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Here’s The Brand New Trailer For The Wonderful 101

Following the Nintendo Direct Mini presentations for both North America and Europe, Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for The Wonderful 101. The trailer showcases the game in a fantastic new light, giving us an introduction to the talented bunch of superheroes. Explaining the back story in a Mission: Impossible fashion, as well as giving us a few snippets of gameplay, The Wonderful 101 looks to be an exciting new title. Exclusive to the Wii U, the game is set for release August 23 in Europe, August 24 in Australia and September 15 for North America.

40 thoughts on “Here’s The Brand New Trailer For The Wonderful 101”

  1. I’ve just buried my wallet and carved it a little head stone…. it couldn’t take much more…. R.I.P wallet , you’l never be forgotten.

        1. lol….lol…. i haven’t seen pennies in a looong time. From Jamaica got their independence from England. lol.

          My fiance’ and kids bawl loudly as the wallet was submerged in it’s final resting place.


          1. haha! ”He was a brand new Billabong wallet , good condition and he served his master well… But unfortunately he passed away due to the stress of Nintendo’s readiness”

    1. That’s why it’s called Nintendomination…

      Spread the sacred N into the minds of the core and casuals alike!

          1. Show them that the PS4 is obliterating xboxone in sales to turn ratio. Then hit them with that WiiU 3DS fire emblem awakening Pikmin 3 and X combo.

            1. They are Xbot Zealots…

              I don’t hang out with any of them anymore though, just talk occasionally for a “Talking Confrontation”…

              But I have met several Nintendo Drones ready to spread the word…

              Buy ofcourse, my job never ends as I will continue to show them the wonders of the Wii U and 3DS…

  2. Wow! I’m speechless. I don’t know where to begin. I just have to budget right. I’m going to try to get 4 Wii U games.

  3. You know what fuck it. I’m bout to pre order me some more Wii U games on amazon? Pikmin 3 is not enough. Wonderful 101 and Rayman Legends are joining my Pikmin 3 pre oder history. That’s three games I actually want to play. Will Wind Walker HD, Mario Party for 3DS, Mario & Luigi Dream Team too. Some of this shit is gonna have to wait though.

    1. jtz, you make us all proud…

      Pikmin 3 and TW101 will also be on my list to get when I get my resources…

    2. jtz, that Pikmin 3 got the Japanese public off guard. They didn’t see Shigeru Miyamoto unleash his brilliance from the DOJOS of Kyoto. Those games are enticing am saving saving I tell you :).

  4. The Wii U’s 3rd party support is really lackluster with only a few upcoming games:
    Rayman Legends
    Just Dance 2014
    Watch Dogs
    Assassins Creed IV – Black Flag
    Batman Arkham Origins
    Skylanders Swap Force
    Disney Infinity
    Scribblenauts Unmasked
    Splinter Cell Blacklist
    Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut

    1. Maybe you have money to buy a bunch of games, but a lot of the trolls on this site can only mostly afford bargain bin games. So saving is a priority :). If you are using sarcasm, then I see what you did there lol!

    2. LOL @ absolutely no exclusive third party game

      will be buying rayman and first party games. “Alas that’s a no.”

      multiplatform games don’t even interest me on wii u i prefer them on pc.

  5. I’m surprised this is a teen rated game…well these are the guys who made Okami, bayonetta and viewtiful joe

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  7. I still have to pre-order and pay off Wonderful 101 and Windwaker HD and Batman Arkham Origins and Pokemon X and Zelda A Link Between Worlds…that’s the rest of my games for 2013…My EB Games still doesn’t have Wonderful 101 or Windwaker HD in their system…less then 2 months away and I can’t pre order them gaaa.

  8. 3DS and Wii U has some good shit. At first I wasn’t interested in Dream Team but after seeing it…..I want it. Im going to be so broke. Im told myself i was also going to buy X or Y. Also I know I’m getting smash bros for Wii U. But now Im thinking of also 3DS version to take on my plane trips. I bet that game runs the hell out the battery on the 3DS too.

    1. Will I now pre ordered 101 and Legends. So who wants to bet many retailers are going to take away the discount on Wii U? If a retailer still keeps the discount when 3D Mario World arrives, their crazy!!!

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