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Buy Pikmin 3 On Wii U European eShop And Get 30% Off The Wonderful 101

the wonderful 101Nintendo is holding a special promotion for European Wii U owners when they purchase Pikmin 3 on the Nintendo eShop. The promotion, which was announced in the Nintendo Direct Mini yesterday, enables you to get a cracking 30 per cent discount off The Wonderful 101, but only applies to the digital version. So if you were planning on buying both Wii U exclusives, now’s your chance to cash in on the eShop deal. To grab that 30 per cent off, make sure you download Pikmin 3 between July 26 and September 21 to get an automatic discount on The Wonderful 101 when it’s released August 23. Remember, the eShop deal only lasts until September 21 and is exclusive to Europe.

50 thoughts on “Buy Pikmin 3 On Wii U European eShop And Get 30% Off The Wonderful 101”

    1. IKR? If Nintendo was smart, they’d include retail copies, just like they’re doing for Fire Emblem Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei. You know Nintendo, considering how a lot of fans are 25+, you really shouldn’t be pushing digital THAT much…

      1. It is time to jump onto tweeter and MiiVerse and let nintendo know that the 25 and above crowd want this.

      2. Haha. I love it. Nintendo can never win. “Nintendo doesn’t care about digital!”… “Wait… now they care TOO MUCH about digital!”

  1. Hmmm if this comes to the west I just might buy the game digital to enjoy it day one then wait for a physical copy to be pretty cheap just for my collection’s sake

  2. This is unlikely to save you any money in reality, given the prices of games on the eShop.

    Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 are likely to be £49.99 on the eShop. And between £30 – £40 at online retailers.

    As long as both games are available online or in shops for less than £35 each (which they are), you save no money.

    But, if Nintendo actually starts pricing their eShop games fairly, this could be a huge saver.

    1. I’ve noticed that at least in NA, there are some games that are cheaper on the eshop and there are also sales/price cuts for some games too.

    2. Pikmin 3 is £39.99 on the E-Shop, Judging by the shop prices for both, The Wonderful 101 should be too.

    3. European Maths standards falling by the minute. 30% of is £35. full price is £ 50 plus tax. Am I missing something or are you an xbot or Sony early damage controlling that what you feared is happening. The WiiU is about to 3DS the market.

      1. I don’t understand your point?

        I misread the article, and somehow came to the conclusion that you’d get 30% off the total of both games. Which I realise now is not correct.

        But my point remains valid. This offer still isn’t cheaper than getting both games from somewhere else.

        1. Thanks for taking note and seeing the truth. Forgive me for my brash presentation of the initial point I shared.

  3. Europeans stop complaining at least the ones that are. You are getting a deal that is wonderful! Embrace the blessing. In America they had to fight for Xenoblade Chronicles, The last story and Pandoras tower. Let alone they didn’t even get ‘Disaster day of Crysis.’

    1. Except if the eShop price is the same over price number of £50 it’s not a deal at all, it’s still £15-20 more than it could cost me in retail.

      1. In Sweden things seem to be the other way around…

        Retail games are more expensive here, atleast to my knowledge…

        Animal Crossing for the 3DS costs 50 euros at retail but I bought it for 37 euros at eshop due to lack of resources at the moment…

        However I will buy Pokemon Y at retail even if it costs 50 euros…

  4. Not really worth it here.
    Pikmin 3 is 13€ cheaper on retailer.
    W101 is probably going to be 10€ cheaper on retailer, if eshop sells it for same price as pikmin 3.

    2 games from eshop for around 85€, retailer with no special promotion around 77€.

    1. The Sony/Microsoft prince zolcan haters are up early today. Just because nintendo has Voltron Pikmin 3 wonderful 101 formed the blazing Sword. Smile true gaming has returned.

      1. You retarded?
        I’m only saying, that these are still cheaper on retailer, than on eShop, and that makes me a hater?
        Still buying both of these, just not on eShop.

        1. Am a retarded genius. In the fact that am retarded enough to have refused ms drm and Sony copyism. lol. Retail it is then anonymous.

              1. Translation: FALSE. Nobody died, and the ” ;( ” was just a typo. I’m a Frog. Sometimes my fingers slip.

  5. But is this a £50 Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101? Because id save way more buying them both for just £70

    1. Well if both games are £40, assuming the average retail price for a disk copy is £35 each, you would save £5, but that’s assuming you buy retail copies at £35 or more, and that the eShop price is actually £40 for both Pikmin 3 and W101

  6. Listen people Pikmin 3 is £39.99 thats pretty much £40 spent

    Wonderful 101 is £49.99 (im not sure but im going to say £49.99) 30% off means you will get it for? £35.02

    You spend £75.01


    Deluxe promotion means you get an additional 10% back its not a bad deal at all!

    I have a preorder already so I wont take advantage, but guys Nintendo gives a deal and all you can do is fail at counting! Nintendo fans moan so much I hate it

    1. Problem is, you can get both games from for £32.86 each.

      Take those prices to and you’ll easily get each game for less than £30.

      Even if you just buy them at its cheaper than this deal.

      Is it really moaning to point out there are better offers elsewhere? And that Nintendo’s eShop pricing is simply unacceptable.

      I’m glad Nintendo are doing deals. But it would be better if they just priced their eShop stuff competitively to start with.

  7. OK listen, £30 a game is good and all using flubit which i completely understand.

    But i said quite simply £75.01 what about the £9 back with the deluxe promotion?

    thats £64!

    Also what about playing Pikmin 3 on release day none of this waiting or paying extra for delivery!

    its a deal, dont twist it for your own advantage its simply is a deal. PS3 new games are £49.99 maybe possibly £39.99. People want them on the hard drive and on release simple. Stop moaning! if you want to moan, moan about the VC prices they are beyond a piss take

    1. If I got it right, the Deluxe return you get, is games price before taxes?
      So still, wouldnt break it even here.
      I’m buying both from retailer for 75€

      Pikmin 3 is listed for 50€ on eShop, safe to assume its same for W101.
      So it would be about 35€ with this deal.
      85€ minus taxes 24% here, thats about 6,5€ return from this purchase.

      So after all that, I get resell able games from retail for 75€
      Or eShop versions for 78,5€ (with 6,5€ which I can only use in eShop).

      If we’re generous, then after gas for my car, its about even, or maybe I’m paying a little bit more.
      Downloading takes about as much time as me driving to retailer and back.
      But even then, I prefer physical copy, unless digital is notably cheaper.

      And I think more people still prefer physical over digital on consoles.

  8. Lucky dastards! I plan on buying BOTH of these games on my Wii U! Europeans get all the “GOOD” deals 😡💋

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  10. Lol good numbers finally people get it with the deluxe included matter of preference but it is not expensive to get digital so fan boys shut the fuck up about price and buy the game be happy nintendo are trying to sell 101 clearly that game will get a marketing push with its own direct

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