Miyamoto Wishes Nintendo Embraced HD Sooner With Original Wii


Legendary games developer Shigeru Miyamoto has confessed that it would have been great if the original Wii was in HD. Miyamoto says that he wished that Nintendo embraced HD sooner, but he conceded that HD televisions weren’t as prominent back in 2006 as they are today. However, he says that HD became more common about 2 to 3 years earlier than the company had originally anticipated.

“I felt like I wanted to go to HD sooner.
Even for the Wii, no matter how much it made the system cost, it would have been great if it were HD in the first place.  However, it was going to take some time for HD televisions to become common and we felt that until that point was reached, there would have been no point for Wii to be HD.
From our point of view, once the subsequent generation to Wii came around, HD televisions would be more common and we felt it would be time to make our games in HD then.  However, HD became more common about 2 to 3 years earlier than we had anticipated.  A main part of that was that the prices for HD televisions manufactured overseas had gone down at an unthinkable pace.
So, as a result, while we were right in the middle of selling the Wii, the TVs in people’s living rooms (in Japan) were slowly becoming HD sets.  Overseas especially people had never so rapidly and drastically changed their hardware to the newest technology but in America as well HD TVs became standard little by little.”

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  1. what a bunch of fucking clowns. here I thought nintendo thought ahead. smh. if only someone competent was in charge back then.

    1. You’ve gotta give them some cred for at least admitting their mistake. That’s way more than what can be said about certain other gaming companies.

      1. Next they hope they would have made Wii U more powerful. There will not be support from 3rd party for undepowered console. Same thing happened last gen.

      2. The problem is that they’ve been admitting nothing but mistakes. You apologize too many times and eventually we’ll realize that you’re apologizing just to apologize instead of actually meaning it.

    1. Actually the system is great, but the fact that it doesn’t have decent games out (yet) sucks…but to each his own.

      1. Just like I predicted. Its the 3DS all over again. Lots of people are gonna eat their words (yet again) pretty soon.

        1. I missed you, bro. The comments section was utter retarded, autistic trash without your trolling around those dumbasses.

    2. I respect your choice of username because Breaking Bad is awesome… however I cannot agree with your opinion of the Wii U.

  2. Allot of the quick adoption of HD had to do with the government forced switch to digital broadcasting in the US. Both broadcaster and consumers had to ask for a delay during that time cause neither were ready. There was even subsidies for manufactures of TV sets. So, yeah it came quicker than most wanted and slower than the government wanted, who was pushing for it to happen in 2001 before their plans got messed up.

      1. wow, good fucking job. thats why nintendo’s so behind in everything they do. Did you know last generation, total Wii sales were less than HALF of the PS3? It was the worst selling console last generation, and sold only 2% of the software in Japan. Fucking fanboys, almost makes me want to leave this page

        1. Actually Wii was the best selling of the three last time with about 20 million more than the other which were neck and neck.

  3. This is quiet evident. If only Nintendo had a bit more experience with such architecture, then there wouldn’t be this Wii drought.

    1. Why do we have to choose between having HD graphics or superb gameplay? It is not impossible to have both.

        1. It’s not the lack of HD that made the Wii so unpopular among people who take games more serious. It was just because Nintendo made the Wii so extremely underpowered compared to other systems. Which person with a functional mind thought that it was a good idea to use hardware that competes with that particular system’s predecessor. If it would have been the lack of HD then there would have been no big success for PS3 or Xbox 360 either……….

          1. The main flaw with the Wii was not its graphics, power, lack of HD, or controllers. The main flaw was the fact that most of the Wii’s casual library was celebrated over its core franchises. Many good games for the Wii like the Mario Galaxy games or Skyward Sword were completely eclipsed by either a surplus of party games or a serious drought of ANY game. Seriously, guys, the one good game released in America for the Wii in 2011 was freakin SKYWARD SWORD. Holy crap. This was during the time when Japan was already partying it out with XENOBLADE. And all we had was SKYWARD SWORD, which barely made it in time for the 2011 holidays. What the fuck were they thinking?

