Donkey Kong Arrives On Wii U, Costs Only 30 Cents For A Limited Time


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Famicom, Nintendo has released the original Donkey Kong in the Wii U Virtual Console. The classic game, which was first released in 1981, has players control Jumpman – later renamed Mario – who must scale platforms, climb ladders and jump over obstacles to rescue damsel in distress Pauline from the grasp of the large, stubborn ape Donkey Kong.

The game requires 35MB to download from the Nintendo eShop and you can purchase it for only 30 cents until August 13th, which is when it will be priced at $4.99. Donkey Kong is the seventh and final offer of the Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign.



  1. Nothing else just this? It’s a good game but ehh I was hoping for a game more long and possible to beat LOL. I will wait for that game! (And it better be good.)


  2. People are actually complaining about one of the games from the genesis of gaming being available for only 30 cents? Seriously. I’d buy the hell out of this if I had a Wii U or it were on Wii.


    1. Amen, man. It always cracks me up when I hit Miiverse and see people complaining about a game that cost them 30 cents. That’s like less than half an order of small fries =) As for what games Nintendo picks, write Nintendo, guys. I did the week all that came out was ‘Vegas Stakes’ and they sent me a very polite and actually lengthy reply.


  3. I’m surprised people still don’t know about the 30 cents things Nintendo has been doing all year. Super Metroid was the one major reward.


      1. Because most SNES games are smaller than 10MB’s
        so an NES game bigger than half a MB is too damn big.


    1. Calm down. Coding a game, even an oldie, to run on a modern console is going to require software written for a MODERN CONSOLE. What’s eating up the 35MB (which is pretty tiny anyway) is probably the operating system that gives us customizable button layout, save points, etc. While current gamers may be spoiled by tiny roms people who actually do their homework before complaining use far less ! and ?s.


    1. A far better pricing model (that Nintendo is sure to ignore) would be as follows:
      NES 2.99
      SNES 3.99
      N64 6.99
      Gamecube 9.99
      Seems pretty fair to me, but it won’t happen unless we write Nintendo (politely) in large numbers. If their goal is to compete with ‘free’ emulation options, the prices they currently support are a joke.


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