Miyamoto Admits “Things Aren’t Easy For Nintendo And Wii U Hasn’t Been Selling Too Well”


Revered Nintendo game developer Shigeru Miyamoto has confessed to Japanese publication 4Gamer that things aren’t easy for Nintendo at the moment due to Wii U not selling as well as the company had initially expected it to. Miyamoto explained to the site that they had trouble with a number of high-profile games including Pikmin 3 and Wii Fit U due to developing in HD. Subsequently these games were delayed, but Miyamoto says that now they’re used to shaders in HD, they shouldn’t encounter these problems in the future. Miyamoto concluded that he hopes sales will pick up sometime in the summer.

“Yeah, so things aren’t easy for Nintendo and the Wii U hasn’t been selling too well (laughs). The Wii U also has features like a web browser and two screens, and it’s very useful even for simply watching Youtube, but no one really uses it that way. That’s not helping speed up the system as well.”

“Originally Pikmin 3 and Wii Fit U were meant to be part of the lineup that was coming out between January and March. Last year I did not mean for them to be completed around this time, but we had a lot of trouble with the shaders in HD. Now that we’re used to them, we should do better in the future.”

“At the same time, hardware development was delayed. Because of that delay, the whole development environment was delayed, which also impacted the production of the games. When you produce a game, the process should not be influenced this much by the hardware, but this concurrency of problems affected the games’ progress a lot.”

“Yeah. After this there is Lego City Undercover and The Wonderful 101. We also have Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8 further in the future. So definitely buy a Wii U soon! I’ve been waiting to see (sales) numbers catch up this summer.”


        1. I dunno about you guys but I’d buy the wii and the wii u just so that the gaming universe doesn’t die out on 2014 or later in the future

  1. Maybe this means that now they are familiar with HD development, they’ll stop playing it so safe. I’ve been sick of everything they do (sans Pokemon and SSB4) recently, and I’d really like to like them again. My Wii U has barely been used in about 4 months now.

    1. they may have no choice but to stick with the high sellers until the reception and sales get back up. Although I expect there to be a few high rollers thrown in too.

      1. Well we at least know they’re working on a new IP. Wasn’t there talk about a new genre in the making as well some time ago?

    2. omfg, kotaku says “they are playing it too safe” and everybody says that they are playing it too safe, what if that article have never existed, everybody would be saying the same thing?,

      1. Yeah they want pikmin 3 next year, mario kart in 4 more years, smash bros in 6 more years, new zelda in 5. And want new metroid next year, new star for next year and think that nintendo will have better sales.

        what I have to say is: I want mario kart, I want smash bros cuz they are games that I can play forever. I will get a new zelda but I will only last until the game end just like metroid and star fox. They are great games not famous games but the fan base is there

        1. they only come with ONE mario kart, smash bros, and Zelda PER CONSOLE, so what’s the fucking problem that they are delivering them early?, how many call of duty are for the 7th generation? like 10? and then comes Nintendo delivers 1 game and they are playing it too safe, fuck logics please

          1. Technically 2 Zeldas per home console. Ocarina and Majora’s MSk on N64 then Windwaker Nd Twilight Princess on Gamecube. Then Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword on Wii. Now Windwaker HD and then the new HD Zelda on Wii U.

            1. zelda 1 and zelda adventure of link, also, but the point is that LOOK also at Gears of War, I LOVE that game, and yet they are 4 games in one generation, uncharted 3 games in on generation, Mass Effect 3 games in one Generation, Dead Space 3, 3 games in one generation, Halo also has 4 games on generation 7th, and they aren’t playing it too safe?, fuck logics again

    3. nintendo has completely screwed up with wii u. they were severely underprepared, and that’s their own fault. mario kitty land, pikmin 3, donkey kong wont be enough. it will boost sales but not into the millions as nintendp expects. those games just look too simple for an hd console. we needed mario universe or something worthy of an hd console.

      1. Yeah can’t wait to play Titanfall on PS4.. OH WAIT………

        Xbox One is the future of console gaming, sorry if that upsets you.

