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Here’s Some Further Information About North American 3DS StreetPass Update


The StreetPass Mii Plaza application is expanding with a free update that adds touch-screen controls, a new layout and four new games available for purchase. Nintendo 3DS owners will also receive new expressions and greeting options for their StreetPass Mii characters with this free update, along with new panels for Puzzle Swap.

Nintendo 3DS owners who connect wirelessly to the Internet will also be able to buy new StreetPass games that they can play with other Nintendo 3DS owners as they go about their day. The games are now available for purchase from within the application at $4.99 apiece, or $14.99 for all four. The games are:

  • Mii Force: Players use StreetPass Mii characters to blast their way through enemies and keep the galaxy peaceful.
  • Flower Town: Players plant seeds in their virtual gardens. When players StreetPass with other players, their plants are watered. Cross-pollination can lead to new breeds.
  • Warrior’s Way: Players use StreetPass to recruit troops and amass an army to unify a country.
  • Monster Manor: Players collect StreetPass Mii characters that bring new pieces of floor. Players can then create rooms, fight ghosts and unlock treasure chests in a climb to the top of the mansion.

Players who complete various accomplishments in the games earn tickets that they can redeem in the redesigned StreetPass Mii Plaza to unlock dozens of new outfits or hats for their StreetPass Mii characters. New outfit options include a full-body Luigi Costume, a Yoshi’s Egg Hat, a Super Mushroom Hat and a Super Star Hat. The selection of outfits and hats changes every day, and the old hats are still available by playing Find Mii.

Four new panels for Puzzle Swap will also be released at the same time as the update. Each Nintendo 3DS user will receive one random new panel and will have to interact with other Nintendo 3DS owners via StreetPass to receive the other three.

18 thoughts on “Here’s Some Further Information About North American 3DS StreetPass Update”

  1. Awesome that their adding more things to do with play coins and streetpass but they should have been free or at least one.

        1. Translation: It’s great to see you Bones!!

          My response to the frog: Why thank you my little friend! :D

    1. Not as often as I’d like, but I work in the city (and live in the country) If I go to a few shops in the busy city on mu way home, I get 3 – 4 hits.

      There is a new function (either out, or coming out… I think it’s live with this update) that instead of street passing within range of the actual 3DS, if you pass by a hotspot that another 3DS owner passed, it counts and is transferred as a street pass… This should greatly improve our chances, because street passing has been hard as hell so far!

      1. That would be a cool update and how exactly the hotspot going work? I assuming hotspot would be like McDonald, Starbuck, Second Cup, Best Buy, Future Shop, EB Games, Gamestop, and etc.

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  3. Just updated and it’s a nice update, although I still don’t buy the games they seem nice, I don’t mind they have a cost, and now with Swapnote, recently Colors 3D and hopely soon Miiverse and Flipnote 3D, there’s a lot going on on the 3DS yay!! =D

  4. i won’t buy these games. I don’t think I would like them enough as I don’t care much for the first 2 free ones plus the price is too high for these kind of games IMO.
    But I like that Nintendo adds stuff and gives players more choices.

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