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Japanese Charts: Wii U Sales Soar As Pikmin 3 Claims Number One Spot

pikmin_3_logoThis week’s Media Create software and hardware sales are in from Japan – and it’s the good news we’ve all been waiting for. Pikmin 3 – released only a couple of days ago – has flown into the top spot selling almost 93,000 copies, while second place has been awarded to new 3DS title Yokai Watch with over 53,000 sales. But now, it’s the Wii U’s time to shine as sales have seen an incredible boost with the arrival of the colourful critters in Pikmin 3, reaching double the sales from last week at 22,000.  You can check out the software and hardware sales in full below.

  1. [Wii U] Pikmin 3 – 92,720
  2. [3DS] Yokai Watch – 53,654 
  3. [PS3] Earth Defense Force 2025 – 37,024 (191,713)
  4. [3DS] Tomodachi Collection: New Life – 26,065 (1,259,847)
  5. [Wii U] New Super Luigi U – 24,881 
  6. [PSV] Toukiden  – 20,853 (186,963)
  7. [PSP] Toukiden  – 19,262 (118,404)
  8. [PS3] Dead Island: Riptide  – 18,462 
  9. [PS3] Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection  – 17,599
  10. [3DS] Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D – 12,963 (206,322)
  1. 3DS LL – 29,594 (29,716)
  2. Wii U – 22,199 (8,251)
  3. PlayStation Vita – 15,662 (20,776)
  4. 3DS – 13,841 (14,506)
  5. PlayStation 3 – 12,698 (11,683)
  6. PSP – 5,830 (5,768)
  7. Wii – 1,434 (1,334)
  8. Xbox 360 – 393 (313)

217 thoughts on “Japanese Charts: Wii U Sales Soar As Pikmin 3 Claims Number One Spot”

        1. Just because it’s double doesn’t mean it’s much. 20 is the double of 10 but it isn’t much, is it ?

          1. 20000 is not much but from business point of view where wii u is suffering with very low number of sales I would say that’s a lot.

      1. Hurray for Wiiu! ^_^ And there is SO SO SO SO much bigger titles in terms of sales than Pikmin 3 coming soon…

      1. Nope. Just benefit of being right! We all told those haters that the Wii U will do fine when the games come and what do you know! We were all right!

      2. The sales show that Pikmin 3 has lived up to expectations. I’ve had mine preordered pretty much since the Wii U launch, and this makes me even more excited for the US launch. That’s why we are happy. And it is also the benefit of that particular release to us. Have a nice day.

      3. The sales show that Pikmin 3 has lived up to expectations. I’ve had mine preordered pretty much since the Wii U launch, and this makes me even more excited for the US launch. That’s why we are happy. And it is also the benefit of that particular release to us. Have a nice day.

      4. Why not be happy this means the install base is getting bigger which in-turn means more 3rd party support and more great games coming to the Wii U.

      5. what have 3rd party developers been bitching about with the wii u? sales. and what just happened? the wii u started selling well. better sales=more games. more games=sad wallet but happy me.

    1. It’s a sign that Nintendo software does really drive sales.
      Only when pikmin3 releases in EU and US we will know the full effect.

      1. Is it really surprising that the Xbox isn’t selling too hot in Japan? The Xbox is irrelevant in Japan.

  1. Sweet! It’s finally moving again. Come on Nintendo. Don’t let the momentum slow down!

    I just hope that this isn’t a sudden spike and then it drops off again…

    1. With games like The Wonderful 101, DK:Tropical freeze, Pokemon X and Y(I know it’s a 3ds game but I’m talking about Nintendo games that will really make sells for them pop), Mario 3d world( Which will sell I mean really, come on now its Mario), Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8(same reason for World except Mario Kart is EXTREMELY competitive LOL) Super smash bros(Oh god yes), X, and the confirmed Miyamoto game coming out I feel the Wii U and 3ds will suffer no backlash.