          1. strong nickname to post correlation….

            herpderp nobody likes wiiu, lets try showing everybody what i think about xbox!! stinky cheese > xbox!!
            herp derp…

        1. Just get over yourself, the xbox is done. The 360 has been overcome by the PS3, even after a one year head start. Wii 105 million consoles sold, ps3 77 million consoles sold, xbox360 76 million consoles sold. This generation it will be buy RROD 2 if the xboxdone even breaks 50 million. The WiiU is going to sale great. Mario and gang are going to ensure that. 3DS has already set up the foundation hard rock of growth goodness.

          1. Best buy already sold out their xbox one consoles. They have a long way to being done especially since those 22k want the old features that microsoft said during E3. Yup just saying facts.

            1. have you actually read the comments of the signees? only about every 3rd or 4th comment actually claimed DRM was a good thing and took the petition seriously.. all the other signees just wanted the xbox one to crash as hard as possible.. by reintroducing their laughable DRM

              1. After all the bad rep MS has gotten lately, I hope it does. So there’s only Sony and Nintendo that competes (and possibly SteamBox, because Valve is awesome).

            2. Being sold out of preorders doesn’t mean much. Look at Wii U. It had sold out of preorders but is struggling now after its launch window.

        2. why would i play a multiplayer *shooter* on a console when i can play it on a PC? Oo
          baffles me

        3. Yeah the Xbox one is totally the leading generation console because it has ONE that the ps4 doesn’t T.T. Do you understand how much of an idiot you sound right now? I bet your one of the people who signed the petition to get back the DRM features. People like you make gaming a joke especially when gaming in a persons life is a wonderful experience.

        4. You do know that Titanfall is only a timed Xbox One console exclusive, right? It’s coming to PS4 eventually. Also, you can play it on PC.

          Side note: It also looks terribly boring.

          1. I think so too. If it wasn’t for the mechs it would be generic has hell also it look like a moded unreal 3 .

        5. My toaster beats the Xbox One. Can the Xbox One make me toast? I didn’t think so.

        6. Awesome, I can also play Titanfall on my 360 sooooo your argument loses there bud. Plus its another FPS woo hoo. Did you ever play Capcoms Lost Planet? Thats Titanfall but in FPS mode, very original.

    1. The xboxbetamax is dead. It is the PS4 vs the WiiU this generation. The xbox only had a spy cam and TV. Nintendo has it’s IPs and the returning third parties after Microsoft became nintendo’s leading third party developer in may. On the 21st of that month to be specific.

      1. Indeed Gamer…

        That subretarded piece of spy equiped machine shall not make it into my home by miles…

        And people are incredibly retarded if they believe that the Microsoft leaders actually pulled back their Spybox technology…

        Prepare to be recorded and registered oblivious Xbots and Xbot slaves…

          1. He talks alot like Gamer…


            Whatever makes you happy Sonyan…

            1. HAHAHAHAHA you were exposed and now you are under pressure because of it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

            2. Nintendo commander, I was using a different device and my Avatar and persona were not signed in. You see what I did there? Miyamoto San speaketh, Iwata has heard, now Nintendo is at europe GDC with Satoru Iwata San ( president nintendo europe) featuring I hope.

              1. I also hope Lord Shibata is there, he needs to take more place in our Empire…

          2. Aldaraz old friend or fiend depending on the subject matter. That indeed was me Gamer, the Nintendo Commander knows my verbal choice when shutting down xbots. On this we are united, the WiiU and PS4 are this generations gaming home consoles of relevance. How are you by the way? you too Nintendo commander? I even miss Jelly Bean, you guys at the least troll or at times post your sony support with legible sentences. The masse of trolls and morons typing unrelated posts has increased on this site lately. Welcome back.

            1. I’m good and you?…

              Still waiting for that code…

              Anyway, since yesterday the forums have barely seen any signs of senseless and annoying trolls and perverts…

              The only thing I really like from the few Sonyans hanging around here is their complete disgust against the Xbots just as we are…

        1. Do you have a mental condition, which creates this illusion of war in your mind?

          I hope this registers with you.. but there are no slaves,,or the weird robots you’ve made up / been talking about everywhere.

