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Pikmin 3 Sells Over Half Its Stock In Just Two Days

pikmin 3 charactersYesterday’s Media Create sales figures from Japan gave us hope for the Wii U’s revival in the market after a considerable slum. Now, it has been revealed that Pikmin 3 managed to shift over half of its stock in just two days. The real-time strategy game sold 53 per cent of its entire stock in the two days prior to the release of the Media Create figures.

According to a tweet published by senior research analyst David Gibson based on Enterbrain sales figures, Pikmin 3 sold 102,000 copies out of its 193,400 total shipped units. The Wii U title also places as the third best-selling game in its first week, just behind New Super Mario Bros. U and Monster Hunter 3 HD in Japan. Next week’s Media Create figures should prove interesting, however. Do you think Pikmin 3 can hold onto the top spot again? Let us know in the comments below.

“Pikmin 3 sells 102k in 2 days in Japan but leaves another 91k on the shelves, becomes #3 biggest seller in wk1 after NSMU and MH3HD for WiiU”. – David Gibson, Senior Research Analyst

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83 thoughts on “Pikmin 3 Sells Over Half Its Stock In Just Two Days”

    1. I cant wait to get this game. I have finally finished part two last night. So I am pumped for this new one.

    1. Proven wrong once again…

      They are like the evil ghosts of Pac-man…

      They hate but gets owned only to restore themselves to keep hating since they never learn…

        1. The “Spike” as you call it last from this August all the way through next year. So I think we can all enjoy a year of good games. Your trolling seems to be needing some work, may I recommend reading some of Patchers work to get some inspiration?

        2. Spikes belong to a little Know boat shaped handheld called the Vitanic. Nintendo games keep selling. Super Mario Bros. WiiU has sold 2.5 million copies. Butt hurtitis is curable, buy a 3DS and your misery shall end.

    2. To be honest, I didn’t think it would sell as much hardware as it already has. Pikmin’s more of Nintendo’s cult hit, a small group of really passionate fans, so I wasn’t expecting it to be this big. I thought it was going to be Mario Kart. But good anyways! Hopefully NA can keep up. :P

      1. i think pikmin 3 has received a lot more attention since its first release

        it’s not just a game for a select few anymore, i think it’ll appeal to the mass market aswell now

    3. I am not a hater but I was wrong about the selling the hardware part. (I never said Pikmin 3 will not sell.)

    1. It’s a great week for us all. Even Luigi DLC sold and made it to number 5 on the Japanese software charts.

  1. Good job Japan! Next UK and then North America(and other places…). Hopefully those Wii U units will be flying off the shelves

  2. Happy that a great console has a great game it deserved. It’s Nintendo’s fault that the Wii has had a slow start. They should of had a much more consistent line up of games. But from here on hopefully Wiiu can start to do something significant.

    1. Nintedward my friend. Pikmin, a game most wrote off is selling like hot cakes. Sonic, Wonderful 101, Donky Kong tropical free ( will sell mega ), Super Mario 3D world shall sell without a Dou——-oooobt!

  3. This is a testament to the lack of quality titles on wiiu. Ive spent over a hundred dollars on ejunk trying to find a gem since N couldnt release a quality game.Cant wait for pikmin.Seemingly Late but still on time

    1. It’s an amazing thing. It means that its already almost sold out meaning that ALOT of people have bought it in only it 2 day release. This is amazing.

      1. i’m just confused over how people can say one unreleased console is beating another unreleased console… that’s like saying my favourite boxer would totally win against your favourite boxer in an imaginary fight

        we’ll see how it turns out come release.. and some gaming magazine saying PS4 is beating the xbox one or the wii U or whatever console is utterly irrelevant

        1. It s called being a fan ignorant fools cant think right. Like ps4 is cheaper while X one have kinect which if it wouldnt be a must bundle it would cost the same as the ps4. Or that they almost look the same they both have a kinect. And for god sake if you (not you, you. But them, you) think that the kinect is spying on you just turn it around facing the tv. What happend to gamers who played the great games. The console is becoming a iphone/samsung thing nothing but a accessori

    1. nope for all, just a post to show who is dominant, dont like it, to bad, the reason no nintendo, becuase it is shit compared to real next-gen CONSOLES.

      1. REALITY CHECK– The Nintendo Wii U is a REAL NEXT-GEN console. Don’t get all wishy washy now that the Wii U is the #2 selling console in Japan this week. The Nintendo 3DS XL is still #1.