      1. I hope the current third party titles pick up a bit as well with the boost in wii u sales… Unlikely but would be nice for third parties to feel more secure about releasing on wii u…

    2. It will obviously have dips and drops between major releases, but it’s a sign that the right franchises sell the system better than the haters want to admit.

  2. I think I’ll always remember reading this article… I’ll look back on it fondly when the sales really start to pick up and we have an amazing system with a lot of games like the 3DS is right now.

  3. It took the Vita awhile to sale better than the Wii U but the Wii U topped it just with one game!
    Well now both systems are selling very good and well… Nintendo congrats!!!

    1. WiiDidIt! (Ahh, puns)

      Yeah, but you’re a fanboy with Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Pikmin, F-Zero, Smash Bros., Xeno-whatever, Megaman (9 & 10 were exclusives, right), and Tingle behind you. Stand proud.

  4. This just proves that the Wii U doesn’t need watered down FPS’S to be able to have fun with. Just a good exclusive and a VERY polished game. And let Nintendos reign of good games begin.

  5. Its a huge improvement for a video game like Pikmin 3, only shows how desperate the console is for games. And it will get much much better as more games come out

  6. I’ve never played Pikmin but will be buying Pikmin 3 as soon as it is available in the United States. I hope that it keeps selling hardware so 3rd party developers have no more excuses for not bringing their games to Wii U.

  7. With the lack of game content AND with the long wait for a sequel no wonder it’s selling. I can’t wait to get my hands on that game.

  8. I think we’re the only ones who know about this. I tweeted this to a lot of people! Oh yeah you guys should tweet this Micheal Pachter!

    1. Seriously. And I bet he’ll just push it off as “a lucky spike in 1 game” and then we will all look at him confused as games like The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, DK:tropical freeze, Mario 3d world, X, Smash Bros, Zelda WW, as well as another Zelda titles hits the fan.

      1. Yeah bet he would do that. I think he should just stop being an analyst because he’s been proven wrong for like the 4th time. Man he’s so bad! XD

  9. Maybe this is why Miyamoto said he doesn’t think Nintendo is suffering. Maybe because the Wii U was already selling well when Pikmin 3 came out but we didn’t know until now.

  10. You should see vgchartz; many of them think that 48 hours equate to a full week, so they are lambasting Nintendo as usual. =/

    It’s sad that elementary time-keeping has failed the majority of them.

    In any case, can’t wait to see the next set of Japanese charts next week; this is looking pretty nice.=)

  11. Do you hear that?… Its the sobbing of the all those 3rd Party Developers who doubted Nintendo ;)

    PS4 might be winning in pre-order sales but the Wii U will be king in this war ;)

    1. Impossible, dude There are way too many cool games and there are also way too many sheeople. I mean, it takes Nintendo forever to release their games and the PS4 will have its 3 1st party games on launch day, a 4th in Q1 2014, a huge amount of 3rd party and Indie Support

      Developers also seem to try and find a stupid reason for not developing games on Wii U.

      If Wii U becomes Nintendo only then there will be a huhe drought from the 3rd to the 4th or 5th year plus extra *Please Understand* and extra *We like to take more time for this game*

      1. You’ve conveniently forgot that the upcoming third-party games for Wii U are mostly top-quality, and that the Wii U recently got OVER A THOUSAND indie devs interested in developing games for the system.
        We’ve already got a pretty damned nice selection of indies announcing their games for the Wii U, actually.
        So no, not impossible.
        Wii U will be fine, even without taking first party blockbuster titles into consideration.

    2. Wii U ran out of pre orders before it launched. PS4 has also. And for some retarded reason Xbox One also. So on the Pre Order side all are equal.

  12. Sweet! And to think, more games are to come! Think, Super Mario 3D World coming right before Christmas? Huge increase there! Mario does have a larger fanbase than Pikmin, so 3D World and Mario Kart 8 will help for sure

  13. They wanted to lower the price because journalist said it was too expensive. Retailers thought the price was too expensive. Developers backed away from Wii U because they thought they wouldn’t sell. Now to Wii U haters. Remember you haters said wii u is not next generation? Will wouldn’t it look bad if PS4 got beat by an outdated console. After all if pikmin did this, 3D Mario World will do even more. Don’t let the PS4 get beat by a last generation console. Also why isn’t the 8 core console not bringing jaw dropping graphics? Can anyone explain?

