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Asda Selling Wii U Basic For £149.99 And Wii U Premium For £199.99


UK retailer Asda has slashed the pricing of the 8GB Wii U Basic package and is selling the console for £149.99. The recommended retail price for the 8GB Basic package is £249.99. The supermarket chain has also discounted the Wii U 32GB Premium console down to £199.99. The recommended retail price for the 32GB Premium is £299.99. I’m not sure how long the deal is for, so if you’re in the market for a Wii U then be sure to take advantage of this offer.

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78 thoughts on “Asda Selling Wii U Basic For £149.99 And Wii U Premium For £199.99”

  1. To be fair, if the Wii U had sold for £199.99 and £239.99 respectively, rather than at the prices they’re currently selling at, it would sell better than what it has been selling now.

    However, if there ever was a time to bed in for the system, I’d say it’s now, especially with what’s coming up soon. Definitely worth the money there, because it is new kit.

        1. It is depend on the person to think it is worth the value or not. Yes, Nintendo lose money for making Wii U but its still does not mean people want it.

          1. IMO it’s not overpriced from a value/entertainment point of view, but it is from a tech perspective. £199 for the premium is good though

      1. Only time will tell. We will see if PS4 or Xbox One is worth the values on customer’s views.I would wait until after the holiday to see how the sales goes. PS4 and Xbox One will sold a lot in a launch month for sure so it is logical to see how it goes after the holiday end rather than during launch period. If the sales are poor during the launch period then they are in deep trouble.

      2. They have more expensive processors and more memory, also there is almost no games on Wii U, so that is affecting my value of the system.

  2. LOL yep annoyed about my purchase price, however loved the console so far and got quite a few games now actually!

    Pikmin Soon!

    1. I think they should just make another version that $100 less that doesn’t include the gamepad that would be a better deal and nintendo wouldn’t lose money.

      1. Well I don’t know about that because the gamepad is what defines the whole console. All the Wii U needs is games (and possibly lower the price) then it would start selling.

        1. For Europe, it just needs retailers to stop raping the consumer for extra money. The RRP needs to be revised.

          As for games, we’ll get those from next month onwards. The Wonderful 101 should help. 2014 is looking better, so bundles there will also shift units.

      2. The gamepad is the whole point of the system. Sadly aside from Nintendo Land which wasn’t much Nintendo hasn’t shown what the gamepad is capable of.

          1. The problem is, not everyone want to play mini games collection even they are pretty darning fun. Therefore it is useless to the customer’s eyes. I see a lot of great things that can happen on it. Like instead of split screen and we have two separate screen. We can use gamepad for map or inventory especially for RPG games. But its suck that the Wii U only support one gamepad.

            1. Yes ofcourse…

              I just gave an example…

              But hopefully they are working on games where the Gamepad is the essential thing…

  3. That’s a good as deal in the long run on a system that only Smash bros, Pi kmin, Zelda and Mario Kart 8 is only played on!

      1. The 30 other titles you want to name are not the four aforementioned, nor are they viable substitutes. You may think they are in your opinion, but they aren’t.

    1. Weak! I paid full price for the ZombiU bundle at launch. Tanking it like a boss too!

      Well actually I have ten Wii U games (not including the Virtual Console offerings). I don’t see the issue with it. More good quality games on the horizon that we know about, and probably more that we don’t know about.

    2. I paid £309 for the ZombiU bundle :/ . Did get a pro controller and ZombiU….

      Honestly , I’m fine with that. It’s going to last me 5-6 years…. Free online yada yada.

      1. The day High Command decides to online payment is the day I no longer will belong to Nintendo either…

      2. Oh well. Maybe they’ll do a similar thing to the 3DS where they give away free Gamecube VC games….not likely though.

  4. Get one now, it wont get any cheaper in the near future and you will get one blockbuster title every month and Ubis big games+whats already released. Even if it doesnt get any more titles announced, you will be set for the rest of this year and next year.

  5. does need for speed most wanted u have freezing issues???? its 30$ now, doesnt seem like a rip off anymore but i hear their is problems with the game. if so how bad and is the game good????

    1. Why would you care about that game on the Wii U when Mario Kart is on the way and Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed is already out to enjoy?
      In all seriousness, man…….

        1. I agree it is different game. And by the way, it is the game itself have a freezing problem. This game happen on all consoles including PC. Look it up.

    2. I’ve had no issues. Criterion have done a wonderful job with it. The game is solid. Plays fluid and looks beautiful. I’d recommend picking it up. It’s the only ‘EA’ game done right.

        1. Indeed. Kudos for Criterion. Those guys made an outstanding job on NFSMW. The Wii U version is indeed the definitive version of the game.