          I could go on about the weird things I have seen you say and make up, but all in all its quite creepy the way you’re experiencing 3 companies who are all just selling a computer..

      2. It’s not dead. Even the game that once said to be an exclusive to ps4 broke away to be going to xbone (kingdom hearts 3). Their console sold out on best buy. Yeah there are people millions or even billions that still want the system. Am I apart of that? Maybe in a few years from now.

        1. and it didn’t come to mind that “sold out” doesn’t mean “extremely high sales” or “more sales than that other system” and may just be a marketing scheme to propagate desirability of the system? retailers have been doing that for years

          also it’s not unusual that a newly announced console would have high preorder numbers.. it was the same with wii U

        2. KH3 was NEVER said to be an exclusive. It was just revealed first for PS4. Though why Xbox One gets it when they have never had a KH game before is baffling.

        3. Billions want the football world cup being held in Brazil, Just because you are experiencing weightlessness or reduced gravitational pull does not make an astronault. You are meerly flying at a very high sphere around the earth’s less gravity intense levels. game WiiU3DSPS4PC this generation for truth my friend.

    2. and you say that before it’s even been released… rrright

      let’s see how the xone fares after launch shall we?

      1. Yeah exactly let’s see how well it does when it launches. People are already saying it failed. They don’t know that nor anyone else does. That’s why I’m contridicting their statements.

        1. i never said it would fail.. tho the chances of it failing if the DRM were to return aren’t exactly slim

    3. Where’s your brain? Oh, that’s right, you don’t have one if you believe the One is better than Wii U.

  2. “So definitely buy a Wii U soon!”

    No way in hell did Miyamoto just say that… so desperate.

  3. first step of healing is admitting there’s a problem. things should start picking up now for poor ol nintendo.

  4. It’s about time they realized how poorly the system is selling; about time that they felt that sting…

  5. how could he say nobody uses the internet bowser on wii U: this comment is made on my wii U and i watch all time youtube on my wii U (because my brother plays minecraft on my pc)

    1. Exactly. I don’t know what Miyamoto was saying about no one using the internet browser. Other than my phone that’s the only browser I use.

    1. Every one wants a wiiu specially me but it still a bit to spencive for the Nintendo aimed market wich is family’s.

  6. It would be cool if Nintendo and Sony would start to work together again. Just think about how perfect fit those 2 would be. Sony would handle homeconsole business and Nintendo handheld business. They would dominate the whole gamin business that way. Then there would be massive catalogue of 1st and 3rd party support on their both systems. Man, that would be awesome. No worries after that. HEE-HEE-HEE.

      1. YES just YES. I fuckin hate Yamauchi because he screwed the whole Nintendo Playstation thing that was going to happen. Just look what happened to Nintendo homeconsoles after they decided to abandon Sony.

        1. You too would have ended the deal if Sony wanted all the sales of the disk games.

        2. PS barely has any good 1st party games. They’re afraid to try something new. Their online sucked and was able to get hacked a few times with the ps3. I wouldn’t want them handling my home console for nothing. I’m glad Nintendo did that because regardless of who played the Wii it still outselled both Ps3 and the 360. Playstation failed with the psp go trying to make it slide up and compete with the DS still are with their “able to play ps3 games/acts as a 2nd screen”. They will have a fight where sony wouldnt want to try anything new and care bout their graphics while nintendo would want to try something new and care not care about the graphics.

          1. You’re an idiot. Of course Nintendo cares about graphics, there’s a reason why they spent a long time transitioning to HD. Besides, they tend to push the limits of the hardware with the amount of detail they put into their games.
            What differentiates Nintendo from Sony however is that they try to keep the hardware at a reasonable price, even if it means having less power than the competition.

          2. “PS barely has any good 1st party games. They’re afraid to try something new.”

            You spelled Nintendo wrong. Out of all the console manufacturers, Sony is the main one who does try new things. On the other hand, while Nintendo has a few new IP’s here and there, they mostly stick with what’s familiar.

            “Their online sucked and was able to get hacked a few times with the ps3.”