      1. Not this generation. Budgets only going down. Launch games for ps4and xboxdone have huge budgets that can’t be sustained without game prices going way up. Therefore graphics will decline in this generation except for wiiu. A game is only as good as developer makes it and they won’t spend the time and money it takes to keep up with outstanding graphics.

        1. Actually, no. Most devs have actually said that because of the ease of developing for the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox systems, the cost of developing titles isn’t really any more expensive. Development times are shorter too.

          Later games always improve over the launch titles.

            1. Nope. According to many of the devs I have talked to and other interviews I have watched, the development time for next-gen systems is shorter than that of current gen systems (especially for PS3 games).

              1. Can you explains how that can happen? Sound like either the tools to develop are a lot easier to use or the developers getting lazy. I just saying.

                1. Yup, the tools they’re using are much more simple to handle.

                  They are much easier, which can be attributed to the fact that both of the consoles have PC-like architectures.

            2. Well not really because the guys who made Warframe ported their game to the PS4 from the PC in under 5 months which isn’t long

        1. It just sucks that it was pushed to 2014. ;/ I was looking forward to playing it at launch.

          At least we know it wont be rushed out and will be a better game with the delay.

      1. Why does your character looks like he has a bad case of rickets? I can’t take that game seriously with such a daft stance.

        1. Yeah. It’s being worked on by the same team who did the Kingdom Hearts console games. When Versus XIII was first revealed, SE talked about the influence that KH has on it, especially considering that it’s the first ARPG for the FF series.

          I’m not exactly sure who worked on 3D, but there are bound to be similarities between them.

  14. Well well…

    The western ideology about our Empire has failed once again!

    Pikmin 3, the beginning of our Nintendomination has arrived!

    From now on, no matter how good or bad it does in NA and EU, Games like SM3DW and Mario Kart 8 will drive our holy machine’s sales to 4 times as much as Pikmin 3 is doing right now…

    Let our fun reach the creature Pachter’s rectum as he watches in agony the failure of his pathetic smartmouthing!

      1. Indeed it did my friend…

        Now let us spread our forces once again and reclaim our lost territories!

  15. This news is still not all over Google compared to bad things. Some dumb journalist just released a new rehashed now outdated article about Wii U doom and gloom. The real question is how is PS4 and One going to hold up against Wii U’s software? Didn’t the haters say Wii U had no games till 2014? Explain why Wii U sold over 22,000 units all of a sudden then? Also since PS4 is next generation, why isn’t Knack shooting out next generation graphics then? Kill zone looks like a fucking PS3 game btw.

    1. So who wants to bet by Aug 4th retailers are going to go back to selling the Wii U at $300 and $350? If you want a Wii U and you live in Europe, buy it before Pikmin 3 arrives. If you live in the States and trying to buy a Wii U, buy it before Aug 4th!

      1. Knack can run on the ps3 its not pushing anything graphically. People who played he game said it wasn’t graphically impossible to run on the ps3 if given the right talented devs they could bring it to ps3

          1. particle effect like sparks?talented devs that don’t bitch about the hardware limits can really push their games beyond whats expected from them. I’m sure there are somethings that the ps4 can do that ps3 can’t but not a whole lot. infamous seems to show more what the ps4 can do then knack. I’m pretty sure knack will be great it will be a day one purchase from me

            1. Not only sparks. The character Knack is made up of thousands of growing and individually living particles that are constantly on the move.

              I’m not saying Knack is an unbelievable title that will blow everyone away, in fact, it looks a little plain and boring to me. I’m still giving it the benefit of the doubt considering the people who are working on the game and I’ll get it.

              With that said, even though it doesn’t look spectacular, I can acknowledge that it has things in it that could not be done on the PS3 to the degree that it is being done on the PS4.