      1. It’s not that Graphics and Gameplay in-one is impossible, it’s that it’s expensive.

        Good graphics cost money. Good gameplay also cost money (unless if the developers are geniuses).
        If your budget is limited, do you spend any left-over cash to polish graphics or to polish gameplay?

        1. I only see this uttered in the Nintendo space. Games development was WAY cheaper on the Wii, why is it that the Wii wasn’t churning out games that were better than anything on the other platforms ? (PC,ps3,360)

        2. Nintendo has over 600 billion in cash. They can certainly accommodate for horsepower and gameplay with all that money. The problem is mismanagement.

      2. Not impossible, no. But many game developes pick one or the other, sadly. I can’t wait for graphics to reach their peak, the point where they can’t get any better, because that will force developers to innovate if they wanna stay relevant.

    1. Yep… I’m kinda pissed off that they brought the ( Still awesome) trilogy on Wiiu… it would of make a fucking killer Launch window game with just a simple Windwaker HD style 1080p facelift.

      Metroid prime trilogy with Windwaker HD treatment = orgasms

      1. Imagine if Trilogy HD was a launch game. Would have made sense since the Wii U’s launch day was also the 10th anniversary of Metroid Prime, but you know how Nintendo is with logic. “Metroid’s 25th anniversary is the same year as Zelda’s? Let’s only do Zelda.” “Metroid Prime’s 10th anniversary is the same time we’re launching the Wii U? Let’s skip it to release an HD Wind Waker the year after for ITS 10th anniversary.” God I hate how under appreciated Metroid is ¬.¬

        1. Indeed. Metroid prime trilogy would benefit SO SO SO much from a simple overhaul , Metroid prime 3 is half way there is had the bloom lighting and particle effects on par with a 360 game…

          It would be amazing controlling the entire trilogy with the Dual analog sticks of the Wiiu also with Wii remote as an option.

          1. You’re not serious, right? Just play the damn game on an Emulator where you can do things the Wii U can’t do. The actual graphics woupd have stayed the same but look at it in 1080p*9xSSAA where you play the game at an insane resolution. SSAA multiplies the render resolution so with that setting the game would be drawn in 9*1080p plus downsampling. There’s also post processing.

            Do yourself a favor an play those games atleast omce with a 120Hz motionplus setting. Believe me, you could die immediately without “giving a shit”.

      2. Its like you guys read my mind, I was thinking just yesterday. Metroid Prime Trilogy HD, i’d definitely pick that up!

      3. the “wind waker HD treatment” is pure shit… That bloom makes my eyes bleed, and the game has the same polycount, literally, they upscalled it, put some new textures and added a shitty bloom into the game

        I don’t get why they did that. They made Wind Waker with such a timeless, immortal style, and then try making an HD version of it? That’s like trying to toast a toast or something. If anything Twilight Princess needed it better, those ground textures look like vomit.

          1. I still think they shouldn’t have applied that ugly ass bloom shader. GC Wind Waker looks fucking amazing in 1080p on Dolphin for example.

  4. Had nintendo done this from the start with the Wii, they would’ve both had innovation and hardware on their side, the Wii would’ve had many more games… hell a whole plethora of things would’ve changed.

    1. Had Nintendo made the Wii powerful enough, we could have played Skyrim in motion control glory! :( That would have been simply amazing, let’s not forget all of those great third party titles Wii owners missed out on.

    2. They wouldnt have sold as much, The casual crowed loved the fact that the wii was cheap. if it was stronger it would’ve also been more expensive.

  5. …………………./´¯/)
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

    1. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will erase the importance and the relevance of Wii.

      That guy was a brave warrior fighting against much powerful consoles and, see that, Wii won both of them.

