pay $50, making them more money in the end.

            1. Better launch line up than NSMBU and ZombiU, and rushed ports.

              Multiplats will be good quality on the PS4, better than the other consoles, except for PC.

              Knack doesn’t look that great, but Killzone is a solid shooter, one of the few i enjoyed this generation, it’s good. DriveClub looks decent, and is free day one on PS+ anyway.
              Infamous and Destiny look really good so far.

              PS+ does give you free stuff, you fucking idiot, because 30 games a year, doesn’t cost me $50 in store. PS+ has literally $1000 worth of savings over its lifetime. Oh but $50 a year, what a waste.

              Fuck you. Im sick you dumb fanboy cunts who just suck one companies dick.

              By the way, a study was done on fanboys. Go look it up. And you’re the prime example here.

                1. Nice comeback, dumbass.

                  “You have issues”. Yeah, such issues like HAVING AN OPEN MIND, and NOT BEING A FANBOY, ooooo disturbing.

                      1. So when I said the PS4 is overrated it made me a fanboy? Your logic is terrible.

              1. Good job, you insulted someone just because they challenged your poorly thought out comments. Ad hominem is usually the quickest way to demonstrate that you have poor argument. How do you know the multiplats will be better quality? You don’t, you`re assuming it because you`re the fanboy, especially considering most of those multiplats will be mainly ported to the PS4 and originally made for previous consoles. Oh wait, didn’t you just knock Wii U for having ports too?

                Killzone is generic shooter #10000, just with really nice graphics. Destiny isn’t an exclusive and won’t be out until late 2014 or even into 2015. Infamous isn’t a launch title, as I already stated in my first post. Yikes, do you do any research or just drool at anything Sony tells you?

                That’s not free stuff you idiot, that makes them in a profit in the end because it convinces imbeciles like you that PS+ provides “free” games. You`re paying $50 for the service of using your own internet, how hard is that to grasp? Those games in the end will generate more of a profit for Sony on PS+ than in the store because they’ve already died down significantly in sales or aren’t expected to generate large sales, it’s called being smart in business (i.e. targeting imbeciles like you). The fact that you got this angry tells me more than enough about your intelligence and how you feel about Sony.

                You can’t even read properly, let alone make a proper argument and you think I should go read a study? Grow up.

                1. Ps4 launch looks like its gonna be way better than wiiu’s. The ps+ is a great service. Idk why you think it isnt worth it, youre paying $50 a year for free games, discounts, and free themes (its something). I dont care if it turns a profit for Sony, i have downloaded games on ps+ that i didnt think i would download ever. I love Nintendo but it looks like PS4 looks like the console WiiU should have been. Great exclusives with full 3rd party support, and a great online service. Looks like WiiU is again gonna be a console for nintendo exclusives (no surprise) while ps4 will be the main gaming console.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        What bugs me is the PS4 itself costs $400, while the Wii U really costs only $200. Miyamoto said the GamePad adds $100, and Nintendo Land is about $50. This puts a bad perspective around Wii U.

      2. The price doesn’t fucking need to be lowered. Save up and buy it. Nintendo doesn’t need to lose more money. They already lose $50 per system. Its not expensive.



      1. Nintendo Commander, I stated earlier. That Nintendo should only seek the necessary high quality third party games. Iwata San listened. :).

        1. Nintendo Commander

          Well obviously, even the “Spin the Bottle” developers said that the delay is because of our Empire’s high demands of quality…

          I thought you would give me your code…

    8. I hope it’s Metal Gear Solid V, GTA V, Call of Duty Ghosts, I really liked Black Ops 2 with the coop. Also, a port of Bioshock Infinite would be cool.

        1. I can’t afford to support a 3DS library, a WiiU Library (wel, right now it’s not hard) and other consoles.

          I have to pick a company, and it’s been Nintendo for the last 20-25 years. But glad you can buy’em all!

          1. Same here for right now. I just figured I will be spending over $200 in software alone. I will be buying Shin Megami Tensei IV, Pikmin 3, and Splinter Cell Blacklist. Oh and add another $40 for Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. That’s pushing around $230 just for four games. It may not seem like Nintendo is getting any games but for me with a finite amount of money they certainly are. In September there goes another $120 for the Wonderful 101 and Rayman Legends. In October, yet another $120 for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Batman Arkham Origins and hell I might spend another $80 for the Blackgate Edition and Pokémon Y on 3DS. In the Fall-Holiday season I will be getting Sonic Lost World, Super Mario 3D Land, Watch_Dogs, A Link Between Two Worlds, Yoshi’s Island 3, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. That is a shit ton of money I’m throwing at my gaming hobby just on Nintendo systems alone. I seriously can’t afford to game on another system right now.



    9. I wonder why Nintendo isn’t in a position to disclose what said third party games are… possibly because they are still trying to negotiate them onto WiiU? That WOULD make sense. Otherwise, why not disclose it. After all, we knew about other third party games long before their release; some are still YET to be.

      Whatever, the reasons. You lot had better be sure to support them. First party games aren’t going anywhere, so make third parties your priority!

      1. @Phil..I often disagree with you, but I agree with your statement. This holiday, I plan to purchase many 3rd party titles before many 1st party. For example, I’m getting Splinter Cell Black list, Batman Arkham Origins, and Watchdogs for my Wii U. I’ll also get Grand Theft Auto V and COD Ghosts if they are released.

    10. I think Call of Duty only on that list.

      I would love Destiny and GTA V, highly doubt them for launch though

      Thats all thats coming third party people just COD which is good news

      1. Destiny and GTA V I would love to be on the Wii U. They’re the only two games I want on it though.

    11. As long as the games are good, I dont care. The thing is with 3rd party games you always have to be careful that the game really is good.

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    13. Here’s the list:
      1. Disney Planes
      2. Turbo
      3. Skylanders
      4. The Smurfs
      5. Adventure Time
      6. PacMan



      1. They hate you because youre right, they know it, and just cant deal with it man. Keep up the good work. I still cant believe these twits are still arguing against ps+ either.

        Its like theyre mad when companies do cooler stuff than nintendo or something.

    14. Well here are the few I hope:

      1. Grand Theft Auto 5/ Red Dead Redemption
      2. Destiny (Activision did say they had something special planned for the Wii U)
      3. The Evil Within
      4. Call of Duty: Ghosts
      5. Some random inde game (Hoping its Outlast)

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