              Launch games are never the best example of what a machine can do anyway. We still have some years before we see the full potential from any of these systems, including the Wii U.

          2. Will it should be what makes the game since Sony aimed for the most powerful console! That’s why they wanted 8 cores correct? If graphics wasn’t everything then they would have focused on innovation over power.

            1. Graphic is not the same thing as 8 Core CPU. But the 8 Core CPU does help the graphic a bit in term of processing. Think of this way. CPU can add more soldiers onto the battlefield, add physics to objects, generate random dungeon quickly, and increase the size of the map to explore (although RAM help too).

              Sometime the CPU even help make the game load faster as well.

          3. Then lessen them.
            A few less sparkles wouldn’t kill off the game if the gameplay is worth it.
            So yes, it could be done on the PS3.
            What’s holding it back from doing so is the insistence on adding more sparkles for the graphics whores.

            1. It’s not “sparkles.” In Knack, the premise of the game is that the character grows by collecting debris, shards, and other objects from around the world and integrates them in his body.

              The particle effects and physics of that alone, having thousands of simultaneously moving pieces in a single character at one time could not be done on the PS3 with such high fidelity.

              Has nothing to do with “graphics” per se. It’s more-so the gameplay since that’s what the game is about.

            2. Well not everyone think the way you think. I agree gameplay is important for playing the game.

              I think the developers have a excuse saying it will not work on PS3 since they want to try the PS4 hardware. Also they want to use Vita for the game and apparently PS4 can do better than PS3. Also it make sense for Sony to make games for PS4 exclusively if they want to sell PS4.

      2. Knack actually looked like a PS2 game…. but if its 1080p 60FPS , i’m sure it will look very presentable on PS4.

        I’m dissapointed with what I saw though… it was my most anticipated PS4 launch title but I got a really Sonic adventure 1 vibe from it when I saw the gameplay at e3…

        1. Exactly Nintendward. That’s what happens when you focus on the most powerful console. You expect ground breaking graphics and you wonder what’s it doing with 8 cores if it not blowing the Wii U’s visuals out the water. Most games on Wii U were better looking then the 8 core consoles showing their games that lacked 1080p and 60fps.

  16. Dont be an internet retard

    rejoice!! As always you can kick a man down but he wont stay that way and so this is just the beginning soon Nintendo will rise to its former glory

    1. As always, games sell systems. When you give gamers the titles they really want to play, they’ll buy your system for it.

      Wii U has just been struggling with that fact. Few major exclusives have been put out; but fortunately, by the end of this year going through 2014, the Wii U should be gaining some momentum.

  17. (incoming news) it seems that japan is having a severe dust storm (car crash) OOHHHH DID YOU SEE THAT!!!!! *car beeping* (get the fuck out of the way) oh hope that isnt heard on here, anyway as you can see behind me there is a huge havac behind me. *gets hit by billboard from intense wind*

    (second news reporter) oh dear did you see that!!!!! get medical help!!!!! this tragedy seems to be coming from pikmin 3. (yelling loud so camera can hopefully hear him) the wii u’s that have been collecting dust seems to be creating a dust storm!!!!! (news reporter flies away screaming)

  18. I’m getting Pikmin3 W101, Rayman Legends to start out with. Its like a rain of games. You know I got to go back and play my Wind Walker HD.

  19. Wow! talk about a one game turn around… at least for now. Hopefully with the assortment of great games coming out on the console in the near future we will see this trend continue! Can’t wait to play it on the 3rd of august!!!

  20. This is hardly an increase anyway and its sales will hit rock bottom next week anyway so cheer while u can wii u fags

    1. Hardly an increase? Dude it was over 8,000 last week and now it’s over 22,000. If you’re gonna troll, do it right. And it isn’t gonna hit rock bottom next week. Of course you’d say that since we once again proved you wrong when we said sales will increase once the games come out.

    2. Hey look, a troll who thinks he has the balls to talk about the Wii U. If you’re talking like “they’re still dead fags” you are exhibiting denial.

