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Nintendo 3DS Is Now Outselling PS3 And 360 Week-By-Week In UK

fire emblem 3ds xl

Nintendo UK’s head of consumer marketing James Honeywell says that the Nintendo 3DS is comfortably outselling the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 week-by-week in the United Kingdom. The spike in hardware sales can be attributed to a number of big named titles for the platform including Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Fire Emblem Awakening. The portable has been trending ahead of both the platforms over the last three months.

“Software sells hardware. You must have heard that from us a lot. And the same can be said for Wii U as we move into peak season. With such a strong line-up of titles that are so critically acclaimed, it is just a perfect storm. It has made it the format of the moment.

“Sometimes 3DS, or handheld in general, suffers because people tend to focus on the home console market. But 3DS is really doing the numbers right now.”




    1. Now post a comment to dignify your position. Why U mad? is probably playing ‘Earth Bound’ on the WiiU released yesterday on the e-shop and ‘Shantae’ released on the 3DS yesterday as well.


    1. Mr.Lark, we are preparing a full scale invasion with Pokemon X and Y to achieve total Nintendomination in October and beyond when the US submits to our rule…

      The Xbots shall not gain momentum again…


    1. The Wii was Dominating the UK market, until nintendo got to confident and stopped making games for that little wonder, except in Japan with Xenoblade Chronicles, the last story and Pandoras tower.


      1. The Wii is now established as the revolutionary gaming system forever…

        It even helps doctors, handicaped people and even proven to decrease alzheimers…

        The Kinect on the other hand only cures intelligence…

        While the PS Move could probably be used as a sexual satisfaction for some as they refer to it as the Decreases Intensity Level Discomfort Occasionally or (D.I.L.D.O)…


      2. Nintendo Commander, you’re the best boss I’d already have.
        I will follow whenever and wherever in the Nintendomination campaign.


    1. Just like most thought that the 3DS was doomed due to the lack of our sacred games during most part of its first year, the 3DS is now becoming a worldwide phenomenon to be reckoned with just like the DS and Wii…

      The Wii U is rising from the depths of Sector 13 to become the righteous path of gaming in which Pikmin 3 is proving…


      1. I am so happy you have mentioned Pikmin 3 my fellow hero Warrior Nintendo commander. Yesterday a nintendo novice asked me to stop bringing Pikmin 3 to the foray. That it made us look bad, I understood the young warrior but reminded them that Sonyans touted the last of us on mynintendonews for two weeks like this was PSN lol. This is wonderful :). Pokemon X and Y have not even grace us yet.


      2. Make us look bad?…

        He must either be ignorant or blind…

        If anything it made us look even better…

        Pokemon X and Y will make the PS Vita look like a church…


      3. On the contraire my fellow warrior. Churches and mosques alike world wide are bound with nintendo users. I have grown up with Christian and Muslim friends that set aside their differences for nintendo play. In the ancient war between nintendo and sega I saw Christians and Muslims united on the playground backed by Super Mario world, Chrono trigger and Donkey Kong Country bashing SEGANs. These are the wise ones, not the morons of today that hide behind the mask of religion, not the teachings of their wise ancient elders but religion. Religions like the xbots have forged or the warped side of Sonyesia. Gamer is happy Sonic lost world will embrace our former fiends the SEGANs to our empire totally and most entertainably :).


      4. I despise religions of any kind though but I’m glad that some set aside their differences for the greater good that is Nintendo…

        But indeed the Segans are becoming our closest allies which are most welcome…

        I think they realised that the Xbots stand for the termination of the entire gaming community and so supports our battle against tyranny and greed…

        I wonder how the world would be today if the Segans won and our Empire lost completely…

        As I was more a Segan supporter than Nintendo during the beginning if the Ancient War…


      5. Nintendowould have rose like Jesus or the fiends in thriller like you said yesterday. Sega if the still made consolestoday would have been a great thing. I really liked the game gear. Crusin’ USA was a great game. Streets of rage 1 2 and 3. Golden Axe 1 2 and 3 was marvelous.