            It took 6 years for the PS3 to get hacked. How long did it take for the Wii? Oh yeah…. And NO network is safe. Just about every single big game company has had their networks hacked. Sony was just demonized for taking down their network so as to make sure no further damage was done. The rest keep their networks up, or keep you in the dark.

            “Playstation failed with the psp go trying to make it slide up and compete with the DS”

            Yeah, the PSPgo sucked, but what in the world does that have to do with the DS? PSP overall was a success, sold over 70 million systems and is still selling.

            “They will have a fight where sony wouldnt want to try anything new and care bout their graphics while nintendo would want to try something new and care not care about the graphics.”

            Seriously? Nintendo cares about graphics. Of course they do. How can you even think they don’t? Or do you not know what “graphics” are? With that said, I guess you don’t follow gaming too much if you really think Sony doesn’t try new things.

            1. I kinda diagree with your first statement. Sony still have the same controller for the last 15-17 years with small improvements. Nintendo came up with new stuff with the wiimote and gamepad. But expect Sony to copy Nintendo again.

              1. The first statement was about games.

                In reference to hardware, the PS formula has generally stayed the same; but the controller HAS evolved since it first came out. That’s why we have:

                The PlayStation Controller
                The Dual Analog Controller
                The DualShock
                DualShock 2
                DualShock 3
                PlayStation Move and Navigation Controllers
                DualShock 4

                ” Nintendo came up with new stuff with the wiimote and gamepad.”

                Nintendo didn’t come up with those type of controls or tech, they were just the first to implement them on a home console. There’s a difference.

    1. You know that was going to happen between snes and playstation but nintendo as usual pulled a dick move and backed out at the last second. Thats the only reason sony created the ps1 because they were so angry with nintendos dickish move. Nintendo didn’t want to lose licensing fees.

      1. Yeah Fuckin Yamauchi who thought that his 64mb cartridges would stand against 700mb cdroms.

        1. n64 had some great games from nintendo, rare, thq etc but it failed because it was more expensive and didn’t have enough games to compete with ps1

          1. Yeah it was great system but it didnt stand a chance against ps1. Square and Enix both started to develop for ps1 because 64mb wasnt enough for them. Gamecube is another example great system but 1,5gb didnt stand a chance against 4,7gb. But handhelds from Nintendo have always been best unlike Sonys.

          2. Might be true but N64 still revolutionized gaming basically interms of side scrolling to 3D gaming. They beat their booty pipes to games that turned out great and sold such as SM64, DK64,MK64, SSB, Banjo Kazooie and Tooie, perfect dark, old school wrestling games etc. Playstation might have won but they barely had any good games. I member playing twisted metal, soul edge/blade, tekken. Others didnt really interest me.

            1. “Playstation might have won but they barely had any good games.”

              Personal opinion. There’s a reason why the PS1 sold so well.

      2. So you wouldnt be upset if your “partner” got complete control over all titles and you just basically get your name written on the side? Nice *clap clap*

        1. Its true, if nintendo and sony did partner up, it would have been the end of nintendo. Sony would have taken the majority of the share and profits. Leaving Nintendo in a worse position than today. They would have had to help sony though the PS3, taking massive losses in the process. If they even made it that far that is. Besides, sony hates nintendo, Microsoft hates Sony and nintendo is the one trying to just make games and money and not there to try and start a war. The way I see it is, Sony should swallow a bit of their hate and focus on Microasoft rather than Nintendo. Microsoft is the one that is trying to kill them not Nintendo. If anything they should help Nintendo by allowing them to get in on a few 3rd party games and just lock out microsoft. They know that there will be two systems in a household, it mist as well be the company not actively trying to take you down and yourselves right?

  7. “The Wii U also has features like a web browser and two screens, and it’s very useful even for simply watching Youtube, but no one really uses it that way. ”

    I do……..

    1. then your one of the few…
      Loads of people have laptops,smartphones,tablets,pc’s, which are all superior in browsing the web.

      i have a launch wiiu and literally used the browser once.