    3. Notice how all Nintendo Consoles in Japan are above the sony consoles. Xbox is in trouble, once Super mario 3D world and PS4 release its two year hold on america shall be lost, wait! the 3DS took over America last month when it ojut sold the xbox360. PS4 and Vita What you gonna do brother! when the Hulkstar 3DS and the Ultimate warrior WiiU come for you brother!

  21. Not even the most optimistic Nintendo fanboy would expect such a big number! Wii U sales didn’t increase, it fucking SKYROCKET out of this planet.

    And you know what’s awesome? The number of sales might increase even more if you consider this:
    1- Wii U sales boasted over 200% compared to last months… IN JUST ONE WEEK.
    2- Pikmin 3 has only launched in Japan so far.

    Yeah, it has finally begun. Nintendomination all over the globe. And it feels amazing!! Suck that Pachter!

    1. The stopped mentioning how the 3DS keeps on stomping the competition. Now the WiiU has joined it to bask in great 37/40 and 40/40 famitsu rated gaming glory :). This is only but Pikmin 3, Zelda and Super Mario 3D world are yet to release.

  22. ????????????????????

    the Wii u selling 22,000 units this cant be true Nintendo is supposed to be dead and go third party.
    that’s my impression of a troll

  23. Never on schedule, but always on time. Like Shigeru Miyamoto San and I Pikmin three has made you all believers. We told you that Pikmin three shall be the third catalyst after :

    1) Super Mario Brothers U
    2) Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate/Lego city
    3) Pikmin 3

    Really did not see Pikmin pulling the numbers it has.

    Take a glance at number 5 on the software sales, Super Luigi DLC is ranking.

    Nintendo Commander Speak on.


  24. Im not gonna react like fanboys after this, but its great to see Wii u starting to do well. Lets hope more sales bring more support from other devs like they claimed.

  25. Hey whoa whoa i didnt think this through. If Pikmin 3 managed to sell this many units think about when nintendo releases their other titles this year. Be ready Ps4 and Done Wii u is in battle with full force this year, meanwhile 3DS keeps dominating, damn if Wii u gets lots of support then Nintendo is the ultimate winner. This is the Nintendo vs Sony vs Microshit battle theme

    1. But that´s just the new wiiu hardware units in just a few days, considering that the game sold nearly 100 thousand copies, I´d say it had a pretty good start.

    2. I hope you do realize that this means the WiiU like the 3DS is officially selling in all major markets royally. Were as the xbone will barely sell in the US, let alone Europe, forget Japan. PS4 will see a spike at first, then X arrives on the WiiU and Smash brothers Brawl WiiU 3DS. Pokemon rpg WiiU in June 2014 oh!

    3. Quite low? Get real from 8k to 22k in two days? Yet if it was PlayStation you wouldn’t had said nothing. But because it’s Nintendo you want to bitch about 129% increase is low.

      1. I really don’t know what makes you think I’d react differently if a PlayStation product would have sold 22k units. I didn’t express any kind of opinion towards Sony in that comment, it makes you look incredibly stupid if you bring up Sony every single time someone criticizes Nintendo.
        And did you see how many units the 3DS whenever a major 1st party title gets released ? No ? Let me tell you then, it’s usually around 40k-60k. And even this week the 3DS sold better even though there was no major release for it.
        And 129% increase doesn’t really say much. An increase from 10 units to 20 would also be an increase of 100% but that doesn’t mean the sales itself are good.
        22k -is- low in this case, deal with it.

  26. That’s awesome and it’s good to finally hear some good news about the Wii U selling well. I didn’t really think that Pikmin 3 would be this much of a hardware seller nor would it reach those sales in two days. Pretty impressive. It’s too early to be cheering just yet but with Splinter Cell Blacklist, western release of Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World, Batman Arkham Origins, etc. all looming over the horizon, it should be a good half of the year for Nintendo. They may still be in this game after all.

  27. And eventually we’ll be reading this same news about North America. Pikmin 3 is the first game that’s actually worth owning a Wii U for. Even my girlfriend pre-ordered a copy. And she never even played the first two Pikmin games.

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