UK Chart: Mario And Luigi Dream Team Bros Slip In At Number 3

mario_and_luigi__dream_teamThe Bros. have managed to climb into a comfortable position in the UK chart this week and have perched just behind Animal Crossing: New Leaf and the powerhouse game The Last Of Us. Mario and Luigi Dream Team Bros. has come in at a satisfying third place, and joins Animal Crossing: New Leaf – in second position – at the top of the all formats chart to bask in 3DS glory. Last week, the life simulation game appeared to be slipping on the board, but clearly there’s no end to this game’s appeal, which should serve well for Mario and Luigi and other forthcoming releases on the 3DS. Did you pick up either of these games over the weekend? Make sure you check out our Mario and Luigi Dream Team Bros. review if you’re unsure on whether to purchase the title. The top 10 is below, but you can review the charts in full here.

UK all formats charts

1 (1) The Last Of Us
2 (4) Animal Crossing: New Leaf
3 (-) Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.
4 (3) FIFA 13
5 (2) Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
6 (10)Far Cry 3
7 (7) Call Of Duty: Black Ops II
8 (5) Assassin’s Creed III
9 (6) Tomb Raider
10(22)Aliens: Colonial Marines


      1. Indeed, it has been out for months and they still buy it…

        Nintedward, fiic your country!

  1. See, The Last of Us got MASSIVELY overhyped by EVERY Site possible and that’s reflected in its sales. So, why not hype up the WiiU and its games?

  2. Number 3 is FINE when you consider the games above it. Animal crossing is an animal, and I’ve only heard amazing things about “The last of us.”

    so, Mario &Luigi is still doing fine sitting at #3.

    1. i can only imagine it’s down to children too young to be playing it in the first place, getting killed, screaming, kicking the 360 over and snapping the disc. Then mum and dad buy a new copy, for some reason.

  3. HAHAHAHA Aliens colonial mariners lolololol. Looks like SEGA can make money by sellin shit literally lol. Its great to see 3ds doing well and dominating.

  4. How the hell is Fifa 13 and COD BO2 and Aliens Colonial Marines in the top 10 lol.

  5. How the hell is Fifa 13 in this top 10? It’s literally the same game with no changes to the gameplay at all and just updated graphics. I freakin hate it -_-.

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