          1. Wii only sold more because of all this casual trash milking… Honestly that’s cheating. I felt cheated, at least.

  6. I think the 3DS or the XL at least is just a TINY bit to low res. The original 3DS can get away with it and it looks great , but the XL (which I absolutely adore…) I sometimes finding myself staring at the pixels and thinking ”just a tiny bit more resolution would of been great”

    1. Yeah, I think a 480p screen would be perfect. Maybe a little less to lower the cost, but the current “less then 240p” resolution is just very ugly to look at, ESPECIALLY on the 3DS XL. Imagine those 3D environments and characters on a 480p 3D screen, that would look so nice!

      1. Yep. the Wiiu gamepad is 880×480 like an Enhanced 480p and it looks awesome!!!! no complaints there at all..

        But the original 3DS’ screen is actually fine for the 800×240/400×240 resolutions of the 3DS screen. It’s just some games the XL makes jaggies really apparent. I mean I don’t really mind that much and the 3D is brilliant! It would look perfect at 800×360 or something like that.

        1. The Wii U tablet controller is 854*480.

          The 3DS screen has a resolution of 800*240 but effectively just 400*240. The 2D image is still 400*240 instead of 800*240 because the horizontal lines are pixel-pairs.

          Imagine the 3DS with the Vita’s 960*544 (OLED) display……..

          1. yeah true, and an enhanced 3DS with an 600*360 resolution would be perfect. Would buy it in an instant..

          2. The original 3DS screen looks looks cute and charming an kinda good. But the XL is just flirting with uglyness.

  7. It would’ve been nice, because they wouldn’t have struggled so bad with HD development. Anyhow, it takes a courageous person to admit their mistakes. So I applaud Nintendo, and I’m glad their finally apart of the HD era. Can’t wait for Pikmin 3, Wind Waker, Tropical Freeze, etc…

  8. “no matter how much the system cost”

    where was this thinking with the WiiU then ? maybe it would’ve been able to compete with the PS4 & X1 when they are released, because its just going to get pummeled :(

  9. Well, as good as this sounds on paper, I actually highly doubt the Wii would’ve been as successful as it was if it was an HD system. The reason I say this is, technically speaking, the technology used in the Wii is not technically capable of running games in HD, Nintendo would’ve needed to pump a lot more power into the system to make it HD capable. This would’ve given us a more powerful system, and probably some more third party support, but the huge issue with this is it’s price. One of the biggest reasons why the Wii was so successful was because it was the cheapest of the bunch. While the 360 launched at $400, and the PS3 at $600, the Wii kept the affordable price of $250. Had the Wii not been that cheap, it wouldn’t have sold as well as it did, because consider the fact that it was using motion control technology that took up much of the systems cost. Nintendo would’ve needed to scrap the motion controls to keep price down, which would’ve only helped slightly actually, it would’ve still been at least a $400 console without the systems biggest feature that sold the system. I would estimate that the Wii would’ve probably sold 35 – 50 million units in its lifetime if Nintendo went with an HD system instead of a motion control system. Not bad numbers, but would’ve paled in the shadow of the 360 and PS3, which would go on to sell 80 million units or more. The Wii basically doubled its success by not trying to be the other guys, and trying something new, so overall, I think not going with an HD system was a good move for Nintendo business-wise. How that decision will affect them in the long term remains to be seen.

    1. In theorie everything is HD capable as long as the image fits into the framebuffer. But it would only be a beautiful slideshow then….

    2. yeah however with a bit more juice it would at least have been able to display games at 720p..heck even the original xbox could do that on certain games..I feel a HD ready wii would have helped it stay relevant longer in the marketplace

    3. You don’t know what would’ve happened. However we DO KNOW what happened and that’s that the Wii failed in many aspects outside of selling well. I mean The ps2 sold fantastically but it also had some of the best titles anywhere. I mean compare the Wii’s library to the Ps2’s.

