One Hour Of Pikmin 3 Footage

Above you can watch an hour of footage from Pikmin 3, courtesy of Nintendomination. Right from the beginning of the game, players can choose to use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination as their primary control method. The Wii U GamePad can be used as an in-game camera that lets you snap photos of your surroundings and then share those photos with other players via Miiverse. Pikmin 3 is out now in Japan and will be released in Europe on July 26th, Australia on the 27th and North America on August 4th.


    1. I love this feature, gonna be awesome to use on mii verse. Funny pictures are ahead, prepare your funny bone.

  1. I have honestly never been a big fan of this franchise, what’s so good about it?….
    Not trolling btw….

    1. It’s strategically a master piece with a witty humorous and at times sadistic plot. It plays very well and it show cases the difference between art virtuoso developers and rehash one trick pony developers ala activisions COD lol. Play it with yourself or a intuitive street smart friend or girlfriend. It’s that good.

      1. You answered that pretty damn well. Pikmin is definitely one of the best Nintendo franchises. Just goes to show how many genres Nintendo targets,

  2. This was a good video but GameXplain gives more gameplay footage with commentary and other jimmy jams.. But still this was good. Omg those graphics lol. This game is just so darn polished. Glad I preordered it. I NEED A GAME ON MY WII U STAT.

  3. In Japan Nintendo home console domination has begun. Staring Pikmin in the quest of draining our wallets. Well you guys groaned, and now the games are here; so buy them. Looking to adding this to my Pikmin 1 and 2 collection :).

      1. Should be about 18 hours for the single player story mode from what I’ve read.

        Apparently it’s 3 times as long as the original Pikmin, which was about 6 hours.

        I’m still undecided about the game. But the footage does make it look cool. But with Steam sales on now and the Wonderful 101 next month…

  4. I absolutely cannot wait for this game. I refuse to watch any video though as I like to draw my first impressions from my own gameplay experience.

  5. Pikmin and NintendoLand are the only games that Nintendo actually cares about. Wonderful 101 needs more marketing!!

  6. I’m SO getting this game. But I don’t wanna watch an hour long video of it. I wanna experience it all for my own self.

  7. I’m glad I preordered this. After watching the video, this is very stressful. I can tell. Love it.

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