  8. Maybe they should release a Pokemon Snap game on the Wii U? That would certainly sell the console! 💋

  9. I’m baffled that Nintendo expected the Wii U to sell well with such a limited library of exclusives (currently, at least).
    Their biggest asset is that they have a lot of amazing IPs…but lately they’ve only been using one of them (whoever guesses which one it is gets a cookie), with a few occcasional other titles from time to time which were sublime games for the most part.
    Fans want games like F-Zero or Starfox to make a comeback, but instead they decide to focus on making THAT other IP over and over again because they’re convinced that’s it all their hardcore fanbase wants.

    1. I agree, I’m waiting till more great games come out that doesn’t involve stepping on mushrooms…
      Mainly MK8, X etc. So yeah, hopefully things will pick up by summer next year when I plan to buy one…

    2. I think they were in a tight spot. It was kind of a, get it out early and suffer for a short period of time, or get it out later and get completely drowned out by the other companies.

      They beat Sony and Microsoft to the punch by releasing their system first. Imagine if 3 new consoles came out this year.

      While the Wii U’s gaming lineup might be lacking, it has the advantage that, come 2014, it will have the most games out of the 3 new systems, and they could lower the price by that time. 2014 is going to be a pivotal year for the Wii U I think.

      1. I really hope you’re right…
        The 3DS started getting more support in 2012 and, although the year isn’t over yet, 2013 has been the best year for the system.
        So, perhaps the Wii U will catch more momentum in 2014; Smash Bros may or may not become a system seller. As for me, only buying one when X will come out.

    3. What happened was, nintendo wanted to stay out of the limelight with their first party titles taking all the glory and instead try and show 3rd parties they could get glory themselves. They did it with the 3ds with limited success. Since one time does not make a pattern they tried it again, this time publishers gave them more support from the get go. But thatdried out for little reason other than higher than reasonable goals set by those publishers. Nintendo did not, not should they, have expected that publishers would be so quick to jump over rather good sales. Apparently publishers expected every Wii U owner to get a copy of their one game, which was generally a bad port.

  10. Nintendo needs to address one of the biggest reasons they can’t seem to sell to the core gaming market.
    They have a reputation for being underpowered and have strong focus on family/kids games.

    Well, now they have to overcome this reputation with… A lower power console and Mario. Yeah…. Not selling well? No shit.
    BUT they seem to be waking up… It might be enough to make the WiiU profitable, but they frankly botched this Gen.

  11. Next time make sure to have a new Zelda ready. =| Or at least a Mario game similar to Galaxy. We’ve all already played New Mario bros to death on previous consoles.

  12. Things are finally starting to pick up for the wii u. So many great games are coming to it. It just takes time. All the haters say nintendo is screwed but they just want nintendo to fail. And it won’t. I guarantee as soon as smash bros and the other good games come out it will pick up

    1. from release to smash we’re like 2 years further lol, should i be happy with my purchase now?

      How do games that release in 2014 justify my 2012 purchase?

      not taking anything away from smash or mk8 for example but why do people say this…in the back of my mind im still raging that iwata lured me in with lies and bullshit about the core gamer.

      or do most people here just not have a wiiu, and are waiting to buy when mk or smash comes???

      cause nintendo is treating the wiiu early adopters like shit.

  13. if the u wins the 8th gen i will rub it in until the 10th gen and king wii blew through the 7th gen

  14. Anyone here lives in Japan? How is the Pikmin 3 reception going? I think that, if any of these recent titles, Pikmin 3 might be the very first reason for Japanese people (and the rest of the world in a few weeks) to buy a Wii U.

    I know I would buy it just to have my petite army of Pikmins all over again lol

  15. “The Wii U also has features like a web browser and two screens, and it’s very useful even for simply watching Youtube, but no one really uses it that way.”

    *slowly raises hand* I do…

    1. why would you say that?

      i doubt most casuals even know what pikmin is, besides pikmin 1 and 2 never had good sales.

  16. If they release a red, green or blue Wii U, I’ll buy it NOW. I HATE the boring black and white colors.

  17. Mario Kart 8 looks the best of the bunch, I hope it has good online multiplayer. Super Smash Bros. U looks awesome too, and I hope that one has great online multiplayer too.

  18. nintendo should get 1st place for the gpad alone ps4 and the box1 needs one i can’t go back

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