      6. Indeed Mr.Gamer if you analyse the NINTENDO share price it is the highest its been in 8 months and pokemon and 3D WORLD can only help that and pity the cursed multymedia boxes when MK8 enters the fight around april just when there bedding in and then later on in the year the KO punch of SMASH BROS. should beat some respect into the so called “hardcore”(even though most of them have only been around for one generation getting addicted to crac… sorry i meant COD)


      7. I uh…got a confession to make…I’m one of the ancient gamers of the Sega and Nintendo wars. I was a nintenian, I gone to sega in the past but returned to nintendo and was on and off between the two until N64 came out. In that time, I was a nintendo fan boy as you might say, criticising any other gaming system. My brother opened my eyes and I saw clearly that I was in error of being a true gamer and made a few sayings:

        1. “A true gamer plays all ”

        2. “You are truly never the best because there is someone who is better than you”

        3. “Ranks don’t mean a thing except tell how good you are, fun is the most importance of all”

        I stand by these saying today because they taught me how to be a real gamer. I accept my defeats because you gain something more in return and the wii u and 3ds is doing just that…coming back from defeat and improving. Just because I’m one of the older gamers doesn’t mean I played most of the games then. There are still so many I have yet to try and play. I’ve actually been gaming for over 25 years. Dam, I feel like an old fart now. “Whadda ya say sonny? I couldn’t hear ya”!


      8. I stand for everything you just said which is why I am against everything the Microsoft Realm stands for…

        They are the ones taking away all the fun from games and gamers today and the weak-minded are easily corrupt…

        I have a similar story about the ancient war as I too came back and forth untill the age of the N64…

        I hear you, I too feel like an ancient one…


      9. Sometimes, I feel that the legendary gamers are unnoticed to many who love tournaments or just gaming period. I actually think that those like me or older like in arcades or atari 2600 are legendary gamers. Anyone younger or criticising how crappy gamer back then were are still children to me. They will never understand how good those day were in our timelines unless those who appreciate past games, like a few I met before, do.


      10. Hmmm…well that’s what I think at least…people may disagree with me on this subject but I don’t care. As long as my point gets across is all that matters to me in this one. Well, now you know that I’m a former recruit, I will not stop gaming for my sole purpose in my dream, laterz.


      11. Ignorant or blind? commander i feel it must be both in this poor childs case. Now we realize just how insidious the Xbot menace has become where the sport of choice is call of duty(uhh..) and the snack of choice is doritos we must mobilize a pre emptive NINTENDO DIRECT before gamescom perhaps commander?


      12. I’m sure High Command has big surprises before this year ends as Lord Iwata himself said last week that they have more games that will be announced later this year…


      1. Not anymore, this week the WiiU graduated from the 3DS school of how to recover a 2011 type like drought in 2013. WiiU rising :).


      2. 4 million people buying a console in a recovering global economy. Nintendo must be doing very well then. We always overlook these intrinsic factors. Ps3 and xbox 360 sold less than that in their first 8 months in a booming economy.


  1. On unrelated news I send these people the new splinter cell blacklist trailer that released yesterday yet they don’t release it. Yeah nice to not promote 3rd party games for Wii U mynintendonews!!! Congrats (Y)


    1. Jester, they will send your post. Just have patience. If they don’t I will remind then occasionally until the do. As the commander has so stated emacably, they are first ironing out all the nintendo domination news. This because third parties like Ubisoft were waiting to see just how powerful and how many consoles nintendo software will sale :).


  2. I would think most people who wanted a 360 or PS3 would already have one by now.And those that don’t are likely waiting for XboxOne or PS4 now.But I am glad to see the 3ds doing well even if it’s not as big a thing as this posting mite suggest.I guess when it comes to nintendo right now we will take any good news we can get.lol


    1. More than there are grains of sand on a beach head Mr. Sellers they must adjust to this (dis)position denial will only last so long for the sonyans and Xbots

      The Lark


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