      2. Dominant to what the Xbox One? Congratulations the Ps4 has done what every thing in the world has done. And it also says Ps4 vs. XBOX ONE not Wii U. I don’t need to be told that the ps4 is “Graphically better” than the Wii U because to me I DON’T GIVE A SHIT. Ill buy a ps4 purely because of games which it really hasn’t been showing compared to Nintendo games like Knack and 1886 arnt what makes you want a console new innovative games like Pikmin are what people want and if you dont believe go read the article which you so obviously skipped. And I like how you continually boast about how superior your console is, and if it was you wouldn’t need to talk about how superior it was in the first place. It just shows how desperate you are for attention and how you crave for someone to tell you off because you probably have nothing better to do with your life. And truly if you spend your time on a NINTENDO website saying bad things about NINTENDO you are truly sad and deserve no sympathy from anyone. Sadly trolls like you are too predictable and I expect nothing more from you than to say how sad I am as a person. Seriously go somewhere.

        1. Shit I accidentally clicked comment before finishing my sentence. As I was saying, it says Mario 3D is part of the NEXT-GEN preview hence its next gen. And Mario 3D is a next gen game on the Wii U, so, the Wii U is next gen.

      3. Oh please PS4’s exclusives got nothing on Wii U’s. Unless you want another fps that plays like the other fps on PS3, 360 and PS4!!!

  4. Definitely picking this up soon after it’s released in the states. It’s a shame we didn’t get any preorder incentives other than getting it a day earlier for preordering the digital version.

    1. It is not even Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Super Smash Brothers and it’s selling out half its stock in two days flat. Smiling has become joy.

  5. and people thought this wasn’t a sustem seller… I expect the same results in the West. Pikmin 3 has so much hype and is clearly a fantastic game. 💋

    1. More like you haven’t seen Jelly bean, aldarazz, Ness, Vonscrontum and a sleuth of their aliases since nintendo sales went up 875% on amazon Uk :).

    1. Seeing you say or type amazing is enough incentive for me too buy two copies and giving one to my friend :).

  6. this number only reflect the first two days of its release, as the sales figures represents the sales week and this game was released the day before the sales week ended.

    I’m interested to see how well it does over its first full week. I bet it will do just great!

    the line up from now until the end of the year, is looking really good. there’s no reason why the Nintendo Wii U won’t be a success by years end. a lot of good first party games coming out and some really good third party games coming out. we all owe Ubisoft thank you.

    I hope they’re games sell well on the Wii U, so we can get more.

    this system needs to be supported, it has the potential to be awesome, to represent a new way of playing games and a console that reaches out to more than just one type of Gamer, you know what I mean….fps.

    the Wii somewhat had that, however, with the lack of power, it couldn’t get AAA titles. but the Wii U has proven that it has enough power to support current and next gen games, something that the next gen Consoles won’t be able to do. clearly it’s not as strong as a ps4, but it is a substantial jump from the current gen.

    1. August 4th just can’t come no sooner. After watching the unexpeted Nintendo direct, I made Nintendo Ubisoft Richer by $59.99 ea. I already pre orderd Pikmin 3 seven months ago. Today, I preorderd 101 and Rayman Legends. I couldn’t help myself the Mini Direct was tooooo tempting!!!!

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  8. This doesn’t surprise me. Pikmin 3 looks AMAZING! And it’s really the first Wii U game that’s actually worth owning a Wii U for.

    1. The colors are deep and rich and it sonuds like the premise for this game is as well. I wonder why more video games aren’t like this in being for the most part gentle and imaginative? All those first person shooter games must get boring after a while.

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  10. I’m all over this game. I’m highly stoked. I really hope this helps flip the Wii U around. Pikmin 3 is my websites top pick or this year…looks like I chose a good one.

  11. Reading ps4playas posts really hurt…It’s toO bad..Double o. Already is one L and joint. LoOser is spelt with one O. So not only annoying but also in need of buying a Dictionary or paying more attention in class tomorrow morning instead of making yourself look like a right fucking dimwit on this site.

  12. Didn’t Nintendo haters say Wii U has no games until 2014? Yet didn’t this Nintendo direct just show 18 titles scheduled to release in 2013? Hurry up August 4th!!!!

  13. Didn’t Nintendo haters say all Mario games are rehashed? So how is Dream Team rehashed? Where’s the mushrooms, powerstars or even the catsuit?

  14. I was already expecting Pikmin to boost Wii U sales (specially to many Nintendo fans that were waiting for Pikmin to buy a Wii U), but not like that!
    This is amazing!

  15. third party want wii u to have an install base. the sad part is when the big dogs release your still gana skip the console because there isn’t gana be a need to buy third party and the indie games are even killing the big games. rite now so yeah. this is only the start.

  16. very nice, hope the strong sale continue.

    Just weird some people are already celebrating and cheering and saying wiiu is revived, how fkn dumb are you?

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