    4. What sold the console was the Wii remote. If the Wii was powerful enough to display HD images and sold for let’s say $350, people would have still bought it in millions.$50 less than 360, HD visuals, Motion controls and Nintendo IP’s, still the winner and third parties would have been able to support it, making Wii U a better investment now for them to develop on. On the flip side Nintendo has gone the hard path, are getting punched in the gut. This will only create a smarter more aware Nintendo and they will grow leaps and bounds because of this. Pikmin looks gorgeous, wth will Zelda and the real 3D Mario look like? Galaxy still impresses me today

  10. Simple as that, 5th gen should have ended later and seventh shouldn’t have lastet that long. Wii U would have been an absolute killer in 2010.

  11. …And yes, you can have great gameplay combined with great graphics. A little bit late but all is not lost.

  12. I never had that much problem with graphics themselfs on wii, but 480p on 42″ Full hdtv made it look really ugly. If wii would had have hd resolution we would have games lookin as gorgeus as MH3U.

    1. Nintendo’s titles did not look bad in 480p, they looked awesome! Gamecube games that ran in 480p looked like they were running on a different system they looked that much better! Now most 3rd party multi platform games did look ugly on both in 480p…

      I am surprised though that SONY didn’t go 4K resolution for the PS4 and called it the PS4K……

      1. Wii games definitely looked terrible on huge HDTVs.
        PS4 does in fact support 4K, but it will not output the resolution for games.

        1. On my 42″ they don’t look ugly (again first party & Nintendo titles). Now on my friends 72″ that is another story…. Hell some PS3 stuff looks ugly on his gigantic tv… I was aware of the ability to do 4K, but more or less was surprised they didn’t make it a main thing like they did with HD on the PS3

          1. fuck ! are you blind ? u trolled by nintendo DERP arts and still not understand ? LOOK at those tomodachi collection or wahtever.. they has derp faces like miyamoto

  13. And now people are slowly adapting their HDTVs to be 3D HDTVs, though unless there’s a drop in their prices like HDTVs, I don’t see much people having an incentive to upgrade just for 3D, which many channels don’t even support yet.

  14. If only the Wii was 720 HD and the controllers had more triggers, buttondms and another analog stick, it would have dominated.

  15. I knew Nintendo should have embraced HD sooner, so many people were asking for them to go full HD with the Wii but did Nintendo listen? Nope. This is their problem, they are more stubborn than a freaking mule in which they don’t want to do anything or take any advice. I think the Wii U will last for at least 5 years much like the PS4 and Xbox One but if Nintendo is going to beat Sony and Microsoft Next Next Gen, then they should wait to see what Sony does first then Microsoft and just boast the power of their Next Next Gen console to the same power as the PS5 meaning it will have more support from developers and less whiny 3rd party companies such as EA and such.

  16. It was a good plan! Like he said, the world hadn’t embraced HD televisions at that point, so there wasn’t any point. But like with any plan, something awry is bound to happen. All they can do now is move on and face the future.

    1. Yeah, but Microsoft still embraced HD in their console yet it used the basic Yellow, White and Red cables and later made a model with a HDMi port so really its not much of accuse.

  17. It seems like now that the Wii U is slowly blowing up in their faces, they’re starting to crack and blurt out all the regrets they’ve had that led to this sorry situation. All I can say is, they’re damn lucky the 3DS is doing well in the hearts of everyone right now, me included, because the Wii U is sadly not doing the same right now.

  18. Comment section being as retarded as ever.

    All they needed to do, was to prepare better for their next console.
    They had all the time and Wii + DS billions to do that.

  19. grew up on nes/snes/n64/gb etc etc
    Kinda hated the wii, semi hate my wiiu.. thank you nintendo.

    They brought all this shit on themselves, and I hope they’ll have to sit on the blisters for a while.

  20. I wish Wii had at least been 720 HD and more RAM like 256 MB and more buttons, triggers and another analog control stick. Then it would have gotten more of the games that the 360 and PS3 got and Nintendo would have made better games. Nintendo has fell behind technically in the caliber of games during the Wii generation.

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