          By the way, it has never, ever fronzen in my hands. The gameplay is fluid and stunning.

    3. I duno, but the game isn’t good on any console.

      Want a good driving game? Stick to Burnout Paradise, it’s like £5.

        1. I played it, realised that races were tethered to each car, of which there were only 5 for each car, and they’re repeats….

          At which point i turned it off and sold it.

          What’s the point in making an open world driving game if you spend all the time going to the same 15 places to do the same races and unlocking everything for one car in the space of 20 minutes, and just handing all the cars on a silver platter from the start (sorry, “find” them) rather than giving me freedom do what i want, any race i want, with any car i want, to earn the cars i win, and even just driving to one destination has me involved in time trails for every single road, as well as constant challenges throughout. Oh yeah, that game was Burnout Paradise.

    4. If you want a beautiful racing game, the NFSMW is gorgeous.
      I’ve had no freezing issues since the update, and it was never the game, it was the WiiU OS.
      If you want a shallow story, but a fun racing, cop-smashing/dodging experience, get it. I love it. I crash every 10 seconds because I suck, but it’s so damned beautiful, I don’t care.

  6. I like gamepad and all, but i think it would have been better as add on, because now its keeping the prices of wii u too high, devs dont wanna bother with it and Nintendo themselfs dont seem to know what to do with it. They also should had made wii u more powerful so it could get games, wii left bad taste for many peoples mouth (im not talkin about fanboys here). Its games that attract consumers thats why i needed to buy ps2 back in the day because it had games same reason why i bought ps3,3ds and soon ps4. Wii u is mess imo. It dont seem to deliver nothing, gamers arent satisfied with its lack of support, casuals dont care etc. Sure it will have some games for hc N fans but other than that its kinda pointless atm. Things could change and if they change (and i hope that will happen) i will eat my words.HEE-HEE-HEE.

    1. You’re not as bad as I thought…

      I really hope High Command makes impressive games that utilizes the Gamepad in such essential ways that dwarves any game out on the system today…

      Otherwise it’s all about the 3DS this generation…

    2. It’s too early to say the gamepad was a bad idea, Nintendo jus haven’t done a good job really show how it can change your games.

      Playing stuff off tv is actually really appreciated, i only have 1 WiiU and 1 PS3 in my home so not having to stop playing is great.
      And for multiplayer it’s good too.
      Touchscreen controls are also just undeniably the best form of user interface, navigation is just too easy and takes a second, so that’s good.

      They just need to prove how it can work in a way to make a game better.

      1. So you can play Wii U and your roommate play PS3 at the same time? XD

        But in seriousness, if Nintendo want to promote the Gamepad idea then they should of use it in the first place. Nintendo Land and ZombiU is pretty much the only games that take full advantage of the gamepad features. Off-TV play is not exactly what you call a feature. Most people have TV and they going use the TV anyway.

        You are right that they need to prove how it can work. My point is they should done this in the first place.

        1. Yeah my brother wanted to play The Last of Us, and i was on Monster Hunter.

          It was the first “oh shit, this is actually practical” moment xD. I also prefer playing VC and indie games on the gamepad screen, especially something like Tetris, i find it more comfortable that way.

          But yeah, they need to basically show us the new Zelda, and show us some really unique stuff that cant be done on any other system..

        1. I use my Gamepad online without the TV 90% of the time. Also I hardly use my tablet since I got my Wii U. Why? Its faster, sound is better for YouTube. The internet for YouTube is also awesome because I can watch a video and surf the web at the same time. My tablet Acer can’t do that.

    3. I don’t think Wii U’s specs should be better than what they are. However with everything else, I agree. Nintendo needs t o start releasing games and show games that use the gamepad in interesting ways. Pikmin 3 actually has that, in my opinion. The Wii U is a good ship with no crew. It’s powerful enough, but without the games it won’t get anywhere.

  7. I really thought that Nintendo drop the price in all countries. That would have been cool since I’m buying my Wii U this sunday

    1. Nintendo haven’t yet dropped the price of the Wii U. This is just ASDA really wanting to get rid of stock. They’ll be so irritated at this decision when Pikmin 3 comes later this month…

  8. Yes! Finally! I’ve been waiting for this to happen and now I can finally get a Wii U to play…oh yeah that’s right.

  9. I was lucky enough to take advantage of Zavvi’s discount loopholes and got my launch day Premium Wii U with Nintendo Land, Zombi U and NSMB U for £334.

    So even if it drops this low in price, I still feel that I got a damned good deal. Mwuhahahaha…

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  11. imo the u is the greatest even if it doesn’t sell i question any gamer that doesn’t see that the gpad and motionchuck is the future

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